Ragsan- when my life became yours (Episode 8) “always ready to play”


Ragini’s monologue-
I have already confirmed sanskar and now I can’t break her fragile heart too. Man! That is totally not fair. But Ragini you have to be strong and take decision. Let’s break one.
“Swara I need to tell you that….” I finally spoke up in the dispute.

“Ragini…don’t tell me you have already invited anyone else.” She interrupted in between. Now, how could I tell her that yes I have. But after gathering tones of courage I replied her in affirmative. Her face portrayed how disappointed she was! From an exciting look her expressions had turned into a disgusting one. She shrunk her eyes and lifted her hands in air to express her sadness. “Fine” she said in a tone crystal clearly depicting her disappointment. She started to move out when I held her wrist. “I have my plans but that can be postponed too…..after all I merely have time to celebrate with my lovely sister and coming to the boys…..Ragini can handle everything. I will call them and invite for dinner instead. So isn’t it a perfect plan?”

Although I was facing her back I could feel the instant glow on her face. She turned around within a fraction of seconds and hugged me tightly…..suffocating me more. Her smile had spread from her one ear to another and I reacted back by hugging her back. “Leave something for my bidai too!” I said trying to come in my real colors. She broke the hug and stood in front of me. But to my surprise……her reaction had changed into a serious one. “We don’t have whole day” she said in a tone matching her expressions completely. Oh god! This girl could have won an Oscar. She just needs an opportunity. This time it was me who replied a ‘fine’. We started stepping towards our messed wardrobe to find something for the occasion. I guess I need not to tell you guys what I am wearing. You can see it on face book as I have posted a lot and a lot there.

Swara’s point of view-

We soon changed into some good looking clothes and started to head out from the house. As per the perfect plan made by swara….we started the enjoyment with avenger movie. I wish you all could be here and watch my sister’s reaction at the scenes. Some people even asked me if she is okay. She is mad for marvel. She has forgotten name of her school principal but remembers the name of captain America very well. Well I guess you might have also got an introduction of her craziness. Before guard kicks out I pulled her out from the theatre. “Seriously! He is only an imagination…nothing more than that.” I shouted at her nodding my head at disbelief.
“Dare you say that again” she said huffing and even stamped my little foot too. {If you will say something like this about captain America then be for sure ready to get killed. Oh! I remember anyone who watched Thor’s latest movie?}

Oh! My pretty foot but at least I am alive conversing with you. Before she comes with a knife I said sorry to Ragini, who was standing there giving me killing looks. Finally after pleading the dramatic queen a lot I managed to get her to the store. I walked up to her with a wide grin as I displayed a suit in front of myself. All I could get in a reply was her fake smile and a short dress handed over to me. I almost widen my eyes seeing me and dress simultaneously. I pleaded through my eyes trying to look most innocent ever discovered. No use! I again repeated the trick. No reply! “Fine” I said surrendering myself. We both scattered again to repeat the same story again.

Ragini’s interruption-

I was wandering here and there …..That is what called shopping….when I found a lovely dress in front of my eyes. Suddenly I felt some weight on my waist. To my shock…it was sanskar who was back hugging me. “My princess suits this dress perfectly” he said making me beet root red. When I looked back at the dress and then at him….he had disappeared. I smiled foolishly at my own foolish antics. “This made would for sure drive me crazy.” I muttered to myself flashing his face in my mind. After a couple of seconds I spotted swara calling me and I took steps towards her.

Swara’s continuation-

As I finished my side I called out my sister who seemed to be lost somewhere. Brushing off my thoughts…I called her and she stepped towards me. After arguing a lot on dressed and wasting our important time we were pushed out of the shop. By the time our stomach was full demanding. “If I don’t eat with in a second, then I have to surely dig my grave.” I said while pacing my hands over my stomach and making faces for the same. “When you aren’t hungry?” my sister replied wittily.

“Look! I know your stomach has been fulfilled by eating my brain…….but I haven’t had anything after breakfast.” I stated stepping into the battle field. “Don’t forget I am going to pay for your largeeeee pizza.” She said trying to remind me of her superiority. So you see that how our love is. We would be immensely happy in each other’s success but the next moment we would be fighting like cats. “Ragini please let us have something.” I pleaded her. And finally she agreed to me. Someone great said, “It’s better to say sorry than being sorry” {I said.} and I followed the person’s advice deeply. We walked into the café and as per our wishes ordered food for us without forgetting giving warning to waiter to bring food as early as possible. {That is what I always do!} The food arrived and we pounded over it like a ‘hungry from decades’ person. The pizza finished but not our desires.

“Swara how much an ice cream for two would costs?” Ragini asked me standing on support of my shoulder. After acting like thinking for a moment I replied “not more than one lecture from dad.” “Bravo! Then we are going to have two!” she replied excitedly and we high-fie each other while laughing in same nick of time.

We enjoyed our ice-cream the most. I don’t know but eating ice-cream in winters like putting you head in canon’s mouth. And my pride is on its peak after doing this. We filled our stomachs to the fullest and not to forget with junk food. We headed towards the park where we had decided to meet the husbands as compensation. Finally we reached and there they were. But wait! I guess sanskar should be the one who must be cursing Ragini and teaching the same action to his brother. But no! He was shopping around there coolly as if nothing affects him. The brothers were busy in their own world of dreams. I guess I need to know a lot about human behavior.
{Swara! Give some rest to your mouth……….. Talkative girl. I wander how your teachers used to control you?}

Ragini’s words-

“Why is this man always full of surprises?” I thought and conveyed the same to my sister who was standing there stepped in same shoe. Her face covered up a questioning look after her brain responded to her neurons. “Well, they are our boyfriends they need to have something weird.” She said screeching the word ‘our’ and breaking the silence of surroundings with my laughter.
“You have got good punch lines. I guess my presence is affecting your brain.” I said with my eyes sparkling in mischief. And the next moment we were in laughter…..holding our stomachs tight. “let’s show them that we are still the weirdness queen.” My innocent sister replied and I started her deep brown hazels for a time. “Always ready to play!” I said and……………

I know I am going to be killed but I felt this point the best to leave the story. Thanks a lot to them to opened up this story and dared to read it full. All the ragsan writers…..you are doing a great job. You even don’t have a bit of idea how immensely your stories are liked. Keep going and keep reading. I take off.

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