Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 10


Hello guys naina here with another episode !!! guys thank you so much for the comments and a big big thank you to all the silent readers!!

The episode starts with ragini going to summi. Swaragini reached there at the same time.
Summi: beta these are the maheshwaris .he is durga Prasad ji, she is anupurna ji his wife. He is ram Prasad and she is his wife sujatha.
Swaragini: Namaste uncle and aunty and they took blessings from all.
Dp: Shekhar your daughters are very nice.
Swaragini: thank you uncle.
As they said this sanlak reached there. All laughed seeing Sanskar because he was filled with colors.
Ap: beta how did this happen? Still trying to control her laugh.
Sanskar: mom when I was coming I did not noticed the rangoli and I slipped.
Summi: beta you go and take a bath and ragini you clean his clothes.
Ragini: ok mom. Come I will show you the washroom.
He went with her and went Into the washroom and began to take a bath while ragini took his clothes and cleaned them.
When Sanskar finished taking his bath.
Sanskar pov: oh god! I think I forgot my clothes.
Saying this he went outside he was just wearing a towel while he was coming outside ragini was coming inside. Ragini saw him in this state and quickly turned around. Sanskar was shocked too.
Ragini: I am so so sorry I just came to give you your clothes…
Sanskar: its ok.
After he said this ragini began to walk backwards towards Sanskar. While she was walking her abck was facing Sanskar. She gave him his clothes by moving her hand towards him. While he was taking them he accidently touched her which made her shiver.
Ragini pov: why am I shivering when he touched me. What is happening to me??????
While she was thinking this Sanskar has taken his clothes. She was about to go when Sanskar pulled her towards himself. Her back was facing his wet and hot body. They stood like this for a long time while ishq bulava was playing in the bg. Sanskar moved a little backwards and moved her hair to her shoulder which was making ragini shivered. He then stepped a little forward and began to tie her blouse. While tying it he said: that her blouse’s dori was opened.
Ragini thanked him and ran out and sat in the Pooja. After sometime the Pooja ended and the maheshwaris went to their home.
Next day at baadi:
While every one was having breakfast the postman came and delivered a letter. Ragini came and picked up the letter and began to read that. After reading it she was very happy. The episode ended on her happy face.

Recap: ragsan and sanlak going somewhere in the same car…………

But how did this happen????

Credit to: Naina

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