Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 6)


Ragsan-U changed my life (Episode 6)
Hey guys thank u so much for ur support. I am very happy for ur response. Thank u so much who commented and silent readers as well. I am glad u are liking my ff.

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Mishti: all of u come dinner is ready and ragu go and call ur papa
Ragini: ji ma
Ragini goes to shekhar’s room and see him lost in his thoughts goes to him and put her hand on his shoulder shekhar comes to senses
Ragini: papa come dinner is ready
Shekhar see her and immediately hug her
Ragini: papa is everything fine
Shekhar: (breaks the hug) yes beta everything is fine just got worried about u
Ragini: papa i am really fine please dont get worried
Shekhar: but angel u are not taking care of ur self
Ragini: i am sorry papa i promise i will take care of my self
Shekhar: ok come let us go for dinner and he is about to leave but ragini holds his hand he turns
Shekhar: what happened beta
Ragini: papa ur smile
Shekhar: (smiles) ok now chalo i am very hungry
Ragini: (smiles) ok come they go to dining area everyone are sitting ragini comes and sits between swara and mohit
Ansh: sweety today u feed me
Sanskar: ha when u find ur sweety u dont want papa
Ansh: papa dont be jealous i love u also
Sanskar: oye shut up i am not jealous
Ansh: sweety see na papa is shouting
Ragini: sanskar dont dare to shout my chotu
Sanskar: now u both dont start ur drama
Ragini: ma u serve i am hungry i dont want to fight with this khadoos
Karan: (laughs and imitates ragini) he only pretends to be khadoos but he is so sweet (remember once ragini said this when Karan said that sanskar is khadoos check it in episode 3)
Ragini: (throws spoon on him and it hits his hand) shut up
Karan: aahh u only told on that day and now u are beating me u devil
Sanskar: (laughs) see i gave correct name to u Karan came to know without telling only
Ragini: very funny mohit swara come we will eat

Ragini serves food in one plate sanskar sees this and asks
Sanskar: why didn’t u serve them?
Mohit: because she will feed us
Sanskar: what? She feeds u both
Swara: ya and we feed her
Sanskar: u eat everyday like that
Ansh: ha papa they do their dinner everyday like that
Ragini suddenly starts coughing badly and mishti immediately give her water
Mishti: (worried) ragu how many times i told u not to eat fast see how u are coughing
Ragini: (relaxes) ma i am fine
Mishti: what u are fine cant u eat slowly will anything happen if u eat slow
Ragini: ok ma sorry now u go and sit and eat
Sanskar is just adoring their bond
Sanskar: (in mind) is aunty really ragini’s step mother the love and care she show for her does not seem like she is step mother she is really very good and kind hearted khash my Sanaya is alive my ansh would get his mother love like this but ma is saying to marry me again will she also show same love to my ansh will he be happy like how he is with Sanaya and me what if she does not like ansh and want to separate him from me no this should not happen i will not let it happen at any cost he is my life and i can’t live without him his chain of thoughts are disturbed by laksh
Laksh: bhai what are u thinking?
Sanskar: nothing laksh

They complete their dinner
Sanskar: i think we should leave now
Ansh: sweety bye and kisses her cheek
Ragini: bye mera chotu meet u tomorrow in the park ok
Ansh: yeah tomorrow morning we will meet again (jumps in happiness)
Sanskar: (smiles) ok champ come now u should sleep now to meet her tomorrow
Ansh: ha papa come i should wake up early for meeting her come chachu we should go
Laksh: ha i know come they bid bye to everyone and leave to mm after they reach mm
Ap: sanskar i need to talk to u come to my room laksh u also ansh u go and change
Ansh: ok dadi

Sanskar, laksh and ap goes to ap’s room
Ap: sanskar i found a girl who can take care of ansh like her own child
Sanskar: ma please on that i dont want to argue so i told ok please i am not ready to remarry
Ap: sanskar no this time i won’t listen to u you dont know how much ansh needs a mother i will not be always with him and uttara also will get married and go and laksh when he is married what if his wife dont like ansh to be close to laksh why dont u understand the thing
Laksh: bhai please understand ma also she is saying just for ur sake please just think of ansh and u you can’t be alone all the time u also should have someone to share ur happiness and sadness
Sanskar: me i dont want anyone in my life now and about ansh i understand what u are telling but what if she did not take care of my ansh what if she pretends to be good before marriage and later if she showed her real face i can’t afford to hurt my ansh he is my life
Ap: sanskar i understand ur fear but do u know before selecting her i have thought thousand times even i care for ansh and u. Do u believe me
Sanskar: ma what are u saying u are my mother u can never try to hurt ur son and ur grandson ok ma i will meet her and tell my decision ok
Ap: thank u sanskar if u meet her if u think she is good only u marry her
Sanskar: ok ma when should i meet her
Ap: first i will talk to her family and tell about u then i will tell her to meet u ok
Sanskar nods
Laksh: (puts his hand on sanskar’s shoulder) bhai everything will be fine if u like her and think she can keep ansh happy only then u will marry her ok and ma who is the girl
Ap: i will tell u later first let me know her and her family opinion
Laksh: ok ma did u tell this to uttara
Ap: no i will tell her only if finalised
Laksh: ok ma now shall we leave
Ap nods and they both leave and sanskar goes to his room and sees ansh sleeping peacefully on the bed he goes to him kisses his forehead and lays beside him and keeps ansh’s head on his chest
Sanskar: (thinks) i dont know anything if i feel that she is good for my ansh then only i will marry her and i can never give her love she will be just mother for my ansh and take care of him i will not give her any false hope i should talk to her and clear this all things if i think that she is good for my ansh thinking these all he soon doses off.

@next morning
Ansh comes running to ragini
Ansh: sweety
Ragini: chotu dont run u will get hurt if u fell down
Ansh: offo sweety i will not fell down and jumps on her lap
Meanwhile laksh comes there
Laksh: ansh cant u wait for me
Ansh: chachu if i wait for u you will take ages to come
Laksh: huu
Ragini: arey lucky leave him he is just like his father if excited he will not stop for anyone
Lucky: ha u are right di
Ragini: ha chotu take this chocolate swara aunty forgot to give u yesterday
Ansh: thank u sweety come we will play u catch me and he runs
Ragini: arrey chotu dont run and runs behind him finally she catches him and lifts him
Ragini: chotu how much u will run
Ansh: arey i am playing with u
Ragini: come we will play with this ball lucky u also come
Laksh: ha di and they play for some time and they get tired and again get seated on the bench
Ansh: yeah i enjoyed a lot chachu did u enjoy
Laksh: awesome
Ansh: sweety u
Ragini: super duper enjoyed
Laksh: di i am getting late we will leave now
Ansh: bye sweety
Ragini: bye chotu (kisses his cheek) bye lucky
Laksh: bye di and they leave
Ragini goes to gm and fresh and goes to office

Sanskar: (thinks) what should i do i am not understanding ma is not listening though i tried so much to convince her telling her my pov but she is stubborn to remarry me what should i do god please help me
Meanwhile ragini enters into his cabin and finds him lost somewhere
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: no response
Ragini: (shakes him) sanskar
Sanskar: (comes to senses) ha when did u come
Ragini: now only where are u lost
Sanskar: nothing
Ragini: sanskar dont try to hide from me u are worried about something i am seeing u from yesterday u are lost some where
Sanskar: (thinks and decides to share with her) ragini before that tell me one thing
Ragini: ha
Sanskar: is mishti aunty not ur real mother
Ragini: ha sanskar she is not my real mother my mother died when i am two years ma and janaki ma are best friends after janaki ma’s death ma used to take care of me and dadi after seeing her care towards me asked papa to marry her papa also that dadi is correct and marred her. I sometimes think even janaki ma would have not loved me that much how ma loves me but why are u asking these all now
Sanskar: nothing ma is forcing me to marry again and telling that ansh needs mother i am not understanding what to do i told yes to her but i am not feeling good with that yesterday i tried to tell her my pov but she is very adamant to make me marry and said that she already found a girl for me and saying that she can take care of ansh like her own son but i am not ready for this

Ragini: sanskar aunty is ur mother she will not take any wrong decision for u right
Sanskar nods
Ragini: then just believe aunty once meet the girl talk to her and u will get to know how she is then u say ur opinion then u will not hurt aunty and laksh as well and any ways ansh is such sweet and cute boy that anybody can resist themselves from loving him
Sanskar: ok i will meet her any way ma told that she will meet first her family and then ask her to meet me
Ragini: dont take tension ok
Sanskar: thank u so much for making me relief that is why u are my best friend and ansh loves u so much
Ragini: ok now tell me do u need anything
Sanskar: coffee
Ragini: (smiles) i will bring it and leaves to make coffee and comes back and gives him coffee and goes to work in her cabin but she remembers all the things sanskar said to her about his remarriage and she remembers all the moments she spent with sanskar and tears start to flow from her eyes
Ragini: (thinks) ragini focus on ur work he is thinking u as best friend and u can’t afford to lose his friendship also thinking this she composes herself and continues to do work
It is after noon and ragini leaves home for lunch

Mishti is keeping ragini’s clothes in her cupboard suddenly a dairy falls down and she picks it and while picking the dairy one photo falls down she takes the picture and sees and gets shocked
Mishti: sanskar’s photo in ragini’s dairy saying this she opens her dairy

My first love Sanskar Maheshwari
Mishti is shocked to read this she turned the page
Page: I first saw him in a business magazine and followed his all activities and i really fell in love with him he is such a great personality he took the responsibility of his family after his father’s death.
Another page: No my love is married to girl and he is really happy though he did not expose his wife to the world i can see his happiness he is happy that is enough for me
Another page: i am very sad today as sanskar’s wife died due to illness and he is very sad he is crying very much i also cried seeing him
Another page: today i met a small kid in the park he is so sweet he kept my name as sweety and i called him chotu and lucky he is so sweet he is just like my mohit
Another page: yeah i got job in sanskar’s company and we became friends and i will be happy atleast he is my friend and that is enough for me
Another page: today is ansh’s birthday i went there u know he is sanskar’s son i am really happy to know that he is such a cute boy i came to know that he is same like sanskar only

While mishti is turning to next page someone snatch the dairy from her hand
Ragini: ma it is bad to read other’s dairy
Mishti: ladoo is it true
Ragini: what ma?
Mishti: u love sanskar
Ragini: (shocked) ma u read my dairy
Mishti: beta why didn’t u tell me anytime
Ragini: what is the use ma after he is married?
Mishti: but beta u should atleast have shared ur pain with me na
Ragini: ma i am very happy as he is happy and promise me u will not tell this to anyone
Mishti: but beta
Ragini: ma promise me
Mishti: ok i promise that i will not tell this to anyone ok fine
Ragini: (moist eyes) ma i am happy atleast he is my friend in fact we both are best friends and that is enough for me and u know ma ap aunty has find a girl for him to remarry who can take care of ansh as her own child and i am happy that ansh is getting love of mother
Mishti: and are u happy for sanskar
Ragini: (smiles sadly) ma now i dont want to think about that please
Mishti: ladoo i know that i should not talk about this now but ur father wants u to get married and he already discussed with u long back u told u want to work and u are working now he want u to get married
Ragini: (thinks and says) ok ma tell him that i am ready
Mishti: (happy) really ladoo i will tell him immediately after he returns from the office and hugs ragini
Ragini: (smiles) ma dont get so excited i just told ok i should like him ok
Mishti: arey without u liking we will not say ok for any one
Ragini: ok ma i am hungry
Mishti: come i will serve u lunch
Ragini nods and they both leave to have lunch

Precap: ap shows sanskar girl’s photo

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