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RagSan~Aashiyana: Episode 2


Hey guys! Am back! Thank you to all for commenting and appreciating ❤️

~~~~~~~~Episode 2~~~~~~~

(The same man was moving inside when everyone greeted him.. He nodded his head and was moving towards his cabin when somebody called him)

Voice: Sanskar Sir!

(The man turns and smiles.. Its our Hero Sanskar Maheshwari 😘😍)

Sanskar(smiles): Yes Ms.Sahai?

(Its Misha Sahai, Sanskar’s employee.. Currently working as Sanskar’s PA till new PA comes .. She is Sweet, humble and cute)

Misha: Sir, Today you have to take interviews..

Sanskar: Oh yes.. When will it start?

Misha: Umm.. At 8.00 am

Sanskar(looks at his watch): Okay.. So we have only 15 mins

Misha(nods): Yes Sir

Sanskar: Fine, Am going in my cabin.. Start sending the candidates.. And yes, My Black Coffee please

Misha: Sure Sir

(He leaves towards his cabin.. Misha smiles and goes)

(Ragini was sitting biting her nails nervously sitting on sofa and praying)

Ragini (nervous): God! Itna nervous toh mai apne board k exam k liye bhi nae hui (makes a crying face) This is so not fair!

(Misha comes there)

Misha: Miss Ragini Gadodia?

Ragini : Umm.. Its me

Misha(smiles): Its your turn.. Come

(Ragini got up and went behind her
Misha leads her to Sanskar’s cabin and stood outside)

Misha: Please knock and go (Ragini nods) All the best!

Ragini (smiles back): Thank you 😊

(Misha leaves)

(Ragini takes a deep breath and knocks on door)

Sanskar : Come in!

(Ragini enters inside nervously but gets stunned to see the lavish cabin)

Ragini(mouth wide opened): Woahhh! So cooooooolll! (Squeals)

Sanskar: Ahm Ahm

(It was then Ragini noticed Sanskar.. She saw him and composes herself and murmurs)

Ragini (murmurs): Waah Bhai! Munda to kaafi Handsome hai!😉

Sanskar(in mind): Oh Miss Cutie is here for interview.. Interesting (smirks) Veryy Interesting 😂

Sanskar: Miss?

Ragini : Hel.. Hello Sir

Sanskar(makes a serious face and nods): Hello.. Please sit Miss..?

Ragini : Gadodia.. Ragini Gadodia

Sanskar: Okay Ms. Gadodia.. Are you ready?

Ragini (nods): Ye..Yes Sir

Sanskar(opens her CV): Stop stammering.. I wont eat you.. And i dont like low confident people

Ragini (immediately sits straight and tries to be confident): Sorry Sir

(Sanskar nods and starts asking her questions.. She was answering very efficiently.. It has been 3 minutes but Sanskar was still asking questions)

Sanskar: So.. What-

Ragini (cuts him off): Sir please, no more (makes a puppy face) Itne jawab toh aaj tak mene apnay teacher ko bhi nae diay

(Sanskar was amused but tries to maintain serious face)

Sanskar: Hmm.. I guess am the Boss here

Ragini (pouts): Sorry Sir

(Sanskar looks at her and was lost in her innocent face.. She was looking soooo cuteee😘❤️ Just then Ragini’s eyes fell on something and her eyes sparkled and mouth started watering.. Sanskar saw towards the source of her attention and saw it was…. CHOCOLATE😂)

Sanskar(amused and in mind): Seriously? Huh such a kiddo

Sanskar: Ahm Ahm Ms.Gadodia

Ragini : Yes Sir?

Sanskar(composes himself): Thank you.. Anyways, please sit outside.. You will be informed whether you are selected or not..

Ragini (gets up): Thank you Sir (about to leave but stops) Sirrr?

Sanskar(looks at her): Yes?

Ragini (stammers): No.. Noth.. Nothing

(She was leaving but again and again turning and looking at chocolate with puppy face..Sanskar saw her and sighed)

Sanskar: Ms Gadodia?

Ragini : Yes Sir?

Sanskar(grabs the chocolate and gives her): Here take this

Ragini(excitedly but tries to behave): Why Sir

Sanskar(shakes his head in disbelief at her attempt😂): Umm.. I liked the way you answered all my questions confidently.. So a small prize

(Ragini excitedly jumps like a kid and grabs the chocolate and kisses it.. Sanskar eyes popped out of his socket😂 Who kisses a chocolate infront of A Boss?😂)

Ragini (happily): Thank Youuu Sirrr!
(And runs outside)

Sanskar(shakes his head): Kiddo! (Smiles) but still.. Too cute😁

(Screen freezes on his smiling face😘❤️)

Episode ends..
Shoot your comments and tell how it was?❤️

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    Awesome episode sis😃😉

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  7. Kitkat

    hey bhagwan…. drama queen air afat ki pudiya…. who behaves like that with boss…😱😱😱😂😂😂😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💗💗💖💖💖😘😘😘

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