Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 9)


Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 9)
Hey guys i am back with next episode. Thank u so much for the support. I am glad that u are liking my ff. Thank u to those who commented and to the silent readers as well.

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Episode 9

Laksh comes out of his room and sees Sunaina
Laksh: Sunaina aunty when did u come how are u
Sunaina: laksh i came before an hour and i am fine and how are u
Laksh: fit and fine
Uttara: aunty how are u
Sunaina: i am fine beta
In the mean time ragini and mishti comes in and laksh sees them and goes to ragini
Laksh: (hugs her) di no bhabhi u came
Ragini: (smiles) good morning lucky
Laksh: good morning bhabhi
Uttara: good morning bhabhi
Ragini: good morning uttara where is ap aunty
Ap: i am here beta
Ragini goes to her and takes blessings

Ap: and from now call me ma
Ragini: ji ma
Mishti: Namaste ap ji
Ap: Namaste Sharmishta ji come have a seat they all sit
Ap: Sharmishta ji ragini beta she is Sunaina sanaya’s mother
Ragini: Namaste aunty and takes blessings
Sunaina: Namaste beta ap u are correct she is really pretty
Ragini smiles in the mean time ansh comes there and runs to ragini
Ansh: mumma (jumps into her lap and kisses her cheek)
Ragini: chotu (kisses his forehead) did u have ur breakfast
Ansh: no
Ap: come ansh i will feed ur breakfast
Ragini: no ma u sit here and talk i will feed him come on my chotu (lifts him) lucky uttara did u both have breakfast
Laksh: no bhabhi u feed him we will eat with bhai
Ragini: ok and she leaves and starts feeding ansh in the mean time sanskar comes and they all goes to dining table
Sanskar: oye champ if u find her u dont need anyone
Ansh: no and he continues his eating
Sunaina smiles seeing them and feels very happy

Sanskar: ragini did u check xyz file
Ragini: ha sanskar but i forgot to keep it in ur cabin u just check it may be on my table
Sanskar: ok lucky come i will drop u both
Laksh: ok bhai bye bhabhi bye ma bye aunties
They three go to their respective places
Ap: Sharmishta ji we are thinking for marriage after two days what do u says
Mishti: two days ap ji but it is very soon so many preparations should be done
Ap: dont worry Sharmishta ji we will do everything and please dont mind it will be a simple marriage as sanskar wants
Mishti: it is ok ap ji even ragini also wants simple marriage and i will inform to shekhar
Ap: ji and ragini beta do u have any problem
Ragini: no ma i dont have any problem

In the mean door bell rings
Ragini: i will see ma ragini goes
Sunaina: i really liked the girl she is very nice and sweet
Ansh: hai na nani that is why I kept her name as sweety
Sunaina: acha u know i liked ur mumma
Ansh: yeah
Ragini opens the door and finds Mr. Sharma
Ragini: Mr. Sharma u here in the mean time ap comes there
Ap: arey Aarav beta come (Mr. Sharma’s name is Aarav and he is also sanskar’s friend but in office he behaves professionally and his wife Priya treats sanskar as her brother and aarav is close to sanskar’s family )
Aarav: ji aunty and goes inside
Ap: aarav i called u to tell that sanskar’s marriage is after two days and u bring Priya and Janvi (his daughter) with u
Aarav: i am happy at last that he is moving on
Ragini: ma u know him
Ap: ha beta he is sanskar’s friend and he frequently comes to our house
Ragini: but sanskar never told me about this
Aarav: actually we never show that in office being professional u know
Ragini: (smiles) ya
Aarav: ok aunty i need to go otherwise ur son will lose his temper
Ap: hahaha ya u are right u go
Aarav: bye aunty bye ragini
Ragini: bye Mr. Sharma
Day before the marriage

In college
Swara is walking in the corridor suddenly someone pulls her into a class room it is dark she is about to shout but the lights get on and there is a beautiful decoration and written on the board “I love u swara will u accept my love” Laksh swara sees this and get surprised though it is a simple proposal she liked it a lot she turned around the room and saw laksh standing near the door with a smile on his face she went to him and hugged him
Swara: i love u too laksh
Laksh: (happy) thank u thank u so much
Swara: thank u too because i liked it so much though it is a simple proposal
Laksh: ok now come we need to go home there is a lot to do to bhai and bhabhi marriage
Swara: yah but i should wait for bhai my two wheeler got punctured i should call bhai
Laksh: why no need i will drop u come
Swara: ok chalo and they leave to their houses

@next day
All the arrangements are done for the marriage of ragsan in gm and the most excited person for this marriage is ansh he is getting ready
Ansh: papa please comb my hair fast
Sanskar: arey champ wait na why so hurry
Ansh: (excited) papa we should go and bring mumma that is why hurry up
Sanskar: omg champ so much excitement (combs his hair) now perfect my champ
Ansh: papa u also get ready fast we should go (runs)
Sanskar: (smiles) he is very happy that is enough for me and he gets ready

Mishti, dadi and swara are in ragini’s room and making ragini get ready
Swara: di u are looking like an angel
Mishti: may no evil comes to u (applies black dot)
Dadi: ladoo u won’t forget us na after going there
Ragini: dadi what are u talking how can i forget u all (tears)
Dadi: (tears) i will miss u ladoo (hugs her)
Mishti and swara: we will miss u ragini/di and hugs her (all have tears)
Swara: (to lighten the mood) now no more crying otherwise the makeup i did for di will spoil oye old lady stop being emotional
Dadi: huh u called me old lady
Swara: ya i called u because u are old
Dadi: still i am young ok
Swara: ok do one thing i will agree u are young (throws comb on the floor) now pick it up
Dadi: that is it ok (and bends and winces in pain) ahhhh my back
Swara: (laughs) now tell u are still young
Ragini: shona stop it
Swara: ok fine someone knocks the door and enters the room
Shekhar: (sees ragini) my angel is really looking like an angel (hugs her)
Ragini: (hugs him) thank u papa
Shekhar: i will miss u
Ragini: i will miss u more papa

In the mean time mohit and Karan comes there
Mohit: di see this Karan teasing me
Karan: what did i tell is correct only u are ragini ki chamchi no.1
Ragini: Karan why do u always tease my mohit
Karan: arey if i tell truth also wrong only ha see now also he came complained to u so he is ur chamchi no.1 and swara is chamchi no.2
Mohit: di leave that idiot i will miss u so much di (hugs her very tightly and sobs)
Ragini: (tears) mohit please dont cry otherwise i will feel that i am making u all sad
Mohit: no di u will never make me sad in fact i am happy that u are getting married
Ragini: (wipes his tears) please now smile
Mohit smiles Karan hugs ragini
Karan: take care of ur self
Ragini nods in the mean time servant comes and says that they arrived so all goes down leaving swaragini and mohit there
Mohit: di how will we eat dinner without u how will i get rest without ur massage everyday how will we live without u in this house

Ragini just keeps silent with tears in her eyes and hugs them very tightly
Swara: who will stop our both fights and who will help in keeping my room clean how will we di
They three goes on crying bitterly in the mean time ansh enters the room and see them crying
Ansh: (thinks) mumma, swara aunty and mohit uncle why are they crying i should tell this to papa and he runs to sanskar who is sitting and talking to everyone as there is still time to marriage
Ansh: papa u come with me once
Sanskar: where champ
Ansh: i will tell u you first come and drags him to ragini’s room
Ragini: please dont cry u both if u cry i cannot be happy and ha shona mohit i am sorry i will not be there to u both to feed at the dinner mohit i will not be there to massage ur hair and shona mohit please dont fight u both as i will not be there to stop it and shona keep ur room clean as i will not be there to clean it but i will always love u so much and miss u so much please take care of ma, papa and dadi
Sanskar listens all these from the entrance of the room and goes into the room
Sanskar: ragini

Swaragini and mohit see him and wipes their tears
Sanskar: i know u have a very great bond with them but i promise that i will make sure that u do all those things which u used to do before even after marriage u can come here everyday and return home after ur dinner so that u won’t miss any of the things and ur family i dont have any problem and even ma will not have any problem please u all three stop crying (to lighten the mood) and u know ragini u really look like devil when u cry
Ragini: (smiles) sanskar
Sanskar: that is like my friend please be smiling always
Mohit: thank u so much jiju (hugs him)
Sanskar: not at all needed
Swara: thank u jiju (hugs him)
Sanskar: oho shona mohit now stop this thanking section
Ansh: u all forgot me
Ragini: oh my bacha come to ur mumma and give a hug
Ansh goes to her and hugs her
Ansh: mumma please dont cry at any time i dont like to see u crying u should be always smiling ok
Ragini: (smiles) ok boss
Ansh: swara aunty mohit uncle u also dont make my mumma cry ok
Mohit: one condition
Ansh: what is that?
Mohit: u should call me mamu not uncle
Swara: and me masi
Ansh: mamu and masi yeah (hugs them)
Sanskar: ok champ we should go down later u can meet mumma again
Ansh: papa u go i will be with mumma only
Sanskar: huh go and stay with her only
Ragini: (laughs) oh my chotu see ur papa is jealous
Swara and mohit also laugh

Sanskar: whatever and leaves from there
Mohit: i will go and check if anything is necessary
Ragini: ok and mohit also leaves he is walking on the corridor and at the same time uttara is coming in the opposite direction and mohit is walking by looking into his phone and they both collide each other and uttara is about to fall but mohit holds her and they both shares a cute eye lock they come to senses after some time
Mohit: (makes her stand properly) i am really sorry i did not see u are u ok
Uttara: it is ok and i am fine
Mohit: by the way are u uttara
Uttara: yeah and u
Mohit: me mohit ragini is my di
Uttara: nice to meet u (shakes hand with him)
Mohit: do u need something
Uttara: yeah actually i came to meet bhabhi
Mohit: that is di’s room (points to her room)
Uttara: oh thank u

Mohit: if u dont mind can we be friends
Uttara: ya sure so friends and they both leaves to their respective works
Soon the time for the marriage arrives only gadodia family maheshwari family Sunaina and aarav, priya and janvi are present and sanskar is sitting in the mandap and doing the rituals
Pandit: call the bride
Dadi: mishti go and bring ragini
Mishti nods and goes to bring ragini and ragini comes down while ansh holding her hand she sits and ansh also sits on her lap
Ap: ansh beta come here let them complete the rituals
Ansh: no dadi i will sit here only
Ap: beta (interrupted)
Sanskar: ma leave na
Ap: sanskar u also
Ragini: it is ok let him sit
Ap: i gave up and all smiles seeing them
Pandit: now stand for pheres

Ragsan stand and do their pheres and later sanskar fill her forehead with vermilion and puts mangalsootra around her neck
Pandit: marriage is completed now u both are husband and wife and take blessings from elders
They take blessings from all the elders
Aarav: (hugs sanskar) i am so much happy for u
Priya: i am happy for u bhai (hugs him) bhabhi is very beautiful and aarav told me that she is very good
Sanskar: (smiles) where is janvi
Janvi: i am here mamu
Sanskar: how are u
Janvi: when my mamu took good care of me how will i be super
Sanskar: ha mohit shona u both come with us
Swara: why jiju
Sanskar: for dinner today u do dinner in mm
Mohit: no jiju
Sanskar: u are coming and that is it
Mohit and swara nods smilingly
Karan: and me
Sanskar: u hmm let me think
Karan: u khadoos
Ragsan: (union) Karan
Karan: omg ok sorry all laughs
Dadi: mishti now it is time for bidaai listening to the word bidaai ragini’s eyes welled up with tears
All are very sad ragini goes to shekhar and Sharmishta and hugs them and cries

Mishti: take care of ur self and dont skip ur meals
Ragini nods
Shekhar: be strong always in all situations
Ragini again nods
Ragini: both take care of ur self and my shona and my mohit and goes to mohit
Ragini: take care and dont fight with shona and irritate Karan more
Mohit: (laughs with tears and hugs her) u take care of ur self and she goes to swara
Swara: (cries and hugs her) di take care
Ragini: u too love u goes to dadi
Ragini: dadi take care and have medicines in time
Dadi nods and hugs her and cries
Ansh: (seeing all these) papa why all are crying
Sanskar: champ now mumma is coming with us na that is why they are crying as they will miss her
Ansh goes to shekhar and tells him to sit and shekhar sits
Ansh: nanu dont cry i will send mumma everyday to u all
Shekhar: my bacha (hugs him)
Ansh: nani u also dont cry ok
Mishti nods they leave to mm in mm uttara does arti and ragini kick rice kalash and keeps her legs in red water and enters into the house
Ap: now ragini sanskar u both go and change and ansh u also
Sunaina: till then we will prepare for dinner
All goes to their rooms
Uttara: swara mohit u both come and sit i will be back after changing
Laksh: ha even i will change and come
They nods and sit there and all return after changing

@dinner table
Ragini feeding swara mohit and ansh at a time and mohit and swara feeding her ap and Sunaina are adoring their bond
Ansh: mumma enough i am full
Ragini: just last bite
Ansh: ok and he eats and all have their dinner
Laksh: swara mohit bhai u both did not see our house na come let me show
Mohit: ok and they three go to see their house while seeing mohit gets a call and he goes a side
Laksh immediately pulls swara towards him and hugs her
Laksh: dont worry bhabhi will be happy
Swara: i know u will take good care of her
Laksh: ok come let us go
And they go to every one mohit comes there
Mohit: shona now we should leave
Swara: ok bhai bye di (hugs her)
Ragini: bye take care
Mohit: bye di (hugs her)
Ragini: bye
Mohit: bye jiju bye ansh bye laksh bye uttara bye aunty
All: bye and they leave and everyone leaves to their rooms

Ragini: sanskar where is ansh
Sanskar: may be in his room
Ragini: i will go and bring him
Sanskar: if he is not in his room he will be with lucky
Ragini nods and goes to ansh’s room but he is not there so she goes to laksh’s room and finds laksh tickling ansh and he is laughing she smiles and goes to them
Ragini: chotu wont u sleep
Ansh: ha mumma chalo good night chachu (kisses laksh)
Laksh: good night ansh
Ragini: good night lucky
Laksh: good night bhabhi and ragini leaves from there and goes to their room there sanskar is working in his laptop seeing them coming he closes it and goes to bed and sits on one side ansh jumps on to the bed and sits in his lap
Ansh: papa how is ur day
Sanskar: arey full day i am with u and u know
Ansh: ha but i am habitual to listen na that is why (ragini smiles listening this)
Ansh: today u both will tell me story ok come and they lay down on the bed ansh middle of ragsan and ragini tells him a story and soon they doze off
Screen freezes off on sleep faces of ragsan and ansh

Thanks for reading. Please comment whether it is good or bad. I know it is boring sorry for that.

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