Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 21)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 21)
Hey guys i am back with next episode. Thank u so much for the support u all guys giving me. Thank u to those who commented and silent readers as well.

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Next morning
Ragsanansh are sleeping peacefully when somebody knock the door sanskar wakes up and opens the door and sees ap there with arti plate
Sanskar: (takes arti) good morning ma
Ap: good morning beta i did puja thought to give as today is ur birthday
Sanskar: thank u ma
Ap: ragini and ansh sleeping
Sanskar: hmm
Ap: u get ready and come breakfast is ready shona made it
Sanskar: ji ma
Ap goes and he closes the door and goes to fresh up when he is in wash room ragini wakes up and finds sanskar not there she listens to water sound and understood he is in washroom she gets up and keeps his things on bed and goes to wake ansh
Ragini: chotu wake up u will get late to school
Ansh: mumma just five minutes please
Ragini: please na chotu u are a good boy na wake up
Ansh gets up from bed and keeps his head in ragini’s lap and again sleeps
Ragini: (caressing his hair) my chotu wake up na please for mumma
Ansh: mumma after five minutes i will wake up please na
Ragini: ok just five minutes

Ansh sleeps while ragini cares his hair at that time sanskar comes out after getting fresh up with wet hair and sees ansh not waking up he slowly goes to ansh and shakes his head vigorously such that the water in his hair falls on ansh he wakes up immediately while ragini laughs
Ansh: papa u spoiled my sleep (pouts)
Sanskar: hahaha mumma is waking u and u are not waking up so thought to help mumma see i was succeeded
Ansh: huh papa this is not fair i helped u many times while u are sleeping but u spoiled it
Sanskar: oho ragini’s chotu
Ansh: ragini’s chotu what is this
Sanskar: u will not allow me to call chotu na so ragini’s chotu
Ragini: really sanskar u are impossible chalo chotu u got up na go and get ready go
Ansh kisses both ragsan and runs out to get ready ragini is about to go but sanskar holds her wrist she turns and gives a questioning look to him
Sanskar: where are u going without giving my morning dose
Ragini: sanskar leave me we are getting late
Sanskar: jaan u know i will not leave u until u give it to me so dont argue and give me and be a good girl

Ragini gives up and comes close to him and pecks his lips he smiles and kisses her forehead lovingly and hugs her
Sanskar: thank u for coming into my life jaan
Ragini: sanskar why do u thank me every day like this
Sanskar: because it is u who changed my life and gave all happiness again after sanaya’s death in fact u sacrificed ur life for me and ansh
Ragini: sanskar i did not sacrifice anything see now i got all the happiness in my life i got my love i got a cute little son and now again a new member in our lives do u still think it is a sacrifice actual u know i was little selfish when marrying u that i will get my love na (she winks)
Sanskar: so ur selfishness brought happiness to my champ and that is enough for me above that u gave happiness to me too ok now go get ready we need to go to office
Ragini: haw how mean u are asking ur pregnant wife to come to office
Sanskar: oye drama queen stop doing ur drama after one week u will eat my brain to take u to office then we will see
Ragini: (confused) one week what for
Sanskar: after one week my new PA will join then u will be at home and take complete rest understood Mrs. Maheshwari
Ragini: what no please what will i do at home sitting idle please i will come na please
Sanskar: no way i dont want to take any risk so just enjoy ur working for this week for now go and get fresh up
Ragini: please
Sanskar: no more arguments go now
Ragini gives up and goes to get ready
@breakfast table
Ap: ragini drink this milk
Ragini: (makes faces) ma milk why should i drink milk why not juice
Ap: no u should drink this milk this is really needed for u
Ragini: ma please no
Ansh: mumma u always make me drink milk forcefully na now u should drink
Swara: ya right champ chalo di come on finish it otherwise no office what say jiju
Sanskar: of course shona come on jaan complete it fast otherwise no need to come to office
Laksh: bhai why are u blackmailing my bhabhi u all just give me the glass and go i will make her drink it ok (saying this he takes the glass from ap and goes from there while all sees him confused after some time he comes there with chocolate milk shake and gives it to her)
Laksh: come on bhabhi now nobody can dare to blackmail u saying the name of office
Ansh: haw chachu u gave mumma my chocolate milk shake this is cheating
Sanskar: how can u cheat my champ lucky?

Ragini: shut up sanskar (she drinks the milk) so yummy now i understand why always chotu ask for chocolate shake chotu everyday u can drink this only
Ansh: yippee now i dont need to drink that yuck milk
Sanskar: both are same can’t change ma we will leave now
Ap: beta take care of ragini dont let her stress much ok
Sanskar: ma dont worry i will take care of her ok
Laksh: even i will take care of my bhabhi
Swara: first u see urself later u can see about my di
Laksh: u i will see u later
Ragini: why do u both always fight
Sanskar: leave it come on champ let us go
They all go to office leaving ansh at school

Sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar: from today u work in my cabin only ok
Ragini nods as it is waste to argue with him. Just then aarav enters the cabin without knocking and hugs ragini
Aarav: congratulations ragini
Ragini: thank u bhai
Sanskar: dost dost na raha here it is my birthday but u did not wish me but u congratulated ur sister
Aarav: what is new in ur birthday it comes every year but this news is really happy news any ways (hugs sanskar) happy birthday and congratulations
Sanskar: (smiles) thank u and now
Ragaarav: get back to work (both hi-fi to each other laughing)
Sanskar makes faces day passes like this
Ragsananshlak enters home they see Sunaina (sanaya’s mother i hope u remember) is in hall along with ap, uttara, swara and talking ansh runs to Sunaina and hugs her
Ragini: ma when did u come (she bends to take blessings but Sunaina stops and hugs her)
Sunaina: no beta u should not bend i am very happy for u congratulations i came in the afternoon
Sanskar: ma (takes blessings from her) how are u
Sunaina: i am fine beta happy birthday i came here for ur birthday but i got another good news
Sanskar: (smiles) thank u ma
Sunaina: ok u guys carry on we will leave to room
Sanskar nods and ap and Sunaina leaves
At that time someone comes from back of sanskar and closes his eyes
Person: guess who (seeing the person laksh and uttara expressions change to annoyed ones they dont like her)
Sanskar: (smiles) hmm let me think monkey no gorilla
Person: (removes her hand) jiju am i looking like monkey and gorilla
Sanskar: oho sorry na kiddo when did u come from London
Person: one weak back and happy birthday jiju
Sanskar: thank u neha

(Neha: she is sanaya’s sister studied in London and only met them when ansh was born later she became busy in her studies she did not even come when Sanaya died as she did not get visa and ansh also dont know her she has a lot of attitude and always behaves as her wish says whatever she feels she never thinks whether opposite person will hurt or not played by Adaa Khan)
Neha: so tell me now who is the person who stole my sister’s place
Listening this sanskar got angry but he controlled because he knows about her and swaragini were hurt and laksh and uttara made a disgusting face
Sanskar: neha
Neha: ok sorry who is the person
Sanskar: (points towards ragini and says proudly) she is the one who sacrificed her life for my champ
Neha goes to ragini
Neha: so u are the one who took my sister’s place
Ragini: (though hurt but still smiles) i did not take her place neha in fact i can never take her place either in their hearts or in this house everybody has their own place in people’s heart and i made my place for me in their hearts am i right
All smiles proudly for ragini’s reply especially laksh
Laksh: (proudly) absolutely bhabhi
Ansh: mumma i am hungry
Ragini: just two minutes i will bring something to eat for u
Swara: di u sit i will bring
Ragini: no shona i also will come chalo
She goes with swara
Sanskar: i will fresh and come (he goes)
Swara: i dont like her how can she talk like that
Ragini: shona u should not tell like that she is our guest
Swara makes faces and leaves from there
Neha goes to ansh who is playing with rusty
Neha: hai ansh i am ur masi u dont know me as we never met
Ansh: but swara masi is my masi na
Neha: she is ur step mother’s sister but i am ur ma’s sister
Laksh: (looks at neha angrily) neha please dont spoil a kid with ur dirty talks understand ansh go get fresh and come till then mumma will bring food for u go
Ansh nods and goes
Uttara: neha listen dont use ur dirty brain and spoil that kid with ur dirty thoughts ragini bhabhi is really good and we are very happy with her she loves ansh as her real son and now we are happy that she is going to give happiness by another member to the family so just beware from her and i warn u if anything u do na then u will see another side of me
Neha: hey uttara dont dare to warn me otherwise
Laksh: u dont dare to warn her uttara let us go we dont need to talk to these type of people
Saying this both laksh and uttara goes from there leaving fuming neha there

Neha POV
Huh how dare they warn me i will show the real face of that ragini and i should not let her child to come to this world which may take my sister’s child place i will not let that happen
Neha POV ends

Laksh: uttara u always keep an eye on her see that she never talks to ansh such rubbish and take care of him
Uttara: but bhai when i am at home i will when i am not there who will take care
Laksh: even i am worried about it
Swara: about what u are worried laksh
Laksh: uttara i think she can help us
Swara: laksh what are u talking about
Laksh: swara listen this (he tells about the conversation with neha and tells her take care of ansh and ragini)
Swara: dont worry laksh i will take care of that
Uttara: bhabhi be careful dont allow her to ansh at all ok
Swara nods

Thank u for reading. So now we will see how neha will try to harm ragini and instigate ansh against ragini will she succeed or swalak and uttara saves them. Tell ur views regarding this episode through ur comments.

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