Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 1


Hey guys!!! Naina here!!! Omg I am so happy I feel like I am flying on cloud nine….I am so overwhelmed with your loving comments…ok so no bakbak at first episode….
So here it goes….

The episode starts with a big mansion showing….A girl is shown with a towel in a hand and is continuously knocking the door and is shouting “laado yar ab nikal bhi aao!!” the girl is none other than Swara.

Suddenly a girl comes out wearing a yellow top with black tights that is till her ankle, her hair are wet and are wrapped in towel and is very angry “offo Swara kya masla hai abhi tou mai ghusi thi”. Swara “abhi huh?? Tumhe adha ghanta ho Gaya hai aur waise bhi mai school ke liye late ho rahi thi. Acha chalo jaldi se side per ho I am getting late” by saying this she pushed that girl and went inside. Girl “offo yeh Swara bhi Na” she said all this by drying her hair with towel. The girl is none other than Ragini.

She went down now she has worn all her accessories, she is wearing black earrings with a yellow watch and black shiny pumps. Good morning maa she said while coming down the stairs. Maa please give me breakfast quickly I am getting late. Summi acha wait I am just bringing. Ragini sat down and started to read newspaper. “Maa where is papa?” she asked Summi while she was bringing the breakfast. “WO laado wo un ki koi meeting aa gayi thi iis liye wo Goa gaye hain. Keh rahe the keh wo aik mahenee ke baad aein ge. Ragini “kya papa hamein bataaye baghair hei chale gaye?” “Laado tum dono so rahe the.” “Kon kahan Gaye?” asked Swara as she sat down to have breakfast.” Swara WO papa Goa Gaye hain aik mahenee keh baad aye Gaye hain.” “What? Mai tou uun se mili bhi nahi thi!” said Swara. After saying this she angrily left the house. “Are nashta tou kar keh jaao…? Swara” said Summi as she sat down tensed. “Don’t worry maa mai usse baat kar lun gi.” Said Ragini. Acha ab mai jaa rahi hun Bye!!”

Then another mansion is shown all family is gathered in the hall. In the hall all the Maheshwari family is bidding bye to Parineeta and Adarsh actually they are going to London for eight months for office work. “Maa please Arav ka khyal rakhyei ga.” She said all this by crying. “Don’t worry I will take care of him.” After hugging them all they left to airport. After they left all left to their respective places.

Outside the office two hot and handsome boys entered they are none other than Sanskar lucky. As they entered all the girls began to stare them. But they ignored them and entered their cabins and began to do their work. So guys the episode ends at the working face of sanlak and the going face of swaragini.

Recap: terrorist attack at swara’s school… swara getting injured… sanlak moments

Credit to: Naina

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  1. Awesome dear I hope u l give equal importance for both swara and ragini in ur ff.

    1. sure priya don’t u worry btw thanks for ur comment 🙂

  2. Nice dr…but upload in english plz

    1. sure dear don’t worry

  3. nice epi dear but plz try to less hindi sentence. bcos here is not only hindi wala. especisly i’m not hindi. i can understand but not feeling comfortable. if i hurt u i’m sry.

    1. ya sure aastha i will try and ya don’t worry i’m not hurt

  4. V.nice. Keep it up.

    1. thank u abdul hafiz 🙂

  5. Superb

    1. thank u venni 🙂

  6. Superb try to update in english….

  7. superb episode sorry for late comments…….?
    but episode is superb

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