Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 22)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 22)
Ready 1…2…3… shield protecting me go now u can throw tomatoes, bats, balls, daggers etc whatever u want but dont throw eggs or any non veg items as i am vegetarian. Ok sorry for this long gap actually i am not able to type due to some personal works and studies. And i am also upset for that i got a very little time in that i read few ffs as i cannot type at that little time. Thank u to those who commented on my previous episode and silent readers as well but i am little upset as i got very less comments in the previous episode but no worries u may be busy. Ok and ha dont get angry after reading this episode. Sorry for such long speech. Ok now end for my bak bak and let us jump into the epi

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Neha goes to ansh’s room who is watching cartoon on T.V
Neha: hi ansh
Ansh: hi hmm ha masi
Neha: ansh do u like to watch cartoons
Ansh: so much masi
Neha: oh tell me one thing dont u miss ur mom
[Mom is Sanaya and mumma is ragini just for differentiation friends]
Ansh: (sad) i miss her alot masi and i used to cry everyday but mumma told me that if i cry mom will become sad so i am not crying now but i miss her alot. (happy) But when mumma is with me i really dont miss mom because she loves me so much and I love mumma very much.
Neha fumes listening to this
Neha: ansh but u are not her real child na if she gets her real child then she may not love u this much and she may even ignore u and become partial between u and her own child and ignore u then again u will not have a mother who will love u na but i saw u love her so much and she is just faking her love for u
She smirks saying this and she sees that ansh is lost in her words.

As he is a small kid he gets affected so easily for whatever the elders say whether it is good or bad. Seeing the effect of her words on him she goes out smirking at him
Neha: (in mind) now i will see ragini how u will be happy u took my sister’s place na first i am going to separate u from ansh and i am going to get succeed in it very soon.
After she goes out sanskar comes to ansh’s room
Sanskar: champ chalo nanu and nani might be coming
Ansh: (comes out of his thoughts) ha papa chalo
Saying this he jumps from the bed and runs out of his room sanskar smiles and follows him. Ragini who sees him running from hall
Ragini: chotu slowly dont run u will get hurt
At that only Shemish enters into the house and ansh runs to them
Ansh: nanu (jumps into his arms and shekhar lifts him and kisses him on his cheek)
Shekhar: how is our ansh?
Ansh: super happy u know nanu today is papa’s birthday and u know we will get a baby also very soon now it is in mumma’s stomach

Shekhar: really are u happy
Ansh: very happy nanu
Mishti: aww u forgot ur nani u love only ur nanu go i will not give these chocolates to u
Ansh: (jumps and goes to her) no nani i love u also please give my chocolates na
Ragini: arey chotu first let them come and sit na
Ansh: oops sorry
Shemish comes inside and ragini hugs and sanskar takes their blessings
Shekhar: i am very happy for u both beta
Ragsan smiles
Mishit: ansh here are ur chocolates
Ansh takes from her and started to open but
Ragini: chotu no not now u will eat them tomorrow
Ansh: please mumma please
Ragini: (strict) no not now u ate so many chocolates today already
Ansh: (sad) ok
And goes from there neha sees this and follows him
Neha: see ansh i told na she does not love u see now also she spoke to u angrily. If she loves u she would have allowed u to eat chocolates and would not have spoke to u angrily.

Ansh again starts thinking about that at that time he listens to mohit who came to mm along with Karan and kajal and calling him
Mohit: ansh where are u see mamu came
Ansh runs to him and jumps into his arms
Mohit: ok let us speak to sid uncle what say
Ansh: (happy) ha i will also talk to him
They for some time do video chat with sid and roshini who congratulated ragsan and wished sanskar his birthday and later did a family dinner and gm left

@ragsan room
Ansh is jumping on the bed and asking sanlak who are doing some office work to play video game with him
Ansh: (jumping) papa, chachu please for some time we will play video game na
Ragini: no chotu it is already very late tomorrow u should go to school tomorrow chalo let us sleep
Ansh: (stubbornly) no mumma i want to play that is it
Ragini: (angrily) no now come to sleep without speaking further
Ansh: (angrily) no i will not sleep u dont love me that is why u are angry on me and from morning u are always saying no for whatever i am asking first for chocolate now for video game. I am not ur real son na that is why u are doing like this now u will get ur child na so u will get angry on me. If my mom would have been there she would have allowed me to do whatever i want to do

Saying this he leaves from that room leaving broken ragini and shocked sanlak. Tears are continuously flowing from ragini’s eyes and she sat on bed with a thud sanskar immediately went to ragini whereas laksh followed ansh
Ragini: (crying and hugs sanskar) no sanskar i am just telling him to sleep as he was not sleeping properly from two days and what if he falls sick no sanskar i love him so much for me he is my life I did not…
Sanskar: (interrupting her by placing his finger on her lips) shh dont speak anything i know u love and care for him so much that u will give ur life for him. Dont know what happened to him and why he spoke to u like that even he loves u so much i think he got angry as u were denying him to play but he does not that u are doing that as u love and care for him see tomorrow he will come and say sorry so now stop crying it is not good for u and baby (he wipes her tears with his thumb)

Ragini: Ansh (he hugs her and rubs her back)
Sanskar: shh i am telling na everything will be fine u know na he can’t be far from u so long so he will definitely come to u by running when u just call him once tomorrow saying mumma i am hungry ok. So stop now and sleep come on (he kisses her forehead and they both lay on bed and ragini keeps on sobbing and slowly drips into sleep)
On the other side laksh follows ansh
Laksh: ansh listen
Ansh: chachu i am sleepy good night (he lays on bed and covers himself with a comforter neglecting laksh’s presence. Laksh feels helpless and sad and leaves from there. This is not known to anyone in the family except to sanlak, ansh and ragini as laksh does not say about ansh’s behaviour to anyone)

Ragini got ready and immediately went to ansh’s room. There she saw him struggling to wear his shirt she goes to him with a smile
Ragini: (smile) chotu come i will help u
Ansh: (rudely) no need i will do my self
Ragini: (hurt) chotu
Ansh: my name is ansh ok
Ragini: (tears flowing from her eyes) ok ansh let me help u
Ansh: i said na no need u leave from here
Ragini was about to speak something but sanlak who listened to them came there and sanskar takes her from there by giving a glance to ansh
Laksh: so ansh shall we go u have to eat ur breakfast ur self as now no one will feed u as u dont love ur mumma and even dont want to speak to her
Ansh felt sad but just went to breakfast table and here neha while smirking leaves the place as she listened to everything which ansh spoke to ragini and ansh started to eat but not able to eat properly so he stopped eating and went and got ready for school and later laksh dropped him in school

Ragini is crying continuously by hugging sanskar and he is consoling her and fed her breakfast and made her sleep.
Screen splits on ansh’s sad face, ragini’s face which has a lot of tear marks, sanskar’s face who is lost in ansh’s sudden change in behaviour and smirking face of neha.
Precap: ragansh unite and happy moments
Thank u all for reading. Please do comment. And ha dont curse me for this episode and next episode will be ragansh cute mother son duo moments and some ragsanansh moments so just spare me for this episode. Next episode will be on Wednesday pakka promise. Till then take care keep smiling.

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