Ragsan~os~My saviour (part-1)

Hy guys
Priya here, with another os of ragsan
After so long, hope you will like it

Raginis pov
My mother choose this profession because we were out of money. She wanted to go out from this disgusting place, but she can’t. Its like a jail to me, she thought I would a better future than her, but now my mother’s boss “dk” forcing me to do so. He is warning me. If I will not accept this as my job, he will kill my mother.
God what’s this….??
Why can’t you give me another chance, altars show me way to get out from this.
Please god…….

I had tears in my eyes.

“ladoo, beta go from here, you don’t need to stay here…take my bangles and all the jewellery….raginj are you listening”

“no I won’t go from here, I can’t leave you maa please, I can be here, ma..”

“no ladoo you will not do this… Please laado tum he Meri kasam, you go”

Saying this she took my hand and pushed me into the road.

I was like a nayi naveli dulham

My mother was crying badly.

She smiled feeling that I’m safe.

I went to the nearby bus stop.

Searched for the wash room

I changed my clothes, I wore a blue sleevless top and a 3/4 th blue jeans.

I took a new sim and called my mum.

“ladoo why did you call ? , ok first say where are you…..”

“ma im good, and how are you? And I’m going to stay in my friends house”

“maa… Talk….”

“dk……” She said with a fear in her voice

“ma kya Hua???” I was shocked to listen that

“Ragini…… Wapas a jao other wise….. You know Na my dear, nothing, your mum will….”

“no please dk don’t say that please…. I’m coming”

“lado don’t come…” My mumsaid

But I wasn’t listening to her, I took rickshaw to the place.

I reached that place.


“areh wah, see how beautiful she is in this western outfit” dk said pulling me towards him

He pushed me into the room.

I was crying badly

A man was sitting in Hus cut banyan and jeans with cigar and beer bottle in his hands.

He turned to see me.


“Sanskar……” I was happy to see him

“Ragini….. What are you doing here”

I told him about me

“and what are you doing here Sanskar??”

“I came here to arrest dk, My officers are nearby”

I hugged him

“thank you Sanskar, thank you so much”

“will you help me??” He asked me

“definitely” we both shook our hands

He said me about his plan

“ok Sanskar done”

I stepped out of the room.

And ran out of the room

Sanky also ran begind me

“i want her…..” He shouted

“sir we will get her….” Dk said

“wait I will call my people also, she seems to be strong” sanky said running behind me

“he called his police men

I went to my mum and secretly informed every girl ?? to come into the room.

We were all in the room.

I hugged my mum and said about Sanskar, a police officer.

Every one was feeling happy.

I peeped out of the room

Sanskar was beating that dk

Wow ? so happy ?

He arrested all of them, the men who sell girls.

After all these scenes

Sanskar came to me

“Ragini, u must have tell me about this”

“i wasn’t comfortable saying this Sanskar”

“comfortable and with me, Ragini stop this, if i wasn’t there, you will be someone else’s Ragini, can you understand??”

“Sanskar im sorry”

“its ok Ragini, can we be one from now”

“no….. We can’t”


Ma Ki marzi” i said

He talked with my mum and she agreed for that.

“what about your parents Sanskar??” My mum asked

Sanskar had tears in his eyes

“ma they are always in my heart” he said

My mum hugged both of us.

Our marriage took place in a small temple.

Its all my luck, im marrying my love……. Its all because of him Sanskar Maheshwari.
All thanks to god and the person who saved me and many girls.

“thanks Sanskar” I said sitting near him

“its all my job Ragini”

We both smiled.

Hope you all liked it

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  1. Wow my Di is back with os… U know Di when I saw ur name I was just in cloud nine ….haha part 1??? Is there part 2,for this ff???

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      theres no part 2

    1. Thank you piya 🙂

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  3. Simple nd cute

  4. I wish the original story also be like this i loved it a lot and also pls don’t stop it yaar pls

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