Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 18)


Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 18)
Hey guys i am back with next episode. Thank u so much to all those who commented and to silent readers as well.

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Episode starts with ragsan’s car hitting a tree and ragini hit her head to a show piece which is little sharp edged and her fore head started bleeding and sanskar got hit by the steering very hard that his fore head also started bleeding. Sanskar gets up from the steering and see ragini and ragini sees sanskar and they both hug each other finding both fine except for their fore head injury.
Sanskar: (worried) jaan ur forehead is bleeding let me see
He takes the first aid box and starts cleaning her wound
Ragini: (worried) sanskar ur forehead is also bleeding let me do it (she raises her right hand and winces in pain) aahh
Sanskar: (worried) jaan what happened
Ragini: (teary eyes) my hand it is paining
Sanskar: let me see (he takes her hand and checks whether she got hurt anywhere on the hand but did not find any) i think it is a sprain let us go to hospital ok
Ragini: (teary eyes) sanskar ur fore head it is bleeding let me clean it first please
Sanskar: (cupped her face) jaan i am fine ok dont worry i myself will clean it ur hand is paining na
Ragini: no i will do it with other please
Saying this she starts doing first aid for him with her left hand gently
Sanskar: ok we will go to Karan’s hospital it will take only half an hour so that ur hand can be checked ok
Ragini nods and sanskar makes a call to Karan
Sanskar: hello Karan where are u
Karan: in hospital sanskar
Sanskar: ok we will be there in half an hour u please dont go any where
Karan: (worried) why is everything fine u both are fine na
Sanskar: we are coming we will talk there ok
He cuts the call and starts the car.
Sanskar: this is all because of me i did not notice that truck because of me u got hurt and see ur hand is also not well now these all because of me only (he is angry on himself)
Ragini: sanskar stop blaming ur self it’s not ur mistake in fact u should be happy that nothing happened to us as u noticed that truck and turned the car immediately otherwise (she stops as she did not want to continue further)
Sanskar: (teary eyes) but see u got hurt na ur hand is also hurt
Ragini: oh sanskar stop na please nothing happened to us that is enough right

Sanskar nods they reach to Karan’s hospital and goes to Karan’s cabin. As soon as they enter his cabin Karan immediately starts his questioning session seeing them injured
Karan: (worried) sanskar ragu what happened u both are injured how
Sanskar tells him about the accident
Karan: (relieved as they are safe with small injuries and hugs them while ragini winces in pain and he gets worried) what happened?
Ragini: my hand is paining
Karan: what let me see he sees her hand checks it by moving carefully and talks
Karan: did u take ur hand support while the car hit tree
Ragini nods yes
Karan: (a little angry) dont tell me u did not wear ur seat belt
Ragini nods no Karan sees her angrily and then at sanskar also angrily
Karan: when will u change ragini why dont u wear ur seat belt
Ragini: i feel suffocated
Karan: shut up and u sanskar did u wear ur seat belt
Sanskar: actually my seat belt is broken yesterday so i too did not wear it
Karan: u both are so careless why dont u take care ha u just remember one thing if anything happens to u both what will happen to ansh u know it right then why dont u understand and sanskar if ur seatbelt is not well why did not u check whether she wear it or not
Sanskar does not say anything as it was his mistake of not taking care of his wife who is his life and his son’s life too he is really guilt of not taking care while driving and his wife is suffering the pain of his mistake
Karan: i think it is a fracture do one thing just get an x-ray for the hand
Sanskar nods and takes ragini to get an x-ray for her hand and Karan called and informed to mohit about their accident and their ware abouts and also informed that they will be in mm after half an hour and mohit informed him that they will reach mm soon ragsan comes with the x-ray
Karan: it is a small fracture it needs to be plastered and it will take two weeks to get cured and these are the medicines to be taken so that ur pain also will be reduced and u (to ragini) dont dare to skip these medicines understand
Ragini nods like an obedient child
Karan: sanskar u both need an injection as u are injured

Sanskar also nods silently he is still in guilt that because of him ragini got hurt Karan does his injection and they leave to mm even Karan also leave along with them as he dont have any appointments
They reach mm all are sitting in hall worried and waiting for them they enter and they settle on the couch and ansh immediately went into sanskar’s lap and hugged him tightly and started sobbing
Sanskar: (understood that he is in fear) champ see mumma papa are fine
Ansh: (looked at him and innocently asked him) is it paining papa
Sanskar: yes a little but it will vanish if my champ gives me his 100 volt smile and a kiss
Ansh: really
Sanskar nods ansh immediately smiles with tears and kisses on sanskar’s cheek and on the wound as well and goes to ragini and does the same and he also kisses her hand which is plastered and hugged her tightly but carefully so that her hand does not get hurt ragini smiled and kissed his hair as he is not leaving her and sobbing silently and ragini caressing his hair while all are adoring them
Mohit: (teary eyes sat beside ragini) di is it paining a lot
Ragini: mohit dont cry nothing happened to me just a small fracture
Mohit: small fracture see how much big plaster u have
Ragini: ok now all stop seeing me with those sad expressions u all are seeing me in such a way that i got a big disease because of which i am going to die in few days
All except ansh: (shouts) shut up while ansh tightens his grip on her and cries loudly
Ragini: oh my chotu i am all fine stop crying baby please
Ansh tightens his grip and just stay like that
Mohit: why do u talk all rubbish (he says this angrily)
Sanskar glares ragini and goes from there and even mohit sees her angrily and goes out following sanskar
Sanskar goes to garden and sits on the bench and reminisces their accident while mohit comes and sits next to him
Mohit: jiju are u fine
Sanskar: ha mohit just frustrated to ur stupid sister’s talks how can she talk about death she knows that we can’t live without her and still she talks all rubbish
Uttara comes there and sees them
Uttara: bhai mohit come let us have breakfast it is already very late
Sanskar nods and he leaves while mohit and uttara stays there
Uttara: mohit are u fine
Mohit: i am fine dont worry come let us go

Uttara nods and they go and sit for having breakfast
Ansh: mumma u can’t eat na i will feed u saying this he takes a small piece of roti from his plate and keeps in her mouth while ragini had tears in her eyes seeing her son’s love towards her all smile to his care
Sanskar: ok now it is time for medicines and passes medicines to her and she takes them
Shekhar sits beside ragini while ansh is still sitting hugging her not leaving her
Shekhar: (caressing her hair) please atleast now wear ur seat belt beta please atleast for us it is our luck that nothing happened this time but u should be careful na
Ragini: sorry papa from now i will wear it ok
Mishti: take care beta and take ur tablets in time ok
Ragini: ji ma
Swara: di dont go to office for few days and take rest
Ragini: yes my little sister
Mohit: and please stop talking rubbish as well
Ragini: (pouts) sorry
Laksh: if u speak rubbish another time u will see my worst side (very serious expressions)
Ragini: lucky is that u
Laksh: bhabhi please i am really serious
Ragini: ok fine sorry
Uttara: oh god so many warnings to my bhabhi please leave her in peace u all are threatening her
Ap: ha see my daughter how u all are scolding her from now she never repeat both the mistakes ok
Mohit: both means
Ragini: uff mohit one is seat belt and other is ur so called rubbish
Mohit: huh leave it now lucky u tell me college is over so
Laksh: i am going to join office to help bhai
Sanskar: great then from when
Laksh: from tomorrow as today u are also in leave and i will inform aarav bhai about it
Sanskar: no i should go to office
Mohit: shut up just zip ur mouth and u are not going to office and that is final and u both are going to rest and i will drop ansh in school

Listening to the word school ansh again starts crying for which ragini got worried
Ragini: (worried) chotu why are u crying
Ansh: (crying) mumma please i dont want to go school please i want to be with u please
Ragini: why my chotu
Ansh: (crying) please mumma
Ragini understood that he is very horrified by their accident
Ragini: ok dont go stop crying my bacha (kissed his forehead and wiped his tears and again he hugged her)
Mohit: ok then i am leaving bye he hug ragini and sanskar and took blessings from ap and finally looked towards uttara and went
All went to their respective works and swalak went out as from next day laksh will get busy in office work and uttara to college
Ap: ok sanskar u three go and take rest ok
Ragini: ok ma come chotu we will go
Ansh raises his hands and sanskar picks him up in his arms and they go to their room
Ansh: (sees the shopping bags in the room which ragsan bought from Hooghly) mumma u did shopping there what did u bought for me
Ragini: i bought so many things come let us see
Ansh nods and they start seeing what she bought and they enjoy mother son moment while sanskar just staring them with lots of love
Sanskar: (in mind) i am very happy to see my son’s love towards ragini whenever i see ragini’s love towards ansh and ansh’s love towards ragini i myself get doubt whether ragini is ansh’s step mother for her he is everything she can’t spend a day without him she loves him as her own son and ansh loves her like his own mother i love u both so much thank u god for sending ragini as angel in my life and a mother to my son
While his thoughts get disturbed by ragansh laugh
Sanskar: ok now enough of masti take some rest both come here
Both comes to the bed and lay down and trio have some family time and slowly sleeps while ansh hugging ragini day passes out

Next day
Ragsanansh got up and Sanansh went down after getting ready and ragini got fresh up and came to room and trying to drape her saree but she could not because of her hand at that time sanskar came to room to take his mobile and saw her struggling he slowly moved towards her and stood behind her ragini saw him through mirror and pouts
Sanskar: (smiles) why dont u wear a suit
Ragini: i tried but it is very hard to wear it and it is paining more
Sanskar: (smiles naughtily) why dont u take my help then
Ragini: (blushes) stop it sanskar
Sanskar: arey let me help u na
Ragini blushing nods and hands him the saree and sanskar drapes her saree by having cute and lovely eye lock and finally sanskar drapes her saree and ragini hugs him due to shy he kisses her forehead lovingly.
like this two days passed in these two days laksh started to go to office and ragini is at home only because of her hand and ansh whenever mentioned about school used to cry and did not attend the school ragsan got worried about his behaviour and ragsan thought to ask him about it slowly by not hurting him it is Saturday night ragsanansh are in ragsan room balcony and ansh is sitting in between ragsan and watching stars and moon and enjoying the cool breeze
Ansh: it is very nice here cool breeze na mumma
Ragini: hmm chotu i will ask u something u should not cry and answer me ok
Ansh: ok mumma
Sanskar: u tell us the truth ok
Ansh nods
Ragini: chotu why are u crying whenever we ask u to go to school
Ansh: (again starts to cry and hugs ragini tightly)
Sanskar: (keeps his hand on his shoulders) champ please dont cry and say did anyone say anything in the school
Ansh nods no
Ragini: then why are u not willing to go to school
Ansh keeps on sobbing hugging ragini
Ragini: (teary eyes seeing him like that) ok dont tell me anything leave it we will sleep come
They go to sleep and lay on bed ansh hugs ragini and sleeps while sobbing but ragsan are not getting sleep due to ansh’s continuous crying his condition they are not understanding why is he like that they are very much worried about him
Sanskar: jaan why do u think he is crying like that
Ragini: even i am worried sanskar
Suddenly they here ansh murmuring something in his sleep they lean to him and listen what he is murmuring
Ansh: (in sleep) mumma please dont leave me and go already mom went to god leaving me and papa u also dont go please i love u so much mumma i can’t stay without u please mumma
Ragsan are shocked to listen this and then realised that he fears that ragini will leave him and go but later something strikes to ragini’s mind and realised that the word of death that came from her mouth on the day of accident affected him much and felt really guilt
Ragini: (tears) my one word of death affected him this much i am very sorry beta i am really sorry
Sanskar: (hugs her) shh dont cry we will talk to him and make him understand ok
Ragini nods and they both sleeps on either sides of ansh

Next morning
Sanansh are sleeping ragini woke up and saw ansh and again tears form in her eyes sanskar also woke up and saw ragini in tears he understood that she is thinking about ansh
Sanskar: jaan see he will understand and overcome his fear see
Ragini nods ansh also wakes up and hugs ragini forgetting about her hand she winces in pain
Ansh: (immediately breaks the hug) oops sorry mumma
Ragini: (smiles) it is ok chotu come here (makes him to sit on her lap safely so that her hand does not hurt)
Sanskar also sits beside them and keeps his hand around her shoulder
Ragini: chotu
Ansh: ha mumma
Ragini: u tell me one thing do u believe me
Ansh: so much
Ragini: do u think that i will leave u and go
Ansh: (teary eyes) no mumma
Ragini: then why are u afraid that i will leave u and go
Ansh starts crying
Ragini: shh my bacha see i will never leave u and go so stop crying i will always be with u
Ansh: pinky promise
Ragini: (pinches her neck) pinky promise so never fear that i will leave u and go ok u are my life u are my everything how can i leave u and go ok
Ansh: i love u mumma
Ragini: i love u too my chotu
Sanskar: i love u three my champ and three laughs and have cute family hug safely so that ragini’s hand does not get hurt
Sanskar: ok now come let us fresh up and go out today is Sunday and
Ansh: bicycle u told me u will purchase me a bicycle today
Sanskar: but u should promise me one thing
Ansh: promise
Sanskar: ha u should promise me that from tomorrow u will go to school
Ansh: school he gets frightened but ragini holds his shoulder and sees him with smile
Ansh: ok papa i will go to school from tomorrow mumma promised na
Ragsan: that is like a good boy
Ragini: ok chalo let us fresh up and have breakfast
Ansh: and go to buy bicycle yeah
Sanskar: chalo
They go to get ready

Thank u so much for reading and please comment and tell me about the episode. I tried to show how little cute and innocent ansh got affected by ragsan’s accident and ragini’s rubbish and stupid talks about death and fear of losing his mother once again i hope u liked it and tell me ur views about it. Thank u to all those who commented and silent readers as well. Sorry for the late lappy problem now it is solved and next episode on January 1st till then take care bye

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