Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 25)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 25)
Silver jubilee friends, i am very happy for writing the 25th episode of my ff. Thank u to those all who ever supported till now i never thought i will get such a support thank u to all of u.
Asw i am really sorry dear that i made neha positive as i got many comments to make her positive sorry for that once again hope i did not hurt u.
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Episode 24
Voice: (anger and shouts) neha
Neha shocks seeing the person
Neha: (shocked and stammering with fear) ji…ju…(yes everything is heard by sanskar)
Sanskar saw her with blood shot eyes listening to her and held her hand and pulled her to the hall where all are seated after returning back home after visiting mishti (even swara is back and ragini is in her room slept as she cried a lot due to the fear and ansh still did not return from school)
Sanskar: (anger and red eyes) tell me why did u do that
Neha: (stammering) wha…t did I … do ji…ju…
Sanskar: (anger and shouts a little) dont act neha tell me why did u do that
Neha: (now even she gets angry as he is shouting at her for the one who took her sister’s place and shouts) ha i only instigated ansh against ragini as i dont want him to give his mother’s i.e., my sister’s place to any other member but it went waste so i tried to kill her baby by giving papaya and i only pour oil on the steps so that she may lose that child i did this as i dont want to see ansh’s place taken by her child and getting ignored in his own house
When neha said this Sunaina who got angry raised hand to slap but stopped by someone who held her hand before it reach her cheek and when they saw who it is they find it to be ragini who came from her room as she heard some sounds and find these all happening and immediately stopped Sunaina from slapping neha
Sunaina: ragini leave my hand this girl deserves it how can she try to kill an unborn baby i feel ashamed to tell that i am her mother chi
Neha: (hurt by her mother’s words) ma
Sunaina: no dont call me like that chi i did not expect this from u neha
Ragini: (goes to neha who is having tears in her eyes for the words her mother spoke and held her hand) ma she is not at all wrong in her place (all looks at her amazed as she is supporting who tried to kill her child and even tried to separate her from her son) ha she did this all due to the immense love she had on her sister. She is not able to see some other women in the place of her sister in her jiju’s and her sister’s son life. She is just thinking that u all just forgot about her sister as she is no more in this world but she does not know that u all really miss her. I am really happy to see her love towards Sanaya. Sanaya is very lucky to have her as a sister. (Neha is looking at her just amazed though she tried to harm still she is justifying her) But the thing is she just took a wrong way to show her love so it is our duty to show her a good way and make her right. (turns to neha) neha u know one thing when u came to this house i felt u as my sister for me u and shona are same. Even now i am not angry on u and still feel u as my sister so i am telling u this as an elder sister. (neha looks on) i understand ur point of view but will Sanaya be happy by seeing her sister doing bad things? No right so i am just suggesting u to try to understand the situation why ur jiju moved on in his life but that does not mean he forgot Sanaya and ansh even now he speaks to sanaya’s photograph everyday and shares everything with her. I dont want to tell u anything more than this it is upto u to think about it to go for good or bad i dont have any problem whatever u choose.
(oh god i gave this much speech i dont know how i got to write this much it just came in flow i am sorry if i bored u)
Neha after listening what ragini spoke she really felt guilt that how she thought wrong about ragini

(Actually friends forgiveness without any punishment is the biggest punishment for the one who did the mistake and this is what happened in case of neha though she did a mistake ragini understood her and did not have any angry on her and neha is really guilt and realised her mistake)
Neha immediately hugged ragini very tightly and started crying vigorously.
Neha: (crying) di i am really sorry i realised my mistake i am really sorry u are just like di u just made me understand my mistake and i am really sorry for whatever i did with u please forgive me please
Ragini: (rubbing her back) shh neha dont cry i cant see my sister crying i am happy that u realised ur mistake and regretting that is enough shh dont cry
She breaks the hug and wipes her tears nodding a no to neha
Neha: (turning to Sunaina) ma i am sorry
Sunaina without listening anything goes from there
Ap: (caressing neha’s hair) dont worry beta she will understand but i am happy that u realised ur mistake (goes to ragini) i am proud of u beta (ragini smiles)
Neha: (goes to sanskar) jiju i am sorry
Sanskar: (still very angry) i am not as good hearted as ragini i did not expect such thing from u neha i treated u as my sister but u tried to kill my child u told na that because of this child ansh will get ignored but do u know because of this thought ragini was not ready for this baby but it was us who made her understand for her ansh is first priority and her life but u did this to her i am not going to forgive u for this (saying this he goes away from there)
Neha stands there with tears rolling from her eyes ragini places her hand on neha’s shoulder neha looks at her with teary eyes
Ragini: everything will be alright it is just that they angry on u once they understand u they will forgive just dont give up (neha nods)
Neha: (then looks at swalak, uttara who are still there) i am sorry to u all also please forgive me i even behaved badly with u guys i am really sorry

All three looked at each other and at ragini she gestures them through eyes
Swalakuttara: it is ok but dont repeat this again
Swara: i am forgiving u as my di said so because my di will never be wrong
Neha: thank u so much can we be friends (forwards her hand)
Swara smiles and shakes her hands same happens with laksh and uttara also
Neha: but di ma and jiju
Ragini: neha when we did a mistake and realise we should even wait for the forgiveness and try to get it with all our heart so now it is ur time to gain their trust and make them believe that u are regretting for ur mistake then u will get succeeded ok and i will be always there with u for that
Neha: (hugs ragini) thank u so much di and i am really sorry once again
Ragini: stop this sorry session (she looks at her watch) shona let us make anything for snacks ansh will come from school na
Swara: hmm yes di but not let us make let me make something u sit here or go and take rest
Ragini: (pouts) no one understands me
Swalak, uttara and neha smiles seeing her
Laksh: oho bhabhi i will give u some work u come and sit here (makes her sit on couch and he sits down in front of her) and ha now u will massage my head like u do for mohit bhai
Ragini smiles and swara and neha go to kitchen, uttara goes to her room and ragini starts doing massage at that time her phone rings
Ragini: lucky see who is it
Laksh: a video call from ur pyaara bhai wait i will tease him now showing how u are massaging my head (laksh attends the call)
Laksh: hai bhai
Mohit: (seeing ragini massaging laksh’s head makes faces) hai lucky
Laksh: (laughs) dont get jealous bhai

Mohit: who is getting jealous huh
Ragini: what happened mohit why did u call at this time
Mohit: nothing di i am little free so thought of talking to u but (makes faces) i think u are busy
Ragini: (smiles) mohit dont make those faces ok
Mohit: fine i agree i am jealous to see laksh in my place
Laksh: bhai i can never take ur place in bhabhi’s heart it is just i never got this massage from her i saw many times she doing it to u and now she is really bored so thought to change her mood that is it
Mohit: (smiles) i know lucky i am just kidding any way di today dinner at ur place and ha kajal has returned from her camp so she will also be there
Ragini: ok then meet u at dinner bye
Mohit: bye di bye lucky
They hang up the call at that time sanskar comes down instructing something to ramu kaka and here swara and neha also come out of kitchen
Ramu kaka: ok sanskar beta i will do it u dont worry
Ragini: (confused) sanskar what are u asking kaka to do
Sanskar: nothing jaan i just asked kaka to shift our things to bed room in the ground floor so that no one ever tries to harm u again (he says this seeing at neha angrily while she bends her head with tears in her eyes) and i already told u that i dont want to take any risk
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: please jaan leave it waise i am going to pick ansh from school bye take care (he kisses her forehead)
Ragini: (making puppy face) i also will come please i am bored sitting at home
Sanskar: (smiles seeing her face) fine chalo
Ragini: (happily) yippee
Sanskar: same like ur son now chalo

Ragsan leaves from there to ansh’s school to pick him up they reach school and wait for him to come out as soon as he comes out he sees them and runs to ragini
Ansh: (hugs ragini) mumma (kisses her cheeks)
Ragini: (kisses his forehead) toh chale ghar
Sanskar: huh u both always forget me let my princess come she will be my team
Ansh: (with attitude) no my princess will be in my team only ok dont keep hopes papa it is waste (saying this ansh enters into the car back side and sits while sanskar opens his mouth in ‘O’ shape seeing his son’s attitude regarding his sister while ragini laughs seeing this)
Ragini: (laughing) hahaha close ur mouth Mr. Maheshwari mosquitoes will build their house (saying this even she gets inside the car)
Sanskar sighs and enters into the car and starts driving
Sanskar: (murmuring) both mother and son are showing so much of attitude now a days huh god please send my princess fast so that i can team up
Ragini who listened this giggles
Ragini: (suddenly shouts) stop
Sanskar: (stops the car with jerk and concerned) jaan are u alright
Ansh: (concerned) ha mumma what happened why did u ask to stop the car
Ragini: (smiles sheepishly) wo i want to eat golguppa right there (pointing towards a golguppa stall)
Sanskar: (sighs in relief) cant u say it slow do u want to give any heart attack to us
Ragini: wo u are going so fast so i shouted now shall we go or not
Sanskar: (nods head with disbelief) chalo now and ansh hold mumma’s or my hand while crossing the road ok
Ansh nods his head and they go to golguppa stall
Ragini: bhayya very spicy
Sanskar: no little spicy
Ragini: (pouts) sanskar u dont want ur princess to eat whatever she wants
Ansh: ha papa see if mumma eats our princess also will eat na so u should allow mumma to eat whatever she wants
Sanskar: (looking upwards) oh god why did u give such dramebaaz in my life (to golguppa man) bhayya give whatever they want
That man smiles seeing them and nods his head

They complete eating and while sanskar is paying
Golguppa man: u have an adorable family sir may god give all the happiness to u and ur family
Listening this ragsan smiles and they start walking to the car holding ansh’s hand on either side
Ansh: (seeing a ball shop) papa let us buy a ball na please
Sanskar: hmm chalo
They go and buy a ball
Ansh: after going home rusty and me will play with this ball
Ragsan smiles they reach home and ansh runs inside followed by ragini holding his ball and sanskar holding his bag
Swara: oh ansh u came chalo go and fresh and come we will eat yummy pasta
Ansh: no masi u know i ate golguppa with mumma and papa
Swara: huh u ate without me go i am not talking to u
Ansh: no masi tomorrow we will go with chachu and eat ok
Swara: ok done
Neha: can i also join u both
Ansh seeing her goes to sanskar and sits on his lap hugging him while they understood his behaviour and neha has tears in her eyes
Ragini: chotu why did not u answer masi whether she can come or not
Ansh: no she is not my masi she is bad she only told me u dont love me u told we should not talk with bad people na
Ragini: but beta…
Sanskar: (interrupting) chalo ansh go and get fresh up
Ragini looks on helplessly
Ansh: ok papa saying this he goes away
Sanskar: ragini if he is not ready to speak leave him any way i dont want to affect my son by bad things (saying this he leaves from there)
Ragini goes to ansh room to check him and sees ansh just came out from wash room after having bath she makes him wear his dress and wipes his hair which is wet
Ragini: (while wiping) chotu if anybody did a mistake and understood that they did a mistake and asked for sorry what should we do
Ansh: we should forgive them as they understood their mistake
Ragini: then even neha masi also understood her mistake she asked me sorry
Ansh: but mumma she said those to me
Ragini: she said those because she does not know that i love u so much now she came to know na
Ansh: (thinks) ok mumma i will talk to masi also as i speak to all ok
Ragini: (smiles and kisses his cheek) that’s like a good boy
Ansh: mumma let us watch Doraemon na please
Ragini: wait then let me switch on the tv
Ragini switches on the tv and they both watches Doraemon

After some time
They both start singing loudly
Zindagi sawar doon…
Ek nayi bahaar doon…
Duniya hi badal doon…
Main tho pyaara sa chamatkar hoon…
(listening to them singing loudly sanskar and mohit, who just came to mm, come to ansh’s room and see them singing and swinging and smiles)
Main kisi ka sapna hoon jo aaj banchuka hoon sach…
Ab ye mera sapna hai ki sab ki sapne sach mai karoon
Aasmaan ko choo loon titli ban udoon
yaa helicopter
ah… ah…ha…
main hoon ek udta robo… Doraemon
mano ya na mano
main hoon ek udta robo… Doraemon
by this time all the youngsters are there including Karan and kajal after completing they immediately start to sing
Jeeney ka sahi dhang
Seekey hum is ke sang
Saray zamaney jaan pehchanay
Yeh hai Doraemon
Chehron per sabhi ke
Leke hasi ye aye
Sab ki zindagi yeh savare
Yeh hai Doraemon
Chahe bache ya bade
Sab ka yeh dulara hay
Hey bada hi pyara
Doraemon Doraemon
Hey bada pyara dost hamara
Doraemon Doraemon
La la la la…
(hehehe friends i love Doraemon so much thought to include my craziness in this ff)
All laughs seeing them singing so loud while ragansh hug each other

Kajal: (while laughing) oh ragu u also became child with this child beside u and one inside u
Ragini: (hugging her) kajal when did u come
Kajal: morning waise congrats i did not wish u face to face na
Ragini: thank u
Ansh: (pouts) u forgot me kajal aunty
Kajal: (pulls his cheeks) how can i forget my cute ansh
Ansh: i am not cute
Kajal and ragini: cute cute cute
Ansh: no no no i am not cute papa see na mumma and aunty are saying me cute
Sanskar: how bad ragini and kajal u both are too bad how can u say my champ cute (ansh nods) u should call him cutie
Ansh: papa u also go i am going to my mamu (saying this he goes to mohit) see mamu they are calling me cute
Mohit: oho they are just teasing u ansh
Ansh looks at sanskar and he nods yes
Sanskar: waise what are u both singing no i think it is shouting
Ansh: we are not shouting we are singing Doraemon song
Sanskar: now what is this Doraemon
Ragini: (shocked) what sanskar u dont know what is doraemon
Sanskar nods negatively
Ragini: (dramatically) oh god u dont know doraemon it is ansh’s and mine favourite cartoon character and u dont know about it
Ansh: ha papa u dont know doraemon chi chi u know it is an awesome cartoon it has many gadgets like any where door, time machine
Ragini: time cloth, bamboo cofter
They both go on telling about doraemon while others are giggling seeing sanskar moving his head from ragini to ansh and ansh to ragini to and fro at last he got frustrated
Sanskar: (shouts) stop
They both stop

Sanskar: (holding his hands) ok my dear jaan and champ now i know who is great doraemon it is my mistake that i dont know about him so sorry now i will also watch it along with u ok
Ragansh: good
Ragini: chalo it is time for dinner
They all go to have dinner even at dinner table they enjoyed a lot and sanskar and Sunaina completely ignored neha and she felt really bad but seeing love ansh is getting from every one especially ragini she felt really happy
@night ragsan room
Ansh is sleeping peacefully in the middle of ragsan even sanskar is sleeping but ragini is not getting sleep so she goes to balcony she is enjoying the cool breeze when suddenly two strong arms hug her from back she smiles and leans to him
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: not getting sleep
Ragini: hmm
Sanskar: so tell me what are u thinking
Ragini: nothing just thinking how my life has turned so beautiful within just six months
Sanskar: but ur life was beautiful even before six months right
Ragini: but after meeting ansh and u it changed a lot it became more beautiful (she turns towards him and hugs him) thank u for coming into my life
Sanskar: hmm it has been six months we met and our lifes changed a lot first we became friends, later married for ansh, and falling in love, swalak’s marriage, now u are even giving me a beautiful gift in our life i am so happy and thank u for coming into my life
They hear clock striking 12 am
Ragsan: happy 6 months anniversary
Ragini: 6 months before i met ansh in a park and from then to now i am very blessed to have him in my life
Sanskar: do u remember we both met when u were saving that puppy from my car and later after two days u came to office for interview
Ragini: hmm and after one and half month of our meet we both got married and later u proposed me on my birthday and then our life and now i am even carrying our child which and within 9 months we will have him or her in our hands
Sanskar: it is her only ok and i am waiting for my princess to come soon (he bends and kisses her belly and gets up and kisses ragini’s forehead)
Ragini yawns
Sanskar: chalo madam my princess is getting sleep she needs to sleep now
Ragini smiles and they both go and sleep peacefully on either side of ansh by keeping their hands on ansh.
That is it for today hope u liked the episode. It is a little long episode hope i did not bore u people and ha dont forget to tell ur views regarding this episode especially on ragini’s gesture towards neha i mean forgiving her. Tell me whether are u satisfied with ragini forgiving her if not i am really sorry guys that i could not reach ur expectations.

Ok now one more thing friends that i am not going to update till march 20 as i have final exams so i will be busy with my studies and i will give u the next episode on 20th of march only till then miss me miss my ff, take care, keep smiling bye.
Miss u all.

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