Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 13

So guys naina here with another episode!! So a huge thanks to POONAM, LILA, PP, ALIA, VENNI, CRAZYGIRL, SHERIN, MEGHA, AMMY, AASTHA, ABDUL HAFIZ AND IFFY AND A HUGE A HUGE THANKS TO ALL THE SILENT READERS. And plz guys comment too!!!
Episode 12
so the episode begins at baadi. Ragini and swara are having breakfast and are talking with summi and Shekhar. Soon it is nine o clock and they are leaving for Shimla. Same is happening with sanlak.
At highway:
While going swaragini’s car stopped with a sudden jerk which resulted in swaragini landing on the car’s front and getting themselves injured.
Ragini: offo! This car has to be punctured now….
Swara: don’t worry laado we both will change the tire just open the car’s back…
When they opened the car’s back to their amusement there was no spare tire in the car’s back. Soon they both were finding lift from people but no one listened.
Swara: laado its been half hour still we are getting no lift I am very tired and I am going to sit if you want to come then come….
Saying this she left.
Ragini: shona!!!! Wait na I am coming na baba…..
Then they both went and sat on the rocks. After a while sanlak were going through the same way them. Sanky was driving and lucky was sitting beside him listening to songs. His eyes felt on swaragini sitting on the road.
Lakshya: bhai stop!!!
Sanky stopped the car with a sudden jerk and swaragini stood up suddenly. Soon they both came out of the car and asked swaragini if they can give them a lift they both agreed to it and the four of them sat in the car. Ragsan in front and swalak at back.
In car:
Sanky: BTW where are you both going?
Ragini: we are going to Shimla.
Lucky: wow! We are also going there for our college reunion.
Swaragini: we too!!
Soon sanlak were sleeping resting their heads on eo shoulder. Sanky was driving and ragini was enjoying the view. Suddenly a dog came infront of the car and sanky turned the car suddenly which caused swara to fell on lucky.
While she fell on him they both were having an intense eyelock and sanam re was playing in the bg.
Ragini: shona are you fine??
Sanlak breaking the eyelock.
Swara: yes laado I am fine you don’t worry!!
Soon swalak felt asleep again but now ragini was getting bored. So she opened the radio ooo lala was playing she looked at Sanskar who was having great embarrassment soon she changed the song now to their disbelief it was playing o zara zara kiss me kiss me o zara zara hold me hold me …..
But now ragini turned off the radio and avoided eyelock with Sanskar. And she turned her face towards the window. A funny tune was playing in the bg and the episode ended on the face of ragini looking out of the window….
Recap: swalak and ragsan reaching a dhaba and ragini drinking bhaang and swara loosing her clothes….

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