Ragsan – U changed my life (Episode 33)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 33)
Thank u so much for the huge response u all gave for my ff. I am here with next part of this ff hope u all enjoy it.
Episode 32
It is been a week that sanskar came home. And today rohan came and took his stitches and now no bandage as well as the wound should be exposed to air so that it heals till now ragini did not see his wound it is for the first time. She is hugging him and sobbing.
Sanskar: shh jaan it is all ok stop crying
Ragini: (in middle of her sobs) if u did not come in the middle he would had shot me na
Sanskar: (angry) shut up why are u speaking all the nonsense… i was thinking that in these days u did not speak any nonsense regarding this now u started. Dare u speak something about that day understood and do u think that i will be quietly let him to shoot u…(calming himself) u are my life jaan please dont speak like that

Ragini: I am sorry i will not speak like that ok (hugs him tightly while sanskar kisses her head at that ansh comes running to the room)
Ansh: (pouts) aww mumma papa u both always leave me
Sanskar: oh my champ come here (he spreads his hands and ansh runs to him and hugs him)
Ansh: i love u mumma and papa
Ragsan: we love u too bacha

Ansh kisses both ragsan on their cheeks and again hug them
Ansh: papa it is so boring at home let us go somewhere na
Ragini: just few days chotu after papa becomes completely fine we will go out ok
Ansh: (pouts) ok
Sanskar: but we can play at home right
Ansh nods vigorously

Sanskar: tho go get ur video game we will play
Ansh: mumma u are my side
Ragini: done
Ansh runs to get his video game and sanskar pulls her towards him
Sanskar: so u were saying that u will support him (he raises his one eyebrow)
Ragini: (attitude) ha do u have any problem
Sanskar: (smirks) no i dont have any problem but i will take something from u for that
Ragini: (confused) what
Sanskar: (pulls her more close to him) a kiss

Ragini: san… (before she could say something he places his lips on hers and kisses her passionately even she participates with equal passion they break the kiss when they lack their breath and sanskar joins his forehead with hers with a smile on his face while ragini is closing her eyes both are panting heavily)
Sanskar: jaan i love u

Ragini: (opens her eyes and smiles widely) i love u more
Sanskar: (hugs her) i know
They both sit like that till ansh comes
Ansh: papa chalo let us play
Sanskar: chalo
Saying this both Sanansh gets settled near the tv and start playing games while ragini supports ansh in the game.

Kajal’s father, rishab, asked Karan to visit his house as he wants to speak something important so Karan went to shrivatsav’s house
Rishab: Karan beta come
Karan: Namaste uncle (he takes blessings from him) uncle u told u want to speak something important is everything fine
Rishab: ha beta i am thinking to talk to ur parents about kajal and ur marriage
Karan: (smiles widely even kajal, shobha and nidhi, kajal’s mother, gets very happy listening this) i will say them to call u uncle so that u can speak to them
Rishab: ok then beta after talking to ur parents i will ask pandit ji about the muhurat ok
Karan nods smiling widely, kajal immediately hugs rishab
Kajal: (hugging rishab) love u papa

Rishab: love u too beta so u are happy right
Kajal: so much (with wide smile)

Deendayal who listened to them from the door was very sad that his son did not even inform to him that he is going to get his granddaughter marry (now only he is realising his mistakes slowly)
He came inside and was going to his room when rishab stopped him
Rishab: papa i was thinking to do kajal’s marriage i hope u dont have any problem
Deendayal just nods his head and goes from there while shobha looks at him sadly
Kajal: papa may i go with Karan to ragini i want to meet her
Rishab nods and they both go to mm
Finally one month which seems to be hell to sanskar is ended and from next day he is going to join office again. And ragini being stubborn said that she will also accompany him again to office and he after alot of argument with her agreed her to come. Now as per Mr. Mohit Gadodia’s and Mr. Rohan Gadodia’s order today all Gadodias and Maheshwaris met in gm as it is Sunday and all (except for Karan who went to attend his last appointment) are free until the doctors get an emergency. All are in gm including rohan, Nisha and aryan and sitting in the hall and chitchatting.
Rohan: ok ladies, gentleman and cute little kids so as it is a family time and all our ladies are always busy with their work without a holiday even a day today i am declaring a holiday to all the ladies of gadodias and Maheshwaris
Mishti: then who will prepare lunch ur papa
Shekhar coughs

Rohan: (smiles) of course my papa
Shekhar: (shocked) what!!!
Rohan: hahaha papa please we will help u what say boys
All nods with a smile on their faces
Anyan (Ansh and aryan): even we will help u
Swara: (horrified) bhai i know u are a good cook but please lucky u dont even place ur finger in cooking i dont want to die now only
Laksh: haha very funny (makes faces)
All laughs seeing their nokh-jokh
Rohan: ok ok jokes apart so are u all ready
Harsh: bhai i dont know even ‘c’ of cooking

Rohan: dont worry harsh we are there right
Sanskar: we means
Rohan: me and mohit u know what he is an awesome cook
Sanskar: and u never told me
Mohit: (whispers in sanskar’s ears) u dont know but my love already had it
Sanskar: (widens his eyes and glares him) i will see u both later
Ragini: shona dont u think that jiju and sala are now a days doing so much of kusur pusur
Swara: ya di even i am thinking the same but u know what one thing now he is not sticking to u and i am getting time to spend with u
Mohit: dont dream Mrs. Laksh my di loves me more always and we are not doing any kusur pusur we are just speaking normally only

Ragini: ya ya i am understanding
Sanskar: mohit did u smell something burning
All gives a confused look to him
Sanskar: ha ur di is burning in jealousy that u are spending time with me (smirks)
Ragini: (fumes) excuse me i am not jealous and why will i be jealous with u both i know my mohit ok
Laksh: arey no problem mohit bhai u go with that khadoos i can happily with my bhabhi
Sanskar: lucky ke bache u called me khadoos again (he beats on his head)
Laksh pouts and swara giggles
Laksh: why are u laughing that much ha here ur husband is getting beatings and u are laughing (he pouts)
All laughs

Ap: enough now stop lucky
Laksh: what did i do now it is she who is laughing
Ap: so what did she do any wrong u are looking like a joker
Ansh: haha chachu i said na before only that u look like joker see now dadi also said that only
Karan: (who just came home after his appointment listened to what ansh said) wah champ u are always correct after all he is a joker but u know a joker which looks like a monkey (he gives hifi to ansh)
Laksh opens his mouth wide and all others laugh seeing him
Swara: aww mera pati dev dont feel bad (side hugs him)
Laksh smiles widely and winks at her and again every one laughs seeing them while rohan is really very happy seeing his sisters happy and he have happy tears in his eyes Nisha who saw him kept her hand on his shoulder while he looks at her smilingly
Rohan: ok ok so much masti is over chalo let us start the work
Karan: what work bhai

Rohan: all gents are cooking today u also come with us ok
Karan: ok bhai i will just fresh up and come and join u guys till then u carry on
Ansh: chalo aruu we will help RM and papa
All gents go to kitchen to start their kitchen work behind them neha and swara also goes inside
Rohan: shona neha why did u both come now
Swara: bhayyu di need to have something now it is been so long so thought to take some juice to her

Rohan smiles and nods and they take juice and come out
Swara: di here have this juice
Ragini: (pissed off and angry) how much u all will make me to eat and drink i am pissed off i am not going to drink this

Ap: but beta it is for ur health only na come on drink it beta
Ragini: ma please ma i dont want to drink please
Sanskar: (as he knew what will his jaan be doing he came out of kitchen) jaan i think u are forgetting the condition no. 2 (conditions he kept before when ragini is known that she is pregnant to take her to office)
Ragini immediately takes the glass and drinks in one go
Swara: (shocked) jiju till now ma is saying her to drink but she said no what is that condition that made her drink juice without a word

Ragini makes faces while sanskar just smiles and goes to kitchen again
Swara: arey di say na
Ragini: leave he is just there to irritate me (she leaves to her room)
Swara: ehh where did he irritate her
Ap smiles
Dadi: chalo ap ji let us sit in the room let these complete their work
Ap smiles and ap, dadi and mishti go to a room
Swara: arey neha, uttara do u know anything

Uttara: i dont know anything
Neha also nods negatively.
Nisha: arey shona leave them u tell me how is ur work going
Swara starts saying about her work and they keep talking
Rohan: arey lucky see u should do like this (he says while rolling the rolling pin to make a nice shape of paratha)
Laksh: i am also doing the same na bhai
Mohit: uff bhai leave him i will do it and lucky u do one thing cut vegetables along with papa
Shekhar: wah kya beta hain mera. papa se sabji kaatne keliye keh raha hain (wow what a son i have he is saying his father to cut vegetables)

Rohan: papa dont do ur drama here i know u want to do it so please dont waste time and do it fast and ha dont forget that u are going to make halwa for me
Shekhar: oh my son asked me something and will i say no that is impossible come lucky let us cut vegetables fast
Laksh: papa u also know how to cook
Rohan: u dont know lucky papa’s halwa awesome he makes it really yummy
Ansh: (who is sitting on the kitchen slab along with aryan) then nanu make halwa for me i too wanted to taste ur yummy halwa
Aryan: me too dadu
Shekhar: aww i will definitely make it now not for rohan for my both champs
Ansh and aryan stands on slab and start jumping on it
Sanskar: arey stop champ u both will fall down

Ansh: no papa (he continues jumping)
Sanskar: ok then i will put u both down u go out and no need to help us
Ansh: papa now also u are not asking any help from us u made us just sit on this slab (he pouts)
Rohan: (pulls his cheeks) oh how cute u are champ
Ansh: (cute angry face) i told u i am not cute boys will not be cute why everyone calls me cute
Ragini: (who came there) because u are cute my chotu
Ansh: (angry face) mumma i am katti with u

Ragini: ok bye aruu chalo let us go to garden to play for some time
Ansh: arey no mumma i am not angry on u chalo let us play
All laughs seeing his antics ragini takes ansh and aryan from there so that they dont disturb their work and all resumes their work
Ragini, ansh and aryan are playing ball passing by sitting as Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari’s ordered that she should not play while standing but still they are enjoying. Rusty comes there they see at it.
Ansh: (gets an idea) mumma we will throw ball rusty will bring it ok
Ragini and aryan agrees and they play for sometime like that
At that time sanskar comes there to call them for lunch
Sanskar: chalo bacho it is time to lunch

Ansh and aryan run followed by rusty only ragsan are left ragini is also going ignoring him but sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him and holds her through her waist
Sanskar: are u angry on me jaan
Ragini looks other way.

Sanskar: (holding his ears with one hand and keeps a cute puppy face) sorry jaan
Ragini: (looks at him and smiles but starts beating him with her tiny hands on his chest) why do u always blackmail me sometimes those useless conditions and sometimes saying my chotu’s name i hate u
Sanskar: (holds her hands) but i love u na that is why (seriously) see jaan i am allowing u to do whatever u want but i cant take risk on ur health please never neglect and just listen to whatever shona or neha or ma says please they say that for u right please understand na
Ragini: (smiles seeing his care) ok i will but that shona is really irritating me by bringing something for every half an hour to eat or drink what is she thinking me a human or a huge size drum so that she can dump whatever she wants in me (makes a cute irritated face)
Sanskar: haha (pulls her cheeks) u are looking so cute ok dont worry i will tell her to give u some time gap ok

Ragini nods sanskar kisses her forehead lovingly while she closes her eyes
Sanskar: chalo let us have lunch
Ragini nods and they both head inside and all get settled for lunch at that time two persons enter into the house by tiptoeing but ansh saw them
Ansh: (running and shouting while all looks at him) sid uncle
Sid: (hits his head with his own palm and lifts ansh in his arms) arey buddy u spoiled my surprise
Ansh: (giggles and pecks his cheeks) sorry uncle
Sid: chalo now tho u already spoiled na

Sid roshni and ansh go to dining table and sid gets surprised to see rohan there
Sid: bhai u (he hugs him) how are u bhai
Rohan: i am fine sid
Ragini: sid when did u come from US and u both not even informed us
Sid: oho doll i thought to surprise u but ur naughty son spoiled it anyways shifted to India permanently (he says casually)

Ragini: (screams in excitement) what
Sid: (rubbing his ears) sanskar did u make her eat any speaker she is screaming like this (ragini pouts)
Roshini: (hits his head) shut up sid (to all) wo papa’s work is completed there so we all returned back finally after these many years we are back to India
Sid: arey yaar i am hungry will u keep talking or let me eat seeing all the dishes my mouth is watering waise doll which dish did u make
Rohan: abbey do u think that i will allow my pregnant sister to do work (sid nods no) so it is all made by gents
Sid: (horrified) bhai i know u and mohit cook well but please dont tell me that there is lucky’s and Karan’s hand in this

Karan: sid shut up ok and now come and eat we all are very hungry it is already late
All sit and have their lunch by praising all the hard work done by the gents and they complete eating and get settled in hall again
Ansh: nanu where is the halwa u made

Shekhar: wait i will bring
Swara: papa wait i will bring it
Shekhar nods
Uttara: bhabhi i will help u
Swara and uttara go and bring and they all have that halwa as well while talking about random things and pulling each other’s legs
Dadi: bass it is enough u are pulling each other’s legs more now all go and have some rest and even sanskar u did not rest for a while after u came here

Sanskar: dadi now u also dont start from one month i am fed up of taking that stupid rest
Sid: (shocked) one month u are taking rest (worried) what happened are u fine (they say him everything what happened before this one month)
Ragini: (bit her tongue as she did not say anything to sid about that jerk shourya and smiles sheepishly while sid is glaring her) ok ok now dont glare me i thought why to make u worried so…
Sid: (angry) shut up i called u many times u not even thought to tell me once ha
Roshni: (keeps her hand on his shoulder) sid
Sid moves from there being upset.
Roshni: sorry ragu u know about his anger na
Ragini: roshni

Roshni: ok now go make him understand
Ragini nods and goes to sid while all others continue their talks as they know that sid cannot be angry for much time with his doll.
After five minutes both sid and ragini comes inside giggling
Karan: wow drama king is back
Sid glares him while all laughs
Sanskar: sorry yaar
Sid: it is ok sanskar but how are u?

Sanskar: i am completely fine now u also dont start that taking care wala speech it is so boring from one month everybody giving the same especially bhai
Sid laughs
Rohan: very funny for u both u know what sanskar the bullet hit u very near to the heart and u know u were in critical stage but still u are saying this
Sanskar signs like he is zipping his mouth all enjoy their day very happily.

Next day ragsan went to office and got back to work and sanskar is really happy that he is back to work. Sanskar went to laksh’s cabin to speak about something and ragini is alone in the cabin she is searching for something while searching she took a stool and climbed on it so that to reach the cupboard and searched for a file in the cupboard and finally when she found that she took it but she missed the balance and was about to fall and she closed her eyes in the fear to fall down but was held by two protective arms who is staring or u can say glaring her. When she felt that she is not on floor she opened her eyes only to find herself safely in the most protective arms of her loving husband who is now glaring her for the extra ordinary stunt she did.
Ragini: (in mind) u are gone ragini now he will burst out and think this is ur last day in office chalo get ready for the volcano

Sanskar took her to the couch and made her sit on the couch and gave water to drink she just followed him without uttering a word. He took out his phone out and dialled a number
Sanskar: hello kaka come to office with car u need to take ragini home
Ragini looks at him with puppy eyes but he ignores her
Sanskar: (continues) ha just make a call to me when u reached ha (saying this sanskar cut his call after listening a positive reply from the other side)

Ragini is still looking him with puppy face and he glared her again and took his laptop and sat beside her and continued his work. Ragini pouted and rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes he looked at her and sighed and continued his work.
After sometime driver calls him and ragini goes home making a puppy pout face
Sanskar reached home in the evening and went to his room to only find a sleeping ragini. He went to her caressed her hair and kissed her forehead and went to get fresh up. When he is back he saw ragini sitting with a cutest puppy face she can make by holding her ears. Sanskar sighs and goes to her with a smile and removes her hands from her ears and was about say something but ragini hugs him

Ragini: (while hugging him) sorry sanskar i will not do it next time pakka wala promise. Now please dont say me that i am not going to come to office from tomorrow please i will get bored here sitting not doing anything. I promise i will take care of myself and will not do any stunts please. I know i said this many times but this time i will keep my promise. Today only i came to office after many days and u sent me home please dont say no to me i know u love me na so u will not say no. Thank u and u are the best(she says everything in one breath and breaks the hug and looks at sanskar who is seeing her strange)
Sanskar: how can u talk everything in one breath?
Ragini shrugged her hands
Sanskar: what was that u urself said sorry and u urself think that i am allowing u to office and u urself said thank u

Ragini: because i know u will not say no u are my cute hubby na
Sanskar: seriously cute
Ragini: ha cute (hugs him)
Sanskar hugs her back with a smile on his face and kisses her head and utters I LOVE U


Phew!!!! Done with this episode. Dont know what all i wrote. Sorry if it is boring. Sorry for the huge late done by me I am busy with my studies as i have my exams in June. Please bear me till then. And probably this will be the last episode till my exams get completed. I will be back again after my exams that is may be at the end of June.
And tell me how is the episode through ur comments. Thank u for reading. Meet u all in the next episode till then all take care. Byebye. Keep smiling.
Love u lots!!!!!!!!!!!

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