Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 3


Hey guys naina here with another episode!! Many people were asking about ragsan so guys don’t worry I will introduce them soon. Plz guys I need a lots of comments!!

The episode starts with lucky picking swara in his arms and taking her to the car he makes her sit very carfully. And he too himself sits and starts driving. On the way swara’s phone was continuously ringing and Lakshya was getting irritated by it. So he stopped his car and took out her phone from her pants pocket and he was shocked to see 60 missed calls from laado.
The scene shifts from his shocked face to ragini’s tensed face. She was murmuring in her mouth plz god keep my swara safe. And suddenly she received a message after reading it she was very happy actually it was a message from swara which actually was written by lucky. He texted her that that swara was safe and would come home tomorrow.
After reading the message ragini got relieved and continued doing her work.

Scene shifts to a big gate opening and lucky entering his car into the big farmhouse. He parked the car and picked swara and brought her to a big room and placed her in the bed. As it was 11 at night so he too went to sleep into another room.
The scene shifts to ragini locking her cafe and going to the parking area. When she came near her car she got very frustrated to see that her car’s tire was punctured. After some moments she opened the back of the car to get spare tire but to her disbelief there was no tire.
So she decided to go to the main and find an auto. While walking she felt a hand over her shoulder she got very frightened and with her eyes closed she turned around. When she opened them she saw three men staring her from head to toe. She got very much scared and she quickly pushed them down and began to run from there while running she tripped over a rock and she felt that her foot was paining very much. She tried to stand up but she couldn’t because of the intense pain in her foot. Suddenly she saw the goons standing in front of her. They walked closer to her…..

Suddenly they felt a hand over their shoulders when they turned they saw Sanskar standing there. Sanskar began to beat the goons. After beating the goons he saw that ragini was sitting on the road and was continuously crying. He asked her not to cry and after seeing her situation he covered her with his coat.

After few time, ragini tried to stand up but she couldn’t so Sanskar helped her to stand up. As soon as she stood up she immediately hugged him. He did not know how to react so he also hugged her back. After few time he noticed that she was not responding so he aparted from her but till then she was unconscious so he quickly took her in his arms and walked towards his car. the episode ends with Sanskar holding ragini.

Recap: swalak moments….raglak moments

Credit to: Naina

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  1. Hmmm nice…so our heros saved our both heroins

  2. nice epi dear. plz dont bother abt cmnts. bcos here is many ragsan n swalak but here is silent readers too.
    in precap u said raglak that is mistake or correct? san also will take rag to farm house? there swaragini will meet? sry am always asks stupid questions like this.

    1. no no no!!!
      shit i wanted to type ragsan but by mistake i guess i typed raglak sorry for the mistake

      1. no need to sry dear

  3. Superb epi…eagerly waiting for next epi

  4. V.nice.

  5. good……plzz update soooooon………..

  6. so both end up at the farmhouse?

  7. You write beautifully the epi was really nice

  8. You write beautifully.

  9. Awesome

  10. Awesome ?

  11. very nice episode….and again sorry for late comment…….awesome episode

  12. Wonderful nice episode . pls update next one I am waiting. I am silent reader of ur ff.

  13. Plz include the previous episodes link in next update

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