RagSan – U Changed My Life (Season-2) – Part 4

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It is been one month Ragini joined Maheshwari companies. Rp also liked her and her nature. Ragini also respects him alot. Our Sanskar is not able to digest her closeness with Karan.

He likes everything about her. Her attitude, her simplicity, her perfection in work, her dedication, her moving along the colleagues, her trying to be professional with all the other colleagues except for SwaLak and Karan but only one thing is irritating him and that is her closeness with Karan. Whenever he sees her with him he is burning with jealousy.

If we want we can even heat water due to the heat that extracts from his body when he sees Ragini and Karan together (due to jealousy???)

His eyes become red due to anger and he could not control his anger. He once got injured himself as he hit the glass table hard seeing Karan keeping his hand around her shoulder.

On the other side Ragini is now feeling happy as she is settled. She is being professional with all the other colleagues especially when it comes to men. She will be herself only when she is with SwaLak, Karan. She liked everything in the office except for one member who always keep trying to talk to her and to be close to her. His name is Shourya. She feels very uncomfortable in his presence as he keeps staring her and she feels very disgusting at the way he looks at her. He always keeps waiting for a chance to be close to her.

Today is Sunday and as we know Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari is in office (don’t know when will he change???) He is in his cabin doing his work… Wait is he really working or haha he is trying to work. He is actually missing our Ragini.

Sanskar: (to himself frustrated) ahhh… Ragini why…. Why am I missing you yaar?

Sanskar’s heart immediately replies “because you love her”

Sanskar: shut up from two days eating my brain saying I Love her. I am telling I don’t love her and you don’t start again. Please I am already frustrated and you don’t frustrate me more.

Sanskar’s heart “dude relax think with calm mind you will understand. Just think why is her presence making you happy? Why her closeness with Karan making you burn in anger? Why are you missing her today so much that you just want to see her once? Why…” Interrupted by sanskar who yelled loudly

Sanskar: (closing his ears, eyes and yells) stop just stop it. Go away go away.
At that time Laksh enters nd looks at him bewildered

Laksh: (bewildered) bhai why are you asking me to go away?

Sanskar comes to his senses and looks at him.

Laksh: (goes to him and says dramatically) bhai bhai na raha… He is asking me to go away from my office only.

Sanskar hits Laksh’s head and glares him while Laksh gulps seeing his brother very angry and frustrated.

Laksh: (sighs and pulls chair besides Sanskar and sits on it by keeping one leg upon the other. Then places his hand around Sanskar’s shoulder who is sitting all frustrated) what happened bhai you look disturbed and frustrated?

Sanskar: (avoiding the topic) nothing you tell me why are you here on “SUNDAY”? (he stresses the word SUNDAY)

Laksh: (grinning widely) I thought of taking you out by making you bunk your office.

Sanskar looks at him for a minute then nods ok.

Laksh: (stands from his seat being shocked and squeals) OMG!!! You are agreeing. I can’t believe please pinch me.
Sanskar punches him in his stomach
Laksh: ouch bhai
Sanskar: you asked me to pinch and I punched you so that the power will be more. Now did you believe.
Laksh: (checking Sanskar’s forehead) bhai you are fine na. Do you have fever or did you hit your head. Please bhai tell me we will go to hospital.
Sanskar hits his own head seeing his extremely dramabaaz brother.
Sanskar: (irritated) shall we go or shall I continue my work?
Laksh: (immediately) no no chalo let us go.
He pulls Sanskar holding his hand.
Sanskar shakes his head in disbelief and smiles at his brother’s actions.
Sanskar: (in mind) only this will keep my mind away from her thoughts and my bro is best. In his company I don’t know how I forget all my worries.
Laksh: (shaking his hand infront of Sanskar’s face) bhai are you there? Where are you lost?
Sanakar looks at him and nods nothing.
Laksh: then what are you waiting for? Start the car.
Saying this he switches on the music system and starts listening to the music and Sanskar starts driving the car.

On the other hand Ragini is cleaning her room and keeping all the things properly. At that time Ansh comes running to her.
Ansh: mumma see na mamu cheated me and won the game.
Ragini turns towards him and lifts him in his arms.
Ragini: chalo let us teach a lesson to mamu
Ansh: (grinning widely) sachi
Ragini: (smiles) muchi (winks at him and whispers something in his ear)
Ansh grins widely and gets down from her arms and runs out of the room. Ragini follows him.
After a few minutes we hear a huge shout making the whole house eco with the shout.
Now we can hear laughing sound of three persons. They are none other than Ragini, Ansh and Uttara who are laughing looking at Mohit who is looking like a man filled with some sticky subject. He is glaring three of them.
Uttara: oye don’t glare at us. You should have thought before cheating Ansh and this is the revenge for your cheating.
Ansh: Mamu is a cheater cheater.
Mohit: (shouts) I am not a cheater you are a little devil
RagAnsh: (in union) Mamu is a cheater… Mamu is a cheater cheater cheater.
Mohit is about to come near him but stopped seeing Ragini who is showing her hand to stop him. He stamps his foot and goes to his room to wash himself.
All the three hifies each other and acts like dusting their hands with attitude.
Ragini: (takes Ansh in her arms) Happy
Ansh nods yes grinning widely.

Mohit is coming out of his room when all of a sudden he feels something so cool over him. He looks at himself and looks up only to find Uttara holding a big bucket mixed with ice cubes and wheat flour mixed in it. Once it is on him it looked like something very sticky to his face.
@flashback ends.

Ansh: mumma you play game with me na please.
Ragini: hmm… Ok chalo
Ansh: yay!!!! Love you mumma (he kisses her cheek)
Ragini walks into the room holding Ansh in her arms and both RagAnsh became busy in their mom-son moments.


Next day as usual all are in office. Sanskar is smiling like an idiot as he could see Ragini today. But but there is something different as his smile is from his eyes. There is something different in his eyes. Some sort of realisation.
Sanskar is sitting in his cabin and looking towards the entrance of his cabin every now and then. He keeps looking at his watch.
Sanskar: (to himself) uff Sanskar control yourself…. Still there is time for her to come. You came very early as you could not wait to see her.
He smiles and goes to a flashback
Laksh and he are sitting in an ice cream parlour and having ice cream.

Laksh: bhai yesterday mom was crying.
Sanskar: (immediately looks at him and asks in concerned) why Lucky is everything ok?
Laksh: (nods no) no bhai mom is getting worried about your marriage and you are not liking any girl.
Sanskar: not again Lucky.
Laksh: bhai even I feel you should get settled you are already 27… Why are you not saying ok bhai?
Sanskar: Lucky please stop this topic. At home mom and now you.
Laksh: (sighs) ok bhai I will come to the point. Do you love someone?
Ragini’s face immediately comes infront of Sanskar’s eyes he himself gets shocked thinking about it. His thoughts get disturbed by Laksh.
Laksh: bhai where are you lost? I asked you something.
Sanskar: (avoiding eye contact) no Lucky
Laksh: then tell that looking at me bhai. You does not look at me only when you are hiding something from me or lieing to me. So now tell me the truth. What is bothering you? I am even observing you from few days you are being lost what happened?
Sanskar: (trying to deny) no… Not…(interrupted)
Laksh: dare you lie bhai.
Sanskar: (sighs and looks down while saying) fine…. I don’t know what this feeling is but from the time I…I saw her I feel very happy. Her absence make me feel that I lost something. Her being near to me makes my heart flutter in joy. I feel like I am in heaven when I see her smile. Her one smile makes me stress free. Her laugh gives butterflies in my stomach. (Sanskar stops and looks at Laksh)
Laksh smiles looking at him.
Sanskar: (confused) why are you smiling?
Laksh: (happily) bhai you are in love
Sanskar: (shocked) what!
Laksh: ha bhai you are in love. I am so happy but…. But who is the girl?
“Bhai you are in love” are the only words running in Sanskar’s mind. He is recollecting those words continuously and Ragini’s smiling face is not leaving from front of his eyes. His lips broke into smile.
Laksh again shakes him to get him out of his thoughts.
Laksh: bhai again you are lost somewhere? who is the girl? (He asks with excitement to hear Ragini’s name.)
Sanskar: (smiling and says being lost) RAGINI
Laksh: (immediately jumps on his brother and hugs him) OMG! bhai I am so happy. I was expecting from the beginning to hear this from you.
Sanskar comes out of his thoughts and realises what he said.
Sanskar: (shuttering) wh..wha…what?
Laksh: what what bhai… I am so happy that you love Ragini di I am so happy. When are you going to propose her?
Sanskar: Rag…Ragini when did I say that I love her.
Laksh: (understands him) come on bhai now no need to hide it. I am so happy and always wanted her to be my bhabhi in fact Shona and me wanted to do make you both together but we were busy in the project and could not get chance to do so. But I am so happy.
Sanskar smiles at him as he is feeling so happy for the realisation.
@flashback ends.

Sanskar felt his heart beat increase and looks at the cabin door and then he hears a sweet voice which makes his heart flutter.
Ragini: may I come in sir
Sanskar: (happily) come in
Ragini comes inside looking absolutely like an angel wearing a red colour dress with open hairs and a bindi on her forehead.
Ragini keeps saying something by showing the file while Sanskar is lost in her beautiful face and keeps looking at her. He did not listen anything what she was explaining.
He gets disturbed when she calls him.
Ragini: sir
Sanskar: huh… Ha… ha Ragini.
Ragini: sir is everything fine?
Sanskar: ya…yeah ummm… Shall we discuss it later
Ragini: (nods) ok sir
She was about to go but stopped due to him calling her.
Sanskar: Ragini
Ragini: (turns towards him) yes sir
Sanskar: no… Nothing
Ragini looks at him strangely and goes out. Sanskar smacks his head smiling to himself remembering her and gets back to his work…..
It is afternoon… RagSan are discussing something in Sanskar’s cabin. All the staff are out for a break. Only RagSan are working.
At that time Sanskar’s cabin phone rings.
Sanskar: yes Rosey
Rosey: sir is Ragini in your cabin?
Sanskar: yes why?
Rosey: actually I called to her cabin to inform that Mr. Mohit has come to meet her but she did not pick the phone. So I called you.
Sanskar: ok I will send her.
Sanskar: (after cutting the call) Ragini someone named Mohit had come to meet you.
Ragini: (confused) Mohit at this time? Sir can I go and meet?
Sanskar: yup we will do the remaining work after lunch.
Ragini nods ok and comes out of the cabin worriedly. Sanskar finds it and follows her.
As soon as she comes near the place where Mohit is there she gets freezed seeing Ansh having a bandage on his forehead and runs towards him.
Ragini: (teary eyes and concerned) chotu chotu how did you get hurt?
Sanskar who came behind her could not see Ansh but freezes at his place when he listened to the word “mumma”.
Ansh: mumma
Ragini immediately sits on her knees and hugs him while tears starts to flow from her eyes.
Ansh: mumma I fell from the stairs in the school as my shoe lace were open. I did not notice it sorry. (He pouts)
Ragini immediately kisses his forehead and lovingly asks.
Ragini: is it paining?
Ansh nods yes and his eyes immediately become teary as he was till now controlling his tears. But now when his mother asked him he could not control and started crying hugging her. Ragini is also crying along with him. After few minutes she composed and broke the hug.
Ragini: (wiping his tears) shh… Chotu you should not cry. You are mumma’s brave boy na stop crying. See it is a small wound it will go soon. Don’t cry.
Ansh: (sobbing) mumma… It.. is … Paining a lot.
Ragini’s eyes turns teary and she bends a little to hide them from Ansh at that Sanskar got the view of Ansh and another big shock came to his life.
He is stunned to see him there and that too as the son of his love. He is not able to understand anything. Many questions are running in his mind. Is he her son? If he is her son then she is married? But she never wore mangalsootr or sindoor? Why?
His thoughts get disturbed by somebody’s call. He comes out of his trance and sees Ansh standing infront of him with his cute smile but still his face is having tears. As soon as he saw Ansh’s smile a big smile appeared on his face too.
When Ragini bends her head to hide her tears, Ansh sees Sanskar standing there looking at them he immediately smiles and runs towards him.
Ansh: (running and calls him) buddy.
Then Sanskar comes out of his thoughts and looks at him. His smile makes him smile and immediately takes him in his arms. RagMoh looks at them confused.
Sanskar: OMG! Champ how did you get hurt?
Ansh: I fell down from the stairs buddy.
Sanskar: oho you should be careful na. Next time be careful ok.
Ansh nods ok.
Ansh: come I will show you mumma and mamu.
Sanskar: (looks at Ragini and then nods ok) chalo
He walks towards RagMoh.
Ansh: (happily) mumma did you remember buddy who helped me in the mall?
Ragini: means it was sir who helped you. (Ansh nods yes)
Sanskar is just looking at her intensely. His heart is paining a lot realising that his love is mother of somebody. He is not able to digest the truth.
Ragini: Thank you so much sir. You helped us a lot. You saved my life otherwise don’t know what would have happened to him.
Sanskar: (hurt, sad, pain but tries to sound normal and smiles fakely) it’s.. it’s ok Ragini.
Mohit: Hi Mr. Maheshwari I am Mohit Agarwal.
Sanskar: oh Mr. Agarwal nice to meet you.
Ansh: he is my mamu buddy
Sanskar looks at him and smiles. Ragini moves forward and about to take Ansh from Sanskar’s hands but Ansh nods no
Ansh: no mumma I will not come I want to play with buddy for sometime.
Sanskar smiles
Ragini: chotu it is office and it is lunch time sir has to have his lunch and even you have to eat come with me.
Ansh: no no no I will be with buddy. I will eat with him only.
Ragini: (sternly) Chotu I said no.
Ansh becomes sad and about to come to Ragini but Sanskar doesnot leave him.
Sanskar: it’s ok Ragini
Ragini: (hesitatingly) but…
Sanskar: (looks at Ansh) today me and my champ will have lunch together isn’t it champ.
Ansh nods yes vigorously grinning widely making Sanskar smile.
Ragini nods ok with a small smile.
Mohit: di I should go now. I have some work in office. I received call from school and immediately went to bring him by leaving the work in the middle. I will come after two hours and take him. And tell me why isn’t your phone working?
Ragini: don’t know Mohit it got switched off suddenly.
Mohit: ok di I will get a new one in the evening.
Ragini: no need we will get it repaired.
Mohit: (makes a face) huh I am going to bring new one bye.
Ragini: arey listen
But Mohit goes from there without listening while Ansh giggles. Ragini glares him and he immediately stops and looks at her innocently.
Sanskar smiles seeing them.
Sanskar: chalo let us have lunch.
Ragini nods hesitatingly and they go to have lunch.
There SanAnsh are enjoying their company with each other. Especially Sanskar is enjoying a lot listening to Ansh’s cute cute talks. His cute face is making him smile and happy as well. But still many questions are running in his mind about Ragini and Ansh.
Ansh: (looks at Ragini who is not eating and thinking something deeply) mumma why are you not eating anything?
Ragini: (looks at him) nothing bacha I am not feeling to have.
Saying she gets up from the chair and about to go but Sanskar holds her hand and stops her. Ragini looks at his hand and he immediately leaves her hand.
Sanskar: woh I am sorry. But we should leave in the middle while eating. So sit and complete it.
Ragini looks at him for a second and complies and they eat.
Ansh: mumma you know what doctor uncle gave a very big injection to me. It pained a lot but I did not cry… I am a brave boy na.
Ragini: (cups his face) ha bacha you are mumma’s brave boy. (She kisses his forehead lovingly)
Ansh: (smiles and hugs her) I love you mumma (he kisses her cheek)
Ragini: I love you too bacha.
At that time Laksh comes there along with Karan.
Karan: hey champ when did you come?
Ansh: Karan uncle (he jumps on him and Karan takes him in his arms)
Karan: hey how did you get hurt?
Ansh: offo How many times should I repeat the same I fell down from stairs.
Karan: aww but you told me just now.
Ansh: see I told to mumma, now to you and even I told to buddy
Karan: buddy?
Ragini: woh he is talking about sir Karan. I told you about mall incident remember. It was sir who helped us.
Karan: oh that’s great. Thank you sir.
Sanskar fakes a smile and nods while all the while Laksh is standing there confused about who Ansh is? On the other hand Sanskar is burning in anger seeing Karan. And now even anger added to his emotions of pain, sad, hurt. He is controlling all the emotions. He excuses himself and goes to his cabin. He enters and immediately punches the wall making his knuckles to bleed. Laksh enters his room and immediately rushes to him once he saw him hurting himself.
Laksh: (worried) bhai what is this?
Sanskar: (immediately hugs Laksh) he is her son Lucky. She is married. I lost her I lost my first love.
Few tears fell from his eyes and Laksh hugs him tightly feeling his tears on his shoulder. Laksh can understand the pain through his voice. He is not understanding how to console him. He breaks the hug and wipes his tears.
Laksh: (sadly) bhai I am sorry.
Sanskar: (he rubs away his tears and says) why are you sorry Lucky?
Laksh: it was me who made you realise your love. And today…
Sanskar: pagal if not yesterday I may understand that I love her some other day. Even then I may get the same pain right so don’t think so. Chalo you go get back to the work. And ha go and tell Ragini that Ansh can stay in my cabin till he leaves.
Laksh: but bhai
Sanskar: don’t worry Lucky I will be fine.
Laksh nods and goes out.
A tear escapes from Sanskar’s eyes which he immediately wipes and gets back to work.
Ansh comes running inside by opening the door with a bang while Ragini is running back of him trying to stop him. She immediately stops at the cabin door.
Ragini: may I come in sir.
Sanskar nods yes and she enters into the cabin. She immediately holds Ansh’s hand while he tries to run again.
Ragini: (strictly) Ansh stop running and sit on the couch.
Listening her addressing him as Ansh, he immediately sits on the couch by keeping finger on his lips. Ansh understood that his mother is serious as she only addresses him as Ansh when she is either angry or she does not wants him to do something.
Ragini looks at him controlling her smile.
Ragini: (turns to Sanskar) sir Mohit will take him with in half an hour. Sorry for the disturbance.
Sanskar: it’s ok Ragini I understand.
Ragini gives him a small smile.
Ragini: sir I will get the file from my cabin.
Sanskar nods and Ragini leaves from there and Ansh immediately gets down from the couch and runs to Sanskar.
Sanskar: (raising his eyebrow) infront of mumma you are acting innocent and now what happened?
Ansh: who will sit silently on the couch. I will get bored na. (Ansh pouts)
Sanskar laughs.
Sanskar: chalo let us watch cartoon till your mumma comes ok.
Ansh: (wide eyes) you watch cartoons?
Sanskar: of course my fav is Doraemon.
Ansh: yay!!! Same pinch buddy (he pinches Sanskar’s hand)
Sanskar: (acting) ouch champ you pinch very hard. (Saying he rubs his hands)
Ansh giggles and Sanskar smilingly makes Ansh sit on his lap. They both start watching Doraemon in Sanskar’s laptop. Sanskar is enjoying Ansh’s antics but his heart is paining. He wanted to get all the answers especially about Ansh’s father. His pain of loosing his love is making him to drown in sorrow but he is controlling a lot not to break in the office. He badly wanted to be alone and cry out loud. But he could not as now he should be in office.
Soon Ragini comes there and glares Ansh he ignores her and continues watching his Doraemon in laptop.
At that time again Sanskar’s cabin phone rings. He picks the phone and talks.
Sanskar: (after call) Ragini Mr. Agarwal is here to take Ansh home.
Ragini nods and looks at Ansh. He slowly gets down from Sanskar’s lap with a sad face and starts walking out of the cabin followed by Ragini.
Sanskar: (himself) till now because of him my mind got diverted a little. His smile made me happy. His antics were so cute. Now again she and me alone in the cabin with our work. Would I be able to control my self? (A tear escapes from his eye) No Sanskar you can’t handle it now. I just need to be alone.
Thinking this he gets up from his seat and comes out of his cabin but collides with Ragini who was about to enter into the cabin. She lost her balance and about to fell down but he holds her through her waist. He gets lost in her face and all the questions are running in his mind?
His thoughts gets disturbed by Ragini who is calling him as she is feeling uncomfortable.
He makes her stand properly.
Sanskar: (avoids eye contact) Ragini woh I have some work we will discuss later.
Ragini nods and Sanskar goes out of the office and goes to mm.
He goes to his room without listening to Sujatha who was continuously calling him from back. He closes the door enters into the washroom and switches on the shower. He starts crying loud under the shower throwing all the pain out of his heart.

Their first meeting, her smile, her laugh then Ansh calling her mumma everything is playing infront of his eyes. Tears are flowing continuously from his eyes.

His eyes became red due to heavy crying. He slides down the wall and sits there in the washroom by keeping his hands around his knees and his face in between them.
Screen freezes on him sitting under the shower.


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