Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 8)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 8)
A very big sorry for the late i am busy in some work sorry for making u wait. And thank u so much for ur response and thank u to all those who commented and silent readers also. I am glad that u all are liking my ff.
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Sanskar comes home and fresh up
Ap: sanskar i said about a girl she is the one and forwards the photo to sanskar
Sanskar takes it and is shocked to see ragini
Sanskar: (shocked) ragini? Ma are u serious do u want me to marry ragini. She is my best friend how can i think of marrying her and i can’t spoil her life. She is such a pure soul and she deserves the best i am not the correct person for her no ma please i can’t do it.
Ap: sanskar do u believe me?
Sanskar nods yes

Ap: then try to understand ragini is the girl who can take care of ansh and give him motherly love she can only do this and ansh u know how much he loves ragini and if ragini comes to his life he can get the motherly love which he lost along with Sanaya
Sanskar: i also agree what u said ma but ma (interrupted)
Ap: sanskar i know u are thinking that ragini may feel bad and reject it right
Sanskar nods yes
Ap: then listen i already spoke to their family and they all agreed in fact it is ragini who made them understand now are u ready for the marriage
Sanskar: (takes a deep breath) ok ma i am ready for the marriage but i should speak to ragini about this.
Ap: ok u can speak to her
Sanskar: ma where are ansh and lucky i did not see them
Ap: they went to meet ragini
Sanskar: ok i will go there and talk to ragini and come with them
Ap: ok and sanskar leaves to gm

Karan: ha ragini no ur name is devil ha devil
Ragini: (shouts) Karan i will not leave u and starts chasing him all over the room
Karan: (running) arey i did not tell anything wrong sanskar only kept this name
Ragini: (chasing) wait i will show u what a devil means now then u will know
They both keep on running still and all are laughing seeing them and suddenly shekhar sees sanskar at the door seeing them with a smile on his face
Shekhar: arey sanskar when did u come please come inside
Listening to the word sanskar ragini immediately stopped running behind Karan and turned to see him
Sanskar: yes uncle and goes inside
Sanskar: actually uncle i came to talk to ragini
Shekhar: sure beta ragini
Ragini: ha papa and comes to shekhar
Karan comes to sanskar and hugs him
Karan: thank u so much dude today u saved me from this devil
Ragini: (glares) Karan
Karan: (gulps) ok sorry
Shekhar: ragini sanskar wants to talk to u take him
Ragini nods and they both goes to terrace there is a table with two chairs and they go and sit on the chairs and there is only silence for some time and finally sanskar broke the silence
Sanskar: ragini why did u agree for the marriage
Ragini: sanskar u know that
Sanskar: means for ansh
Ragini nods yes

Sanskar: but ragini why do u want to spoil ur life
Ragini: sanskar i am not spoiling my life i want to give motherly love and care to ansh and that makes me really happy.
Sanskar: but ragini u deserve the best guy in ur life and i am not that guy why dont u understand i can’t give u any love as a husband and u can’t get the rights of wife
Ragini: i know those all but u dont know one thing that i dont want those all i just need happiness and that i will get by ansh and i am happy for that only and who said u can’t love me in fact u love me

Sanskar: (shocked) what are u speaking ragini
Ragini: ya i am saying truth see u love me as a friend and u care for me so much that is why even u know that i am correct to take care of ansh and give him love as a mother does still u are thinking about my future but trust me sanskar i took this decision by thinking a lot and the first thing i thought was my happiness and now stop thinking all this and come i am starving (pouts)
Sanskar: (laughs seeing her pout) ok come but ha listen by this our friendship will never change u were, u are, and u will be my best friend understand
Ragini: yes boss (salutes) now come na i am very hungry
Sanskar: (smiles) chalo
And they both goes down
Karan: oh no devil came ansh save me from the devil
Ansh: Karan uncle why do u call my sweety as devil she is so sweet
Karan: sweet huh be careful ants may come to eat
Ragini: Karan today u will pay for this and starts again chasing him
Ansh: (jumping and cheering ragini) come on sweety dont leave him come on and he enjoys the running of ragini and Karan
Sanskar sees his ansh very happy and thinks
Sanskar: (thinks) my ansh is really happy all that i need is his happiness i can go to any extent to his happiness i will even give my life for his happiness the only reason i agree for this marriage is only he but i should tell him about this how could i tell him that i am marrying ragini and she will be his mother from then (his thoughts were disturbed by laksh)
Laksh: bhai is everything fine?
Sanskar: ha lucky everything is fine
Laksh: bhai are u happy with this marriage
Sanskar: (smiles faintly) u know lucky Sanaya and ansh are my everything but she left me and ansh now ansh is my everything i can do anything for his happiness and his happiness is my happiness
Laksh: (thinks) dont worry bhai ragini di is such a girl that no one can resist from loving her and u also will love her soon and u will move on in ur life i have that hope and this will definitely happen

Karan: arrey sanskar save me na
Sanskar: arrey wait ragini wait and he blocks the way of ragini
Ragini: sanskar move today i will not leave him he called me devil move and tries to go to Karan
Sanskar: wait yaar he is joking
Ragini: no wait this all happened because of u only
Sanskar: arey what did i do now
Ragini: u only kept this name to me na now i will not leave u
Sanskar: oh no and he starts running and she chases him
Ragini: (running) wait sanskar
Ansh: come on sweety come on

Sanskar: (running) arey champ u should support ur father but u are supporting this devil
Ansh: no why should i support u you also called her devil so i will not support u
Ragini: (running) that is like my chotu now Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari u are out and starts throwing things on him which are arround her while running and sanskar is escaping all by bending in different directions finally sanskar got tired and sat on the couch and ragini took a pillow and start hitting while all are laughing
Sanskar: stop it yaar i am tired now i can’t fight with u now
Ragini: first tell me that u will not call me devil
Sanskar: ok i will not call ok

Ragini: ha that is fine come chotu we will have our dinner
Ansh: come sweety shona aunty mohit uncle come na we will eat
Swamohit: chalo my di ki chotu and mohit picks him in his arms and all goes to dining hall
Mishti: ragini tomorrow u take leave we have to go to mm ap ji called and told to come
Ragini: but why ma
Mishti: she wants to talk something important
Ragini: but i have so much work in the office
Sanskar: no need u can take leave ma already told me strictly that tomorrow u should get leave
Ragini: ok but work
Sanskar: i will manage ha but keep ur phone with u whenever i need any help i will call u you need to answer me
Ragini: yes boss
Ansh: (irritated) stop this work always work only
Karan: ha right this devil and khadoos will always talk about work only
Both ragini and sanskar at a time through spoon on Karan
Karan: ahhhh u both are really irritating
Ragsan: u called me devil/khadoos
All laugh
Swara: hahaha omg u both have super nick names
Lucky: oye stop laughing even ur nick name is nice
Mohit: ha chupkali (gives hifi to laksh and laughs)
Swara: bhai u also this monkey always irritates me and u are also joining him di see na
Ragini: mohit
Mohit: di just teasing her by this they completed having their dinner
Laksh: (hugs ragini) ok di bye take care
Ragini: (hugs him back) bye
Ansh: sweety bye and kisses her cheeks
Ragini: (kisses his forehead) bye chotu sleep well ok and tomorrow come to park ok
Ansh: ok
Sanskar: bye everyone
All: bye

@ mm
Ap: sanskar u all came (shouts) uttara they came
Uttara: coming ma
Sanskar: when did she come
Uttara: i came before two hours and waiting for u (hugs sanskar) i am so much happy for u bhai finally u agreed to marry and i am very happy that she is ragini di
Sanskar: (just smiles a little) ma i am tired i am going to sleep
Ap: sanskar just wait ansh u go to ur room papa will come within five minutes ok
Ansh: ok dadi and he goes to his room
Ap: sanskar u should tell ansh about ur marriage and should make him understand
Sanskar: but ma how can i ma i dont know how will he understand
Ap: u dont worry tomorrow u go to park with ansh and ragini and u both make him understand ok
Sanskar nods and goes to his room

Ragini: Karan u will pay for calling me devil wait and watch for that time
Karan: let us see (shows her tongue)
Shekhar: Karan from day by day u both behaving like kids and fighting more
Karan: uncle u know that i like to irritate her
Ragini: and i beating, chasing him both Karan and ragini give hifi and laughs
Shekhar: ok now go and have a sleep
Swara: di
Ragini: ha shona
Swara: today i want to sleep with u
Ragini: ok chalo
Mohit: me too
Ragini: chalo and they three goes to ragini’s room and sleep
Mishti: shekhar our ragini is very understanding i am really proud of her
Shekhar: me too i really dont know how we will leave without her after she goes to her Sasural
Mishti: hmm come let us go and sleep and they both goes to sleep
Sanskar: champ
Ansh: ha papa
Sanskar: how much u love ragini
Ansh: this much (shows by stretching his hands on either sides)
Sanskar: then me
Ansh: same
Sanskar: do u want ragini to be with u forever and live with u
Ansh: really will that happen
Sanskar: will u be happy if she lives with u forever
Ansh: so much papa (happily)
Sanskar: ok now come let us sleep
Ansh: ok papa tomorrow i should meet sweety in the park also so i should wake up early and sleeps on sanskar’s chest
Sanskar: (thinks) i hope that my ansh will be happy like this always tomorrow i should tell him that i am going to marry his sweety and she will be with him forever. (takes a deep breath) Sanaya why did u leave me and make my life very hard i am sorry that i am marring again but trust me i am doing this for just ansh’s happiness thinking like this he slept

Next morning
Sanskar woke up and got ready and came out of wash room and goes near ansh
Sanskar: champ wake up
Ansh: papa please let me sleep for some more time
Sanskar: but u told u want to meet ragini at park
Ansh: (immediately gets up) ha papa i forgot that love u (kisses his cheeks and runs to wash room and comes after some time)
Sanskar: ok chale
Ansh: u are coming to park
Sanskar: ha u dont want me to come
Ansh: yes i want u to come and jumps into his arms sanskar carries him in his arms and goes
Ap: ansh u are going to meet ragini
Ansh: ha dadi
Ap: ok u go and come a surprise will be waiting for till u come ok

Ansh: really
Ap: ha u will like it very much
Ansh: ok i will go and come and tell chachu today i went with papa
Ap: he already knows that
Ansh: bye dadi and they both goes to park
Ragini is already waiting in the park for ansh and laksh as soon as ansh comes to park he runs to ragini
Ansh: sweety and runs to her and jumps into her lap
Ragini: good morning my chotu
Ansh: good morning sweety
Sanskar: good morning ragini
Ragini: (surprised to see sanskar) sanskar u here
Sanskar: hello madam i told good morning
Ragini: ha good morning but u here
Sanskar: actually i need to talk to u so i came champ u go and play
Ansh: ok papa and he goes to play
Ragini: ha sanskar what u want to talk
Sanskar: actually i want ur help
Ragini: help
Sanskar: ha i need ur help in making ansh understand about our marriage and tell him that u will be his mother
Ragini: how can i help in that

Sanskar: u have to explain him
Ragini: what me
Sanskar: ha only u can do it please help me na
Ragini: fine call him

Sanskar: champ come here ansh runs to him
Ansh: ha papa
Sanskar: come sit here we need to talk to u
Ansh: (sits in between ragsan) ha papa
Ragini: chotu did dadi anytime told u little Krishna’s story
Ansh: ha she told me many times
Ragini: good then tell me how many mothers he had
Ansh: two Devaki his real mother and Yashoda who took care of him like his mother and love him so much (guys children learn everything very fast so our elders always say these stories to us when we are small so here ansh also got to know these through his dadi)
Ragini: ok now tell me where is ur mumma

Ansh: papa told me that she is with god and we can’t see her
Ragini: ok now as she cannot come papa wants give u another mother who cares u like ma yashoda loved little Krishna will u accept her
Ansh: will she love me like my mumma only
Sanskar: she loves u more than ur mumma
Ansh: sacchi who is she?
Sanskar: yesterday u told u love ragini so much that u will be very happy if she lives with u forever na
Ansh: ha
Sanskar: then ragini will be ur mumma will u like it
Ansh: (shocked) what sweety will be my mumma
Sanskar: yes will u accept her she will live with us forever if u say ok
Ansh: really then i will (starts jumping in happiness) thank u so much sweety u will be with me forever i can play with u always yeah
Sanskar: champ listen
Ansh: ha papa

Sanskar: for making ragini ur mumma i should marry her then she will come to our house
Ansh: so marry her fast and bring her to our house very fast
Sanskar: u are happy na
Ansh: so much (kisses sanskar’s cheek) from now can i call her mumma
Listening this ragini has tears in her eyes she felt very happy
Sanskar: (sees ragini and she nods yes) u can
Ansh: yeah i got new mumma from now i will call sweety as mumma (to ragini) i love u mumma
Ragini: (very happy takes him into her arms and hugs him very tightly with teary eyes) i love u too my bacha thank u so much
Ansh: come we will go home
Sanskar: champ she will come later we will go come dadi told u a surprise is waiting for u na come we will go sanskar sees ragini and nods and she nods ok
They all leave home


Ragini goes to mishti who is in kitchen and hugs her very tightly
Ragini: ma u know today i am very happy
Mishti: why so
Ragini: ansh called me mumma ma i felt very happy when he called me like that
Mishti: i know about ur happiness
Ragini: yeah i know u can understand me ok get ready fast we have to go to mm na
Dadi: arrey ladoo u forgot me
Ragini: dadi when did u come
Dadi: morning when u went to park
Ragini: (hugs her) i missed u so much my dadi
Dadi: i missed u too and i am very proud of u
Ragini: u came to know
Dadi: ur ma told me i am very happy as well that u are getting ur love
Ragini: thank u dadi ok i will get ready and we will go to mm ok and she goes to get ready
Sanskar and ansh enters to mm they sees a lady of 50’s is sitting on the couch and talking to ap
Sanskar: (sees her surprised) ma u here when did u come (takes her blessings)
Sunaina: (sanaya’s mother) arey sanskar beta i came now only
Ansh: nani and runs to her
Sunaina: oh my bacha how are u
Ansh: superb

Ap: how is my surprise
Ansh: i liked it
Sunaina: ansh u go and get fresh and come we will do breakfast ok
Ansh: ok nani and goes from there
Sunaina: sanskar i am very happy for u
Sanskar: ma i am sorry ma but i am marrying her just for ansh
Sunaina: why sorry i am very happy that u took correct decision how long will u be alone and ansh needs a mother and i am happy
Sanskar: ma (hugs her) i will go and fresh and come and goes from there
Ap: Sunaina today ragini will come u can meet her
Sunaina: i am very eager to meet her
Ap: u will definitely like her

Sunaina: let me see ok
Ap: u will definitely remember Sanaya
Sunaina: i will be happy that i will get another daughter
ap smiles and goes to kitchen and Sunaina follows her
Sunaina lives in orphanage that is maintained by her she is the head of the orphanage and she is also widow her husband died when Sanaya is small only from then they both used to live in that orphanage only and ap once went to that orphanage and saw Sanaya and got impressed and did marriage of Sanaya and sanskar and Sanaya gave all the love and cared every member of the family and everyone love her in the same way this is how sanskar and Sanaya got married.

Precap: Sunaina meeting ragini and gets impressed she sees ragansh bond and feel very happy and marriage talks.

Thank u for reading. And please comment whether it is good or bad. I hope i reached upto mark and sorry if i not reached upto mark. Sorry for the late again. Tell me your opinion on how ragsan made ansh understand about their marriage.

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