RagSan – U Changed My Life (Season-2) – Part 1

RagSan – U Changed My Life (Season-2) (Part 1)
A room is shown which is fully messed with toys. A cute little boy is sleeping peacefully on the bed. A woman enters into the room and looks at the room. She nods her head in disbelief and starts arranginv everything in their places.
Woman: these both na will never change.
After arranging the room she sits beside the boy and caresses his hair.
Woman: (lovingly) chotu wake up na
Boy: (sleepily) mumma today is sunday and holiday i want to sleep.
Then a man enters inside.
Man: ok di leave him we will go for outing leaving him.
Listening this the boy immediately wakes up with a jerk and is revealed to be our chotu aka ansh.
Ansh: no see mamu (the man is revealed to be Mohit) i am awake…. I will also come please.
Both mohit and woman laughs and slowly the woman’s face is revealed to be our Ragini.
Ragini Agarwal: (27 years old) A very loving and caring mother, had a bitter past. Living only for ansh. She wants only his happiness and can do anything for his happiness. Always makes excuses or scolds ansh whenever he asks about his papa.
Ansh Agarwal: 4 years old. Ragini’s son. Ragini’s lifeline. For him his mumma and mamu are everything. Don’t know why his mumma scolds him whenever he asks about his papa and feels sad about it.
Mohit Agarwal: 26years old. Ragini’s brother. They both were brought up in the same orphanage and they share the bond like real siblings. Mohit is adopted by Agarwal’s when he is 10 years old but he never left his di. He always goes to meet her and Agarwal’s never have any problem regarding it. He lost his adopted parents 6 years ago. And from then he is taking care of his papa’s business and making it to reach greater heights.
Ragini: chalo chotu let us get ready
Ansh immediately jumps from the bed and runs into the washroom and closes the door.
Ragini: (banging the door) chotu open the door.
Ansh: (from inside) no mumma now I am a big boy I will bath myself you go…
Ragini laughs and goes from there followed by mohit.
Scene shifts to another big mansion. A room is shown and a man is getting ready in his formals.
Voice: (Shouts) sanskar come down i need to talk to you.
The man turns and revealed to be our Sanskar.
Sanskar: (shouts) coming mom.
Sanskar gets ready and goes to the hall. As soon as he comes into the hall he is been dragged by his mother and made him sit on the couch.
Sanskar: (irritated) mom I am coming what is the need to drag me.
Sujatha: leave that see this photograph. She is daughter of one of my friends.
He looks at the photo and keeps a pucking face.
Sanskar: mom is she a girl or any make up shop. Just seeing in the photograph also we can say that she did a lot of make up.
Sujatha: (sadly) means you did not like her also. Before i used to work hard to make you agree for marriage and now I am working hard to get a girl whom you like.
Sanskar: mom please if you search properly you will get many girls who are good.
Laksh: (comes there) Mom you can’t search a girl for bhai (makes a sad face) and my line will never get clear.
Sanskar: mom you want bahu right do one thing get laksh married… bride is also ready
Swara: (enters into the house) I am ready mom.
Laksh: (keeps his hand around her shoulders) don’t be so desperate chipkali still there is time for our marriage.
Swara: huh see bandar even sanky gave permission let us get married.
Sanskar: you guys decide when to get married I am leaving to office.
Sujatha: sanskar today is sunday and it is a holiday.
Ram: (comes outside from room and imitates sanskar) mom do you take holiday to eat no na then why holiday for doing work.
Sanskar: (seriously) dad.
Ram: ok ok man sorry
Sujatha: nobody can change you atleast have breakfast.
Sanskar: no mom got to go bye.
He leaves without even allowing others to speak.
Sujatha: (sits there sadly) he did not like this girl also… She is 25th girl.
Laksh: (happily) wow mom silver jubliee congratulations let us celebrate.
Sujatha hits him.
Laksh: (sits beside her) oho mom don’t get worried there will be someone definitely who will bhai like and then once she is found na none can stop bhai’s marriage.
Swara: (sits beside her) then we will do his marriage in such a manner that nobody forgets his marriage till ten years ok.
Sujatha: (smiles) aww my shona and lucky (Hugs swalak)
Ram: (clears his throat) i think I am also here.
Laksh: sorry dad you can romance with mom once we both go come shona let us go i don’t want us to become kabab mein haddi. He immediately runs from there while swara laughs and hugs Ram and Sujatha and leaves.
Sanskar Maheshwari: 27 years old. A smart, handsome, good hearted man. A fun loving and friendly boss. But when it comes to work he is very strict. CEO of Maheshwari Companies.
Laksh Maheshwari: 22 years old. Sanskar’s younger brother. Loves him alot. Doing his internship in Maheshwari Companies.
Swara Kapoor: 22 years old. Laksh’s girl friend. Daughter of Maheshwari’s family friends Kapoors. Doing internship in Maheshwari Companies.
Sujatha Maheshwari and Ram Prasad Maheshwari parents of SanLak.
Scene shifts to Agarwals
Ragini is setting all ready for breakfast and mohit is doing something in his laptop. Ansh comes out from his room with his head struck in his t-shirt.
Ansh: mumma.
Ragini: oh my god the big boy don’t know how to wear a shirt
Ansh: mumma i am a big boy for bathing but not for wearing a shirt
Ragmoh laugh and ragini makes his shirt proper. Lifts him in her arms and kisses his forehead and he kisses her cheek.
Ragini: mohit chalo let us have breakfast.
Mohit: coming di.
They get settled and have food while ragini feeding ansh.
Once ansh is done.
Ansh: mumma you have your food till then i will watch TV.
Ragini nods and he runs to his room.
Ragini: (hesitatingly) mohit I want to speak something important.
Mohit: ha di say na
Ragini: woh mohit now ansh is grown up and he has joined school. So I wanted to do a job.
Mohit: (shocked) what!!!! Di what is the need for you to do a job.
Ragini: it is not about the need mohit. I wanted to be independent already I faced a lot so now I want to be independent. I have been waiting for the time ansh to grow and join the school. And besides that I don’t want to be more burden to you
Mohit: (angrily) di I told you many times you are never a burden to me and will never be. You know right ma and papa always wanted to adopt you also but it was you who always refused and stayed in orphanage because of your stupid fears and now you are thinking yourself as a burden and talking all the non sense and thinking about the money and all.
Ragini: (sighs) ok fine sorry… Then let me take my words back but still I want to do a job and be independent.
Mohit: (sighs) ok fine then I will make arrangements in the office for your join.
Ragini: no I dont want to work for Agarwal Companies. I want to do a job which is given to me because of my capability and about this no arguments.
Mohit nods ok unwillingly. Ansh comes there.
Ansh: mumma mamu still how much time we are getting late.
Mohit: (lifts him in his arms) chalo let us go. Di chalo.
Ragini nods and they go for outing.
Scene shifts to Sanskar’s office. It is fully empty only sanskar is there. It is sunday so all are in holiday except for sanskar.
He goes to his cabin and starts doing some work. When suddenly he remembers something and makes a phone call to somebody.
Aarav: (sanskar’s friend cum his manager speaks in sleepy voice) what yaar sanskar why don’t you let me sleep in peace even on Sunday.
Sanskar: sorry sorry aarav but I called to ask whether did you give ad for the position of my PA
Aarav: huh idiot i gave ad before two days only and tomorrow are interviews and i already informed you.
Sanskar: oops sorry forgot yaar and sorry for disturbing your sleep now sleep i will not disturb.
He cuts the call and get back to his work when his phone rings. He picks his phone.
Sanskar: ha lucky
Laksh: bhai come to XYZ mall na you can work tomorrow also please bhai spend sometime with me na.
Sanskar: why isn’t shona with you?
Laksh: (angrily) bhai will you come or not.
Sanskar: ok ok coming don’t get angry now.
Sanskar closes his work and heads towards XYZ mall.
Did not expect na… Even i did not expect hehe. Actually I was feeling very sad from the time I thought of ending season 1 then I got this idea when I was writing last part of season1 and thought to give after my exams but could not stop myself after seeing your comments in last part of season 1. So immediately started it. Don’t think that I will be regular because I will be late as always as I have my exams in December. I hope you will enjoy this season as you all enjoyed the season 1 and support me in the same manner.
I submitted it yesterday only guys but dont know why it is not published so submitting again. Hope it gets published now.

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