Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 29)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 29)
Hey guys back with next episode. Thank u to all those who commented and silent readers as well.
Episode 28
Episode 28
It is night after dinner all are seated except for ap and uttara in hall to chitchat for sometime and sanlak are busy in discussing about business.
Laksh: bhai u please check this file and tell me if any changes are required
Sanskar: no i am not going to check it
Laksh: (confused) why bhai
Sanskar: because from now i dont want u to ask me before u do anything regarding work
Laksh: but why
Sanskar: (cupping his face) lucky though i am elder to u that does not me that for everything u should follow me and this company is urs also as much as it is mine it is papa’s hard work and he did everything for our happiness. Before i took the responsibility as u r still small and studying and later u were at the learning stage so i helped u and suggested u and even checked ur work so that i can correct ur mistakes as it is my responsibility to correct u as an elder brother but that does not mean that u should always listen to me and follow my order u also have the same responsibility and right to take decisions so from now i dont want my brother to come to me and say bhai please check it and all. U urself can check them and ha but tell me after doing so that i can know that u had completed it.
Laksh just hugged his bhai very tightly with tears in his eyes. There are many brothers who fight for property and all. But here sanlak never want such things they are even ready to sacrifice their life for each other and can do anything for each other. Laksh just always wanted to be side of sanskar in any situation like lakshmana was beside lord Rama everytime.
Laksh: (breaking the hug) thank u bhai
Sanskar: (rising his eyebrow) for? (though he knows the reason)
Laksh: just like that wanted to say

SwaRagini who listened to this side hugged each other with smile on their faces and praying to god that they should be always like that supporting and trusting each other.
Sanskar: without reason will anyone say thank u
Laksh: i said na bhai
Sanskar: (shook his head with a smile) pagal
Laksh: i am not pagal
Sanskar: u are
Laksh: bhabhi see na bhai is calling me pagal
Ragini: (comes to laksh) how dare u call my lucky pagal sanskar
Swara: (comes there) truth is bitter di jiju said only truth and he felt bitterness that is it
Laksh: haw how mean u are my wife but supporting bhai
Sanskar: oh hello there my wife is supporting u
Then comes our ansh along with rusty who was playing till now there
Ansh: (holding rusty in his hand) mumma
Ragini: ha my chotu what happened
Ansh: (rubbing his eyes with one hand and holding rusty with another hand) mumma i am sleepy
Ragini: aww chalo keep rusty down and chalo we will go to sleep
Ansh keeps rusty down and it runs to its cute small house
Ragini: ok then chalo let us go to ur room
Ansh lifts his hands indicating her to lift him and ragini smiles and is about to lift him
Sanskar: stop
Ragansh looks at him confused
Ragini: kya hain
Sanskar lifts ansh in his arms and glares ragini and leaves from there while ragini gives a confused look and follows him
Laksh: ab tho bhabhi gayi (now bhabhi is gone)
Harsh: why
Swara: because di was about to lift ansh
Neha: and jiju has strictly prohibited her to lift weights
Harsh: why
Swara: what why di is pregnant na
Harsh: (shocked) what
Laksh: oh i forgot to say that bhabhi is pregnant
Harsh: uttara ki bacchi i will not leave her she also not told me always she keeps on saying HB HB but did not feel to say this to me i will see her

Swalak and neha are seeing him weird he sees them and realised that he behaved weird
Neha: are u sure u are really an IPS officer
Harsh: any doubt
Neha: no actually i know they give post only to mentally stabled members but how did they gave to u
Harsh: even i am also thinking same (then he realised what she said) what (swalak and neha started laughing and neha started running) wait i will not leave u neha
Neha: (while laughing and running) first catch me harsh then we will see
Saying this she keeps running and finally reaches her room and closes it while harsh bangs the door
Harsh: (banging the door) neha open the door
Neha: sorry harsh good night
Harsh: huh (smiles) good night and leaves from there
Swalak also smiles and go to their room

Ragsan are in ansh’s room making him sleep while laying either side of ansh and sanskar is still glaring ragini while ragini is singing him lori and patting ansh’s head slowly ansh slept while singing even she slowly went to sleep without her knowledge and sanskar smiles seeing them, pecks ansh’s forehead and slowly picks ragini and goes to their room and places her on bed and goes to his side lays and takes ragini in his embrace pecks her forehead and sleeps peacefully.
Next morning
Sun rays fall on ragsan who are sleeping peacefully while ragini nuzzles her head more into sanskar’s chest to avoid sunrays which are disturbing her sleep. Sanskar gets disturbed by that and sees his jaan struggling due to sun’s rays and smiles he slowly removes her hair strands which are falling on her beautiful face and kisses her forehead lovingly while ragini smiles in sleep feeling his touch on her forehead and sanskar hugs her tight and sleeps again.
After some time sanskar wakes up and slowly frees himself from ragini and goes and freshen up and goes to hall. In hall all are sitting and are having their tea
Swara: jiju di
Sanskar: she is still sleeping and ansh did he not wake up
Swara: no jiju
Sanskar: ok then i will wake him up till then please bring juice na
Neha: (with attitude) why juice
Sanskar: why should i tell u
Neha: u should tell me

Sanskar without giving any heed to her goes to ansh’s room to wake him up
Neha: haw how mean he did not answer to me ma see na he is not even paying any heed to me (she gets teary eyes)
Ap: (hugs her) he will beta till now u did this much just for few more days he will understand u
Neha: hope so ma ok leave it shona u sit i will make juice (she goes to make juice)
Here sanskar goes to ansh’s room and sits beside him and caresses his hair and kiss his forehead and starts waking him up
Sanskar: (lovingly) champ wake up
Ansh: papa please some more time na
Sanskar: but ur getting late to school na champ wake up
Ansh: (finally wakes up and kisses sanskar’s cheeks) good morning papa
Sanskar: good morning my champ chalo go take a bath till then i will wake up mumma and come and help u to get ready ok
Ansh nods and runs to washroom

Here in hall uttara comes down while talking to mohit in phone and sees all there
Uttara: ha mohit i came to hall bye
Mohit: haw how mean yaar u can speak for some more time na
Uttara: u do one thing tell about us to bhabhi then i will talk
Mohit: even i want to tell but i am scared dont know why
Uttara: then bye harsh bhai is coming (she cuts the call while harsh comes there and holds her ears)
Harsh: (holding her ears) uttara ki bacchi why did u not told me
Uttara: (thought he got to know about mohit and her and got tensed and acting) what HB
Harsh: dont act why didn’t u tell me bhabhi is pregnant
Uttara: oh that one
Harsh: it means still u are hiding something from me
Uttara: (immediately) no nothing HB u know i share with u everything
Sanskar: (comes there) ha she shares with u everything no secret hain na uttara (teasingly)
Uttara: (understands and glares him) ha HB why will hide with u anything that tho i forgot to tell u with excitement that u came after so many years na so
Harsh: hmm now i am leaving u if u hide from me anything na then i will not leave u
Sanskar: shona juice
Neha: (comes with two glasses of juice) here i brought it take
Sanskar: why did u bring two glasses
Neha: why do u want
Sanskar feels irritated and takes one glass and starts going to his room
Neha: why are u going to ur room u can drink here also na
Sanskar: this not for me for ragini
Neha: haw i brought this for di only u must have told me before that u asked for di i would have prepared only one glass
Sanskar without paying any heed again goes to his room
Neha: huh my energy is waste
Harsh: (takes the glass) why waste i am there na i will drink it (he drinks without listening to her)
Neha: oh god why me saying this she leaves from there

Sanskar goes to room and puts the glass on the table and sits beside ragini and caresses her hair
Sanskar: (lovingly) jaan wake up
Ragini moves a little but again sleeps
Sanskar: jaan wake up we will get late otherwise
Ragini opens her eyes and keeps her head in his lap and hugs his waist
Ragini: few more minutes jaanu please
Sanskar just pats her head while she smiles and closes her eyes again
After few minutes he again starts caressing her hair
Sanskar: jaan now get up na ansh also must have got ready
Ragini gets up while rubbing her eyes and pout and keeps her head on his shoulder
Sanskar: (smiles) chalo go get ready and drink this juice till then i will make ansh ready ok
Ragini: (still sleepy) i want to sleep more
Sanskar: ok do one thing fresh up drink juice and sleep again when breakfast is ready i will wake u ok
Ragini: (pouts) then all sleep will go
Sanskar: but u should drink this juice so u should get fresh na
Ragini: (sighs as it is waste to argue with him) i cant win over u fine
Sanskar: (smiles) any doubt
Ragini huffs and goes to washroom while sanskar goes to ansh’s room again when he entered he saw ansh is dancing just with the towel till his waist while moving his head vigorously allowing drops of water from his hair sprinkling sanskar smiles seeing him and goes to him and holds him but he still keeps jumping and dancing
Sanskar: champ enough now stop
Ansh: papa it is really amazing see the water how they are sprinkling (again he moves his head vigorously)
Sanskar: ha champ it is nice but now stop see u will catch cold come let me wipe ur hair (he pulls ansh and makes him sit on the bed and wipes his hair while ansh keeps on irritating by moving his head)
Sanskar: (sighs) champ wait na (but ansh does not listen so he says a little loud) enough champ

Listening this ansh immediately stops getting fear and sanskar wipes his hair and removes the towel from his head and finds that ansh is having tears in his eyes he immediately got worried and cupped his face
Sanskar: (cupping ansh’s face) champ why are u crying
Ansh: (sobbing a little) u shouted on me papa
Sanskar: (sighs and wipes his tears and kisses his forehead) sorry champ i will not do it again but u also should listen to me na
Ansh: sorry papa i will not do it again (kisses his cheeks)
Sanskar: ok chalo now go wear ur dress and come
Ansh runs and comes out wearing his uniform but could not keep his shirt’s buttons properly sanskar keeps them properly and about to comb his hair but ansh runs out sanskar runs after him shouting his name
Sanskar: champ wait let me comb ur hair
Ansh: papa mumma will do it i am going to her
Sanskar runs back of him
Ansh: mumma (runs to ragini who just came out from washroom after getting ready and sat on couch to have her juice and hugs her)
Ragini: u got ready very fast today
Ansh: no u only woke up late
Ragini: sorry bacha from tomorrow i will wake up early
Ansh: mumma u know papa shouted at me
Ragini took the comb and started setting his hair
Ragini: how bad let me scold papa
Ansh: no mumma mistake is mine i did not listen to him so he got angry
Ragini: hmm so u should not do that mistake again
Sanskar: he will not do but for now u drink this juice first (handling her glass of juice while sitting beside her)
Ragini takes it and drinks it
Ragini: now happy
Sanansh: so much (both hug her and kiss her cheek on either side)
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: what

Ragini just nods her head unbelievably and goes to mirror while ansh again runs out shouting for rusty
Sanskar moves to ragini and back hugs her and nuzzles his nose on her shoulder while ragini starts breathing heavily
Ragini: (breathing heavily) s…san…sskar
Sanskar: hmm (makes her hair to a side and kisses her neck ragini immediately turns and hugs him while sanskar smiles and hugs her back) waise i love u
Ragini: i love u too and now let me get ready (while breaking the hug while sanskar still holds her through waist)
Sanskar: why not go who stopped u
Ragini: sanskar please na
Sanskar smiles and leaves her and makes her turn towards, mirror makes her sit and takes the bangles and makes her wear them like that he makes her wear all the accessories and at last take the mangalsootr and makes her wear and then takes the vermillion and adores her foreline without breaking the eyes contact with his most beautiful wife at last he kisses her forehead making her stand while ragini keeps on admiring her husband’s love towards her and keeps looking him without blinking
Sanskar: i know i am irresistibly handsome that u cant stop staring me
Ragini: hmm woh toh hain but kya hain na u are not handsome u are very cute (she pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar: i am not kid jaan to say cute
Ragini: arey if u also not allow me to call cute whom should i call ansh says he is not cute and even u say u are not cute
Sanskar: because we both are handsome so we dont allow u to say cute
Ragini: but for me u both are cute only (she pulls his nose)
Sanskar: uff leave it now come let us have breakfast and we need to go to office also
Ragsan comes to hall where all are sitting and talking and making fun they also join in their fun
Sanskar: lucky i forgot to say that ragini will not be part of goenka’s project
Voice: why jiju (it is mohit who just came there and heard what sanskar said)
Sanskar: (was about to say about shourya but ragini holds his hand and stops while he understands) nothing mohit she did not know full details and if she starts referring the project now she will forget about the world and will be studying about the project and neglect her health so thought to keep her away from project
Mohit: (comes and sits beside ragini and side hugs her) ok jiju ur wish
Ansh: (comes running and sits in mohit’s lap) mamu my choco
Mohit: oops sorry forgot
Ansh: (cute angry pout) go i will not talk to u
Mohit: haw my champ how can i forget (takes a chocolate) here it is now will u talk to me
Ansh: (snatches it from him) ur teasing me na
Mohit: sorry (holds his ears)
Ansh: (kisses his cheek) thank u
Mohit kisses his cheek and all smiles
Swara: are u planning to stay at home
Sanskar: no way chalo let us have break fast
Mohit: chalo champ mumma is going to feed me and u at a time
Swara: even me ok
Laksh: when will u both change
Swaragmoh: never any problem
Laksh: ok fine i dont have any problem also i just asked
They all seated and had their breakfast and left to respective places

Ragini is doing some work without thinking about the world she is so engrossed in her work that is when she came to senses when sanskar kept a glass of juice on her table and pat her shoulder she sees him by raising her head from the file
Sanskar: come on now finish it
Ragini: sanskar it is third juice i am drinking in three hours
Sanskar: i think u forgot about the conditions then may i remind u
Ragini: (irritated) no need (she took and drank the juice and glare him)
Sanskar: (smiles and peck her lips slightly) i dont want any risk regarding ur health and u are weak so doctor told u should drink or eat something for every hour and here u cannot get anything to eat so this one and sorry for irritating u
Ragini: (hugs him through waist as she is sitting and he is standing) i love u
Sanskar: love u too
Ragini: sanskar i am tired of sitting so once i will go and check whether conference room is all set or not please
Sanskar: ok as there is only 30 minutes i am leaving and u are sitting from so much that is why
Ragini smiles and walks out of the room and goes to conference room there everything is ready except for the water glasses so she started keeping them while she was doing so someone hugged her from back she became startled as she knew it is not sanskar’s touch as she can identify his touch she immediately jerks the hands and turns
Ragini: (whispers) shourya
Shourya: what happened baby
Ragini: (angry) how dare u to touch me
Shourya: (angry and pulls her and pins her to the wall while she keeps on struggling in his hold) u did not get angry when that sanskar touched u now u are getting angry
Ragini: (trying to push) shut up he is my husband and he has full right on me leave me (tries to push him)
Shourya gets more angry holds her both hands and put them back while ragini winces in pain and tears make their way from her beautiful eyes. While shourya starts to lean to her while ragini keeps on struggling to free from his clutch and when he is about to come completely near to her he felt a tight punch on his face and he is on the ground in next second while ragini saw the person who gave the punch and smiles with tears and the person is standing there with blood shot eyes
Shourya: Mr. Maheshwari
Sanskar: (shouts in anger) how dare u to touch my wife

Starts beating him and listening to his shout all the staff comes there even mohit and laksh reach there seeing ragini mohit immediately comes to her and hugs her while she starts crying and laksh stops sanskar
Laksh: bhai leave him (holds sanskar from beating)
Sanskar: (shouts) leave me lucky how dare he to touch ragini i will not leave him
Laksh: (holds him tight and shouts) security
Security comes there
Laksh: throw him out he should not be around this premises (says he controlling his anger)
Security holds shourya with collar
Shourya: (frees his collar from them and sees sanskar angrily) i will not leave u Mr. Maheshwari and i will make her mine (he leaves from there angrily)
While sanskar looks at crying ragini and goes to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder she immediately breaks the hug with mohit and hugs sanskar tightly and starts crying loudly
Sanskar: (hugs her tightly) shh jaan nothing happened he is not here now stop crying (pats her head)
After some time ragini stops crying sanskar kisses her forehead lovingly and makes her sit on the chair and sits on his knees on the floor and gives her water to drink she drinks it
Sanskar: (wipes her tears) now feeling better
Ragini: (nods) he… (interrupted)
Sanskar: (keeps his finger on her lips) shh forget about it ok dont think about it
Mohit sits beside her and side hugs her
Sanskar: (sees all the staff there calmly says) now i think u should go back to work
All nods and go to their work
Mohit: di will u go home
Ragini: (wipes her tears) no mohit i am ok when u all especially sanskar is with me i will be fine
Sanlak mohit smiles
Laksh: bhabhi are u sure
Ragini: (smiles assuring) ya i am sure ok
Sanskar: ok chalo let us go back to work (he gets up from the floor and forwards his hand to ragini while she places his hand in his and stands and they leave to their cabins for their works)

Ragini is working but still the flashes of shourya are coming in her mind suddenly she started feeling dizzy she immediately took glass of water and drank it and again continues her work as she felt little better at that time laksh enters
Laksh: bhai i cancelled the project of goenka’s
Sanskar: i thought of telling u about it no problem
Ragini: sanskar what is the need
Sanskar: (got angry) shut up he tried to misbehave with u and u are asking to deal with him. (calmly) he cannot even behave properly with a woman how can he handle the business. Every man should first learn to respect woman but he tried to misbehave like that and i hate such men whether it is professional or a personal life i dont care and i won’t tolerate anybody if he is not respecting a woman. Ok please leave this topic let us go home for lunch any way it is lunch time. Chalo lucky
Laksh and ragini nods and they go home like this day passed

Shourya reached his house and went to his room and started again throwing the things. He shouts very loudly in anger. He bangs his hand to his hand (i hope it breaks and never fixes) to the wall. One of his servants comes there to say him about the deal cancellation but he gets scared still he goes slowly inside
Servant: (horrified) sirrr
Shourya: (shouts) get out
Servant: (horrified) sir u got a phone call and they said that maheshwari’s are no more interested in dealing with u (saying this he immediately runs from there as shourya throws something on him before it hits him)
Shourya: how dare he i will not leave u Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari I will not leave u i dont have any problem with the deal as i want this only for ragini and i will not leave her she is mine, only (shouts) MINE
He makes a phone call to someone and orders him to do something and smirks
Shourya: get ready baby to become mine (says while looking the wallpaper in his mobile which is of ragini)

Two days passed
Ragsan are in office sitting on couch, sanskar doing some work while ragini is resting her head on sanskar’s shoulder with closed eyes suddenly she opened her eyes with a jerk she removed her head from his shoulder
Sanskar: (looked at her and saw she is sweating he cups her face with concern) again same dream jaan
Ragini: (tears continuously flowing from her eyes) i dont know why sanskar that dream and that moment that jerk touched me are not leaving me i am feeling very restless please do something i can’t bear this please (she hugs him)
It is been two days and these two days she is not able to forget that incident and even that dream these both are haunting her she is completely feeling restless not understanding anything and she is becoming mentally weak and sanskar is completely helpless and not understanding anything what to do he even spoke to Karan and the only thing Karan told her is to deviate her from that incident or else it would be a very bad impact on baby. She gets deviated only when she is with ansh or she is doing some work. And today even sanskar is feeling restless but he cannot say it to her and make her more restless and for now he has to deviate her mind.
Sanskar: (hugging her) shh stop it jaan come on let us discuss about this project
Ragini nods and starts doing the work but she is not able to do today she is more restless than these two days
Ragini: sanskar i want to go home that to along with ansh
Sanskar: but he is in school na jaan
Ragini: i dont know anything i want him to come home with me u call to principal and take permission i will go pick him up and we will go home
Sanskar: (sighs) ok i will tell driver to take u home ok
Ragini nods and she goes down seeing her driver opened the door to her and she sat inside
Ragini: go to ansh’s school
Here someone is following all her activities and informing everything to shourya and he asks him to follow where she is going the person follows the car to ansh’s school as the school is still working ragini should go inside and bring ansh so she goes inside school here the person informs same to shourya and he says something to the person and person says ok

Ragini went to principal room
Principal: oh welcome Mrs. Maheshwari u have a seat i will send a word to get ansh
Ragini complies and after few minutes ansh comes there after he sees ragini he immediately runs to her and ragini immediately hugs him very tightly like if she leaves him he will go leaving her and tears rolled from her eyes she immediately wiped those tears
Ragini: chalo chotu let’s go home
Ansh: why u came early to take me mumma
Ragini: i will tell u come (to principal) thank u mam for the permission
Principal: it is ok Mrs. Maheshwari
Ragini smiles and leaves with ansh and they both sit in the car and the driver starts the car
Ansh: mumma say na why did u come early today
Ragini: (hugs ansh very tightly and closes her eyes) i will tell u after going home but till then u be quiet dont speak anything ok
Ansh nods his head he also closes his eyes after few minutes driver stops the car ragini opens her eyes
Ragini: what happened why did u stop the car
That driver turns to her and ragini gets shocked as it is not their driver so she tightens her grip on ansh
Ragini: (shouts) hey who are u where is the driver
Person: oh madam ji why are u shouting (he sprays something on both ragini and ansh)
Ragini: hey (but feels dizzy and falls unconscious)
Now both ragansh are unconscious. That person calls shourya
Person: work completed sir
Shourya: good job u bring both of them to my outhouse which is in the outskirts
Person complies while shourya smirks

When ragini went inside the school that person who followed ragini came to driver who is standing outside the car and waiting for ragansh he sprayed that spray on his face and made driver also unconscious and changed his clothes with his and left the driver near a tree there and he himself disguised as driver.

Hey guys sorry for the late update. Thank u all for reading. And ya now tell me how is today’s episode. And think how will sanskar save his two important people of his life. Meet u all in next episode. Till then take care bye.

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