Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 23)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 23)
Hey guys back with next episode. Thank u so much for ur response. And thank u to those who commented and silent readers as well.
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Episode 22
Episode 22

Ansh when reached school he saw his friends with their mothers and felt sad that he did not even speak to ragini today and is missing her badly. Like this whole day he missed ragini a lot. Evening he reached home along with laksh at that time ramu kaka is going somewhere out.
Laksh: kaka where are u going

Kaka: laksh beta woh i am going to bring medicines for ragini beta
Laksh: (concerned for ragini) bhabhi what happened to bhabhi
Kaka: she was not well from morning she got fever and she fainted doctor checked her and gave these medicines so sanskar beta asked me to bring them
Laksh: ok kaka u go
Kaka goes and laksh turns to go to ragsan room but finds that ansh is already running to their room he also follows him. Ansh reaches ragsan room and was about to go to ragini, who is laying on bed unconscious, but sanskar holds ansh from going to her
Sanskar: (angry) dont go to her champ oh sorry ansh

Ansh: (crying) papa please let me go to mumma
Sanskar: no i will not allow u to go to her
Laksh: (who reached there) bhai leave him he is crying let him go to bhabhi
Sanskar: no laksh because of him only she is like this i will not let him go to her
Ansh bites sanskar on his hand and sanskar winces in pain and leaves his hand with jerk and ansh runs to ragini and hugs her and cries sanskar sees him and smiles and looks at laksh who understands that sanskar just did it to know what he will do to meet ragini. Here ansh is crying vigorously hugging ragini and ragini who felt that opens her eyes with difficulty and sees ansh who is crying and immediately gets up being worried and hugs him

Ragini: (worried) chotu why are u crying did u get hurt anywhere while playing in school
Ansh: (still crying) mumma i am sorry
Ragini: arrey beta stop crying say why are u crying and why are u saying sorry
Ansh: (crying) mumma sorry that i spoke to u those words na i am sorry please don’t get angry on me and don’t stop talking to me
Ragini: arrey stop crying and i am not angry on u and i will not stop talking to u ok
Ansh: (innocently) sacchi
Ragini: (smiles) mucchi
Ansh smiles and hugs her
Ansh: i love u mumma
Ragini: (smiles) i love u too my chotu
Ansh: (breaks the hug) mumma my kissy
Ragini smiles and kiss his forehead lovingly and he kisses her cheeks and hugs her again
Sanskar till then keeps looking at the mother son duo with a smile on his face and now changes it to be angry one and goes to ragansh and separates them who are hugging each other
Sanskar: (angry) ansh

Ansh gets fear seeing his angry and hides behind ragini and holds her hand tight. Ragini who sensed this looked at sanskar with a “please dont say anything to him” look and sanskar sighs as he himself cannot say anything to his son
Sanskar: (lovingly) champ won’t u speak to papa
Ansh peeps out from behind ragini and see sanskar smiling at him and slowly comes out and gets up and goes to sanskar and hugs him and sanskar hugs him back with a smile on his face
Ansh: sorry papa

Sanskar: it is ok now where is my kissy
Ansh immediately comes out of the hug and kisses him on his cheeks and sanskar kisses his forehead lovingly
Laksh: oh then what about ur chachu
Ansh runs to him and jumps into his arms and says sorry to him and kisses his cheeks and again runs to ragini and sit on her lap and hugs her and kisses her belly also
Ansh: this is for little princess inside u mumma i love u little princess
Ragini: little princess
Ansh: ha i will call my sister as little princess and i will only hold her first not any one ok
Sanskar: why no she is my daughter i will hold her first
Ansh: no it will be me who will hold her first
Sanskar: no me
They keep on fighting who will hold her first and laksh smiles seeing them and leaves the room letting them to spend a family time while ragini gets irritated
Ragini: (irritated and shouts) stop
Sanansh stops and blinks their eyes at her like innocent children
Ragini: sanskar u are fighting with ur son like a kid
Sanskar: ha i am fighting with him for my daughter i will hold her first
Ansh: no i will hold my sister first she is my sister not urs
Sanskar: arey when did i said she is my sister i told she is my daughter so i will hold her first
Ansh: if she is ur daughter also i will only hold my sister first mumma u tell papa that i will hold her first
Sanskar: jaan u tell champ that i will hold her first
Ragini: shut up sanskar why are u arguing u should support ur son and tell him to hold first so now i am telling my chotu will hold his little princess first understand
Ansh shows his tongue out to sanskar and teases him that he won and he will hold his sister first
Sanskar: this is not fair always u will support him only u both always team up and tease me let my princess come i will make her into my team and we both will take revenge for all the things
Ansh: no my sister will be in my team and i will love her so much like mohit mamu loves mamma na like that

Ragini has tears in her eyes listening to her son saying how he will love his sister
Ansh: (continues) and i will not let anyone say even a word to her and i will protect her from all bad things
Sanskar smiles feeling proud of his son and hugs both ragansh
Sanskar: i love u both no u three
Ragansh: we love u too
Ragini: ok i am hungry aren’t u hungry chotu
Ansh: this much mumma (by extending his hands either sides)
Ragini smiles and takes a big chocolate from desk and shows that to ansh
Ragini: (smiles) shall we eat this

Ansh nods vigorously and ragini feeds him and sanskar and eats herself finally they complete eating
Sanskar: champ now go and get fresh up and come u both did not eat anything properly from morning i will bring something for u both to eat ok
Ragini: no i dont want to eat
Ansh: but i want to eat if u dont eat i will not eat ur wish
Ragini: but chotu
Sanskar: jaan it is not good for ur health even the princess might be hungry what will she think that my mumma is not even eating anything properly
Ragini: sanskar
Ansh: no little princess wants to eat so u should eat now for me and for her i will get fresh up and come

Ragini gives up and nods
Ragini: but we will go down and eat there ok
Ansh: done
He runs to his room to get fresh up
Sanskar: ok u also get fresh from morning u are crying and took a lot of stress see how u made urself i will just inform kaka to make something for u both ok
Sanskar is about to move but ragini stops him by holding his hand and makes him sit and keeps her head on his shoulder
Sanskar: what happened jaan

Ragini: why did ansh behave yesterday like that sanskar?
Sanskar: shh forget it everything is fine now right so just leave it and dont stress urself thinking about it ok it is not good for ur health
Ragini: but
Sanskar: (kisses her forehead lovingly) jaan i said na and by the way u know what ur son did he bite me to come near to u see (he shows where ansh bite him)
Ragini: arey why did he bite u what did u do
Sanskar: woh i did not allow him to come near u as he did those all and made u cry so he bite me and i left his hand he came to u
Ragini laughs

Ragini: this is ur punishment for doing like that
Sanskar: huh u will always support him ok now get up go get fresh up my princess might be hungry and champ is also hungry he also not ate anything properly in the morning he did not take his box also for lunch
Ragini: what he did not have his lunch also oh god sanskar how can u let him go like that i should go fast saying this she runs to washroom
Sanskar: jaan dont run u should not run
But ragini does not listen and sanskar shakes his head and goes to inform kaka to make something to ragansh

Swalak room
Laksh: arey shona go and make something for bhabhi and ansh they might be hungry
Swara: lucky go and call ansh i will make what he wants to eat ok
Laksh: ok i will u come fast how much time u will take to keep clothes in cupboard
Swara: lucky u go and first call him
Laksh goes to ansh’s room and sees him struggling to wear his shirt and helps him
Laksh: done now go ur chachi is calling u
Ansh: (confused) chachi
Laksh: ha swara

Ansh: but she is mausi na
Laksh: ha she is ur mausi before now she is ur chachi na so call her chachi
Swara: (who came there) even now i am his mausi ok he will call me mausi
Laksh: chachi
Swara: mausi
They both keep fighting listening to their fight all came there and look at them confused and finally ragini stops them from fighting
Ragini: about what u both are fighting

Laksh: bhabhi see i am telling ansh to call her as chachi as she is his chachi
Ragini: what why all of a sudden now u are asking him to change
Swara: offo di yesterday he watched some show in that hero’s brother married heroine’s sister and from then hero’s child started calling her chachi now he also wanted ansh to call me chachi but i am asking him to call mausi only as first i am his mausi later i became chachi
Laksh: so what he will call u chachi from now
Swara: no
Laksh: yes
Ansh: stop u both (turning to laksh) u want me to call her chachi right (laksh nods) (turns to swara) u want me to call u mausi right (swara nods) ok then i will fulfil both ur wishes i will call her chasi
All: chasi
Ansh: cha from chachi and si from mausi ok
Sanskar: wah kya brain hai aakir kiska beta hai
Ragini: ha my son na
Ansh: ha smart exactly like my mumma

Sanskar: haw i said u are smart like me
Laksh: stop u three chasi it is really weird dont call her like that either call chachi or mausi ok
Swara: then call me mausi only
Laksh: ok fine but dont call that chasi
Ansh: then u would have agreed before only why to fight with mausi for that
Laksh: because i love her
Ansh: (confused) mumma if he love her why he always fight with her
Sanskar: champ leave him he is mad

Ragini: chalo chotu i am hungry we will eat some thing
Swara: oh no i forgot i came to ask what u want to eat ansh so that i will prepare it for u
Sanskar: shona already kaka made it u dont worry now come on let us go down
All nods and leaves except neha who is fuming again seeing ragansh close and thinking how to make ragini suffer

I know i did not fulfil my promise of posting on Wednesday but i am sorry i am busy that i was not able to post it. Thanks for reading. Please do comment. I hope u liked today’s episode. Thank u to all those who commented and silent readers as well.

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