Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 17)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 17)
Hey guys how are u all? As i promised i am here with the next episode of my ff. Thank u so much for the response u all are giving to my ff. I am really happy for ur support. Ur comments really encourage me a lot. Thank u so much all those who commented and the silent readers. Keep supporting me in the same way please.
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In the morning sun’s rays fall on ragini by this her sleep gets disturbed she opens her eyes and finds herself in sanskar’s embrace she smiles and leans to him to kiss his forehead but something strikes her mind she narrows her eyes and moves back
Ragini: yesterday night i was in ansh’s room right then how come i here
Sanskar: (closing his eyes) because i carried u and brought u here stop talking to urself and sleep and let me also sleep (he tightens his grip around her)
Ragini does not reply anything and tries to free herself from his grip but sanskar tightens his grip and comes over her
Sanskar: dont try u will not be able to free urself
Ragini: leave me i need to go
Sanskar: no i will not leave u till u tell me that u forgave me
Ragini: (sarcastically) first scolding without my mistake and then forcing to get forgiveness
Sanskar: ok then i will convince u in the same way
Saying this he kisses her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks (ragini is closing her eyes feeling his touch) and he keeps his rough lips on her soft lips and start kissing her first ragini did not respond later she was unable to control and gave up and started responding to his kiss sanskar gave a winning smile in the middle of kiss it turned into a passionate one and both apart when they lack oxygen and sanskar looks at ragini smiling
Sanskar: so convinced right
Ragini beats him on his shoulder playfully and nods smilingly at him
Ragini: u are such a bad man huh i hate u
Sanskar: but i love u
Ragini: now let me go
Sanskar: let us sleep for some more time na
Ragini nods and sanskar lays besides her hugging tightly
Sanskar: waise thank u
Ragini: (looks at him confused) for what
Sanskar: for faking ur angry and diverting my mind from work
Ragini: (shocked and widened her eyes) hey how do u know
Sanskar: i know everything about u jaan i can read ur mind u know
Ragini: acha then now tell me what am i thinking now? (in mind) i love u sanskar
Sanskar: i love u too jaan
Ragini: (surprised) how u knew what I said in my mind
Sanskar: u are my life ragini i can say what is going on in ur mind i love u so much
Ragini: (hugs him) i love u too and u tell me how many marks do u give for my acting
Sanskar: hmm 10 on 10
Ragini: (happily) really then what if i become an actress
Sanskar: no way u are not going to do that
Ragini: arrey why
Sanskar: see i can’t always keep an eye on u and protect u
Ragini: why u need to keep an eye on me (confused)
Sanskar: see u are so beautiful that if u become an actress all the heroes will be back of u and i dont want any one come near u
Ragini: seriously sanskar u are just mad
Sanskar: hmm mad only for u

They hear door knock and a sweet sleepy voice
Ansh: (sleepy voice) mumma papa open the door
Sanskar smiles and goes and opens the door and sees ansh who is opening his eyes just half and standing there immediately after he opened the door ansh runs to ragini who is sitting on the bed and sat on her lap and hugged her and again closed his eyes keeping his head on her chest and she keeps brushing his hair with a smile on her lips
Ragini: u woke up chotu
Ansh: ha mumma but mumma u slept with me na how did u come here
Ragini: ur papa kidnapped me when i am sleeping with my chotu
Ansh: (opened his eyes and sees sanskar smiling at them) haw papa how can u do that and now u are smiling
Sanskar: (takes him in to his arms and makes him sit on his lap) hmm i did that to convince ur mumma and u know what ur mumma is a liar
Ansh: what did she lie to u
Sanskar: she is acting to be angry on me i asked so many times sorry but she did not forgive me
Ansh: u acted mumma ur acting is superb (he jumped into her lap and hugged her)
Sanskar: huh how mean u did not get angry on her that she troubled me but when i shouted at her u said u will not talk to me and to convince u i bribed u huh here no one love me (pouts)
Ansh and ragini smiles seeing him and pulls him into hug
Ragansh: we love u so much
Sanskar: (smiles) i love u too
Sanskar phone rings he picks it up
Sanskar: ha aarav
Aarav: sanskar actually the meeting which should be held tomorrow is held today in Hooghly and u need to reach there by 11 o’ clock
Sanskar: what but it is already 8 we should get ready and it takes almost 2 hours to reach there
Aarav: even they informed me now sanskar so u should hurry up and i will message u the address ok bye
Sanskar: ok we will go bye
Ragini: what happened sanskar?
Sanskar: ragini meeting which is to be held tomorrow is today only go get ready fast we need to start within half an hour
Ragini: ok chotu go brush ur teeth and change go
Ansh: ok mumma and he runs away
Ragini: i will fresh and come then u go so that i can prepare something for breakfast also
Saying this ragini goes to cupboard to take her dress she is about to take a salwar suit but sanskar stops her and gives her a saree she takes it and smiles at him and goes to get fresh up. After some time Ragini gets ready and keeps all things of sanskar on bed and goes to make breakfast and sanskar goes to fresh up

Ap, uttara, laksh are sitting
Ragini: good morning ma
Ap: good morning beta
Ragini: ma there is a meeting we need to leave early i will make breakfast u all please have it
Ap: beta kaka already made it dont worry
Ragini: ok ma lucky drop ansh in school and pick him up in the evening
Laksh: ok bhabhi
In the mean time sanskar comes there
Sanskar: ragini shall we go
Ap: but beta breakfast
Sanskar: ma there is no time we need to leave
Ap: what no time wait for two minutes i will just come
Ap saying this goes from there and comes back with a box and hands over to ragini
Ap: beta i packed the breakfast in this u both eat it ok
Ragini: ji ma
Ansh comes there
Sanskar: ok now shall we go
Ragini nods they take Ap’s blessings and ragini kisses ansh on his forehead and leaves with sanskar

Ragini: (opens the box which is having breakfast and takes a bite) sanskar open ur mouth
Sanskar: (confused) why
Ragini: arey u are driving so i will feed u come on open ur mouth
Sanskar smiles and does and she feeds him and eats herself as well ragini gets a call from mohit and picks it
Ragini: good morning mohit
Mohit: good morning di i called u tell that today we all are going to dinner
Ragini: why anything special
Mohit: nothing just thought to go so called to inform u
Ragini: ok then now we are going to Hooghly after returning we will meet u there itself ok
Mohit: ok di love u bye
Ragini: love u too bye
Ragini: sanskar tonight dinner
Sanskar: ok then we will go there directly after meeting because it will be late anyway
Ragini: ok
Like this they talk about random stuffs and finally reach their destination at 10.45 and hurriedly go to the meeting after 3 to 4 hours of meeting they finally come out with a happiness of getting the deal

In car
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: ha jaan
Ragini: i want to do shopping
Sanskar: ha tomorrow u go with uttara and shona
Ragini: what tomorrow no i want to do now let us go na please after lunch
Sanskar: if we go for shopping now it will be late at night to go home yaar
Ragini: please… (makes a puppy face) please
Sanskar: (melts) ok then first lunch ok
Ragini smiles and nods her head and they both have their lunch and go for shopping by the time they do shopping it is almost 6 pm and it is raining heavily
Sanskar: arey see because of u only we are here now it is raining and it became dark how will we go
Ragini: what did i do i just asked to do shopping
Sanskar: arey u would have do it tomorrow na ok leave it now it is really dark and raining as well it will not be safe to drive we will stay here in any hotel nearby and go tomorrow ok
Ragini: ok then i will inform ma about it
Sanskar nods and he drives to some hotel and ragini informs to ap about them they go to hotel and take a room and go to the room
The room have a wide open balcony and the view is very beautiful. After reaching there immediately ragini runs to balcony and starts enjoying rain
Sanskar: jaan come inside u will get ill
Ragini: no jaanu it is awesome here u also come let us enjoy
Saying this she spreads her both hands and raises her head by closing her eyes and rotates and starts enjoying the rain sanskar just gets mesmerised seeing her and goes towards her slowly just staring her ragini sees him coming near stops and their eyes met and sanskar reaches near to her he sees her lips and again sees into her eyes she closes her eyes in acceptance and he places his lips on hers and they both kiss passionately they break the kiss when they are unable to breath later they both stare each other lovingly and sanskar picks her in his arms and takes her inside and places her on the bed and comes over her and starts kissing her neck again he places his lips on hers and after breaking the he looks into her eyes seeking her permission ragini gets overwhelmed and hugs him tightly he takes it as acceptance and they finally consummate their marriage. Finally sanskar accepted ragini completely in his life and ragini got her love.
Next morning sun rays fall on the beautiful couple who are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace with beautiful smiles on their faces ragini’s sleep gets disturbed and she opens her eyes she remembers last night and smiles and blushes she keeps on staring sanskar with so much of love
Sanskar: (closing his eyes) staring is rude Mrs. Maheshwari
Ragini: i have full right in staring my husband Mr. Maheshwari
Sanskar comes over her
Sanskar: so Mrs. Maheshwari u are staring ur husband then i have full right to do whatever with my wife as well saying this he starts kissing her neck
Ragini: (breathing heavily) san…skar stop we need to go home it will be late again
Sanskar: arey why dont we be here today also and enjoy (winks at her)
Ragini: shut up let me go and fresh up
Sanskar: no please
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: fine (and lays beside her)
Ragini goes to fresh up and come back wearing a red colour salwar suit with her hair wet and droplets falling from the corner of her hair sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her and keeps staring her he gets disturbed when he gets a phone call
Sanskar: hey champ good morning
After listening this ragini immediately comes to sanskar and keeps asking him to give her phone to talk sanskar keeps nodding negatively
Ansh: good morning papa when are u both coming
Sanskar: we will start in 15 minutes and be there as soon as possible
Ansh: ok papa come soon i will be waiting
Sanskar: ok champ see ur mumma eating my brain here talk to her (he gives phone to ragini and go to fresh up)
Ragini: good morning chotu
Ansh: good morning mumma come fast home i am missing u from yesterday u are not there at home
Ragini: we will be at home soon ok did u drink ur milk
Ansh: (bites his tongue) no
Ragini: chotu dont trouble dadi and go and drink ur milk like a good boy ur mumma’s good boy right
Ansh: ya
Ragini: so now go and drink milk ok bye
Ansh: bye mumma
Ragini cuts the call and she gets ready soon sanskar also comes after fresh up wearing white shirt and black jeans looking more handsome than ever ragini sees him and smiles
Sanskar: (keeping his button on the sleeves) tho shall we leave jaan
Ragini: my selection is superb
Sanskar: (raises his head and smiles) my selection is awesome then that is why i selected u
Ragini hugs him and gives a tight kiss on his cheeks he smiles
Ragini: ok come let us go and they both leave
Ragini is enjoying the view and the cold breeze with a smile on her face sanskar sees it and smiles
Sanskar: u are more beautiful in this red suit
Ragini blushes
Sanskar: dont blush i will lose my control
Ragini: (blushes more) shut up and concentrate on driving
Sanskar: (takes her hand and kisses it) thank u for coming into my life and changing it again
Ragini: i should thank u for giving my love to me (hugs him)
Sanskar smiles and looks at her and she also smiles at him at that time a truck comes from opposite direction and sanskar immediately turns the car to other direction to avoid getting hit by that and

Thank u so much friends for reading my ff. So tell me did u like today’s episode through ur comments i hope it reached ur expectations. So today is 18th December and i kept my promise of updating it and it is ur duty to shoot ur comments so please comment. Meet u all in next episode till then take care bye.

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