Ragsan Will she understand BY HANU ep 2

hello guys … i thnk i am late ,, but guys i have to post swasan stories as well so have to manage time .. so sorry ow u all enjoy this ff episode
ok guys one more thing in places i hav added ** …. ** , this means ragini’s thought and *….* means sanky’s thought .. plz understand
recap : all 4 went to pub and rags drunk …
now according to previous precap : hot and spicy romance has changed to his conession

sanky was outside and observing the stars . few mins later , he went to room and got his canvas and brush . he was drawing the beautiful scenario . the shining stars and beautiful moon .. he was so engaged n his work that after 1 hour he felt some movement swing . there he saw a girl wit a bear bottle , she was obviously his girl , ragini . she was listening songs in her headphones and and few tears arks were there on her face . sanky’s heart pinch to see tis . he moved towards her and was mesmerized to see her shining face in moonlight . her flicts coming on her fac . he removed the strand , this lft a scurrent through his spine , he was shocked and ragini opened her eyes out of shock . both share a short eyelock .

which was broken by the bottle which was in ragini’s hand . sanky within the flow wiped her tears with his thumb he sat next to her . ragni was in ock . thee close proximity was making ragini shiver the cool , hot and bold ragini was gtting what was it resulting . he was coming closer and closer . ragini was seeig his innocent eyes which was just showing love towards her . she was so lost and soon his lips landed on hers . it was a soft and passionated one but when ragini realized . it was late . she wanted o apart but sanky wasn’t ready . she was not allowing him to enter her mouth . he pinched her waist and entered . his aura and presence was changing rags too . she was so dissolved in is love that she too responded both wre playing wih each others tongue . with in no time . they wee lying on bench and ragini below sanskar . they stoped when they were out of breathe . both were so embarrassed , but then ragini’s hair strand fall on her face . without uttering anything he leftt the place .. **

omg what i did , i was never this ragini , wait i was not even ragini , i was always a rocking girl rags .. wait my cheeks are .. wait am i blushing ,, what magic does he have , firstly he was a flirt , but then what i saw in his eyes was not a attractio or soething it was pure love .. pure love for me ,, ** she was so innvolved in her thoughts when a drop of water fallen in her eyes . she looked it was drizziling . she looked at the beautiful painting . she made the way to her room with the painting .

the end


i am really orry guys for so short update . m writting in a hurry i have posted one more ragsan ff that is we found love . but there are 3 leading pair .. SHIVIKA , RUMYA AND RAGSAN .. PLZ DO READ ..

comment , like , share ur veiws ad I LOVE U GUYS …

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