Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 4)


Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 4)
Hey guys thank u so much for ur response. I am very glad that u all are liking the ff. Thank u so much for reading and supporting me and please keep supporting me in the same way. Actually after seeing the response i am on cloud nine. Ok no more useless talks.

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Episode 4
Episode starts ragini coming home and getting ready to go to her chotu’s birthday party and she comes down
Ragini: ma did lucky came
Mishti: no ragu he did not come still
Ragini: ok ma i will call him ragini calls him and he picks the call
Laksh: hello di
Ragini: ha lucky where are u i am ready waiting for u
Laksh: ha di coming on the way actually i need to pick my sister so it took time
Ragini: ok then bye
Laksh: bye and cuts the call
Swara comes home by that time and sits next to ragini
Swara: di u did not go still laksh left long back
Ragini: ha shona he went to pick his sister so he is late
Swara: oh ok
Ragini: how is ur day today
Swara: ok by this time laksh comes and horns the car ragini goes by bidding bye to them and comes near the car
Laksh: di she is my sister uttara
Uttar: hello di
Ragini: hai uttara
Laksh: ok di come we will leave ansh is calling me continuously for u
Ragini: ok chalo
They reaches mm and they get down
Laksh: come di let us go inside
Ragini nods and they go inside when she is getting inside ansh saw her and immediately ran towards her
Ansh: sweety u came and runs towards her
Ragini picks him up and kisses his cheek
Ragini: happy birthday chotu
Ansh: thank u sweety and kisses her cheeks
Uttara: what about ur bua
Ansh: bua and he jumps from ragini’s arms and goes to uttara
Uttara picks him
Uttara: happy birthday ansh
Ansh: thank u bua and he gets down and holds ragini’s hand
Ansh: sweety come we will meet dadi
Ragini: chalo and they both go to ap who is in her room and reading something after entering ansh immediately shouts
Ansh: dadi see sweety has come
Ap rises her head to see and shocked to see ragini
Ap: beta u
Ragini: aunty aap
Ap: so beta u are my ansh’s sweety
Ansh: u know her dadi
Ap: morning i told na she only helped me
Ansh: i said na sweety is very sweet see
Ap: ur name ah ragini right
Ragini: yes aunty
Ap: u are very nice beta ansh always speak about u
Ansh: now come sweety we will go to dad and pulls her
Ragini: arey chotu wait i will come slowly u will fall down
Ansh: u come fast
Ragini: ok coming in the mean time laksh comes there
Laksh: ansh papa is calling u you can introduce her later first u go and meet him ok
Ansh: ok and runs from there
Laksh: di u come with me to uttara she will accompany u
Ragini: ok
Sanansh side
Ansh goes to sanskar
Ansh: papa
Sanskar: u came champ come change ur dress and we will go down
Ansh: papa sweety came u know
Sanskar: ok when we go down we will meet her
Ansh: papa ur pa ragini will come na (remember ansh never told his sweety’s real name to sanskar and he did not bother about the name of pa ragini as he knows there may be many people named ragini so ansh did not think that it may be the same person)
Sanskar: no beta she has her friend’s birthday party i will introduce her to u some other day ok
Ansh: ok papa i am ready come we will go
Sanskar: champ wait let me comb ur hair he combs his hair
Sanskar: ok now u go i will come in two minutes ok
Ansh: ok and ansh runs out and goes to ragini who is sitting with uttara and laksh and talking
Ansh: sweety and jump in to her lap
Ragini: (smiles) u r looking handsome chotu
Ansh: thank u sweety
Ragini: now tell me what u did today
Ansh: i went to temple later i came home and watched cartoon and then slept for some time and goes on telling what he did whole day
Ragini: u did so much today so u must be tired na
Ansh: no i am not tired i am excited as my friends all came for party na
Ragini: ok go and play with them
Ansh: ok when papa comes i will introduce u to him and he runs to his friends while he is playing sanskar comes there ansh runs to him
Ansh: papa atleast now come i will make u meet sweety
Sanskar: ok chalo and he picks him in his arms
Here ragini is talking with laksh and uttara. Uttara really liked ragini. In the mean time Sanansh reach there ragini’s back is facing to them immediately after coming there
Ansh: sweety
Ragini turns and sees sanskar and shocked and sanskar seeing ragini he is shocked
Sanskar: ragini
Ragini: sanskar both burst out laughing
Sanskar: seriously ragini he is ur friend
Ragini: ha why do u get laugh in that
Ansh: papa u know her
Sanskar: arey champ she is the same ragini who i am telling u
Ansh: that means both ragini’s are same and we both are talking about same person everyday
Ragini: talking about same person what are u both talking
Sanskar: nothing still there is time to party so come we will sit and talk
Ragini nods in the mean time ap also arrives there and all sit and talking
Sanskar: champ u tell me why did u put her name sweety
Ansh: since she is so sweet why papa that name did not suit her
Sanskar: no her name should be hmm (he goes on thinking in the mean time ragini is just seeing very excitedly what he will give her name)
Ansh: papa how much time do u think tell fast
Sanskar: ha i got her name should be (takes a break stands up) ha devil so from now her name should be devil hai ragini devil (saying this sanskar starts running in that room only)
Ragini: (fumes in anger) devil me devil sanskar u are dead now i will not leave u (she also starts chasing him)
Sanskar: (while running and laughing) catch me if u can devil (ap seeing him laughing whole heartedly has tears in her eyes she is very happy seeing him)
Ragini: (still chasing him and shouts) sanskar wait i will not leave u and goes on chasing him
Here ansh is enjoying and laughing and encouraging both of them
Ansh: come on papa come on sweety come on (he starts jumping)
Laksh goes to ap
Laksh: ma i am seeing bhai like this happy after almost one year i am very happy ma
Ap: i am also thinking that only laksh she is just like Sanaya fun, loving, caring she is really like of our Sanaya.
Laksh: ha ma
In the mean time ragini gets tired and comes and sits on couch and starts panting and sanskar also comes and sits there
Sanskar: i told na that u can’t catch me
Ragini: how dare u to call me devil go i will not talk to u come chotu we will go and see ur house i want to see ur house
Sanskar: arey listen
Ragini: ok tell
Sanskar: ok sorry i was just joking
Ragini: (immediately smiles) i know
Sanskar: what u know forget it come on champ it is time to cut the cake
All nods and go to cut the cake and ansh cuts the cake
Ansh: i love two members here the most how will i feed both first
Sanskar: and who are those two
Ansh: arey papa one is u and other is sweety (listening to this both ragsan smile) ha i have an idea i will cut two pieces and hold with two hands u both stand on either sides of me and get feeded at a time ok (ap hearing all these very silently and observing their bond especially ragansh bond)
Sanskar: wah what an idea sir ji
Ansh: thank u papa now come on and he does the same finally all feed him and all give their gifts
Ansh: papa my gift
Sanskar: in ur room
Ansh: what and he runs to his room and shouts in happiness
Ansh: dadi come here see my gift it is just awesome
All goes to him and see a fish tub with two golden fish
Ragini: wow chotu ur gift is just awesome
Laksh: ha di now ansh will look after them very well what say ansh
Ansh: yeah thank u papa and jumps on him and sanskar lifts him and ansh kisses him
Ansh: sweety my gift
Ragini: ur gift hmm (thinking)
Ansh: u did not bring me any gift (pouts)
Ragini: ok ok here it is
Ansh: yeah and takes and opens it and sees a cute little watch which will be exactly fitted to his cute little hands
Ragini: u liked it
Ansh: super ok now come i will show u our house and he jumps from sanskar’s arms
Ragini: ok chalo and they both leaves and all goes to the kids who are in party and sanskar goes to his room. Ragansh see the whole house and finally reaches sanskar’s room and finds sanskar doing some work
Ansh: come sweety this is papa’s room (sanskar who listened this raises his head and smiles to them)
Ragini: hmm nice then she sees a photo near the table and goes to it and picks it up and says
Ragini: chotu is she ur mumma sanskar is she Sanaya
Ansh: ha she is my mumma
Ragini: she is so beautiful
Sanskar: i know and smiles
Ragini: she is very lucky to have a family like u and husband like u and in fact this chotu sa bacha
Sanskar: no we were lucky to have her she was so caring she was the best daughter, best daughter in law, best wife, best mother as well
Ragini: may be ok now i should leave bye chotu
Ansh: i also will come with u down
Sanskar: ragini dont go alone ask laksh to drop u
Ragini: ok sanskar chotu come and lifts him and goes from there
Ragini: ok aunty i should leave now
Ap: beta have something and go
Ragini: no aunty i should leave i will next time
Ap: ok beta laksh drop her and come
Laksh: ok ma come di
Ansh: bye sweety
Ragini: bye chotu bye uttara bye aunty
Uttara: bye di
Ap: keep coming beta
Ragini nods and leaves
Like that days pass by ragini used to frequently visit mm and ap really impressed and ragsan enjoyed like the same sometimes they used to go out for lunch and ragansh bond increased more ansh also frequently comes to gm and play with all of them and raglak became like real siblings that now for ragini swara, mohit and laksh are same.
@maheshwari co
Sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar: ragini are u ready u need to do presentation today ok
Ragini: ok (nervously)
Sanskar: (understands that she is nervous comes to her and holds her hand) ragini u can do it ok dont get tensed ok
Ragini: but sanskar if i do any mistake
Sanskar: u will not do any mistake ok i know that u can do
Ragini nods
Sanskar: (trying to cheer her) now smile otherwise the name i gave u will definitely suit u
Ragini: u and starts beating him
Sanskar: ok sorry now come we should leave
Ragini: thank u
Sanskar: for what
Ragini: for trusting me and for cheering me
Sanskar: (smiles) now come
Ragini nods and they leave in car
In car
Ragini: (thinks) today i am going to give my first presentation that also in front of my father please god dont make me weak this sanskar dont know that it is our company please help me i should do this presentation properly her thoughts were disturbed by sanskar’s voice
Sanskar: get down ragini we reached
Ragini: (comes to senses) ha and gets down sanskar goes and parks the car and comes back and both go inside
Shekhar: (sees only sanskar) hello Mr. Maheshwari welcome (forwards his hand)
Sanskar: (forwards his hand and shakes it) thank u Mr. Gadodia here she is my pa Miss. Ragini
Shekhar sees ragini and smiles and forwards his hand
Shekhar: hello Miss. Ragini
Ragini: hello (hesitates to say Mr. Gadodia) sir
Shekhar: ok come in and take ur seat after my son come we will start the presentation
Sanskar: sure and takes the seat
There other board members of gadodia’s also there no one knows ragini so they dont bother. Ragini is now much nervous sanskar sees this and thought to support her
Sanskar: ragini relax everything is fine
Ragini: but sanskar
Sanskar: ok let us do one thing i have a solution to reduce ur nervousness ok
Ragini: what
Sanskar: first drink this water
Ragini drinks it
Sanskar: now breathe in and breathe out for some time
Ragini does like that
Sanskar: now tell me is there any change
Ragini: better
Sanskar: u just tell what u know dont get tensed ok
Ragini nods in the mean time mohit arrives and he sees ragini he smiles but she is talking to sanskar
Shekhar: ok Mr. Maheshwari u may proceed
Sanskar: actually presentation will be given by Miss. Ragini
Shekhar: oh ok all the best Miss. Ragini
Ragini: (smiles) thank u sir and starts the presentation and does it very well and all the board members like it and they also asks some doubts and ragini clarifies them soon presentation gets over
Board member: Mr. Gadodia we dont have any problem with the deal we may proceed u can complete the formalities we will leave now
Shekhar: ok all leaves except ragsan shekhar and mohit as soon as all other members left the presentation hall mohit immediately hugs ragini
Mohit: di it is awesome
Sanskar: (shocked) di
Mohit: (bits his tongue) sorry di
Ragini: (hits his head with her hand) duffer cant u keep ur excitement for sometime
Sanskar: means u are gadodia
Ragini nods
Sanskar: and u challenged with Mr. Gadodia
Shekhar: challenge which challenge
Ragini: papa actually i lied him that i challenged u that i will get a job without using ur name
Sanskar: u lied i will see u later
Shekhar: ragini seriously u are impossible
Ragini: sorry papa what to do this idiot is asking me the reason and u know i dont like to use ur name and fame so
Shekhar: ok now come let us do other formalities
Sanskar: ok Mr. Gadodia
Shekhar: no u can call me uncle i know that u both are friends than employee and boss she always speak about u and ur family especially ur son
Sanskar: (smiles) sure uncle
Mohit: then i will call u bhai
Sanskar: sure mohit i think i can call u now like that as u will call me bhai
Mohit: why not
Ragini: ok now come on complete the work i am hungry
Mohit: me too
Sanskar: ok uncle and they complete all the formalities
Ragini: so as the my presentation was successful so i will give a treat for u all
Sanskar: done Miss. Gadodia
Ragini glares
Sanskar: ok sorry
Shekhar: u guys carry on
Ragini: papa please
Shekhar: ok come we will go they leave to a restaurant and gets seated and order
Mohit: di if possible come home fast today we will go to eat ice cream
Ragini: my khadoos boss will not allow me
Sanskar: me khadoos
Ragini: arey sanskar i did not say about u i told about sanskar maheshwari
Sanskar: what is the difference?
Ragini: now see when u talk to me as a friend u speak very sweetly and when it comes to work u are a boss and u become khadoos that is the difference
Sanskar: ragini u are impossible
Mohit: bhai please na after so many days we are going please allow her
Sanskar: i dont have a problem if u want take her now only
Mohit: yippee di so after lunch we will go home
Shekhar: oye u have to come to office u have work u may go in the evening
Ragini: please papa
Shekhar: no compromise with work and u know i will not allow so no and if he wants to go tell him to complete his work fast and go
Ragini: mohit u are right he is hitler when it comes to work
Shekhar: mohit hitler
Mohit: di what have u done see he came to know
Ragini: papa he told truth so dont scold him
Shekhar: angel u also
Ragini: papa u only told na if any one speaks truth we should support them and i am doing the same and hifies to mohit and laughs
Shekhar: u both na if my princess is there she would have supported me
Sanskar: i am there na uncle to support u you are right in ur place
Ragini: see mohit khadoos supporting hitler wah we won’t get this chance again
Sanskar: u devil shut up
Ragini: i am not devil i will complain to my chotu
Sanskar: what he will do
Ragini: he will not talk to u
Shekhar: bas so much have happened now if u continue to fight we can’t handle u so shall we leave
Ragini: ok mohit i will go home u complete ur work and come ok
Mohit: di take my car and go i will come by taxi
Ragini: i will take but u call me i will pick u and we will go directly
Mohit: ok di bring shona, ansh and laksh also
Ragini: ok i will call laksh and tell him
Sanskar: ragini only one ice cream to ansh again he will get cold ok
Ragini: why dont u join us
Sanskar: hmm if work is done at that time i will come
Ragini: ok i will call u when we are starting
Sanskar: ok then bye mohit bye uncle bye ragini
Ragini: ok bye and all leaves to respective places

Precap: enjoying the ice cream

Hope u like the episode. Thanks for reading. I dont know whether i reach ur expectations are not. Please do tell me through ur comments how is the episode whether it is good are bad. Silent readers also thank u for reading.

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