Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 19)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 19)
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The episode starts with ragsanansh are in car ragansh are in the back seat and sanskar driving
Sanskar: champ after buying the bicycle u will be riding in the house or in the park only ok
Ansh: ha papa ok
They reach a mall and they go there and they go for buying a bicycle after seeing few bicycles
Sanskar: champ so we will buy this did u like it he shows one bicycle which has two side wheels to the back wheel (which is used to learn to ride bicycle) and has some cartoon pictures as well on it so that children can like it
Ansh: (starts jumping in happiness) i liked it so much yeah i got a bicycle
Ragini: chotu stop jumping i know ur happiness but we are in mall u should not do like that
Ansh: (still jumping) no mumma i will not stop
Ragini: sanskar stop him
Sanskar: arey jaan he is small let him enjoy will me and u jump instead of him

Ragini gives ‘u are impossible’ look to sanskar and she tries to stop ansh who is jumping but he is not stopping she is fed up
Ragini: ok i am not going to talk to u you keep jumping
Ansh: (stopped jumping) no mumma sorry na see i stopped jumping (makes a puppy face)
Ragini: (melts and smiles) my little good boy
Ansh: papa come let us take it home
Sanskar: no champ they will deliver it as we can’t take it in car
Ansh: but they will bring it late na
Sanskar: no they will send it within two hours ok till then we will go to nani’s house and go home ok
Ansh: ok
Sanskar: ok chalo

They are going in car when ragini sees Pani Puri stall and shouts
Ragini: (shouts) sstttttttooooooooppppppppp
Sanskar stops the car in jerk and looks at ragini worried and even ansh sees her as what happened suddenly
Sanskar: (worried) jaan what happened are u ok
Ragini: woh Pani Puri (pouts)
Ansh: mumma for that u shouted u could said it slowly
Sanskar: (glaring ragini) why will she do like that champ she need to make us worried na leave it now come
Saying this they go to Pani Puri stall and they ask the man for it
Ragini: how will i eat my hand
Ansh: i will feed u
Sanskar: no i will feed her
Ansh: no i will
Sanskar: no i will
While ragini is seeing both of them with pout face and they both keeps on arguing in the matter who will feed her and the man smiles at them and then interrupts them
Man: sir i think i can help u in this matter
Sanansh: really
Man: yes sir u feed her one and beta u feed her one problem solved
Sanansh: great
Ragini: thank god he sent u otherwise this father and son duo will not stop this here from two days irritating me in this matter

Sanskar: we irritate u huh champ chalo we are not going to feed her now
Ansh: i am angry on u mumma i irritate u (makes cute angry face)
Ragini: (sees him and smiles and pulls his cheeks with the other hand) aww so cute my chotu i was just making fun come on feed na please i want to eat them my mouth is watering na please sanskar please na
Sanansh: no we are angry (turns their faces to other side showing their fake angry)
Ragini (in mind) now what should i do both father and son are same they both are acting like they are angry what should i do think ragini think hmm this is better
Ragini: (winces in pain acting) aahh ma
Sanansh immediately turns to her and asks
Ansh: (worried) mumma what happened
Sanskar: (worried) why did u shout jaan?
Ragini: (sees them and smiles but hides it) nothing it just pained a little any way u both are angry na no problem let it pain u both go be angry
Ansh: no mumma i am not angry on u i am just acting come i will feed u
Sanskar: (understood that she is acting) dramebaaz u act really well yaar
Ragini: not than u both Mr. Maheshwari
Sanskar: huh ok come now eat this and we need to go as well

Ragini nods and both sanskar and ansh starts feeding her and she eats them
Ragini: enough i ate a lot
Sanskar: chalo i will pay u go till then to the car with ansh
Ragini nods and starts walking back ansh is following her suddenly he saw a small cute puppy at the side which is sitting alone and is full of dirt he goes to it and picks into his arms at that time ragini turns and finds him near puppy and goes to him
Ansh: mumma see this is sitting alone here we will take it home na please
Ragini: it is too cute ok we will take it home
Sanskar comes there
Ragini: jaanu please
Sanskar: what
Ansh: please papa we will take this home
Sanskar sees the puppy and at both ragansh faces
Sanskar: (sighs) fine come let us take him
Ansh: yippee chalo puppy from today we both are best friends
That puppy barks Ragini smiles seeing her son they leave to gm

Puppy’s picture: https://v.cdn.vine.co/r/avatars/0AE7ACF5A11145563289124835328_354a079e2d6.0.1.jpg?versionId=aZaIc_XSUg7v76fOgeHHBjm8CHWEJxmO

They reach and see all sitting in the hall
Ansh: (by showing them puppy) mamu, masi see what i have got now
Swara: wow so cute puppy
Ansh: we found it on road alone so i asked papa to take he accepted
Swara: ok now we will wash it come saying this she took him and puppy with him
Ragini: huh she not even spoke to me this girl na
Mohit: oh ho di u know she loves puppies a lot
Ragini: ha ok leave it
Shekhar: ragini beta how is ur hand now
Ragini: it is still paining a little papa
Karan: now u will never forget to wear the seat belt
Kajal: oh stop it Karan from that day u are scolding her
Karan: it is waste to argue with u i will not even start now

Swara: cute puppy na ansh
Ansh: ha masi it is so cute
Swara: we will keep a name to it what say
Ansh: hmm ok i will tell wait (he starts thinking) ha RUSTY how is it
Swara: awesome just like u from now ur name is rusty
Rusty barks as if agreement and nods its tail
Ansh: he also liked it na
Swara: ha he also liked it chalo let us go now
They go to the hall
Ansh: mumma see now rusty is clean
Ragini: rusty u even kept the name to him
Ansh: (excited) ha mumma how is it
Ragini: superb my chotu
Ansh: (kisses ragini’s cheek) thank u mumma and nani what should we feed rusty
Mishti: come as it is small we will feed milk
Ansh nods and goes with rusty at the back of mishti and he happily starts playing with it
Shekhar: ragini now swalak completed their studies i am thinking to talk to ap ji about their marriage
Ragini: (happily) really papa
Shekhar: ha tomorrow we will come to mm
Sanskar: ok papa i will inform ma about it
Next day

All gadodias and Maheshwaris and Karan and kajal also there
Shekhar: ap ji as swalak completed their studies why dont we do their marriage
Ap: ji shekhar i dont have any problem in fact i will be very happy to welcome my another daughter
Laksh: ma
Ap: ha lucky
Laksh: ma wo actually i want everything to get started after bhabhi’s plaster got removed
Ragini: lucky this plaster will get removed in ten days why delay u dont take tension i am fine
Laksh: no please bhabhi even swara also wants this only
Ragini sees towards swara and she nods her head
Ragini: fine u all do what u want
Ap: beta they dont want to trouble u
Ragini: ma what trouble ma my sister and devar marriage how it will be trouble
Mohit: di listen na see ur hand is not well and i know u want to do all the work with ur hands right
Ragini nods yes

Mohit: then how will u do with this fractured hand it is just a matter of ten days later u will be fine then we will start all the works ok
Ragini nods yes
All smiles seeing how they both understand each other
Ap: ok mishti ji tomorrow we will go to temple and ask pandit ji for muhurat for both engagement and marriage but after two weeks anything so that my bahu does all the work for her sister’s and devar’s marriage
Mishti: (smiles) ji ap ji
Dadi: and ha i am not going to do any work and i will order u all to what to do
Ragini: ha dadi u should order us and ha dont let anyone to escape from their work after all it is ragini’s sister’s marriage and everybody should work
All smiles
Like this two weeks passed and ansh totally came over the fear of ragsan accident and is going to school happily and after returning he plays with rusty and ragini’s hand’s plaster is removed and the muhurat for swalak engagement is only one week left and marriage is after one week of engagement and the preparations are going on so well soon engagement day arrives

Engagement day morning
Ragini: chotu come on drink this milk mumma has a lot of work to do it is masi and chachu engagement na
Ansh: ha mumma i will not irritate u give me i will drink (he drinks)
Ragini: ok then now go and take bath
Ansh runs and ragini gets busy in some work sanskar is in his room
Sanskar: wah my wife from the day she got her plaster removed she got busy in other works she never thinks about me huh now i should do some thing
Sanskar: (shouts from room) ragini ragini where are u
Ragini: (shouts from hall) coming sanskar
She goes to room as soon she enters into the room sanskar who is standing near the door closes the door and pulls her towards him by holding her waist and pecks her lips
Ragini: sanskar why did u call and what are u doing
Sanskar: romancing with my wife
Ragini: sanskar leave me today is swalak engagement i need to do a lot of work
Sanskar: from the time u got ur plaster removed u are busy in this work and office work u are not bothering me at all huh (turns his face)
Ragini: (pulls his cheeks) oh jaanu dont turn ur face like this (kisses his cheek tightly)
Sanskar: (smiles) waise u are looking beautiful with this bun
Ragini is keeping her hair as a bun so that the hair does not disturb her while doing the work
Ragini: with this messy hair
Sanskar: for me u are an angel in any type of angle u see with my eyes
Ragini: oh sanskar why did u call me any work
Sanskar: if i have any work means only i should call u
Ragini: sanskar tell na
Sanskar: ok i called u as i want some thing
Ragini: ok tell me what do u want
Sanskar: (tightens his grip on her waist) i want my kiss
Ragini: shut up sanskar and let me go
Sanskar: give me a kiss i will leave u
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: ragini

Ragini closes her eyes and moves towards his lips and places her lips on his lips and they both share a passionate kiss they broke it when they lack oxygen to breathe
Ragini: now leave na
Sanskar: (kisses her forehead) go and dont stress more ur self there are workers they will do ok
Ragini hugs him and goes to continue her work and sanskar also after getting fresh comes and involves in arrangement
Soon it is evening and gadodia’s reached mm and the engagement ceremony started and swalak exchange their rings and all claps
Mohit: now it is time to a dance what say so let us welcome our hero and heroine of the day swalak and others can also join
Sanskar forwards his hand to ragini she places his hand on his and they led to the stage while mohit seeing at uttara and uttara seeing him and both sees at sanskar who is also observing him while dancing sanskar smiles and immediately mohit goes to uttara and soon they both also come to dance floor all family members saw it but thought just they went to dance soon the song completes and all claps
Ansh: awesome mumma papa
Ragini lifts him in her arms and kisses his cheek and he kisses her back

Soon the ceremony completes all gadodias leave to gm and in mm all leaves to their respective rooms
Ragsan room
Ragini is arranging the bed and sanskar comes and back hugs her
Ragini: where is ansh
Sanskar: with lucky
Sanskar starts kissing her shoulder and slowly they both goes to bed and lights off
Next morning
Ansh: (waking lucky) chachu wake up na we will go to park i want to ride my bicycle
Laksh: champ let me sleep na
Ansh: chachu wake up
Laksh: no let me sleep
Meanwhile laksh’s phone rings he immediately wakes up and was about to take the phone but ansh takes the phone and attends it
Ansh: masi chachu is sleeping he will call u when he wakes up
Swara: ok ansh
She cuts the call while laksh sees him angrily
Ansh: u did not wake up na that is why i did this see now u woke up so get ready we need to go to park
Laksh: (angry) huh first u spoiled my sleep and second u did not allow me to speak to my fiancé u are becoming naughty day by day

He leaves to get fresh up and comes back and laksh ansh and rusty goes to park ansh enjoys by riding the bicycle while rusty runs back of him and later they reach home
Days passed only two days left for swalak’s marriage ragini went to gm to stay there till marriage completes and even ansh went with her as wherever ragini goes ansh follows her and sanskar is missing both very badly it is night all are sleeping he is missing them badly he wants to see ragini mainly so he decides to go to gm he goes to gm and goes to ragini’s room through the window he enters the room and finds ragansh sleeping peacefully while ansh hugging ragini and sleeping he goes to them and kisses ansh’s forehead lovingly and sees ragini and kisses her forehead as well and starts to leave while leaving he by mistake hits a table and winces in pain
Sanskar: (winces in pain) ouch
Listening to this small sound ragini’s sleep gets disturbed she wakes up and sees him
Ragini: (surprised) sanskar
She frees herself from ansh slowly so that he does not get disturbed and goes to him
Ragini: sanskar u here
Sanskar: i came to see u both i was missing u both so much
Ragini: (hugs him) i missed u too
Sanskar: (hugs her back and kissed her head) all set for the marriage
Ragini: hmm small works pending they will be completed by tomorrow (they both settle on the couch and ragini placed her head on his shoulder and he holds her through waist in side hugging position)
Sanskar: u are really tired na
Ragini: when i am in ur embrace then all my tiredness will be gone (hugs him tightly)
They talk on random things and they sleep in that position

Next day morning
Both ragsan are sleeping peacefully when sunrays fall on sanskar he opens his eyes and sees ragini sleeping peacefully on his shoulder he kisses on her forehead lifts her in his arms and places her on bed and kisses ansh’s forehead and writes a note and keeps on the table beside bed and goes from there carefully so that nobody see him after some time ragini wakes and finds herself on bed she looks around to find sanskar but she does not find sanskar then her eyes fall on the letter she takes it and reads it
You are sleeping peacefully so i did not disturb u and left to home as there also we need to do arrangements as tomorrow is the marriage and if anybody sees me there they will definitely tease us so to avoid that i left. I love u my life and my champ as well. Bye
Yours and only yours sanskar
Ragini smiles after reading this letter and sees towards ansh who is sleeping with a cute smile on his face just like his papa. Ragini caresses his hair and kisses his forehead and goes to get fresh up
Next day

All is set for marriage and all the guests start to come it is time to barat to come ragini made swara ready in the mean time barat has arrived and ragini went to receive them as soon as she came to them sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her and laksh immediately hugs her
Laksh: (hugs ragini) bhabhi i missed u so much
Ragini: even i lucky come
Sanskar: great my wife misses everyone except me
Ragini: sanskar shut up ok (she blushes listening him)
Ap: (smiles) chalo beta we need to do many things
Ragini: ji ma
They all go in and ansh runs to sanskar and sanskar picks him in his arms
Ansh: papa i missed u
Sanskar: liar u did not miss me at all that is why u came with mumma
Ansh: sacchi papa i really missed u
Sanskar: (kisses his forehead) i too missed u so much chalo chachu and masi are getting married na we will see
Ansh: ha chalo now on wards masi also will be in our house only na mumma told me
Sanskar: ha she will be married to chachu na
Soon the rituals start and swara comes to the mandap soon they take pheres and laksh adore swara’s forehead with vermilion and neck with mangalsootr and they take blessings and bidaai is done and they reach to mm and every ritual complete and swalak consummate their marriage

Ragini: ansh come let us sleep
Ansh: ha coming mumma they lay down and sleep happily
Like this some days passed and ragsanlak got busy in office and ansh in studies and mohit and uttara love became strong swara is doing some business in online they all are leading a happy life
One day
Ragsanlak came back from office and are at home swaragini are in kitchen making dinner
Ragini: shona give me that flour
Swara: ha di here take it
Ragini: u cut these veges i will just come ok
Swara: ok di
Ragini is coming out of the kitchen she feels dizzy but she manages and comes to hall but again feels dizzy and faints and falls on the floor listening to the sound all see the direction and finds her on the floor
Sanskar/ansh: (shouts) ragini/mumma and runs to her
Thank u so much for reading. Please comment and tell me how is the episode and this is my first update in this year hope it is upto mark. Sorry for the mistakes. And now i know all my readers are intelligent and i think u must have guessed why ragini fainted but still wait for the next episode till then take care bye.

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