Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 16)


Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 16)
A very big sorry to all my ff readers for this much late update. I am busy in my studies as i have my exams from 14th December i need to study a lot sorry for the late. Thank u so much to all those who commented in my previous episode. I am very sad for the off air news of swaragini besides my study. Ok now enough of my talks and coming to the episode enjoy reading.
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It is been two days they met kajal and they all became good friends and sid and roshni went back to US as the work for which they came to India is completed.
@maheshwari office
One girl enters and goes to reception of the office
Girl: hai i am nithya i am from Singh and co they sent me here for the project can i meet Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari
Receptionist: yes mam we got to know about u just a minute sir’s pa will be taking u to sir till then u may be seated
Nithya: thank u and she goes and sits in the couch and soon ragini comes there and asks receptionist about her
Receptionist: ha ragini there she is seated

Ragini: ok i will take care
Ragini goes to nithya
Ragini: hai i am ragini pa of sanskar maheshwari
Nithya: oh glad to meet u i am nithya from Singh and co
Ragini: ya sir told us about u and he also told that u need an accommodation here and we made arrangements regarding that as well and a vehicle for ur transportation
Nithya: thank u so much
Ragini: please wait for few minutes we can meet sir
Nithya: ya sure
Aarav comes there and says
Aarav: ragoo sir is calling u
Ragini: ha ok nithya u can come with me now
Saying all three goes to sanskar’s cabin

Ragini: sir u called me
Sanskar: ha (he was about to something but he sees nithya) who is she
Ragini: sir she is nithya from Singh and co as they already said us that they are sending someone regarding the project
Sanskar: ha ya miss. Nithya nice to meet u (shakes hand with her)
Nithya: same to u sir
Sanskar: can u please wait few minutes so that we will discuss about project a small work is pending
Nithya: sure sir
Sanskar: ha ragini i called u to see for this and hands over the file to her
Ragini sees the file
Sanskar: (angry) what is this ragini why there are many mistakes in this work why are u becoming careless regarding work day by day
Aarav: (interrupting sanskar) sir
Sanskar: no Mr. Sharma dont interrupt me and he starts shouting at ragini with anger
Now ragini got anger as he is not letting her to speak even she immediately went from there without even listening to him
Sanskar: (shocked) what she went away like this without even answering me
Aarav: (beneath his breath) did u give her any chance to answer
Sanskar: (frowning) did u say anything Mr. Sharma
Aarav: no sir
Sanskar: oh yes Miss. Nithya sorry for this ya Mr. Singh told me about u and ha ur accommodation is in our outhouse actually Mr. Singh told that u are his special employee so we are providing u our outhouse and ur food will be in our house hope u dont have any problem with that
Nithya: no sir thank u so much
Sanskar: and ha we are providing a vehicle for ur transportation and this is the address (he handovers her a paper which has address of their house)
In the mean time ragini comes there and hand overs a file to him
Sanskar: (takes it and in confusion) what is this
Ragini: (angry) check it ur self (goes away from there)
Sanskar checks the file and gets shocked
Sanskar: this is the same project for which i shouted at her
Aarav: sir can i speak now
Sanskar: ha
Aarav: sir actually that project is done by u and it is stopped in the middle when we got Singh’s project as we have time for this project and when she found some mistakes in that she changed them and even completed it
Sanskar: then why didnt she say to me that when i am shouting at her
Aarav: sir actually u did not give her time to answer and even u stopped when i am telling u

Sanskar: (in mind with horrified expressions) oh no now she is angry on me i am dead
Aarav: (understood what he is thinking and says) i think u are correct about ur thought sir (controlling his laugh seeing his expressions)
Sanskar sees him
Sanskar: u can laugh

Aarav burst into laughter after some time he composes when he sees sanskar glaring him
Aarav: ok for now concentrate on Miss. Nithya’s work later i will advice u he runs from there without seeing them all the time nithya is seeing them in confusion
Sanskar: oh no what will i do now (he sees nithya) oh sorry Miss. Nithya shall we start our work from tomorrow i think it is time to leave
Nithya: ok sir
Sanskar: u may shift to our out house and u will get ur vehicle tomorrow
Nithya: thank u sir and sir can i get a vehicle for now because i need to fetch my luggage from the hotel and should shift

Sanskar: hmm ok i will call my driver he will help u
Nithya: thank u sir
Sanskar leaves from there to ragini’s cabin while going
Sanskar: (in mind) what have u done sanskar why did u lose ur temper u became short tempered from few days u are not having control on ur anger u shouted on ur jaan without her mistake and did not even gave a chance to her to speak and made her angry too now apologise to her and make her fine thinking this he entered into ragini’s cabin and find her packing her stuff to go home
Sanskar: jaan shall we go home

Ragini: (angry look) no sir i will manage by my two wheeler
Sanskar: please na jaan sorry i will never shout at u please listen but ragini did not listen and left from there and went to receptionist
Ragini: lisa (receptionist) tell aarav bhai that dont forget to come to dinner as i already told him but just remind him as ma told him to come
Lisa: ok ragini
Sanskar: ragini listen na
Ragini: (ignores him) bye lisa take care
And she leaves from there and takes her scooty and starts driving and sanskar helplessly follows her in his car she goes in a different route as it is a short cut and it is an isolated place she is driving and sanskar is following her from a little distance her scooty stopped
Ragini: oh shit! Now what will i do oh god! Now i should walk and she starts walking by pushing the scooty with her hands
Sanskar sees this and smiles

Sanskar: sanskar come on now u got the chance to help her and ask forgiveness while he is thinking there near ragini she stopped as she is tired of pushing the bike and there comes two spoilt brats
Man1: hey girl come we will drop u on my bike
Man2: no come i will drop u on my bike

Ragini: (senses that they are not good) really u will drop me but i can come on only one bike so we will do one thing
They both come down of their bikes and comes near her sanskar sees this and is about to come to them
Man1: what is that (tries to touch her)
Before he could touch her he gets a slap on his cheek by her
Man1: hey how dare u to slap me
Ragini: oh u felt bad that i slapped u then wait and she starts beating both of them black and blue
Sanskar gets shocked seeing her beating like that
Sanskar: oh my god i can’t believe this she looks so innocent and she fought with them
Ragini: now who will drop me tell me i will show martial arts as well now u only came to know my karate knowledge
Man2: no sister we will never tease any girl from now

Ragini: good dont think that girls are weak and now u can go
They both go from there with great difficult as ragini had beat them very hard and ragini also goes from there by pushing her scooty
Sanskar: oh god she knows karate and martial arts she never said to me about this i should be careful (gulps in fear) and he also drives home following her calmly without her notice

Ragini comes home tired and she sits on the couch
Ap: kya hua beta u look tired today so much work
Ragini: ha ma where is ansh
Ansh: (comes to her sits in her lap) here mumma just went to drink some water
Ragini kisses his cheek
Ragini: how is ur day my bacha
Ansh: nice mumma u know today teacher called me good boy because i helped one boy to get up when he fell down while all others laughed
Ragini: hmm very good u should help others like that
Sanskar reached mm and is about to enter inside when he saw nithya came he went to driver
Sanskar: kaka help her in keeping her luggage and ha from tomorrow u will be her driver as well and take care

Kaka: ji sanskar baba i will u dont worry
Sanskar: miss. Nithya feel free and i will inform u about dinner
Nithya: thank u sir
Sanskar nods and leaves while nithya goes to outhouse along with driver
He enters
Ansh: ha mumma teacher also told me that only and she gave me a big chocolate wait i will show u by saying this he is about to go but ragini stopped him
Ragini: no chotu u show me later now tell me did u do ur home work
Ansh: ha mumma i completed bua helped me and i also drank milk without troubling dadi if u want ask dadi
Ap: hmm today he became very good boy
Sanskar: (listens their convo) my champ is always good boy
Ansh: papa runs to sanskar and sanskar picks him in his arms and kisses his cheeks
Ansh: ha i am always good boy u know
Ragini: (getting up from couch) ma i will get fresh and come back
Ap: ok beta
Ragini nods and gives an angry look to sanskar and goes from there.
Sanskar: ha ma me too will get fresh up and come
Ap smiles and ansh runs to his room

@ragsan room
Ragini enters into the room and goes to her wardrobe and takes a dress and turns and bumped into sanskar she tried to move aside but sanskar pinned her to the wall
Ragini: (without looking him and angry) leave a way to me
Sanskar: no i will not sorry ragini i will never shout at u but please talk to me na
Ragini just stand there without any change in expression
Sanskar: ok fine i will do my work to convince u
Sanskar: (kisses her forehead) sorry (kisses her eyes) sorry (kisses her cheeks) sorry (kisses her nose tip) sorry then pecks her lips and again says sorry but ragini does not do anything sanskar hugged her tightly and again said sorry but no movement
Sanskar: ok then till u forgive me i will be doing the same whenever we are alone will see how much time u will be angry
Still ragini did not give any reaction and is glaring him angrily
Sanskar moves a side

Sanskar: now u can go and fresh up u are looking so tired i dont want to irritate u more otherwise no way what if u use those karate and martial arts on me i even dont know atleast A of martial arts
Ragini eyes widened listening to this
Ragini: means u were there but u left me to push the bike and reach home huh now i am not at all going to forgive u and for ur kind information i am black belt in karate saying this she leaves to bath room she closes door and smiles
Ragini: (to herself) oh jaanu i know u were stressed due to work now a days and due to frustration u became short tempered dont worry that is why to distract u from work i am pretending to be anger i forgave u long back now see how i will irritate u without talking to u thinking this she gets fresh up and comes out later sanskar also get ready and both go to the hall and sit with them and talking

Sanskar: ma i told that some employee will be living in outhouse from today she will be coming in fact she has already came so she will be having her food here so dont forget to call her at the time of dinner
Ap: ok beta
Ragini: ma where is lucky and uttara
Ap: uttara is studying in her room and lucky as usual
Ragini: (smiles) shona ke saath
Ap: (smiles) any ways they will be coming for dinner today as it is our turn (now a days their dinner is one day in mm and one day in gm) and did u tell aarav to come for dinner it so many days i did not meet him
Ragini: ha ma i told him he told he will come
In the mean time mohit, swalak and Karan comes there mohit after coming immediately hugs sanskar while sanskar gives a confused expression which immediately turns into a smile listening what mohit said
Mohit: (while hugging sanskar whispers) jiju she accepted i am very happy
Sanskar: (smiles and whispers) then my treat
While all are seeing them with weird expressions
Laksh: bhabhi till now i saw husband and wife romance, bromance, sister romance and even lovers romance never saw jiju and sala romance first time i am watching it (all laughs)
Mohit and sanskar breaks the hug and mohit hugs laksh
Mohit: now u experienced it as well
Laksh: (confused) huh
Mohit: arrey u are my would be jiju na because u are going to marry shona so
Laksh: oh ok first tell me what u both are whispering
Mohit: that is a secret between us u will know it when u also become my jiju
Laksh: whatever u both are mad
Mohit: ok then i need to talk to jiju saying this he dragged sanskar from there
Ragini: kamaal hai before he used to say di… di always now always jiju now i should become jealous of him that my brother is concentrating on him
Mohit listens it and shouts while going
Mohit: (shouts) dont get jealous di ur place will not be replaced by anyone
Ragini smiles
Laksh: u leave them bhabhi and u know what Kajal is also coming to dinner today (looking at Karan)
While Karan blushes a little
Swara: oho look someone is blushing
Karan: stop it shona dont tease me
All laughs
Ap: ok beta u all talk i will go to my room for some time
Ragini: ji ma
Ansh comes and goes to swara and sits in her lap while swara caresses his hair
Swara: oho ansh how is ur day today
Ansh: awesome mausi
In the mean time kajal also comes there she sees angrily at Karan and he gulps in fear all observes that
Ragini: kajal what happened
Kajal: ask ur friend (glares him)
Ragini: Karan
Karan: sorry na kajal i forgot
Kajal: do hell with ur sorry i would have asked mohit or lucky to pick me huh because of u i came in bus
Laksh: very bad Karan u really disappointed me
Karan: shut up lucky ok and kajal sorry na
Kajal: fine (smiles)

@mohit and sanskar
Sanskar: where are u taking me
Mohit: to meet my love if i come alone everybody will get doubt so i brought u you go to ur room i will go to my love
Sanskar: u traitor ur work is completed so u are throwing me no way i am also coming with u to my sister i should ask her how can she love a traitor
Mohit: oh please jiju stop ur drama ok

Sanskar: but now i want to play a prank on my little sister will u support me
Mohit: she should not get tears from her eyes ok
Sanskar: oye she is my sister how can i see tears in her eyes
Mohit: fine now tell me what to do
Sanskar says something and mohit nods ok and leaves to uttara’s room he opens the room door without making the sound and slowly closes the door and goes to uttara who is studying very seriously he comes near her ear and shouts
Mohit: bhooooo
Uttara immediately sequels in fear and stops as she realises it is mohit
Uttara: u idiot do anyone make their girl friend fear like this oh god i may had died with fear

Mohit: (places hand on her mouth) never talk about death please i can’t live without u
Saying this he hugs her
Mohit: i love u
Before she could reply sanskar barges into the room with full anger making them depart from their hug and uttara holding mohit’s hand tightly with fear what would sanskar say sanskar immediately holds uttara’s hand and pulls her away from mohit and holds mohit’s collar
Sanskar: (winks mohit) how dare u mohit to do this
Mohit: (pretending to fear) jiju listen to me i love her so much
Sanskar: dont dare to speak a word and stay away from her otherwise u will see worst of me

Uttara comes to them and tries to free mohit from sanskar’s clutch
Uttara: bhai leave him we both love each leave him bhai please listen to me
Sanskar leaves him and holds his hands across his chest
Uttara: bhai please u know about mohit na he is good then why are u opposing us and u only so many times told that if a person loves her sister so much then he will definitely keeps his wife happy and u know how much mohit loves both the bhabhis and she goes on telling things about mohit and mohit smiles seeing her as how she understood him and sanskar’s mouth opened in O shape and he is staring her sister in a shock later both sanskar and mohit see each other and burst out into laughter uttara stops her talks and sees them confused
Sanskar: oh god mohit she knows about u so much
Mohit: even i dont know she knows this much about me jiju oh god thanks for u because of ur prank i came to know that she knows about me this much
Uttara: (shocked) prank!!!!!!! What prank
Sanskar: now only u saw we both fighting it is a prank did u like it

Uttara: bhai (and starts beating him) sanskar stops her by holding her hands and hugs her
Sanskar: i am so happy for u you chose a right person
Uttara: thank u bhai u are not angry with me na
Sanskar: why will i be angry in fact may i tell u one secret (uttara nods) the idea to propose u is given by me only
Uttara: what it is not his idea i thought it is his idea and i got impressed u copy cat Mr. Mohit Gadodia
Mohit: jiju this is cheating ha u told u will not tell her anyway i did not propose her completely what u told ok
Sanskar: then my sissy tell me how did he propose u
Uttara: he took me to orphanage and there every child wore a shirt having each letter of i love u uttara and they stood with beautiful red rose that is it and now tell me what was ur plan
Sanskar: arrey that is my plan only the only change is i did not tell him about red rose anyway are u happy
Uttara nods yes with a wide smile on her face and sanskar hugs her
Mohit: even i am there (pouts)
Sanskar: come (spreads his hands and he too joins the hug)
Sanskar: ok now chalo it is dinner time
Mohit: u go we will come
Sanskar: (frowning) why now come with me
Mohit: jiju go na (pushes him) i will not do anything to ur sister ok
Sanskar: (smiles) come fast ok otherwise someone will get doubt then dont blame me
Mohit: fine
Sanskar leaves from there
All are talking and enjoying and even aarav came there when ragini saw sanskar she immediately changed her smiling expression to angry this is observed by aarav and he saw the direction ragini is seeing and immediately burst out laughing all looked confused while ragsan understood for his laughing
Sanskar: oye why are u laughing
Aarav: u know u both are acting like kids
Ragini: and why do u think so
Aarav: leave it
Laksh: but why did u laugh
Aarav: because ragsan face is cute to see u know ragini’s angry face and sanskar’s pleading face see
They see towards them still ragini glaring sanskar and sanskar keeping puppy face
Swara: but why is di angry on u jiju

Sanskar: all is my fault i shouted on her without her mistake and i am apologising from so much time but still she is not forgiving me
Ansh goes to ragini
Ansh: then why did u shout my mumma
Sanskar: i told sorry na
Ansh: no ur punishment is even now i am also not talking to u till mumma forgives u i am not talking to u by listening this ragsan are shocked
Sanskar: (shocked) what? And aarav this is all because of u why did u tell this to them ha i was trying my best to convince her u made my champ and my life both angry
Ragini feels bad but she does not say anything in the mean time ap and mohit comes there and he sees sanskar sad he thought to ask him but ap interrupts
Ap: chalo lets go for dinner

Ragini: ji ma but ma we should call nithya for dinner
Ap: ha i will tell kaka to call her
Ragini nods and mohit goes to sanskar
Mohit: jiju what happened why are u sad
Sanskar: if i say u also will get angry and will not talk to me
Mohit: no i will not get angry u tell me
Sanskar says what happened to mohit
Mohit: haw how mean jiju she completed ur work but u scolded her u should have controlled ur anger and ask but ya it happens i understand because i also does like that dont worry she can’t be angry for much time by tomorrow everything will be sort out
Sanskar nods in the mean time nithya comes there and ragini sees her and welcomes her
Ragini: hai nithya come have ur seat
Nithya: (smiles) thanks ragini and sits there

Mohit: champ come here
Ansh: no i will not come u are papa’s team i am not talking to him because he shouted mumma in office
Mohit: champ u will not come to mamu also ok fine now this big chocolate will be for janvi aarav bhai give this to janvi
Ansh runs to him and snatches the chocolate and sits in his lap
Mohit: (smiles) champ u are angry on papa na
Ansh nods his head
Mohit: (to sanskar) ok jiju then this Sunday no ice cream to ansh we will not buy cycle also
Ansh: what cycle for me
Mohit: ha before we thought to buy but now u are angry na no cycle
Ansh: no no i am not angry on papa see and he runs to sanskar and sits in sanskar’s lap and kisses his cheek
Sanskar: (smiles his love towards his mother and his childishness) but u are angry on me na go i am not talking to u
Ansh: sorry na papa please (makes a puppy face)
Sanskar: (smiles) fine
Ansh: but i want a promise that u will not scold mumma anytime
Sanskar: promise ok
Ansh: ha now i am hungry chalo let us eat u feed me today
Sanskar: chalo (lifts him in his arms and walks)
Ragini smiles seeing them
Karan: why are u acting to be angry on him
Kajal: then what should she do melt like me then u keep on ignoring us
Karan: i said sorry na and now i asked her why are u answering me
Ragini: chup ek dum chup u both again started ur fight nobody will believe u both love each other (yes even Karan kajal expressed their feelings)
Kajal: arey i am just supporting u
Laksh: oh please now i am hungry come shona we will go let them fight
Swara: all the best for ur fight
Swalak aarav also leaves
Ragini: see u both fight i am going come nithya we will have dinner both goes and Karan and kajal also follows them
@dinner table
Ap: where is uttara
Swara: ma i will call her ap nods and she goes
Sanskar: ma u know one thing ur bahu knows karate and martial arts
Ap: ha i know she told me once
Laksh: even i know she told me also
Sanskar: wah kya biwi hai meri i dont know about that wah
Ansh: even i know that mumma knows them
Sanskar: great
Ansh: mumma
Ragini: hmm
Ansh: are u angry on me
Ragini: why bacha
Ansh: i am talking to papa na
Ragini: i did not tell u not to talk to ur papa right then why will i be angry on u
Ansh: then u forgive papa na
Ragini did not reply anything
Sanskar: leave it champ i will make her convince u dont worry
Uttara comes
Uttara: hello every one
Kajal: hey uttu
Uttara: ma i am super hungry

Ap: ha come and sit and eat all starts eating
Sanskar: (actually sitting beside mohit and beside mohit it is ragini he intentionally says to see her reaction) jaan please pass that bowl to me
Ragini: mohit ur jiju wants something give it to him
Mohit: sorry di i am not his jaan so i am not going to do all chuckles for his answer while nithya is seeing their bond with a smile
Ragini glares mohit and passes the bowl to sanskar
Sanskar: thank u jaan all finishes eating
Sanskar: bye come champ let us sleep
Ansh: no i am going to my room to sleep today
Ragini: chotu even i am coming wait saying this she leaves with him while sanskar sees her sad
Mohit: (places hand on sanskar’s shoulder) all the best jiju and bye
Uttara: bhai what happened

Sanskar: nothing
Uttara sees towards mohit while he also says nothing
Mohit, Karan, kajal, swara, aarav leaves
Nithya: sir i will leave now
Sanskar: ya sure i think u like the food
Nithya: ya sir it is really good and ur family is so cool thank u sir
Sanskar nods and he also leaves to his room he goes and lies on the bed but sleep is far to him so he goes to ansh’s room to see what they both are doing there he sees ansh sleeping hugging ragini and ragini also sleeping peacefully with a beautiful smile he smiles and kisses ansh’s forehead and comes to ragini and takes her in his arms and goes to his room (as now a days he is not getting sleep without ragini) and places her on the bed lays beside her and sleeps hugging her while a small smile appears on ragini’s lips even in the sleep

Thanks for reading. I really dont know what i have written i just wrote whatever it came to my mind while writing. So sorry for this boring episode and i gave a big update due to the late please forgive me for the late, for the boring episode and sorry for not going to update till my exams get over and they get over on 17th December and next update may be on 18th if my lappy get repaired because there is problem in my lappy ok then see u all in next episode till then bye take care. Please tell me about this episode please. And Nithya’s character has no importance just for this episode i only dont know why i brought her character so sorry for that.

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