Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 11

Hey guys naina here with another episode !!! so guys a big big thanks to LOVELY, ZARA, PP, LILA, PIYA, 123, CRAZYGIRL, VENNI, MEGHA, ABDUL HAFIZ, AMMY, AKSHTA, PRIYA AND MAGGIE. And a huge thanks to all the silent readers,
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Episode 10
the episode begins with ragini reading the letter. After reading the letter a huge smile appeared on her face and she began to shout swara!! Swara!!
Listening to this swara jumped from her place and ran to her.
Swara: what happened ragini??? Is every thing fine na??
Ragini: yay a every thing is fine but….
Swara: but…
Ragini: ummmm…..
Swara: laado u know na that I hate suspense now plz tell me na!!
Ragini: ok baba!! So listen that we are having a college reunion at Shimla!!!
After listening to this she began to jump in happiness just like a child, after listening swara also joined her and both were shouting in happiness listening to their shouts ; Shekhar and summi came running….
Summi: laado shone what happened??? Is everything fine na??
Swaragini: maaaaaa!!! We are going to Shimla….
Summi: why?? is everything fine na??
Swaragini: yes maa!! Everything is fine we we going there for our college reunion….and we have to leave tomorrow…
Summi: ok!! Now go and do your packing….
At MM:
Same was the case with sanlak they were were also shouting in happiness….
Laksh still trying to control his laugh….
Bhai we should go for shopping saying this he dragged him from there…
Soon swaragini and sanlak were in the same mall.
Ragini: swara you go I will just park the car and come.
Swara: ok but come soon…
Swalak entered the mall because ragsan were parking the car. Soon they both were entering in the mall but did not noticed each other. They both entered in the lift. While the lift was moving it stopped with a jerk and ragini was not prepared for it misbalanced and was about to fall but Sanskar caught her from the waist. They had an intense eyelock while ishq bulava was playing in the b.g. soon ragini came into senses and moved away from him. Both were avoiding eyelock due to embarassement. Soon ragini noticed a cockroach there and due to all girls reaction she began to shout co….co…coakroachhhhh!!!
And she hugged Sanskar very tightly Sanskar stood there with utter shock but soon he also put his arms on her waist …. After sometime..
Sanskar: ragini look the cockroach has gone.
Ragin realized her position and sorry to him. Its okay said Sanskar….
It was quite a few time but the lift did not opened and now ragini was having difficulty to breath. Sanskar did not noticed this. After due to so much of lack of oxygen she fall to the ground.
Sanskar who noticed this began to shout her name
And placed her head on his lap.
Sanskar: ragini!! Ragini!! Are you?? Ragini!! Wake up god damn it!!!
He checked her pulse which was quite low and put his fingers beneath her nose and realized that her pulse was falling. After think for quite a long time he moved towards her mouth and began to gave her mouth to mouth. While he was doing so saans mei teri was playing in the b.g. soon ragini gained consciousness and the lift began to work and they both left. The episode ended her ….
I hope you guys like it and yeah don’t forget to comment…..
So sorry swalak fans but surely I will add swalak moments in the nest episode…
Recap: swara helping Lakshya to choose his dress…..

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