Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 15)


Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 15)
Hey guys back with next episode. Thank u so much for ur response. Thank u to all those who commented and all silent readers. I am glad that u all are liking my ff.

Previous episodes

Next morning our beautiful couple ragsan are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace when sanskar’s sleep got disturbed by his phone’s ring he woke up and picked the call
Sanskar: hello
Aarav: sanskar where are u we have a meeting today and we need to do a lot of work
Sanskar: ha aarav i will be there within a hour
Aarav: ok bye (cuts the call)
Sanskar sees his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully sleeping with a smile on her face by hugging him he smiles and pecks her forehead lovingly and slowly frees him from her grip without disturbing her sleep and went to get ready
After some time he comes out and finds ragini awake he goes to her and hugs her
Sanskar: jaan i am leaving now u come fast we have a lot of work to do as we have meeting at 10am ok bye
Ragini: i will be there as soon as possible
Sanskar nods and kisses her forehead lovingly and leaves
Ragini also gets ready and goes to hall
Sid: good morning doll
Ragini: good morning where is my chotu
Ansh: here mumma (coming out of kitchen)
Ragini: oh my bacha (hugs him) ok get ready fast i will drop u in school and leave to office
Ansh: ok mumma (he runs to get ready)
Ragini: ma we have an important meeting so i need to leave early so just pack the breakfast for sanskar and me we will have it in office
Mishti: ok beta but dont forget to have it
Ragini: ji ma
Karan: ragu where is sanskar
Ragini: he already went to office Karan
Karan: why so early
Ragini: we have a meeting so he needs to go
Mohit: (comes there) good morning everyone
Ragini: good morning
Laksh: bhabhi my shirt is not found
Ap: laksh when will u learn to search ur things by ur self
Laksh: oh mom please not again bhabhi my shirt
Ragini: chalo i will give u
Ap: he will never change i hope swara changes him
Mishti: she herself depends on others how will she change him
Swara: haw how mean ma i started doing my things when di went to Sasural ok
Mishti: ha i know how much u do ur things later i will clean everything
Swara: bhai see na
Mohit: mom please my shona has changed a lot and she can do everything
Ragini: arey wah from when u started to support shona
Mohit: from then when u went to ur Sasural
Ansh: mumma i am ready (comes there but his shirt buttons are kept improperly)
Ragini: oho my bacha u did not keep ur shirt buttons properly see (makes them proper)
Ragini: ok chalo have ur breakfast and drink ur milk and we will leave
Ansh: ok mumma and ragini feeds him
Uttara: laksh bhai please drop me in the college na
Laksh: ha uttara get ready we will leave in 15minutes
Uttara: y so early bhai
Laksh: we have a class today
Uttara: what i will do going early to college
Laksh: then how will u go
Swara: bhai will drop her what say bhai
Mohit: (happy inside but pretends normally) ok i have no problem in that
Uttara: ok then i will go with mohit
Laksh: shona get ready fast we need to go

@dining area
Ragini: now come on drink ur milk
Ansh: no mumma please
Ragini: chotu u have to drink it come on
Ansh: please it tastes yuck mumma please
Ragini: ok we will do one thing we will do it chocolate milkshake ok
Ansh: hmm ok done then i will drink
Ragini does it and he drinks it and they both leaves she drops him in his school and goes to office
Ragini: sorry for the late
Sanskar: did u drop ansh at school
Ragini: ya now let’s complete the presentation
They keep working after sometime they complete the presentation
Ragini: chalo sanskar we will have our breakfast
Sanskar: what u too did not have ur breakfast u could have complete ur breakfast and then come
Ragini: oho sanskar u know na that i will not able to eat if i have work so
Sanskar: ha u will not eat and become ill chalo now bring it
Ragini brings breakfast and they have it in
Here in car
Mohit and uttara are there it is fully silent finally uttara breaks it
Uttara: uff this silence why are u not speaking anything
Mohit: hmm nothing u say how are ur studies going
Uttara: well
Mohit: uttara shall i ask u one thing
Uttara: ok
Mohit: what do u think of love
Uttara: it is a beautiful feeling which one can have and it makes one’s life more beautiful
Mohit: hmm so here is ur college bye
Uttara: bye
The meeting is over and the deal is final
Mr. Singh: superb presentation Mr. Maheshwari i must say u are very talented
Sanskar: thank u Mr. Singh we can sign the deal in my cabin
Mr. Singh: ya sure
They head to sanskar’s cabin and they sign the deal
Ragini: (jumps in excitement) i am so happy sanskar that we got the deal (kisses his cheek sanskar gets surprised by her act and ragini realises what she did and about to leave but sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him and she lands on his chest he holds her through her waist)
Sanskar: what was that?
Ragini: what (innocently and blinks her eyes)
Sanskar: so u dont know
Ragini nods negatively
Sanskar: ok then he leans to her lips she closes her eyes and their lips were just a inch distance then the door opens they both immediately parts away and sees the door
Mohit: oops sorry di sorry jiju u would have closed the door properly before romancing
Ragsan are embarrassed
Sanskar: mohit u here anything needed
Mohit: nothing jiju actually sid wants to see ur office so we came
Sanskar: oh where is he then
Sid: here i am so doll let us go
Ragini: where
Sid: out if ur work is over
Ragini: sid no i dont want to go we will go tomorrow please
Sid: ok then now i will leave any way i have a little work tomorrow i will complete it today and tomorrow we will go out
Ragini: fine
Sanskar: jaan coffee
Ragini: (smiles) ok then sid and mohit y dont u both have it and go
Sid: done

In the mean time one employee calls her
Employee: ragini can u please come here once
Ragini: ya coming and she goes
Sid: hmm ur office so nice sanskar
Sanskar: thank u sid
And they discuss about some stuff later ragini brings coffee they drink and they go
Its night now all completed their dinner
@ragsan room
Ragini is sitting on the bed folding her legs and mohit is lying on her one leg and laksh on another leg and she is caressing their hairs by both her hands and ansh is holding neck from back swara and uttara sitting beside her and sid, roshini and Karan are sitting on the couch sanskar just comes in to the room and sees the scene and smiles
Sanskar: hmm do i have any place near my wife
Laksh: no
Sanskar goes and sits on the bed and ansh goes to him and sits in his lap
Ansh: see na papa chachu and mamu are not allowing me to sit in mumma’s lap
Sanskar: hmm ur chachu and mamu are like that only they irritate ur mumma and u so much
Mohit: we dont irritate her di tell na
Sanskar: what she will tell she will say sanskar dont say like that to my brother and devar
Mohit: huh leave it is waste to argue with u and waise i am sleepy i am going to sleep champ will u come or will u sleep here only
Ansh: no today i am going to sleep with mausi and bua
Swara: toh chalo let us sleep come uttara
Uttara: ha chalo
Laksh: even i am going to sleep good night every one
They go to sleep in the mean time sanskar observes Karan lost in his own thoughts and smiling and he goes to Karan
Sanskar: is she beautiful
Karan: (in thoughts) ha
Sanskar: what is her name?
Karan: (comes to reality) whose name sanskar
Sanskar: come on Karan now tell me who is she
Karan: no one yaar
Ragini: Karan dont hide ok
Sid: come on Karan tell us fast
Karan: fine she is a new doctor in our hospital she joined just a month back she is so beautiful her eyes her smile any one can fall for her (he says dreamingly)
Sid: oh god finally Karan is in love
Roshini: Karan tell us her name fast
Karan: kajal shrivatsav she is a children’s specialist she is so friendly u know we became very close in this one month and became very good friends
Ragini: (excited) then why dont u introduce her to us
Karan: hmm when we have time i will
Ragini: no i want to meet her as soon as possible why dont u invite her for dinner tomorrow anyway ma papa dadi and ma are going to marriage of our relatives only we
Sanskar: great idea Karan what say?
Karan: ok
All goes to their rooms and ragini goes and closes the door and turns back and bumped into sanskar and sanskar holds her through waist
Ragini: sanskar leave me
Sanskar: no morning why did u kiss me in the office?
Ragini: sanskar leave me
Sanskar: answer me then i will leave u
Ragini: i was so excited that we got contract and waise bhi if i kiss my husband is there any wrong in that
Sanskar: oh so u kissed ur husband so i will do same with my wife also he leans to her lips and she closes her eyes and he places his lips on hers and they both have a passionate kiss and break it after some time and share a beautiful eye lock
Sanskar: shall we go out
Ragini: what now
Sanskar: there is no time for going out shall we go or not
Ragini: hmm chalo but where
Sanskar: chalo na why do u need address come let us go and they slowly goes out of the house without making any noise and comes to the car he opens the door for her and lets her sit and he goes to driving seat and starts driving and after some time he stops at the beach ragini sees around
Ragini: beach wow
Sanskar: (closes her eyes with his hands and they both are walking towards the beach) chalo get ready for the surprise
Ragini: surprise what is that
Sanskar: offo jaan it is just matter of two minutes and u can’t wait for a surprise ok now open ur eyes (he takes his hands from her eyes)

Ragini opens her eyes and gets very happy to see a small table with two chairs on either sides and a small candle on the table it is very beautiful only the light of moon and the light of candle and the waves touches their feet if they sit there and due to the light of the moon the water is twinkling like stars it is a very beautiful view
Sanskar: did u like it
Ragini: no i loved it… it is just awesome view
Sanskar: tho chalo let us have an ice cream (forwards his hand she keeps her hand on his and they both go to the table and he pulls a chair for her and makes her sit and he sits opposite to her and they enjoy their ice cream in the night in between the stars, full moon light, candle light, the waves of the ocean touching their feet)
Ragini: it is really awesome i just loved it sanskar thank u thank u so much (she kissed his cheeks)
Sanskar: hmm i am successful in giving a surprise for my beautiful wife then what about a dance by beautiful lady
Ragini: what dance but music?
Sanskar: are u ready for dance or not
Ragini: ok (she gives her hand to him)
Sanskar: now close ur eyes (she closes her eyes) just listen to the sound of the air that is touching u (ragini smiles) and the sounds of waves that are moving and the perfect music which is made by the nature (they both are moving and just enjoying the music played by the nature the best music that we can hear they both are involved in the dance and are dancing passionately after some time they come to senses and they share a beautiful eye lock with all love they have showing in their eyes)
Sanskar: hmm how is the music
Ragini: it is awesome it is the real music there is a lot of peace in this it can vanish all the pains and sorrows of a person i really loved it
Sanskar: now where shall we go
Ragini: a long drive
Sanskar: chalo (they both walk hand in hand to the car)
They keep on going and talking something or other and finally ragini falls asleep while talking to him he drives back to home and picks her in his arms and takes to their room lays her on the bed and kisses her forehead and lays down beside her takes her in his embrace and sleeps peacefully with smile on his face.

@next day
The sunrays fall on our beautiful couple ragsan and disturb their sleep both open their eyes and see each other and smiles
Sanskar: good morning jaan
Ragini: good morning jaanu pecks his cheek
Sanskar: (smiles) get up and get ready
Ragini: first u go na i want to sleep for some more time please
Sanskar: ok tho chalo after getting ready i will wake you u sleep and he goes and she sleeps for some more time later after he get fresh up he wakes her and she also gets ready and they both come to the hall
Mishti: ragini we are leaving now breakfast is ready make sure all have it and go to their works
Shekhar: mohit today u should complete that project so do that one ok
Mohit: ok papa i will complete u dont worry and enjoy the marriage
Ap: uttara if u will get late call and inform to bhai or bhabhi and any one will come and pick u ok
Uttara: ok ma
Ap: sanskar take care we will come back by tomorrow evening
Sanskar: ji ma
Ansh: i will miss u dadi (he kisses her cheek)
Ap: i miss u too beta take care bye
Shemish, dadi and ap goes to attend marriage of their relatives
Sid: so Karan are u inviting her or not
Laksh: whom
Sid: u dont know na Karan is in love
Laksh: wow awesome who is that girl Karan
Sanskar: arey lucky have patience till evening she will come for dinner na
Laksh: what evening no shona and i are going to dinner
Sanskar: wah u planned already
Uttara: bhai who will drop in college
Laksh: i am not going to drop today also i have some work in library
Sanskar: i will drop come uttara
Ansh: then me
Mohit: ha jiju uttara’s college and ansh’s school are two different ways i will drop uttara as i will go that side and u drop ansh as ur office is on that way
Sanskar: great ok then uttu u go with mohit
Uttara: ok bhai (feels happy inside)
All leave to respective places
In car
Mohit: so uttara i will pick u in the evening at what time should i come
Uttara: it is ok mohit i will come my self
Mohit: oh common tell me the time
Uttara: ok at 4.30
Mohit: ok i will be there to pick u bye take care
Uttara: (smiles) bye take care and she leaves to her college
In Karan’s hospital
Karan goes to kajal’s cabin
Karan: kajal are u free
Kajal: (imagine kajal as Chhavi Pandey) (smiles) ha Karan is there any work
Karan: i want to invite u to dinner in my place my ragu cooks awesome
Kajal: (listening my ragu her face expressions changed she felt bad as she loves him but she did not know what he thinks about her and so she did not want to spoil their friendship by telling her feelings to him) ragu who is she
Karan is observing her expressions keenly he understood that she also has some feeling for him he felt happy inside
Karan: u will know when u come to dinner
Kajal: hmm ok i dont mind
Karan: then ok after duty we will go for dinner at my place
Kajal: ok


Only ragsan and ansh are at home. Ragini and sanskar came home early as they dont have much work at office today and ansh as usual came from school and he is sleeping in his room
In kitchen ragini is making everything ready for dinner when somebody came and hug her from back
Ragini: sanskar let me do the work
Sanskar: who stopped u you carry on with ur work i will not disturb u
Ragini: ok do one thing u also help me na please
Sanskar: chalo tell me what to do
Ragini: ok take these and cut them
Sanskar: what onions no way i will not cut them
Ragini: then get out of the kitchen
Sanskar: ok fine i will cut and he starts cutting and after some time if we see our handsome and cute sanskar is crying continuously
Sanskar: still how many should i cut yaar
Ragini: sanskar u just cut two onions and u are asking how many u have to cut still u need to cut more come on till then i will finish other works
Sanskar: what a wife u are making ur husband cry
Suddenly they find a laughing sound and see towards that direction and see mohit and uttara are standing there
Mohit: wow jiju u are crying see let me take a pic na please
Sanskar: dont dare mohit to do so
But mohit without listening clicks the pic
Sanskar: mohit i will not leave u see and he chases mohit
Sanskar: mohit delete it (still running)
Mohit: no i will not delete it let me show it to laksh and ansh
Sanskar: mohit i am warning u if u will not delete u will suffer think once
Mohit: what will u do
Sanskar: ok do u know one thing i have ur childhood pics in which u are dressed as a girl and i am going to show those to (pauses)
Mohit: whom u will show (he stops)
Sanskar: to (he goes near him and whispers) uttara
Mohit: (shocked) no… no… please jiju i will delete see (he deletes the pic)
Sanskar: wah my sister has so much power
Mohit: this is the biggest mistake i did in my life to tell about my love to u you are blackmailing me huh i hate u
Sanskar: huh u did not tell i caught u understand
Mohit: ok fine now i can’t even tease u you are the big villain in my love story who will spoil it without its start
Sanskar: hahaha i am her brother u know
Mohit: ok now leave and go help ur wife otherwise she will be angry with u and ha dont allow my love to cut those stupid onions which bring tears in her eyes (saying this he runs from there)
Sanskar smiles seeing him and remembers how he got to know about mohit’s love for uttara
Fb starts
Sanskar: mohit where is the contract between gadodia’s and maheshwari’s
Mohit: it is in my room jiju i will bring it wait
Sanskar: no u wait i will take it myself u tell me where it is
Mohit: it is in the drawer left side
Sanskar goes and in the mean time mohit remembered that he kept uttara’s photo in the same drawer and ran to his room but it is too late sanskar already saw it
Mohit: jiju
Sanskar: (anger) what is this mohit i never expect this from u
Mohit: jiju please dont be angry on me please listen i really love uttara i am sorry jiju if u dont like me i will never confess to her also but please dont be angry on me
Sanskar: why will i be angry on u for loving her i am angry that u did not tell me in fact i am very happy that my sister got a very good man in her life a person who loves his sister so much can do anything for his wife i am very happy that my sister got u
Mohit: (shocked) what u are angry that i did not tell u before omg u all are making me crazy thank u so much jiju (hugs him)
Sanskar: ha i will not spare if she is hurt u know right
Mohit: i will try my best to see her not got hurt it is my promise and i want a promise from u
Sanskar: what
Mohit: till i confess to her u dont tell to di i will tell to di she will get sad if i did not share with her
Sanskar: ok but do it fast ok
Mohit: ok come let us go
Fb ends

Sanskar goes to kitchen to help ragini and sees uttara helping her
Sanskar: uttu u go and take rest for some time i will help her
Uttara: no it is ok i will help her
Sanskar: will u go or not
Uttara: ok fine why dont u say that u need to romance with bhabhi (she runs from there laughing)
Sanskar: uttara ki bacchi u are talking more now a days (shouts from kitchen)
Here sanskar starts again cutting onions and helping her soon they complete making everything ready
Sanskar: finally everything is ready
Ragini: (hugs him) thank u jaanu for helping me
Sanskar: oh come on now go and take some rest and i will bring ice cream for a desert what say
Ragini: u go after some time u also rest for some time
Sanskar: ok madam and they go and take some rest
In the hall ragini, sid, roshini, mohit and uttara are sitting and talking then only Karan and kajal comes there
Karan: hello everyone
Ragini goes and bring some water for them
Karan: (takes it) thank u ragu and ha ragu she is kajal and kajal she is ragini
Kajal: (sees ragini and misunderstands that she is Karan’s wife as she is wearing sindoor and mangalsootr and fake smiles) hi
Ragini: (smiles back) hi
Karan: kajal he is sid and she is roshini his wife my friends
Kajal: hi
Karan: he is mohit ragini’s bro and uttara sanskar’s sister
Kajal: (confused) sanskar
Karan: he will come i will introduce him as well
Kajal: ok hi mohit hi uttara
Mohit and uttara: hi
Ragini: i will just come u carry on roshini come we will arrange food on the dining table
Sid: even i will help chalo
They all leave after two minutes Karan goes to them
Karan: ragu, sid, roshini how is my choice
Sid and roshini: superb
Karan: ragu what did u feel
Ragini: let me ask u one thing did she have feelings for u
Karan: i am damn sure she has feelings for me because morning while inviting intentionally i specified ur name as my ragu i saw changes in her face
Ragini: (felt really happy and hugged him) awesome i am very happy for u
Kajal saw this and felt very jealous of them
Karan: now tell me how is my choice?
Ragini: ur choice is awesome but her choice is very bad
Karan: what
Ragini: ha see she is so beautiful that is ur choice but see her choice whom she chose yuck very bad and laughs and sid and roshini joins her
Karan: ragu i will not leave u now and starts chasing her the whole hall they start running and laughing
Karan: (shouts) wait ragini i will not leave u now
Ragini: what will u do ha (laughs and runs while seeing back)
Suddenly she bumps into sanskar and was about to fall but he holds her by waist and prevent from falling and they both share an eye lock and lost in each other’s eyes their eye lock is broken by Karan
Karan: (whispers) arey yaar u both dont spoil my plan to see her reactions she still dont know about u you can do ur romance later also
They both composes and sanskar gives a confused expressions so ragini tells him about his plan

Sanskar: u idiot did u got only my wife to do like that
Karan: oye dont be jealous who will handle this devil except u
Sanskar: oye dont dare to say her devil she is an angel
Karan: ha angel for u and devil for me ok now come let me introduce her
Sanskar: ok and they go to her
Karan: kajal he is sanskar my friend
Kajal: hi but i have seen u some where
Karan: (thinks) oh no did she see both in the news paper
Kajal: ya i saw u in a business magazine who is the youngest successful business man
Karan: ya and ha ragu where is ansh
Listening to ansh all starts laughing like anything while Karan, kajal and sanskar are looking confused
Karan: (confused) why all are u laughing like mad i am not a doctor who treats mad people
All stops
Ragini: (controls her laugh) he went to candle light dinner
Sanskar: (shocked) at this age
Ragini: shut up sanskar he went with shona and lucky
Karan: what? Are u crazy! U sent him with them
Ragini: (laughing) what can i do i tried my best to stop him but he did not listen to me and besides that shona “let him di what is there no problem” this is the dialogue she is saying
Sid: u must see lucky’s face at that time omg it became pale u know and starts laughing this time Karan also laughs imagining laksh’s face at that time
In the meantime they hear laksh
Laksh: laugh… laugh how much u want to laugh i will get time then i will show u all
Ragini: (controlling her laugh) lucky u came so early
Laksh: what to do ur son did all this
Listening to the word son kajal’s face became complete pale and Karan observed her expression
Ragini: what did he do
Laksh: first he asked me to take to play to park i took him because the great shona wants that huh
Swara: (from behind) thank u i know i am great what is there wrong in that he is just a kid so i said to do what he want
Ansh runs to ragini and sits in her laps innocently like he did not do anything
Sanskar: then what happened
Laksh: dont ask me
Swara: go to hell i will tell later he asked for ice cream we went there and later we went to have dinner but he told he only wants to eat his mumma’s made food so we are back simple
Laksh: simple my foot he spoiled my date
Sanskar: (laughing) that is like my son
Listening sanskar kajal is shocked later her face lit up and she came to know everything now and Karan face his palm on his head as his plan flopped to make kajal jealous and he whispered in ragini’s ears
Karan: ur son flopped my plan
Ragini: (bits her tongue) sorry
Karan: now leave it
Karan: lucky shona she is kajal and kajal they are laksh and swara
Swalak: hi
Kajal: hi u both are cute couple
Swalak smiles
Ansh: mumma who is she
Karan: oh champ she is my friend kajal
Ansh: hi aunty my name is ansh
Kajal: hi ansh u are so cute (pulls his cheeks)
Ansh: no i am not cute why do all say i am cute
Ragini: because u are cute
Ansh: papa see na mumma is saying i am cute (goes to sanskar and sits in his laps hugging him)
Sanskar: oho ragini dont call him like that u know na he is handsome like his papa
Ragini: ok leave it
Ansh: mumma i am hungry
Laksh: lo one he spoiled my date and now he is hungry
Swara: lucky now it is too much he is just a kid u are taunting him shut up ok
Laksh: fine
Ragini: ok chalo let us have dinner
Sanskar: chalo (picks ansh in his arms) today papa will feed my champ and all goes except and Karan and kajal
Karan: so how are my family members?
Kajal: i am angry on u
Karan: what did i do
Kajal: why did not u say that ragini is ur friend and she is married
Karan: i thought u will get to know when u come here what is there to get angry in that
Kajal: (did not know what to say) ok leave it come let us have dinner it is getting late papa will be waiting for me
Karan nods and they all go and sit for having dinner soon kajal becomes friendly with everyone and talks freely with everyone and later Karan drops her home and all goes to sleep in their respective rooms

Thank u for reading friends sorry for the late. Hope u enjoyed the episode. Comment whether it is good or bad. Thank u so much who ever commented and silent readers as well. Sorry for the typos and grammatical mistakes. Meet u in next episode till then take care. Bye. Keep smiling.

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