Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 2)


Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 2)
Hey guys back with next episode. I am really very happy that u all liked my ff and i can’t believe myself for such a great response. Thank u for reading and keep reading and supporting me in the same way and please comment for my ff in the same way thank u silent readers as well.

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Ansh and laksh enter the mm and see ap sitting on the couch and reading some newspaper and having tears in her eyes
Lakshy: ma y are u crying
Ansh: ha dadi why are u crying
Ap: arrey i am not crying these are happy tears
Ansh: what in tears happy and sad also will be there
Ap: (laughs) hahaha yes my dear if we are happy also we will get tears those are happy tears
Ansh: but i did not get tears when i am happy
Laksh: u dont know ansh these woman cry for everything they cry if they are happy and sad as well
Ap: u shut up that is the way we express our feelings ok
Laksh: ji and now tell why are u happy
Ap: see in today’s paper ur brothers photo is there i am very happy
Laksh: seriously is this the first time u are seeing his photo in the paper mom u are impossible every time u see his photo u say the same
Ap: so what mother’s heart u know
Laksh: ya i know
Voice: (shouts from a room) ansh where are u?
Ansh: (shouts from hall) coming papa and he runs and the scene shifts to a room where a handsome hunk is getting ready to his office with blue jeans, black shirt and cream blazer and ansh enters
Ansh: papa and jumps on him
The person carries him and kisses him on his cheek and the person is revealed to be sanskar

Sanskar: good morning champ
Ansh: good morning papa
Sanskar: u are not fresh up after coming from park
Ansh: no papa i just came
Sanskar: go get fresh up fast and come we need to go na
Ansh: yes papa and jumps from his arms and runs to his room to get fresh up
Sanskar smiles seeing his son and comes down and see laksh and ap and wishes them
Laksh: good morning bhai
Sanskar: good morning lucky
Laksh: ma i forgot to tell u morning we met a girl in the park she is very simple, pretty and u know she is really very sweet and she made understand about how sweetly u know ansh is really like enjoying with he is very happy with her and goes on telling about her in the mean time ansh comes there
Ansh: dadi u know sweety is very beautiful and she told me that mumma is always seeing me and will be happy if i am happy that is why i promised her that i will not cry at all

Ap: hearing all this feels very happy she also dont know about it and sanskar just reading his newspaper without paying any heed to their convo
Ap: ok now come have ur breakfast
Ansh: dadi i will in two minutes and run to his room
Ap: sanskar
Sanskar: ha ma (still in newspaper)
Ap: sanskar from so many days i am saying the same why dont u marry again ansh needs a mother u need a person beside to share ur feelings and i need a daughter in law
Sanskar: ma please dont start again
Ap: sanskar not today i dont want to see my son like this anymore
Laksh: bhai please understand ma also she is also telling for some reason ansh he is only 5years he need mother
Sanskar: (thinks) but ma if she did not give him the love how Sanaya gives i mean as she will not be the real mother
Ap: sanskar if u say yes that is enough i will find a girl who will give love to our ansh as his real mother
Sanskar: only for ansh i am agreeing but she should not give any pain to my ansh he is my everything but ma please dont get hurry and dont take wrong decisions and i can’t take any more pain and if it comes to ansh not at all
Ap: u dont worry about that i will take care about in fact i want only ur happiness
Sanskar just nods

Sanskar pov
Ma is asking me to marry again but i am not at all convinced. Ok let us see when we find such a girl
Pov ends
Ansh: papa please tie this shoe lace i am not getting
Sanskar: come here and make him sit on his lap and ties his lace and kisses his cheek and ansh kisses sanskar’s cheek
Ansh: i love u papa
Sanskar: i love u too my champ
Ap: now come have ur break fast
Ansh: papa will u feed me today
Sanskar: of course come and picks him in his arms and goes to dining area and sits on the table and make ansh sit on his lap and starts feeding him
Ansh: papa u also eat na
Sanskar: first u complete then i will
Ansh: no wait and he makes him to eat with his hands
Sanskar kisses his forehead with so much love and hugs him ap has tears in her eyes and laksh is just adoring their bond
Laksh: if urs done let me remind u we are getting late
Sanansh: (sanskar+ansh) u are jealous
Laksh: oye u both stop drama kings
Sanskar: ok chalo let us go ma take care take ur medicines if u want anything call me
Ap: ha baba i will call and i will not do any work i will ask ramu (servant) if i need anything ok everyday u say the same
Sanskar: ramu kaka see if anything ma needs
Ramu kaka: ji sanskar beta
And they all to their works sanskar drops laksh in his college and ansh to the school and he is on his way to the office and going in the car thinking about ap’s words he is not able to think to give sanaya’s place to any one

Sanskar pov
How can i give sanaya’s place to anyone though it is our arranged marriage our’s is love after marriage. And ansh how can he think some other member as his mother if i marry someone will she be able to give love to my son like her child will such girl exist who will see some others child as her own child. Suddenly sanskar comes to the senses when someone comes in front of his car he immediately applies a break and comes out of the car and sees a girl back facing him
Sanskar: are u out of mind cant u see and walk
Girl turns and sees him
Girl: i am really sorry sir i was saving this small little puppy that is why i came in front of the car
Sanskar seeing her and little puppy
Sanskar: (smiles) it is ok and i am sorry as well
Girl: smiles it is ok and goes from there taking that puppy with her and sanskar droves off

All the staff are chitchatting without doing their sanskar enters and sees them and shouts in anger
Sanskar: what non sense is going on do u think this is place for chatting and enjoying go back to ur works and he goes to his cabin after he went some of the employees
Girl 1: khadoos but handsome
Girl 2: dont think more he is married
Girl 1: but she is no more
Girl 2: whatever come back to work otherwise that khadoos will come back and shout
Boy1: why will he always be serious yaar
Boy 2: dont know always khadoos and dont appreciate anybody’s work as well
Boy 1: huu leave it and come let us do the work and all goes to their work
Sanskar is in his cabin he calls someone and say them to come to his cabin
Sanskar: Mr. Sharma come to my cabin
Then there is knock on the door
Sanskar: come in
Mr. Sharma: good morning sir u called me
Sanskar: ya Mr. Sharma i said u to see about my pa what about that
Mr. Sharma: yes sir actually all the candidates which we got till now have something or the other defect so still going on sir give me two days sir.
Sanskar: ok Mr. Sharma and u may leave
Mr. Sharma is about to leave then sanskar calls
Sanskar: Mr. Sharma
Mr. Sharma: turns yes sir
Sanskar: how is ur daughter now
Mr. Sharma: smiles she is fine sir actually i forgot to give u this sir she told me to give u this and gives him a chocolate and she told thank u for saving her life
Sanskar: smiles so sweet of her and tell her no need to thank
Mr. Sharma: ok sir and he leaves
(Mr. Sharma’s daughter has some health problems and our sanskar helped them in financially and advising them the best hospital where they can get good treatment and took good care that she should get correct treatment without any problem and she is small girl of some 8 or 9 years that is why she gave him a chocolate)

All the ragini is talking about chotu and lucky with the family members
Swara: offo di now stop this from morning chotu chotu chotu u are just blabbering his name
Ragini: oye just shut up ok if u dont want to listen u go to ur room
Karan: best thing i am going i can’t hear this chotu puranam anymore
Ragini: u idiot and starts beating him
Karan: sorry meri ma now stop beating me ok
Ragini: fine in the mean time shekhar and mohit comes mohit directly goes and hug ragini and sits beside her on the couch and keeps his head on her shoulder
Ragini: caressing his hair feeling tired
Mohit: so much
Ragini: come u keep ur head on my lap and sleep i will massage ur head
Mohit does and ragini does massage for him
Swara: bhai always why u ask di to massage ur head why dont u ask ma or dadi
Mohit: because from childhood di only did it to me and what is ur problem in that if my di does it to are u jealous of me
Swara: ha jealous my foot di loves me more than u then why should be jealous
Mohit: no di loves me more di tell na
Swara: no she loves me more
Mohit: no me they both goes on fighting
Ragini: stop u both i love u both equally ok now stop fighting
Mohit: i love u di and hugs her
Swara: i love u di and she also hug her
Ragini: i love u both and three of them share a group hug
Karan: if ur siblings romance completed shall we have our dinner i am very hungry
Swaragmoh: (swaragini and mohit) bukhad
Karan: ha i am bukhad only now come
Mohit: u go i will refresh and come these all seen by shekhar and Sharmishta and they are very happy to see their children love to each other

Mohit: i dont want eat di feed me na
Swara: me too and they both sit with pout on their faces
Ragini: why doing drama i know every day drama come let me feed
Swara: arrey di u know we will not eat dinner till u feed us then why will u say like that
Ragini: ok meri ma and she starts feeding them and they feed her
Karan: mohit and swara u both tell me one thing if ragini got married and go to her in laws then u will not eat dinner
Swara: arrey why like that i also will go to the same in laws as second daughter in law
Mohit: and me i will see their daughter and marry her and go to their house as ghar jamai
Karan: u both are impossible seriously uncle u have to really find the family for ragini’s marriage that her siblings also go with her
Shekhar: i am also thinking the same
Ragini: u Karan just shut ur mouth and eat ok why do u always want me to send away from here
Karan: arrey what did i do i just told the fact
Ragini: u keep ur fact with u ok
Karan: arrey
Swaragmoh: shut up
Karan shuts his mouth and makes faces and all laughs seeing his expressions and have a good family time

They completed dinner and are in their rooms
Sanansh are sanskar’s room everyday they both sleep in the same room
Sanskar: ok champ now tell me ur day and makes him sleep on his chest
Ansh: papa today is awesome u know i met sweety in the evening also
Sanskar: sweety who is this sweety
Ansh: arey morning we told na chachu and i met an aunty in the park
Sanskar: ok tell
Ansh: he goes on telling about her and he says how she said about Sanaya everything
Sanskar: after listening this thinks interesting girl
Ansh: ok papa now u tell how is ur day
Sanskar: my day ok and he tells about the girl
Ansh: who is she
Sanskar: dont know champ
Ansh: if u meet her again ask her name
Sanskar: why
Ansh: see she is such a good girl she saved a puppy na that is why
Sanskar: now come on sleep we will be getting late otherwise tomorrow
Ansh: but papa where is my chocolate
Sanskar: oh ya there it is and he gives him the chocolate and this is the chocolate another on this is given Sharma uncle’s daughter
Ansh: but why
Sanskar: for saving her life
Ansh: ok now i am getting sleep u tell me story i will sleep
Sanskar: ok come and he tells him a story and soon both dozes off

Shekhar and Sharmishta are in their room
Sharmishta: shekhar Karan is also not wrong how will mohit and swara live without ragini when she goes away from us
Shekhar: even i am thinking the same hope everything will be fine
Sharmishta: and we have to start searching matches for ragini
Shekhar: we will talk to her about this after wards ok
Sharmishta nods and they also dozes off

Precap: who is that girl? Let us see in the next chapter

Hope u guys like this episode thank u for reading. Please comment and say whether it is good or bad
And coming to the role of mohit it is pearl v puri and uttara will be soon coming and her role is played by Hiba Nawab. Sorry for the typos

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