Ragsan – U changed my life (Episode 32)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 32)
Hey guys back with next episode. Thank u so much for the support. Thank u to all those who commented and silent readers as well.
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A car comes and stops near a godown and sanskar gets down with the help of laksh and mohit, later ansh comes out and holds sanskar’s tight. They all walk inside it is totally dark.
Ansh: (fear) pa…pa
Sanskar: (holding his hand tight) shh dont worry champ i am here only
Sanskar sits on a chair and makes ansh sit on his right lap and ansh hugs him in fear. Lights get on we can see shourya tied to a chair sitting there with a lot of wounds on his hands and legs. After seeing him ansh gets more fear and hugs sanskar more tight while sanskar pats his back. After seeing him mohit and laksh got furious and were about to go to him
Sanskar: (with blood shot eyes seeing shourya but calmly stops mohit and laksh) mohit laksh stop ragini does not want me touch him that means she does not want u also to touch him
Mohit and laksh immediately stop listening this
Sanskar: champ

Ansh: papa let us go from here i am afraid, please papa
Sanskar: shh champ i am there na nothing will happen acha i will ask u something u answer me ok
Ansh nods
Sanskar: when anyone makes a mistake in school what will ur teacher do?
Ansh: she gives them punishment
Sanskar: so if any one does mistakes they should be punished right
Ansh nods
Sanskar: so that man kidnapped u and mumma and tortured u both that means he did a mistake so shall we punish him?
Ansh: no papa i am afraid we will go from here please
Sanskar: ok we will go, so u dont have problem if any one makes ur mumma cry na
Ansh: no i will not allow anyone to make my mumma cry
Sanskar: then u only told na we will go see he made mumma cry he made u cry and because of him i was hurt so we shall punish him ok, now tell me what punishment does ur teacher gives to those who does a mistake
Ansh: (innocently) sit-ups, standing on the bench, etc.
Sanskar: hmm ok u also give some punishment to that man for making ur mumma cry
Ansh: no papa let us go

Sanskar: now only u told that u will not allow anyone to make ur mumma cry na so if any one does u should punish them it is ur duty to protect ur mumma na
Ansh: ha ok then tell that uncle to do sit-ups ha 50 sit-ups and say sorry to mumma (i wanted him to punish shourya so i thought why can’t he give a punishment which will be to his age and i hope u all like it)
Sanskar: harsh
Harsh: ji bhai
He signals the constables who are present there to remove ropes which are tied to his hands and legs he is really weak as he was beaten by constables he stands up he is not able to think anything as well
Harsh: (slaps him) what are u waiting for come on start doing sit-ups
He looks all of them weakly and starts doing sit-ups weakly after few minutes he falls down
Sanskar: (loudly with blood shot eyes) harsh
Constables make him stand and he again starts doing them. After completing 50 he again falls down and constables make him to sit on the chair again and throw water on his face forcefully so that he can come to senses. Laksh and mohit are seeing shourya very furiously like if they get chance they will kill him.
Sanskar: so champ ur punishment for making ur mumma cry is over u do one thing u asked chocolate na u go with that uncle (showing to one constable) he will buy chocolate for u and u play with him for some time i will be coming ok
Ansh: no papa i will not go with anyone u only take me
Sanskar: papa will come bacha u dont need to fear he is very nice uncle go na please for me
Ansh nods his head fearfully and goes out with that constable. As soon as he goes
Sanskar: (red shot eyes) so my son has punished u for hurting his mother so now it is my turn to punish u for hurting my wife, son, and my unborn child as well
Shourya: (shocked and weak) unborn child
Sanskar: (shouts) ha unborn child if anything would have happened to my unborn child i would have killed u but u are saved as it is all safe but i will not leave u now as well
Sanskar: harsh are u ready
Harsh: ha bhai

Then constables take him near the door and put his hand in between two doors and close the door so harshly that his hands start bleeding and he screams in pain. Like that they do it for his other hand as well
Sanskar: u are not a human u are a beast if u are a human u would not think to harm a child chi shame on u and harsh make sure he should not come out of the jail at any cost
Harsh: dont worry bhai i will take care of it now u guys go may be bhabhi will be coming back
Sanskar: the thing which i asked for
Harsh: ha here it is take it
Sanskar: ok chalo lucky mohit
Laksh and mohit nods and they help him to walk and they go to ansh take him and return to hospital
Ragini came back to hospital after making lunch for sanskar and saw that ansh eating chocolate
Ragini: chotu i told na dont eat chocolate?
Sanskar: let him eat jaan nothing will happen
Ragini: huff u only making him like that
Sanskar: ok leave it did u bring something to eat for me i am very hungry
Ragini nods and serves him. Ragini feeds ansh. Later Rohan comes to her and serves in a plate and starts feeding her ragini’s eyes turn moist and she hugs him everyone adores their bond there (elders are not there only youngsters)
Ragini: i missed u so much bhai
Rohan: (teary eyes) please ragu stop na
Then a small boy of about 5 years come there and hugs ragini
Aryan: bua
Ansh comes to them and separates them making everyone shocked
Ansh: she is my mumma why are u hugging her (hugs ragini)
Ragini and all laugh seeing his possessiveness
Ragini: aww chotu i am ur mumma only and he is ur brother his name is aryan he is ur RM’s son
Ansh: sorry aryan ok u can also hug my mumma and my name is ansh
Aryan: hai ansh bhayya (they both shake their hands)
Aryan: (hugs ragini) i miss u so much bua
Ragini: i missed u too aruu

Ansh: mumma me and aryan will go and play with harsh chachu in garden u all have ur lunch
Ragini nods and they leave to play in the children playing ground in the hospital ground.
Nisha: (played by swathi kapoor, rohan’s wife) i dont know why all will be possessive about her
Rohan: because she is so lovable not like u
Ragini: bhai dont say to my bhabhi like that
Nisha: (comes and hugs her) how are u ragini
Ragini: fine bhabhi
Rohan: ok leave from here let me feed her even shona and mohit come here
Mohit: thank god u remembered us (dramatically)
Rohan: oye dramebaaz shut up come
He feeds swaragini mohit with his hands. While all adores their bond.
Uttara: bhai how can someone love others this much like bhabhi and her siblings their bond is unbreakable
Sanskar: hmm uttara u are right though bhai is away from her their love and care is just very adorable
Ragini: enough bhai i am full
Rohan: no ragu now u should eat properly u are not single the food u eat only will be helpful to the growth of the baby so u should not neglect ur food come on open ur mouth
Ragini: bhai please i am full again i will after some time na please
Rohan: ok after some time u should eat again ok
Ragini nods and hugs him
Ragini: (extending her hand) bhayyu are u forgetting some thing
Rohan: (acting like thinking) really am I?
Ragini: bhayyu (squeals like a kid)
Rohan: (closing his ears) ha ha i remember dont shout it is hospital
Rohan gives her a dairy milk chocolate along with ten rupees note
Ragini: (hugs him) love u so much bhayyu
Rohan: tho what are u going to do with ten rupees this time
Sanskar: (confused) this time? And why ten rupees?
Rohan: vo when we were small i used to save some money for her and give her whenever we meet as my gift along with a chocolate and that money would be always ten rupees only i dont how it used to happen ten rupees and she used to become so happy and once when i started earning and gave her my first salary she said she just wants ten rupees which has many childhood memories and i never stopped giving her ten rupees and she never forgets to ask if i dint give her. And she tells me everytime what she will do with that ten rupees sometimes she buys a chocolate, ice cream sometimes she saves them.
Sanskar: i dont know how u search happiness in these small things also
Ragini: oho sanskar leave that and (excitedly) this time i am going to buy a chocolate for my chotu he will be very happy
Sanskar: when he is not happy in eating chocolate huh
Ragini: before few minutes it was u who bought him chocolate which he was eating when i arrived from home

Sanskar: so what he is my son i will fulfil his wish
Ragini: i am his mother and i will give him everything before he wishes only huh and i am telling u he loves me more
Sanskar: no he loves me more
Rohan: (irritated) stop from where did this whom he loves more came from and u both are behaving like kids fighting for unnecessary thing
Ragini: we are not fighting
Rohan: then
Ragini: vo…vo… ha this our way of love for each other and leave it (she becomes suddenly emotional) bhayyu u will again go na
Rohan: (becoming sad) ragu u know na
Ragini: (sad) ok bhai but please try to meet frequently na please
Rohan: i will try my best bacha but u dont get sad please
Kajal who entered the ward saw them
Kajal: dont worry ragu now i will make sure that bhai meets u very frequently and ha i forgot bhai dadi wants to meet ragu even ma and papa
Rohan: then we will do one thing today sanskar’s discharge and tomorrow nani, mami, mamu in ur house to visit u so that i can visit u tomorrow only what say (he smiles widely for his own plan)
Ragini: (smiles happily and hugs him) perfect i will be waiting love u bhai
Rohan: love u too (kisses her forehead) now we should leave i have some appointments ok bacha
Nisha: bye ragini i should also go now
Ragini: bhabhi wait (gives a chocolate which she bought for ansh and aryan and gives it to her) give it to aryan and while going inform harsh also to come back with ansh
Nisha nods and they leave from there while ragini looks on teary eyed, sanskar places his hand on her shoulder and she immediately hugs him and sobs
Sanskar: shh jaan relax he will come tomorrow again
Mohit: jiju we are also leaving bye (he signals sanskar to take care of her)
Sanskar nods at that time ansh comes along with harsh inside
Laksh: chalo ansh let us go and see all the formalities to discharge papa
Ansh nods and laksh lifts ansh in his arms and they three go from there
Sanskar: (takes a deep breath) jaan
Ragini: (looks at him still in his embrace) hmm
Sanskar: (cups her face) are u ok now
Ragini nods her head with a smile on her face
Sanskar: (kisses her forehead) i need to show u some thing
Ragini gives a questioning look while sanskar forwards her his mobile. She looks at him confused and sanskar signals her to watch the video. She starts watching the video when she saw the video she gets shocked to see how shourya was punished by sanskar (yes that is what the video sanskar got that recorded and it is the thing he took from harsh while returning to hospital)
Ragini: (shocked) sanskar what is this!!!
Sanskar: (cups her face) jaan please dont get angry listen to me please… i know i promised u that i will not touch him so i did not touch but i can’t sit like a looser and leave him when he kidnapped and tortured my wife who is carrying my child and my son so i did this… i was very shattered when u both were missing i can’t even imagine my life without u both and our princess who still did not even enter world if anything happens to her then i can’t… (he chokes while saying this) already i lost my love once i dont want to lose it again (teary and choking voice) i can’t afford to lose u… (he was unable to speak further and tears starts to flow from his eyes)

Ragini hugs him immediately
Ragini: i love u sanskar i love u so much i am sorry
Sanskar: why are u saying sorry i should say sorry for u i am sorry i love u too it means u are not upset for the act i did na
Ragini: not at all i am very happy to get a life partner like u who loves me immensely thank u so much for coming into my life
Sanskar: and thank u too for coming and changing my life colourfull again (kisses her forehead lovingly while she closes her eyes feeling his love for her)
Ragini: (keeps her head on his shoulder) i am really blessed sanskar to have u and ansh in my life
Sanskar: we are blessed to have u in our life jaan please never leave me
Ragini: never till my last breath (sanskar immediately places his finger on her lips shhing her)
Sanskar: never speak about ur last breath
Ragini: sorry baba now leave all this and let me hug my husband once again na
Saying this she hugs him and they both remains like that but gets separated when ansh barges into the ward along with laksh
Laksh: (immediately closing his eyes with his hands) oops sorry bhai and bhabhi for disturbing ur romance
Sanskar: shut up lucky are all the formalities completed
Laksh: ha we can go now chalo
Ragsan nods and laksh helps sanskar to stand and ansh holds ragini’s hand and they all leave to mm
They reach mm and about to enter inside but stopped by ap
Ap: stop
Sanskar: what happened ma
Ap: shona come fast
Swara comes there holding an arthi taal and does their arthi then they come inside and all go to ragsan room
Ap: i am happy that u all are fine now u all take rest
Saying this all go out.
Ansh lies between ragsan and hugs ragini
Ansh: mumma u know aryan is very nice we played so many things. Mumma ask RM to bring him tomorrow to our house na
Ragini: ha bacha tomorrow morning i will call him then i will ask him to bring him ok
Ansh: ok mumma
Ragini: tho now sleep for sometime u played a lot today
Ansh: but i am not getting sleep u tell me any story
Ragini: ok
She tells him a story slowly all the three drifts into a deep slumber.

Next day morning all had their breakfast and are sitting in hall
Laksh: ok bhai i will leave to office now there is a meeting
Sanskar: ok take care and ha after meeting inform about the project ok
Laksh: ok bhai bye every one
He leaves to office. At that time shobha, rishab, nidhi, rohan, Nisha, aryan, kajal enter seeing new people rusty who is playing with ansh starts barking and listening to its barks aryan gets affraid and starts running, rusty starts running back of him and ansh starts running back of rusty to stop it
Ansh: (running) aruu dont run rusty stop
They are running while running aruu reaches ragini and hugs her tightly sitting in her lap
Aryan: bua that dog
Sanskar holds rusty which came near him and keeps barking
Sanskar: (holds rusty) stop rusty
Listening him it stops barking ansh comes to sanskar and takes rusty in his arms and takes it to aruu and ragini
Ansh: aruu see it won’t do anything come on do like this (he says caressing rusty’s head)
Aryan looks at him and then at rusty, who is keeping its tongue out and looking at them, does as ansh says and giggles
Ansh: nice na
Aruu nods his head and continues doing like that and giggling
Ansh: chalo now we will play with rusty
Aruu nods and they both go for playing while all smile seeing their bond. All greet each other and go and settle in ragsan room
Shobha: ladoo how are u my bacha (caressing her hair)
Ragini: (smiles) i am fine nani
Neha: (who came there along with a milk glass) di its milk time
Ragini: (keeping yuck face) no i will not drink this
Sanskar: ok then let me call ansh
Ragini: i am not afraid of him
Sanskar: who told u are afraid of him but still he can make u drink (he shouts) champ
Ansh comes there running followed by aryan
Ansh: ha papa
Sanskar: mumma is not drinking milk
Ansh climbs the bed sits in ragini’s lap and takes the glass from neha
Ansh: mumma come on have ur milk my little princess is hungry
Ragini: no she is not hungry and i am not going to drink this yuck milk
Ansh: (sad face) ok mumma dont drink u dont love me na
Ragini immediately takes the milk and drinks it in one go and immediately hugs ansh with tears in her eyes
Ragini: never say like that chotu i love u so much
Ansh: i am sorry mumma this is all done by papa he only told me to do like that if u dont drink milk
Ragini: (glaring sanskar) how dare u

Sanskar: (hits his head with his own palm) mumma ki chamchi
Karan who came and saw that started laughing listening to sanskar
Karan: oh finally realisation hit for sanskar that his son is ragini’s chamchi (he laughs)
Ragsan: shut up
Now swara laughs seeing Karan’s face, all the shrivatsav’s felt very happy seeing all the love given to ragini by them especially rohan
Rohan: (sits next to ragini and side hugs her) i am very happy for u ladoo u got a very happy family as ur Sasural
Ragini: bhayyu
Rohan: fine i am not going to get emotional but still i am really happy for u
At that mohit comes there hurriedly
Mohit: (hurriedly) di my breakfast i am all late today lucky is alone in office
Sanskar: oh oh cool down mohit
Mohit: jiju how are u feeling now
Sanskar: fine (he whispers to mohit) why are u late today
Mohit: (whispers back) to drop my love in college she asked me yesterday (smiles sheepishly)
Ragini: (frowning) now a days u both jiju sala are having so many secrets i think
Mohit: (stammering) no… nothing di
Ragini: now u aren’t getting late
Mohit immediately sits next to her and she starts feeding him
Rohan: even now u are feeding him
Ragini: bhai how much he grow he is my chotu sa bhai mohit only
Rohan: now u are feeding when his wife comes what if she has any problem
Mohit: she don’t have any problem (he said without realising)
Ragroh: (shocked) what!!!
Mohit: (realised and mentally slapped himself) i mean to say i will marry the one who understand me and my di (smiles sheepishly while sanskar is trying hard not to laugh)
Rohan: what if u dont get someone like that
Mohit: then i will never marry
Ragini: (is having tears in her eyes) arey yaar today all are making me cry yaar stop it
Mohit: ok i am going now bye
Sanskar: mohit drop uttara and go
Mohit nods his head casually feeling happy inside
They leave
Shobha: now we need to leave beta
Ragini: why so soon nani
Shobha: u know na beta ur nanu if he gets to know that i came here…
Ragini: (understanding) it is ok nani but please try to come sometimes
Rohan: dont worry now u will see me as a frequent visitor to ur house
Ragini smile becomes wider and they all leave from there only after once rohan checks sanskar. After they went only ragsan are left and our ansh went to play again
Sanskar: so Mrs. Maheshwari happy now
Ragini just glares him and lays on the bed
Sanskar: (confused) now what happened
Ragini: how dare u to make ansh to say that i dont love him
Sanskar: (bites his tongue) sorry sorry jaan that is the only way i found to make u drink milk otherwise u are not listening only
Ragini: (teary eyes) how can u even think to say that i dont love him
Sanskar: (hugs her in laying position) sorry jaan please dont cry i will never say it i did not think that it will hurt u sorry
Ragini: no u need to be punished
Sanskar: acha tell me what is the punishment
Ragini: sleep while hugging me
Sanskar: that is not punishment my jaan (saying this he pulls her to him and hugs her and sleeps)

Rohan-Ankit Gera
Kajal-Chhuvi Pandey
Harsh-Amit Tondon
Nisha-Swathi Kapoor (rohan’s wife)
Guys ansh is played by the kid which is on the display pic of ff.
That is all for today. Sorry for the boring episode. But still u comment and tell me how do u feel about the episode.
Did u all liked the punishment given by ansh to shourya for hurting his mumma? Please do tell me about this through ur comments. Thank u to all those who commented and silent readers as well. Meet u all in the next episode. Till then take care. Keep smiling. Byebye.

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