Ragsan-U changed my life (intro and episode 1)

Ragsan-U changed my life
Hey guys this is Dharani and this is my second ff and my first ff is Love Life…Swaragini ki. Please read and give ur valuable comments and encourage me. This is a ragsan ff and swalak is also there but main importance is for ragsan.

Gadodia family
Shekhar Gadodia: a business man owner of Gadodia co’s father of swaragini and mohit husband of Sharmishta Gadodia. Loves all the children equally and gives freedom in taking their decisions
Janaki Gadodia: (dead) mother of ragini wife of shekhar Gadodia. After her death shekhar married Sharmishta. Janaki died when ragini is two years old
Sharmishta Gadodia (mishti): shekhar’s wife. Mother of swara and mohit and step mother of ragini. Loves all the children equally but pampers ragini most
Parvathi Gadodia: dadi for swaragini and mohit that is mother of shekhar and mother in law of Sharmishta. Loves all the children equally

Ragini Gadodia: a cute, lovely, happy going girl who completed MBA and MA in music and was searching for the job as she wants to be independent. Loves her siblings like her life. Eldest of the three. Thinks others happiness other than her happiness age 25 years
Swara Gadodia: a bubbly girl loves her siblings a lot but her di is her everything. Youngest of the three still studying

Mohit Gadodia: a very caring brother to his siblings and very good son for the parents and elder to swara and younger to ragini. Can do anything for his di. Helping his father in his businesss.
Both swara nd mohit knew that ragini is their step sister but still loves her to the core and ragini is the same they will do anything for their siblings
Maheshwari family
Sanskar maheshwari: a very good business man who is handling the maheshwari co’s from after the death of dp and a very handsome hunk but very arrogant business man but from inside very sweet hearted man. Husband of Sanaya sanskar maheshwari and father of ansh sanskar maheshwari. Became very calm after the death of Sanaya and only smiles for the sake of family and loves ansh to the core. Age 27 years
Sanaya sanskar maheshwari: (dead) very loving wife, good daughter in law and a very good mother. She died due to cancer and when ansh is four years old
Ansh sanskar maheshwari: 5years old a very cute lovely boy loves his father and mother very much he misses his mother very much loves his chachu and mami very much
Annapurna maheshwari: widow of Durgaprasad maheshwari. Mother of sanskar, lakshy and uttara. A very loving mother. Wants sanskar to remarry sanskar so that ansh get a good mother and sanskar a good life partner

Laksh maheshwari: very handsome brother of sanskar and uttara still studying and happy going boy misses his bhabhi very much and wants to see his brother real smile again
Uttara maheshwari: very sweet sister of sanlak and good daughter of ap
Other character

Karan Mehra: (played by Karan wahi) he is doctor by profession. Lives with Gadodia family as his parents live in US and childhood friend of ragini very possessive regarding ragini as she does not take care of her.
So that is the intro and may be few characters may introduced as the story proceeds here we go with the episode

It is a beautiful morning and a beautiful park is shown there are many children playing and youngsters jogging and elders having fresh air in this all we see a girl sitting on a bench and enjoying the climate and writing something in her dairy suddenly a ball comes and hits her she raises her head and she is none other than our beautiful ragini. And a cute little boy comes there and holds his ears very cutely
Boy: sorry aunty did it hurt u
Ragini: smiles no beta it is ok she sees back of him did not find any one so she asks
Ragini: beta with whom did u come
Boy: with my chachu he went to attend a phone call and i am playing
Ragini: hi my name is ragini can i know ur sweet name please
Boy: hi my name is ansh
Ragini: wow very sweet name so do u come every day
Ansh: ha i come here every day with chachu
Ragini: so from now shall we be friends
Ansh: ha but one condition
Ragini: what?
Ansh: i will call u sweety
Ragini: aww so sweet u can call me and i will call u chotu done
Ansh: done ok then take this and forwards a chocolate to ragini
Ragini: u eat chocolates mumma will not scold u
Ansh: hearing the word mumma he gets teary eyes and says mumma is near god na how can she talk to me
Ragini: feels bad and takes him to her lap and says chotu ur mumma is with u only see she is in ur heart and u know at night
when u see sky the brightest is ur mumma u can talk to her and she can listen to u she can see u if u cry she will feel so u should not cry ok
Ansh: really mumma can see then i will not cry i am mumma’s good boy
Ragini: that’s like my chotu now give me a kiss and ansh kisses her on her cheek and ragini kisses him on his forehead with so much love she felt very happy after talking to him she felt as if he is her own family in the mean time when they are talking someone comes calling ansh
Man: ansh where are u?
Ansh: sweety chachu is calling let me bring him to u and he runs to the person and brings him near ragini
Man: ansh where are u taking me
Ansh: chachu i am taking u to sweety she is so sweet come and he pulls him to ragini
Ansh: sweety he is my chachu and chachu she is sweety
Ragini: hi i am ragini
Man: hi i am laksh nice to meet u
Ragini: same here they sit and are talking
Ragini: what are u doing i mean study

Laksh: i am doing MBA final year present and u
Ragini: i completed MBA and MA in music and present searching for job
Laksh: if u dont mind can i call u di actually after talking to u i feel like calling like that
Ragini: of course from i got another brother
Laksh: thank u di and u can call me lucky as everyone call me that
Ragini: ok lucky and they play with ansh for some time and mingle very much that ragini liked their company and vice versa ansh really liked ragini very much
Laksh: ok di meet u tomorrow i should leave to college as well and ansh also to school bye ansh say bye to sweety

Ansh: sweety he signals her to bend she bends and he kisses her on the cheek and says bye
Ragini smiles and says bye and they all go to the respective houses and ragini reaches home and enters into the house immediately she becomes fully drenched in water she is shocked and see who is the person she finds Karan with a bucket and he is also fully drenched and listens laughing sounds and turns and see swara and mohit laughing holding their stomach
Ragini: shouts Karan how dare u to throw water on me u are dead and chases him all over the hall
Karan: arrey ragu i did not do anything all this is done by swara
Ragini: i dont know anything because of u i became wet so u are dead now and finally she catches him and beat him and swara and mohit goes on laughing finally all burst out laughing
Karan: oh meri ma atleast now leave me u took ur revenge

Ragini: ha go and change otherwise doctor will catch cold and has to do his own treatment and gives hifi to swara
Karan stamps his food and goes to change and ragini also get ready and comes for breakfast
Shekhar: good morning princess (swara) and angel (ragini)
Swaragini: good morning papa
Mohit: good morning everyone
Swaragini: good morning
Ragini: ma u know today in park i met a cute little boy and his chachu and tells everything about them in full excitement
Shekhar: oh u enjoyed today in park very much na
Ragini: super papa

Mohit: ha di i forgot to tell u as u are searching for a job there is a post of PA in maheshwari co’s u may apply for it and co. Is as very good but the boss is little strict and khadoos
Ragini: mohit it is the matter of business so they should be strict u should not tell that
Mohit: ok baba now i am sorry now tell me will u apply or not
Ragini: ha i will and when will be interview

Mohit: may be in two days ok swara come let us go it is time for college
Swara: ha bhai i will bring my bag and come and she goes and bring her bag
Ragini: swara one minute and she goes and brings her bag and gives her a chocolate and says
Ragini: swara take this chotu gave me and as u like chocolates this is for u
Swara: thank u di and hugs her and goes to college along with mohit
Ragini: dadi have u taken ur medicines

Dadi: ha ladoo
Mishti: ragu please come to kitchen once here i am unable to reach the box
Ragini: ha ma coming and she goes to kitchen and help her mother
Ragini: ma today i will prepare lunch so u are forbidden for coming into kitchen
Mishti: par ragu let me cut vegetables
Ragini: no means no and she pushes her out of the kitchen
Karan: aunty afternoon i am not going to come to lunch
Mishti: why beta any operations
Karan: no aunty nothing i want to live still and serve people if i eat ragu’s food then i will surely die my parents have only one son listening this mishti laughs and ragini gets angry and throw a spoon on Karan it just misses to hit him
Ragini: shouts from kitchen for now it missed later i will see u go idiot u have to go to hospital
Karan laughs and goes to his work and all of them are doing their work

Precap: sanskar’s introduction

Thanks for reading my ff and please comment whether it is good are not and tell me to continue or not if u dont like i will not continue it. Sorry for the typos

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