Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 14

Hey guys naina here with another update!! So first of all a huge thanks to LILA, SSS, ABDUL HAFIZ, CRAZYGIRL, AASTHA, AMMY, SHERIN, POONAM, PP, MEGHA, VENNI, J, PIYA AND LOVELY. PLZ SILENT READERS COMMENT TOO!!
episode 13
the episode begins with ragini asking Sanskar to stop at a dhaba as she was feeling hungry. After a while Sanskar stopped the car and all of them came out while going towards it swara slipped and fell into mud.

Swara: aaaaaa
Ragsanlak quickly looked back and started to laugh.
Swara still sitting there.
Swara: how mean!!
Ragini: acha baba sorry now quickly get up and clean your clothes. Lakshya can you please take her to the washroom. I could go but I am feeling very hungry.
Lakshya: sure ragini you don’t worry!
Saying this he took swara and let her go into the washroom. Swara went inside after a while Lakshya saw someone coming out of the washroom wearing swara’s clothes he misunderstood her as swara and began to shout her the but the woman wearing swara’s clothes sat on the bike with someone and left.
He stood there for a few time then he felt a hand over his shoulder when he turned back and was mesmerized to see swara there in a golden lehenga with a pick blouse and a golden net dupatta with pink embroidery. After a while swara snapped her fingers infront of lucky then he came into senses.
Lakshya: swara you are looking very beautiful in it.
Swara blushed a little.
Lakshya came into senses and said: swara how do you get here I saw you going over there…
Swara: haa vo actually some one stole my clothes and I had no option rather than wearing it.
Lakshya: ok no problem let us go ragini and bhai must be waiting for us.
Scene shifts to ragsan:

After swalak went from there ragsan headed towards the dhaba. They went there and sat there. After a while a man came to take there order.
Man: didi what will you like to have??
Ragini: bhaiyya you bring aloo gobhi, daal with some makhan(butter), dhokla, palak paneer, rajma chawal, sursoon ka saag with lots of butter and five six rotis. Sanskar do you want anything?
Sanskar was too hell shocked by her questions and asked
Sanky: ragini have you ordered all this for yourself?
Ragini: yes!
Sanskar was shocked and said that bring just rajma chawal for him.
As the man left swalak came there. Ragsan were shocked to see swara like this and asked her about it to which she described them the whole incident. They chatted for a few time and after that their order came and they began to eat it after eating it ragini’s mouth was burning as the food was very spicy. She quickly went to the counter there she saw some glasses. She thought that it was lassi and began to drink it and soon she drank five glasses of it.
A man came to her she asked them what was that he replied that it was bhaang. After listening to him she was left with shock and after a while her head was spinning and she was seeing stars in day. The episode ended here.
Soo sorryyyy guys I promise the next episode will be full of ragsan scenes………………….

Recap: ragini getting drunk and Sanskar taking care of her…………

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  8. Waiting 4 nxt part eagerly to watch raginis drunk drama!!

  9. Waiting 4 nxt part eagerly to watch raginis drunk drama!! ???

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