Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 5)

Ragsan-U changed my life (Episode 5)
Hey guys i am back with next episode sorry for not posting from two days a little busy. Thank u so much for ur support. Thank u for those all who commented and thank u silent readers as well. I am glad that u all are liking my ff keep supporting me the same.
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Episode 5
Ragini is at home and is sleeping peacefully suddenly her phone rings she wakes up and sees the caller id she immediately gets a smile on her face and immediately receives the call
Ragini: (smiles) hello sanskar
Sanskar: ha ragini where is xyz file
Ragini: on the table right side 5th file
Sanskar: ha i got it thank u
Ragini: are u coming or not
Sanskar: dont know yaar u do tell me where to come and timings now if i will come i will reach there ok and i will inform u before only so that u need not wait for me
Ragini: ok then xyz ice cream parlour at 5pm but please try to come shona also want to meet u
Sanskar: u know about work na but still i will try bye for now
Ragini: ok bye and she cuts the call and she gets up and comes to the hall and sees swara present there

Ragini: shona so early today
Swara: ha di today no classes from afternoon so I came home early u at this time
Ragini: ha i took leave from afternoon
Swara: oh di today we will go somewhere outside in the evening what say
Ragini: ha shona mohit and i planned for an ice cream we are going be ready by 5pm we will start
Swara: wow di we are going for ice cream awesome and hugs ragini
Swara: ok di now i will do my work so much is there again we should go na
Ragini: ok shona u go do ur work i will make u juice and bring it
Swara: di please i want to drink coffee made by u please
Ragini: ok
Soon ragini makes coffee for swara and for her and goes to swara’s room and finds it fully messed. Ragini shakes her head and goes inside

Ragini: shona why dont u keep ur room clean (hands over her coffee)
Swara: oops sorry di i will clean it as soon as i complete my work i promise (takes the coffee from ragini and takes a sip) awesome coffee u are the best
Ragini: ok u do ur work i will clean ur room
Swara: no di i will do it u must be tired u take rest
Ragini: no shona i am taking rest from so much time so i will cle
an u complete ur work fast
Swara: ok di and settles and does her work and they both talk while swara doing her work and ragini arranging swara’s room
Swara: ha di how will we go
Ragini: we will go in car we should pick mohit from office and i forgot to inform to lucky and chotu
Swara: di u inform them and ha i have some work near our office i will pick bhai u come with lucky
Ragini: no then i will come on two wheeler u take car and pick mohit ok
Swara: ok
Ragini goes to her room and calls laksh
Laksh: ha di
Ragini: lucky today we are going to eat ice cream uttara, chotu and u also join us
Laksh: ok di but uttara may not come she is with
her friends for group studies
Ragini: ok u both come to xyz ice cream parlour by 5.30 ok
Laksh: ok di bye
Ragini: bye and cuts the call
Soon time passes and it is evening and ragini gets ready and comes down
Ragini: ma where is shona
Mishti: she left u were sleeping that is why she did not disturb u
Ragini: ok ma even i will leave now bye ma (hugs her) bye dadi (hugs her and leaves)
She reaches there and goes inside and surprised to see the person there
Ragini: u what are u doing here u told u will not come how come Mr. Khadoos coming that too early
Sanskar: khadoos u devil
Ragini: i am not devil khadoos
Sanskar: devil
Ragini: khadoos they both burst out laughing
Sanskar: well as work is over thought to join u all where are the rest

Ragini: oh they are on the way meanwhile laksh and ansh arrives there and sees sanskar and are surprised
Laksh: bhai u here
Sanskar: ya thought to spend some time with u all
Laksh: really bhai i am so happy and hugs him

Ansh: papa i want today two ice creams
Ragini: no only one
Ansh: please sweety
Ragini: no if u want to eat ice cream eat one or none
Ansh: ok fine (pouts)
Sanskar: (smiles) waise i have an idea champ
Ansh: what is that papa?
Sanskar: today one and tomorrow one
Ansh: yeah thank u papa love u and jumps in to his lap
Sanskar caresses his hair and smiles in the mean time swara and mohit comes there
Mohit: hai everyone
Swara: di see na bhai is not allowing me to drive the car
Mohit: i want to live that is why i did not allow di
Swara: bhai i came by driving myself only i am fine then why do u always doubt on my driving
Mohit: because i love my life and u dont love ur life and u took risk and laughs
Swara: di see na
Ragini turns towards mohit sees him and says
Ragini: i saw
Swara: di u also teasing me

Ragini: what to do everyday u both are fighting like kids and i am fed up with this
Swara: ok sorry we are just making fun that is it
Mohit: ha di sorry shona sorry for u also
Swara: no bhai i am sorry
Laksh: u both tell me one thing why do u both fight and why do u again say sorry
Swamohit: because we love each other
Laksh: u both are impossible i dont know how di is tolerating u both especially this swara
Swara: oye … (interrupted)
Ansh: u both please stop i want my ice cream
Swara then notices sanskar there
Swara: u are sanskar maheshwari na
Sanskar: and u are swara right
Swara: hmm ansh looks similar to u
Sanskar: ya i know ok now shall we order

Ragini: ok u tell which flavour chotu
Ansh: chocolate
Ragini: sanskar u
Sanskar: same chocolate
Ragini: lucky
Laksh: butter scotch
Ragini: for me chocolate for shona butterscotch and for mohit vanilla
Sanskar: arrey u did not ask them and u are telling which flavour they want
Swamohit: because she knew what we want
Sanskar: but still she should ask u may want to eat something different this time
Mohit: no way she knew everything about us
Swara: ya she is the one who made us elders and taught us everything and hugs ragini as she is beside ragini and mohit joins as he is another side of ragini
Ragini: ok now dont start yaar i will cry
Mohit: dont dare to
Swara: not even a single tear understand
Ragini: yes madam
Sanskar: u guys will always be like this only
Laksh: ha bhai they are always like this and u know how di enjoys her life just like how u used to be before one year i always think that u could become like before and i already lost hope of it (teary eyes)
Sanskar: (teary eyes) laksh please
Laksh: ok bhai and leaves from there
Ragini: sanskar go to him he needs u and chotu u come to me
Sanskar nods and goes to him
Ragini: i wish laksh become fine
Swara: di dont worry everything will be fine
Ragini: hope so
Laksh goes near his car and sits to drive away tears are rolling from his eyes in the mean sanskar comes there and drags laksh outside

Laksh: bhai please let me go
Sanskar: i am sorry laksh please forgive me in my pain i forgot all ur happiness please i am still ur previous sanky bhai who loves u a lot who likes to prank on u who wants to enjoy late night wandering on the roads along with u who wants to enjoy with my family but i miss my Sanaya a lot please maaf karo from now i promise to accept the truth that she is no more and lead a happy life with u all and i will be ur sanky bhai please (tears are rolling from his eyes)
Laksh: (teary eyes and hugs him very tightly) bhai we just want to see u happy how many days will u be in that past that is the thing we are worried u are spoiling ur life by ur self bhai please move on if u are like this even bhabhi will be sad please bhai
Sanskar: (breaks the hug) i promise i will try my best from now on i will never hurt u now please smile u know what u look like monkey when u cry and laughs
Laksh: bhai (laughs and hugs him) please always smile like this bhai
Sanskar: ok now come we should go all are waiting otherwise that devil definitely kill me for making u cry
Laksh: dont dare to say my di devil u are a khadoos (starts running inside)
Sanskar: lucky wait i will not leave u (starts chasing him)
At last laksh reaches the place where all are sitting
Laksh: di please save me from bhai
Ragini: arey lucky what happened
In the mean time sanskar comes there and holds laksh’s ear
Sanskar: what did u say
Laksh: aahh it is paining leave me sorry na

Sanskar: (leaves) that is better dont dare to call me that
Laksh: ok (whispers) khadoos
Sanskar: lucky
Laksh: ok sorry again now atleast we will eat ice cream
Sanskar: ok come we will order and come
Mohit: bhai wait lucky and i will go
Sanskar: ok
Laksh: chalo mohit bhai
They both go for bringing ice creams
Sanskar: thank u ragini
Ragini: it means everything sort out
Sanskar: i made them very sad i am very bad
Ragini: sanskar stop blaming ur self and now u just make them happy that is it
Meantime laksh and mohit arrive with ice creams

Swara: waise laksh u really look like monkey when u cry u know
Laksh: chupkali
Swara: u told u will not call me that
Laksh: then u told u will not call me monkey

Swara: ok sorry
Laksh: me too
Ansh: sweety
Ragini: hmm
Ansh: i want another one please (puppy face)
Ragini: no
Ansh: papa please na tell sweety i want to eat one more
Sanskar: no
Ansh: chachu tell them i want another one
Laksh: no
Ansh: swara aunty please
Swara: even i want another one
Ragini: shona no
Swaansh: please
Mohit: even i want please
Ragini: no
Swamohansh: please
Sanskar: fine
Ragini: no
Sanskar: ragini leave it
Ragini: no
Laksh: di leave na
Ragini: fine and they all enjoy the ice cream and go to their respective homes
Days passed

@maheshwari co
Ragsan are working in sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar: ragini bring that file from the rack
Ragini: ok and she gets up suddenly she feels dizzy and falls on the ground unconscious sanskar immediately goes to her and picks her and places her on the couch in his cabin and sprinkles water on her and pats her cheeks
Sanskar: (worried) ragini (pats her cheeks) ragini open ur eyes but ragini does not get up he immediately makes a call to a doctor and soon doctor arrives there
Sanskar: Karan thanks for coming yaar actually my pa is not opening her eyes so i called u
Karan: (worried but hides it) (in mind) what ragini is fainted (to sanskar) come i will check her
Karan checks her and gives injection
Karan: sanskar i think she did not eat anything from morning that is why she fainted after she gets conscious u first make her eat something
Sanskar: thank u Karan for coming seeing after a long time how are u?
Karan: fit and fine how are u?
Sanskar: ya fine
Karan: ok now i need to leave i have an appointment
Sanskar: ok bye
Karan bids bye and leaves after he left ragini gains conscious
Sanskar: (gives her some food) eat this (little angry)
Ragini: no i am fine come we should complete the work as soon as possible
Sanskar: no need first eat and then we will continue (little more angry)
Ragini: fine and starts eating
Sanskar: when did u eat last time?
Ragini: yesterday night

Sanskar: ragini seriously just if u spare ten minutes u can eat see now u fainted why dont take care of ur self
Ragini: arrey i am doing this work and i did not see time so i became late i told i will eat something in the office and came and in lunch i am doing the work i forgot about lunch
Sanskar: ragini will anyone forget to eat
Ragini: ha i will forget many times i forgot u know
Sanskar: ok now u go home i will complete remaining work it takes only half an hour more
Ragini: no i will complete and go
Sanskar: u will go or may I call mohit to come take u

Ragini: no i will go and u dont tell to anyone that i fainted ok
Sanskar: but u take care of u eat properly ok
Ragini: ok and she leaves after she went home she immediately goes to her room and takes rest by saying that she is tired after sometime Karan comes home and sees all are in the hall
Karan: aunty today ragini fainted in the office thank god that her boss called me i went and checked i think she did not have her food from morning
Mishti: what she fainted and she did not even informed about that saying this immediately she goes to ragini’s room
Ragini is reading some book
Mishti: ragini ur father is calling u down
Ragini: ha ma coming and she goes down
In the mean sanskar completes his work and comes home

Ansh: chachu please na we will go to sweety’s house
Laksh: no ansh tomorrow we will go
Ansh: dadi u tell na please
Ap: no ansh beta understand it is becoming night na tomorrow u go
Ansh: please today i did not meet sweety please in the mean time ansh sees sanskar coming home so he runs to him
Ansh: papa
Sanskar: champ and picks him in his arms
Ansh: papa u tell na i want to go to sweety’s house today i did not meet her but dadi and chachu are saying no
Sanskar: ok champ we will do one thing i will fresh and come and i will take u ok
Laksh: bhai u are spoiling him
Sanskar: i too thought of going she fainted in the office so i thought of checking her
Laksh: what she fainted oh no i am going to meet her will u come or not ansh
Ansh: i am asking u to take me but u are the one who is denying
Laksh: ok come
Sanskar: let me fresh and come
Laksh: no need come with us now
Sanskar: ma we will come u take rest ok
Ap: sanskar after going there u make me talk to ragini ok
Sanskar: ok ma
They leave and reaches gm

Inside ragini is seated on the chair and shekhar mishti mohit swara and dadi are standing around her in the mean time sanlak ansh reaches there and sees them confused Karan is seated in a chair so that he can see the whole scene properly sanskar sees Karan and gets shocked to see him in ragini’s house they goes to him
Laksh: Karan bhai what is going on
Karan: arey laksh see now a good show will happen for 10 minutes
Sanskar: Karan what are u doing here
Karan: i will tell u later first be ready to the show
Ansh: what show Karan uncle
Karan: arey ansh u see na and makes him sit on his lap
Here at ragini’s side
Ragini: what happened why all are staring me i did not any mistake now
All are angrily glaring at her
Swara: at what time did u sleep last night
Ragini: vo… vo… Stammers

Mohit: why are stammering answer it properly
Ragini: (closes her eyes) at 3 am
Mohit: when did u wake in the morning?
Ragini: (still closing her eyes) at 5 am
Shekhar: what did u eat in the morning?
Ragini: (still closing her eyes) nothing

Mishti: what did u eat in lunch?
Ragini: (still closing her eyes) nothing
Dadi: how did u faint?
Ragini: (opens her eyes wide) faint i why will i faint i did not faint
Mohit: why are lying?
Ragini: ok fine yes i fainted as i did not eat and sleep properly but I ate later sanskar made me eat if u want call him and ask (nobody see that sanlak ansh came there as they are busy with ragini)
Shekhar: ok we believe u ate now tell me why dont u take care of ur self ha is work important than ur health
Ragini: sorry papa
Mohit: if next time this repeat u have to leave ur job and sit at home
Mishti: why to sit at home i will make u marry
Ragini: no way marriage now no way i need to work ok i will not repeat this mistake again
Swara: (teary eyes) di if anything happens to how will we live di
Mishti: (teary eyes) i am really bad mother i was unable to take care of u properly sorry shekhar i am unable to keep my promise of taking care of her
Ragini: (teary eyes): ma please dont say like that u are the best ma in the world even janaki ma may not love me like u you always loved me like ur own daughter being a step mother u never showed any difference between me shona and mohit in fact u gave me more love than they both please never say like that and cries and hugs mishti

Hearing step mother sanlak are shocked but they thought to ask later
Mishti: i am sorry beta (hugs her back)
Swara: (to lighten the situation) ok now stop this crying
Ragini: ok now ur angry vanished or not
All: no
Ragini: sorry (pouts)
Mohit: but this is the last warning ok
Ragini: ok now tell me how do u know that i fainted i told sanskar not to tell then
Mohit: Karan told us
Ragini: Karan how do he know about that
Karan: (from behind) because i am the one who treated u in ur office
All turn to him and saw sanlak ansh
Ragini: chotu when did u come
Ansh runs to her and hugs her
Ansh: sweety how are u now papa said u fainted
Ragini: (eyes sanskar angrily) i am fit and fine see and Karan
Karan: oh no now i am dead and he starts running and ragini chases him all over the room
Mishti: ragini stop u fainted in the office and u are running
Ragini: ma i will not leave him
Karan: ansh save me please
Ragini: what will he do?

Ansh: sweety leave Karan uncle please
Ragini: (melts) ok fine
Karan: thank u ansh
Sanskar is silently watching them with a smile on his face laksh goes and hugs ragini
Laksh: di are u fine
Ragini: ya laksh i am fine i just fainted u all are getting worried unnecessarily
Laksh: but di u should take care of ur self
Ragini: ok baba i will take care of myself ok
Laksh: ok ma wants to talk to u you call her and talk
Ragini: ok and she calls and talks to ap
Sanskar: ok Karan now tell me how come u in ragini’s house i mean how do u know her
Karan: we both are child hood friends and i live here only. My parents are in US and i dont want to live alone there in that big house so i am living here shekhar uncle and papa are friends
Sanskar: ok then why did u not tell me that u know her
Karan: arey i dont know that she told u that she is gadodia actually i am out of station from few days
Ragini: u both know each other before
Karan: we both met in one of our friend’s marriage and from then we both became friends
Ragini: that is why u asked me on that day about him na
Karan: actually yes
Ragini: u called him khadoos na
Sanskar: what Karan u also
Karan: sorry yaar
Ragini: ok ma dadi u dont know him na he is sanskar my boss cum my friend and chotu’s papa
Sanskar: Namaste aunty Namaste dadi and takes blessings from dadi and mishti
Mishti: ok ma and i will prepare dinner u all have dinner and leave
Sanskar: no aunty ma will be waiting
Ragini: please sanskar u came first time to my house
Sanskar: ok fine
Ragini: ma i will help u

Dadi: dont dare to enter into kitchen
Ragini: ok then i will be happy without work u enjoy with ur work
Shekhar: ok u call me when the dinner is ready till then i have some work i will be in study room
Ragini: ok papa
Mohit: di
Ragini: (understands) come
Mohit goes and sits near ragini and she starts massage
Swara: bhai u tell me one thing u will really get tired or just for massage u will tell that u are tired
Mohit: u shut up shona
Swara: arey what did i do
Ragini: shona why do u always irritate him u know that he will be tired
Swara: di u know i love to irritate him
Laksh: not only him to u irritate all
Karan: woh toh hai
Ragini: u shut up Karan dont dare to speak a word against my sister i will see u later u have ur punishment for telling to them
Karan: (gulps) i am dead definitely
Ansh: (laughs) then why did u tell
Karan: arey if i did not tell she will not take rest of her self
Sanskar: he did a nice thing by telling
Karan: thank god someone is there to take my side
Swara: in this case i am also ur side
Mohit: me too

Ragini: (pouts) arey all changed from my team to him no one is my side all laughs
Screen ends on the pout face of ragini and laughing faces of others
Happy Vinayaka Chavithi to all of u may god give all the happiness to u all

Precap: sanskar’s dinner with gadodia family and knowing more about ragini

Thanks for reading i tried my best to show sanlak emotional scenes dont know they are up to mark or not tell me u liked it or not through ur comments. Please comment and tell me about the episode as well i think it is little boring today sorry for that.

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