Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 15

Hey guys naina here!! Guys I am changing my name cause naina is my pet name and I want to make an account so I am keeping my name jasmine !!! guys thanks a ton for ur precious comments!!

the episode begins with ragini drinking bhaang. The scene shifts to swalak and Sanskar.
Sans: yaar it s been a long time ragini haven’t returned yet.
Swa: yeah u r right. Lemme go and check.
Sans: no no swara u wait I’ll go and check. saying this he went in the direction where ragini went.
He was shocked to see the scenario actually ragini was standing on charpai where all the people were supposed to sit but she was jumping from one charpai to an other. He ran towards her and tried to stop her but in vain.
Sans to a man: excuse me can u tell me what happened to her?
Man: acutally that girl has drank a lot of bhaang.
Sans: oh shit!!btw thank u . and he went from there.

He went towards ragini and tried to stop her but in vain. Then he became tired and began to look at her he was just staring her how childishly she was jumping from here and there. How her hair were flying in air and how they just strike with her angelic face.
He noticed that she was standing at the edge as he approached towards her she misbalanced and was about to fall but sanky saved her in nick of time. He was holding her in her arms while she had tightly held his shirt she held that so tightly that one of his button broke making his hot body seen by ragini. Ragini slowly opened her eyes. And had an eyelock with Sanskar while ore piya was playing in bg.
Ragini broke the eyelock and began to stare his hot body while he was holding her and admiring her.
Ragini: Sanskar…
Sanskar: hmmm…
Ragini; you are so hot!! Any girl will fall for you but you promise to me that you will never fall for them. Promise??
Sanskar was a little shocked but said ok.
Scene shifts to swalak:
Swara: laksh I am thirsty I will go and bring water from the car.
Laksh: ok!!
Swara went towards the car and drank the water and was returning when some goons began to tease her.

Goon 1: wow what a piece!!
Goon 2: bhai it seems like that she has done love marriage by eloping from her house.
Goon 3: yeah u r right so surely today must be her suhaagrat…
Goon 1: so plz come have on suhaagrat with us also.
Saying this he was about to touch her when swara fwlt a famiIiar touck on her bare waist. All of a sudden she was pulled by Lakshya towards himself.
Lakshya while having his hand over her waist: do u have any problem she is my wife do you have any problem so should I call the police.
Swara was shocked when he called her his wife. Listening to the name of police the goons ran away from there and Lakshya slowly removed his hand from her waist.
Lakshya: um.. I am sorry swara actually I have no other option ….
Before he could say anything swara said its ok.

Recap: ragini misbehaving with policeman and Sanskar saving her………….

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