Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 20)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 20)
Hello guys i am back with next episode. Thank u so much for the support u all are giving me through ur comments they are giving a lot of encouragement to me. Thank u to all those who commented and silent readers as well. Yesterday (Sunday) i had an exam so i was busy in studying sorry for the late. Yippee i reached episode 20 thank u so much all of u for the superb support it really means a lot to me.
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Ragini is coming out of the kitchen she feels dizzy but she manages and comes to hall but again feels dizzy and faints and falls on the floor. Listening to the sound all see in the direction and finds her on the floor
Sanskar/ansh: (shouts) ragini/mumma and runs to her
Sanskar places ragini’s head in his lap and taps her cheek
Sanskar: (worried and tapping her cheek) ragini open ur eyes ragini
Ansh: (sobbing) mumma get up open ur eyes mumma (shakes ragini)
Swara brought a glass of water and gives it to sanskar and sanskar sprinkles some water on ragini’s face and she slowly opens her eyes all feel relaxed and ansh immediately hugs her
Ragini: chotu i am fine see me see
Ansh: (sobbing) mumma i was scared
Ragini: shh i am fine (rubs his back)
Sanskar: jaan are u fine
Ragini: ha sanskar it is just that i am tired as i did not have my lunch properly as i was not willing to and i have a little head ache that is it
Swara: di u go take rest after dinner is ready i will bring it to the room
Ragini nods as she is not feeling well
Sanskar: come i will leave u in the room lucky i will come till then u carry on with the work
Laksh nods and sanskar takes her to the room and ansh follows him

@ragsan room
Sanskar makes her sit on the bed and gives a glass of water and a tablet to reduce the head ache
Ragini sees towards ansh who is still having tears in his eyes and seeing her standing near the bed she signals him to come to her he goes to her and hugs her
Ragini: (rubs his back) chotu u should not cry for every small thing see me (breaks the hug and cups his face and wipes his tears with her thumb) see mumma is fine just she is tired u should not cry like this for every small thing u should be strong and brave boy u look like cry baby if u cry like this
Ansh: (wipes his tears) i am not cry baby
Ragini: (smiles) ok now give mumma a kiss and go and play with rusty go
Ansh kisses ragini’s cheek and ragini kisses his forehead lovingly and ansh runs to play
Sanskar: (bends to her kisses her forehead) now u take rest come on lay down
He is about to make her lay on bed but she hugs him and pecks his lips and lays on bed and covers herself in the blanket head to toe leaving sanskar smiling like an idiot after few minutes he also leaves from there as soon as he leaves she gets up from the bed and goes to her bag and takes few medicines and takes them later she takes a file from her bag and sits on the bed opens it and smiles

Ragini’s POV
Just a few hours sanskar u will get the best birthday gift in ur life u will get to know that we are going to get symbol of our love and ansh going to get his brother or sister as his wish
Flash back
It is one day when after ragsan met with the accident it is evening ansh came from school crying ap saw him crying and went to him
Ap: beta why are u crying
Ansh: (crying) dadi where is mumma
Ap: in room beta but tell me why are u crying
Ansh without answering runs to room and ap follows him

In room
Ansh runs to ragini and hugs her and cries ragini gets worried
Ragini: (worried) chotu why are u crying what happened did anyone say anything in the school
Ansh: (between his sobs) mumma… my friend… got a baby sister… and he teased me so much today… that i did not have any baby to play mumma i also want a baby to play please mumma
He keeps on crying and ragini is shocked and confused that how to make him understand she is just keeping what to do expression and looks at ap who is standing near the bed ap sighs and sits beside them
Ap: ansh come to me i will tell u one thing
Ansh goes to ap and hugs her
Ap: ansh do u remember once i told u if u want anything go and ask god and he will definitely fulfil ur wish if he is happy with u
Ansh: ha dadi
Ap: so tomorrow we will go to god and ask him to give a baby to u but u should be a good boy always
Ansh: but i am a good boy already
Ap: ha u are a good boy but still u make mumma run for drinking milk and u eat so many chocolates though mumma says no and cry for every small things so there are still some wrongs so god may not be happy then how will he fulfil his wish
Ansh: then i will drink milk everyday like a good boy, eat less chocolates and also not cry for small things then i will ask him to give me a baby to play then he will fulfil na
Ap: (smiles) ha he will definitely but it will take a long time u should wait for that ok
Ansh nods vigorously and smiles with tears
Ap: (wipes his tears) and dont think about ur friends words he is just teasing u na u enjoy his teasing and leave it and now go and get fresh go
Ansh: ok dadi bye and ha we will go to temple tomorrow to ask god about it ok (he runs from there)
Ap sees ragini sitting there thinking deeply and lost in her thoughts ap keeps her hand on her shoulders ragini comes to reality
Ap: (caressing her hair) beta just think about what ansh has asked he is a kid so he asked directly and even i feel the same but i never brought that topic as i thought it is u both who needs to decide as ur marriage has happened in different circumstances so just think about it i will be waiting for a little prince or princess if it is princess i will be the happiest.
Saying this ap went from the room leaving a thinking ragini there

After some time sanskar who came from office entered the room only to find a lost ragini he kept his hand on her shoulder to which she jerked from her thoughts and saw towards him
Ragini: u when did u come
Sanskar: when u were lost what happened where have u lost
Ragini: sanskar wo… (tells everything what happened in the evening and what ap said)
Sanskar: hmm so what is there to think in that?
Ragini: (worried) but sanskar i mean what if i ignore ansh after our baby comes to this world no i dont want that i always want only ansh and u know that we married just for ansh and i am happy that i got my love along with ansh and he is my everything and he is my son and for me it is enough
Sanskar: shh why are u speaking like that who told that ansh is not ur son he is and he will be ur son and u think that if we plan for a child that u may ignore ansh so u are worried of thinking about our child right but listen to me u are completely wrong because u will never do that and i trust u and why because u also was brought up by sumi ma who is not ur biological mother but how did she gave her love to u more than a real mother and ur culture, ur values everything are given by sumi ma and u will never do any wrong just think what ma said and i will be ok whatever ur decision is but i will also tell u my wish ok
Ragini: what is it
Sanskar: my wish is i also want a princess who calls me papa like my champ does but i will respect ur decision dont get confused and just think with peace of mind and i know every girl always wishes to become a mother and her happiness lies in her children’s happiness so just think with peace in ur mind ok and now i will go and get fresh up saying this he goes to get fresh up leaving thinking ragini back
Flash back ends

Ragini POV continues
And that day i thought to fulfil their wish because i even will have happiness of becoming mother which is the best feeling a women can get and now i am very excited to tell this news to my sanskar and my ansh but the first one to know this news will be my life my sanskar as his first birthday gift and his best gift and then ansh who will be the happiest to know that he is going to get a little brother or sister to play and to take care of his sister or brother thinking like this she doses of but hiding the file before that
After some time sanskar comes to room and finds that she sleeping peacefully with cute smile on her face a smile appears on his face he goes to her sits beside her and caresses her hair
Sanskar: (while caressing her hair) jaan wake up it is time to dinner
Ragini: (holds his hand which is on her hair) let me sleep na sanskar please
Sanskar: u sleep after dinner na please wake up na
Ragini slowly opens her eyes and finds smiling sanskar in front of her she keeps her head in his lap and hugs him through waist
Sanskar: chalo get up let us have dinner
Ragini gets up and sanskar feeds and he also have it by himself
Ragini: sanskar did ansh slept
Sanskar: ha he slept he wants to sleep with ma today i asked him to come but he said he will not come so i left
Ragini: (in mind) good my chotu all the best do all the arrangements properly with ur chachu and chachi in fact it is happy news to every one
Sanskar: hello madam where are u lost
Ragini: nothing
Sanskar: chalo sleep now
Ragini: u also come
Sanskar nods and they both sleep peacefully in each other’s embrace after some time ragini wakes up due to alarm sound and she immediately close the alarm and messages to laksh whether everything is ready or not while he replies her that everything is ready and she again messages him that they will be there within fifteen minutes and once check all the arrangements
Ragini: (sits beside sanskar and caresses his hair) sanskar wake up
Sanskar: (in sleep) let me sleep na jaan
Ragini: sanskar wake up now
Sanskar gives up and wakes and looks at ragini who smiles at him
Ragini: get up and sit
Sanskar does and she immediately hugs him
Ragini: happy birthday to u sanskar
Sanskar gets surprised and happy and hugs her tightly
Sanskar: thank u so much jaan thank u so much
Ragini: (breaks the hug) sanskar i need to tell u something important
Sanskar: ha tell me
Ragini: close ur eyes and forward ur hand
Sanskar: but u told that u want to tell some thing
Ragini: sanskar just do what i say
Sanskar: ok and he does what she said
Ragini takes his hands and puts it on her stomach
Ragini: now open ur eyes
Sanskar opens his eyes and looks at his hand which is on ragini’s stomach and again looks at ragini
Sanskar: (understands and happy) really
Ragini nods her head with a beautiful smile on her face and sanskar hugs her tightly while ragini has tears of happiness in her eyes as she understood how happy her husband is by this news and it can be understood by the way he hugged her
Ragini: did u like my gift
Sanskar: no i did not like it i just loved it u gave me the best gift i ever got on my birthday thank u so much (he breaks the hug and kisses her forehead lovingly)
Sanskar: thank u so much for this and i love u so much (kisses her stomach) i love u too princess
Ragini: hey how do u know it is princess
Sanskar: i know it is princess ok
Ragini: it may be boy or girl i will love them a lot but never ignore…
Before completing her sentence sanskar places his lips on her making her shock but later she also responds to him with equal passion they break their kiss when they lack of oxygen
Sanskar: u need not tell i know u will never ignore ansh because he is ur first child
Ragini has tears in her eyes that how much he understands her and hugs him they remain like that for some time
Ragini: sanskar i did not tell this news to anyone i thought to tell u first so we need to tell them
Sanskar: but tell me when did u got this news
Ragini: two days before
Sanskar: and u hid it from then how mean u alone enjoyed the happiness this is not fair
Ragini: (smiles) i thought it to give as a birthday gift to u now i have another surprise so come on get up fast we need to go
Sanskar: (something strikes his mind) hey wait so u fainted due to this in the evening right
Ragini nods
Sanskar: and then also u lied to me
Ragini: sanskar will u keep on interrogating or will u come for the other surprise
Sanskar: ok chalo
Ragini holds his hand and takes him outside the room it is completely dark outside in the hall as soon as they reaches the hall all the lights get on with a blasting sound all shouts happy birthday
Ansh runs to sanskar and hugs him
Ansh: happy birthday papa
Sanskar lifts him in his arms and kisses his forehead
Sanskar: thank u so much champ
All wishes him and he takes blessing from ap and hugs others even mohit and karan are also there
Ragini: now another surprise lucky
Laksh: ji bhabhi
Again lights go off and a projector is shown in which his childhood photos with his papa ma lucky uttara and photos with Sanaya and ansh and so many his eyes filled with tears when he remembered his moments with his papa whom he misses the most but never shares with anyone ragini keeps her hand on him he smiles seeing her
Ragini: so it is time for cake chalo
He cuts the cake and feeds ap and then ansh and then ragini and then all
Laksh: ok bhai tell me did u like surprise
Sanskar: i loved it thank u so much
Laksh: chalo after all the idea is of great laksh maheshwari (he raises his invisible collar as he is wearing a collarless shirt)
Swara: (hits him on his back) oye it is my idea
Laksh: oho shona urs or mine what is the difference
Swara: there is a difference ok
Ragini: ok u both stop now sanskar and me need to tell something ok (and looks at sanskar)
Sanskar: ma (sits on the floor near ap who is sitting on the couch and seeing her children happy with a smile on her face and holds her hand) we are going to get a new member in our family very soon

Ap: (happy and looks at ragini who is blushing by bending her head) really
Sanskar nods his head ap immediately stands and hugs ragini and ragini bends and takes her blessings and ap then hugs sanskar
While swalak, mohit Karan, uttara and ansh just standing there not understanding what is happening
Ap: i am so happy for u both congratulations to u both
Then swara understands what he meant and squeals in excitement and starts jumping
Swara: (squeals and jumping) di u are pregnant congratulations (hugs her and then hugs sanskar)
Laksh and others understand and they also congratulate them the only one who does not understand anything and stands there is ansh ap observes him and calls him
Ap: ansh beta come here
Listening her ragsan looks at ansh and then to each other
Ap: ansh beta do u remember u asked mumma that u want a baby to play
Ansh nods his head as yes
Ap: and u asked god and became a good boy also na so he is going to fulfil ur wish by giving u a baby
Ansh: (happy) really dadi when will he give where i will get it from
Ap: it will still take some more time and ha the baby is in mumma’s stomach u should take care of mumma u should not allow her to do any work ok
Ansh: ok dadi see i will not let her do any work i will help her and take care of her
Ragsan smiles and ragini hugs him with so much of love and kisses his forehead and ansh kisses her cheek
Sanskar: then my kissy
Ansh kisses him on his cheek and sanskar again takes him in his arms
Ap: ok chalo bacho now let us sleep it is really late
Mohit: aunty we will leave now
Ap: but mohit beta it is really late u stay here only and go tomorrow
Mohit: no aunty i need to go in fact ma papa all are waiting and i need to give good news to them also as they are going to become grandparents
Ap: ok then congratulate them on my behalf i will call them tomorrow morning
Mohit: ji aunty (takes her blessings)
Mohit: (hugging ragini) take care di dont neglect ur medicines
Ragini: good night
Karan: ragu dont lift heavy things and dont take stress dont run dont…
Ragini: stop stop i know u are a doctor i will not do anything which is prohibited to do fine
Karan nods and mohit and Karan leave
Later all goes to their rooms

@ragsan room
Ragsanansh are laying on the bed and ansh asking a lot of questions
Ansh: mumma really little baby will come and i can play with it
Ragini: ha chotu really it will come but it will take time
Sanskar: ok champ now come on sleep it is really late
Ansh: no papa please let me ask mumma and mumma can i tell my friends that i also will get a baby to play
Ragini: ha baba u can now sleep from so much time u are asking a lot of questions
Ansh: thank u mumma now tell me story na
Ragini: ok
Ragini says a story while ansh sleeps and sanskar keeps staring ragini in happiness. Soon ragini also doses off while telling a story and sanskar smiles and soon he too dozes off.

Thank u every one for reading. Sorry for the mistakes. Give ur views regarding the episode through ur comments. And i will give next episode on Wednesday. Till then take care, keep smiling bye.

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