Ragsan – U changed my life (Episode 34)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 34)
Hello guys. How are u all? Hope u are all are doing well. I am back after more than a month. I am really sorry guys for the late. Thank u so much to all those who commented and silent readers as well.
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@ragsan room
It is night both ragsan are lying in each other’s embrace. But ragini is just staring at peacefully sleeping sanskar’s face with a pout
Ragini: (to herself) should i wake him or not by seeing him sleeping peacefully i dont want to disturb him but i want to eat ice cream now.
Finally she decides to wake him and shakes him a little
Ragini: (shaking him little) sanskar
Sanskar wakes and rubs his eyes and sees ragini seeing him with a pout
Sanskar: (cupping her face) what happened jaan?
Ragini: (pouts) i want to eat ice cream
Sanskar smiles and gets up from the bed and forwards his hand to her
Sanskar: (forwarding his hand) tho chalo for a midnight ice cream date wiffey.
Ragini: (chuckles and keeps her hand on his hand) yes my hubby (and stands she is having a very small baby bump. It is her fifth month now and sanskar got used to her cravings.)
They both go down and sanskar was about to go near the car but ragini stops him while sanskar looks at her confused
Ragini: (puppy face) we will go on my two wheeler na please
Sanskar: but… (interrupted)
Ragini: ppppplllllleeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee
Sanskar melts and nods ok and takes her two wheeler and they both go on the two wheeler while sanskar driving and ragini sitting behind him hugging him tightly.
Sanskar: jaan don’t forget tomorrow we need to go to doctor for ur regular check up
Ragini: ha i remembered it. We will go directly from office.
Sanskar stops the two wheeler and they both go to the ice cream vendor and buy what she wants. Sanskar looks around and finds a bench a little away from them.
Sanskar: (holds ragini’s hand) jaan chalo let us sit, there is a bench there. (Points towards the bench)
Ragini nods and they both walk upto the bench hand in hand. Sanskar sits and asks ragini to sit beside him but ragini nods no and sits on his lap and starts eating her ice cream while sanskar smiles and hugs through her stomach like the way they are sitting. Sanskar is admiring his wife’s cute face which is just reflecting the innocence and looking so beautiful in the moon light. He slowly tucks her strands behind her ear which are falling on her face due to the breeze and disturbing his view. Ragini completes her ice cream and looks at sanskar who is lost in staring her lovingly with a huge smile on his face she smiles and pecks his cheeks bringing him to senses. Sanskar comes to senses and smiles at her and pecks her cheeks.
Sanskar: shall we go?
Ragini nods her head and gets up from his lap. Sanskar gets up and holds her hand and they both go back home and sleep peacefully in each other’s embrace.
Morning rays fall on peacefully sleeping sanskar and he wakes up and see his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully hugging him. He smiles and pecks her forehead and slowly removes her hand from him and goes to fresh up. After sometime he comes out and gets ready and goes out of the room and goes to ansh’s room and sits beside him and caresses his hair lovingly and pecks his forehead.
Sanskar: (lovingly) champ wake up it is morning.
Ansh: (in sleep) some more time papa please.
Sanskar: ok u sleep I will wake you after sometime
Sanskar once again pecks ansh’s forehead and leaves from there. Outside in hall swara and uttara are seated he goes and sits on the couch and starts reading news paper.
Swara: I will being tea for u jiju.
Sanskar smiles and nods and swara leaves from there.
Uttara: bhai don’t come to college to pick me mohit said he will come.
Sanskar: but he is out of station na
Uttara: he will be back at 3.00 pm and he said he will come to pick me directly.
Sanskar: wah already planned everything for ur date… But till now did not tell about u both to ragini and not allowing me too to tell her.
Uttara: bhai please understand na
Sanskar: what understand uttara don’t u think she is the first one to know about him.
Uttara: I know bhai but he is just worried that how will bhabhi react after knowing about us.
Sanskar: leave it I am fed up making u both understand but u both are not at all listening to me later if she gets to know through someone then don’t blame me for the consequences.
Uttara is about to speak but swara comes there with sanskar’s tea so she stops.
Sanskar: (smiles) thank u shona
Swara: jiju today it is di’s appointment.
Sanskar: ha shona I remember don’t worry I will take her.
Swara smiles. At that time ansh comes out rubbing his eyes and sits on sanskar’s lap and kisses his cheeks
Ansh: (with sleepy voice) good morning papa
Sanskar: (kisses ansh’s cheek) good morning champ
Ansh: papa mumma
Sanskar: sleeping come let us wake her
Sanskar lifts ansh in his arms and they both go into ragsan’s room and sanskar places ansh on bed and they both sit on either side of ragini.
Ansh: (shaking ragini a little) mumma
Ragini due to that wakes up and looks at ansh and opens her arms with a smile on her face.
Ansh: (hugs her) good morning mumma
Ragini: (kissing his forehead) good morning chotu
She sits on the bed and sanskar hugs her from side
Sanskar: good morning jaan
Ragini÷ good morning chotu’s papa (giggles while sanskar frowns)
Sanskar: chotu’s papa
Ragini: ha u are my chotu’s papa only na
Ansh÷ yes na ur my papa only na (giggles and gives hi-fi to ragini)
Sanskar shakes his head unbelievably
Sanskar÷ ok now both of u go and fresh and come it is time for breakfast
Ragansh÷ (saluting) yes boss (giggles)
Sanskar huffs and they both go for getting fresh.
Breakfast table
Ragini is as always feeding ansh and eating herself.
Ansh÷ mumma please stay at home na I will be bored
Ragini÷ aww chotu I will come early na till then u play with rusty and neha mausi is there na
Neha÷ ha ansh we both will go out for playing ok
Ansh÷ still please mumma please
Sanskar÷ champ today mumma need to go to doctor from tomorrow she will be at home ok
Ansh÷ pakka
Sanskar÷ pakka
Ragini÷ but we have a meeting in two days na I should give the presentation
Sanskar÷ so what u can come on that day to office till then work from home
Ansh÷ please na mumma I have holidays only for few days please na please (makes a cute puppy face)
Ragini melts seeing her son’s cute face and says ok for which ansh hugs her and kisses her cheeks
Ansh÷ (happily) love u mumma
Ragini÷ (smiling wholeheartedly) love u too baccha.
Sanskar÷ ok chalo we will leave shona tell lucky that we went and ask him to come when he is fine ok
Swara÷ ha jiju he told he will be there in two hours it is just head ache na
Sanskar nods and Ragsan, uttara leave to their respective destinations.
Ragsan both went to hospital done ragini’s check up and came out of the hospital.
Ragini: sanskar let us pick uttara from college and go home na
Sanskar÷ ok my dear wiffey chalo (sanskar forgot about mohit picking uttara so he said ok to her)
They both reach near uttara’s college and are waiting for uttara. At that time uttara came out running and hugged mohit and mohit kissed her forehead making ragini shocked and sanskar cursed himself for forgetting about mohit picking uttara from college. He looked at ragini who is looking in the direction of mohit and uttara and kept his hand on her shoulder. She looked at him with tears in her eyes and he hugged her and she cried in his embrace.
Ragini÷ sanskar how can he hide such a big and important thing from me sanskar.
Sanskar did not know how to console her. He knew that ragini will feel very bad that mohit hid such an important thing from her, who is his life, that is why he always asked them to tell about them to ragini but every time mohit tries and becomes nervous and backs of from telling. He also made them understand that if ragini gets to know by somebody or in any other way she will definitely break down that her brother had hid such a big thing from her and as he feared it happened. Now sanskar is feeling guilt and fear both if she comes to know that he already know about their relationship she will definitely get hurt that atleast he did not say her about them and guilt to make her sad by not telling her if only he would have told her about them atleast she would had think of something and make mohit confront about them like she did for swalak. But it is too late now and he is just rubbing her back to calm her down. After few minutes she becomes calm and he makes her drink water. She saw mohit and uttara are leaving.
Ragini: sanskar chalo follow them.
Sanskar just nodded and followed them. They reached a cafeteria while following uttmoh. Ragini walked inside and went near the table where uttmoh are seated followed by sanskar.
Mohit÷ I don’t know why I am not able to tell di about us, every time I try I am getting tensed.
Uttara÷ but mohit it is high time we need to tell to bhabhi. I don’t want her to know by other means I want us to tell her.
Mohit÷ even I want the same uttara I myself want to say her but (interrupted)
Ragini÷ oh so atleast u want to tell me some day I thought u will directly appear infront of me after marrying her.
Uttmoh are shocked to see Ragsan there.
Uttmoh÷ (shocked) bhabhi/di
Mohit: di it is not like that I was about to say to u but (he bends his head)
Ragini÷ but what mohit
Mohit÷ di first u sit here (tries to make her sit but she jerked his hand and held sanskar’s hand and walked away from there leaving a teary mohit while sanskar gave a helpless look to them and walked along with ragini. Uttara placed her hand on his shoulder and signed him that everything will be alright and they both also headed towards mm with the mission to make ragini convince.)
Ragini entered mm and went into her room followed by sanskar. She hugged him and started crying. She is hurt that her brother who shares every single thing in his life with her had hid his life’s biggest thing from her. Ha even swara hid it from her but for ragini mohit is the most special person and they both share a very special bond and he never hides anything from her and he hid this. She is not at all angry she is just hurt that he did not think to share such a big thing from her. But she is very happy for uttmoh as she herself thought many times to make them married if mohit and uttara are ok with it. She is happy as well as hurt now.
Sanskar÷ jaan stop crying now na
Ragini÷ (crying) how can he hide from me sanskar he shares each and every thing with me but the most important thing he did not why.
Mohit: (who came and heard this) because I was afraid of ur reaction di. I know u will not have any problem but still I don’t why I was afraid of telling about us to u. Uttara always asked me to tell u but it was me always backed off from telling. I am sorry di (he hugs her and sobs in her embrace) please na di talk to me I am really sorry forgive me from now I will never hide anything from u please na I know I hurt u so much by hiding this from you but please forgive ur mohit na please. (He hugs her and sobbing)
Ragini till now who did not hug him melts due to his sobbing and pleading and now hugs him.
Mohit÷ thank u di I am sorry again. I love u I can’t live without talking to u so please don’t ignore me please.
Ragini: (breaks the hug and wipes his tears while he wipes hers) and u promise me that u will never hide anything from me
Mohit: promise di I will never ever hide anything from u
Uttara: [holding her ears] bhabhi sorry
Ragini smiles and hugs her.
Mohit÷ di woh u don’t have any problem with our relationship na (uttara looks at them worried because she knew that ragini’s acceptance is the most important thing for mohit.)
Ragini: (acts like thinking and smiles) buddu I am the most happiest one due to ur relationship. I just felt bad that u did not tell me but now leave all that (excitedly) and tell me when did u confess her? How did u propose her?
Mohit÷ (smiles seeing his di back to her mode) before that I want to tell u some thing ( he looks at sanskar and sanskar understands what he wants to say and sanskar nods no to him)
Ragini÷ ha say
Mohit÷ but before that I need a promise from u that you will not get angry on us
Ragini÷ ha ok promise I will not get angry say na
Mohit again looks at sanskar while sanskar again nods no
Mohit: (ignores sanskar’s nodding and closes his eyes even sanskar does the same and mohit says in one breathe) jiju knew about us long back
Ragini÷ (shocked and shouts) what!!!!!
Mohit: (opens his eyes) woh infact he knew before uttara that I love her and I only asked him not to tell u as I myself want to tell u about us (he stops and ragini looks at sanskar with rage)
Ragini÷ (shouts) how dare u Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanskar÷ (glares mohit) I didn’t do anything jaan it is all his fault only please don’t get angry na
Ragini glares him but he makes a puppy face and she smiles and he immediately hugs her.
Ragini: (excited) arey mohit u tell na
Mohit÷ ok di listen and he tells how he proposed uttara and how she accepted, all their meetings sanskar helping him everything to her.
Ragini÷ wah I don’t know that my brother is so romantic I am proud of u
Mohit: thank u thank u
Sanskar÷ romantic and he huh he even don’t know to propose my sister for that also he took my idea and how he can be romantic
Uttara÷ ha bhai u are correct
Mohit÷ what is correct ha I took you out so many times telling lies to all and u are saying I am unromantic huh
Uttara: ok we will do one thing u propose me in front of every one in the family then I agree u are romantic
Ragini÷ challenge accepted
Mohit÷ and I will do it to night only
Sanskar÷ let us see
Uff after many days I wrote it. Hope u guys like it. Please tell me how is the episode. I showed after many days ragmoh scenes hope u liked bro-sis moment. Today u saw ragini’s extreme emotions mood swing. And next episode will be of mohit’s proposal and ragini’s office wala mood swing.

Guys next episode will also be a little late i am busy for a week after that i will try to be regular. Sorry for that guys hope u will understand.
Meet you all in the next episode. Till then keep smiling. Love you all a lots!!!!!!
Happy Guru Purnima all of you guys.

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