Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 14)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 14)
Hey guys i am back with next update. I am very happy for ur support. Thank u so much for ur comments and silent readers as well. I am sorry for the late.
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Both ragsan are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace the sun rays fall on sanskar he wakes up and sees his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully with beautiful smile on her face and cuddling in to him he stares her lovingly when she is about to open her eyes he immediately closes his eyes and pretends to be sleeping. Ragini opens her eyes and sees him and smiles and goes to peck his fore head when suddenly sanskar opens his
Ragini: (shocked) u are awake
Sanskar: hmm (tightens the hug)
Ragini: leave me i need to go
Sanskar: complete the work which u were going to do
Ragini: what i am going to do
Sanskar: u dont know
Ragini: no
Sanskar: then i will ask myself ok now u should kiss me u know morning kiss
Ragini: (widens her eyes) no

Sanskar: then i am not going to leave u and take it my self
Ragini: please leave me jaanu (she asks by making a cute puppy face)
Sanskar: dont make that face i will not melt it is just a kiss yaar
Ragini nods no
Sanskar: ok then i myself will take it by saying this he leans to her lips and places his rough lips on her soft lips and starts kissing her at first it is slow later it turned to a passionate one she responds to him with same passion both are enjoying the kiss which showed their unconditional love for each other and they break the kiss when they lack oxygen and they both join their foreheads panting heavily while ragini is blushing very hard she hugs him tightly due to shy
Sanskar: jaan
Ragini: hmm

Sanskar: i love u
Ragini: i love u too jaanu now we should get ready all will be waiting for us
Sanskar: just five more minutes please
Ragini: jaanu chalo na we are getting late we need to go to office
Sanskar: what office are u serious today is Sunday madam
Ragini: oh yeah i forgot today is a Sunday but still get up we should go
Sanskar: (sad face) fine and gets up and goes to get fresh up later ragini also gets fresh up and goes to dressing table and getting ready when sanskar comes and back hugs her and keeps his chin on her shoulder and sees her through mirror and their eyes meet and they both share a lovely eye lock and they are lost in each other’s eyes they both are staring each other lovingly and forget about the world their eye lock gets disturbed when sanskar’s phone rings
Sanskar: i will check u get ready and come out ok
Ragini: (smiles) ok
Soon ragini gets ready and goes to hall
Ragini: mohit where is chotu
Mohit: ansh he came to ur room long back
Sanskar: what he is not in the room na
Ragini: then where did he go (worried)
Mohit: di i will check and he goes to check he and others check everywhere in the house but they dont find him anywhere
Mohit: di we checked the whole house we did not find him
This increases the worry in both ragini and sanskar and tears starts to flow from her eyes.
Sanskar: ragini please dont cry he must be here we will see once again
Ragini: sanskar chotu where did he go he does not go anywhere without informing us but where is he
In the mean time mishti comes from the kitchen and sees ragini crying
Mishti: ragini what happened beta why are u crying
Ragini: ma chotu is no where found (sobbing)
Mishti: arey he told me that he is going to play in garden
Laksh: no aunty he is not there in garden also we checked
Mishti: (worried) what he told me that he is going to play then where did he go
In the mean time ansh comes there and sees ragini crying he runs to her
Ansh: mumma why are u crying
Seeing him ragini immediately hugs him and kisses him all over his face
Ragini: chotu where did u go without informing to anyone u know na u should not go without informing anyone and that too alone
Ansh: mumma i did not go alone sid uncle took me out
Ragini: sid u should have told us that u are taking him
Sid: hello madam did u check ur mobile i sent u a message saying that i am taking him out i thought to make a call but he told u both are sleeping so i thought not to disturb u so i sent message

Ragini: phone (she grabs her phone from the table and checks the message) sorry
Ansh: sorry mumma for making u cry
Ragini: no my bacha ok leave that and tell me where did u go
Ansh: i went to park and u know i ate ice cream
Sanskar: what ice cream in the morning
Sid: come on yaar we can eat ice cream at any time what say ansh
Ansh: ha papa
Laksh: today i am saved
Ansh: dont worry chachu from tomorrow again i am going to wake u early so that we can go to park to play
Laksh: bhabhi please save me from this monster
Ragini: oye my chotu is not monster
Ansh sticks his tongue out to laksh

Laksh: nobody is beside me huh
Sanskar: oye dramebaaz stop ur drama ok and champ go and change u did not bath right go and bath we will have breakfast
Ansh: ok papa
Ragini: tho chalo (lifts ansh in her arms and goes to room to make him ready)
After noon
Ragsan room
Both ansh and sanskar are speaking something when they came to point whom ragini loves more
Ansh: no papa mumma loves me more than u
Sanskar: no she loves me more than u
In the mean time ragini comes to room followed by youngsters but Sanansh did not notice them

Ansh: no papa she loves me more
Sanskar: no i told na she loves me more (throws pillow on ansh ragini widens her eyes in shock seeing son and father fighting with pillows she know what will happen next so she tried to stop them but she is stopped by sid)
Ragini: sid leave me otherwise this full room will be mess
Sid: no i will not leave let us enjoy for some time (smiles mischievously)
Ansh: papa i said na she loves me more (he throws another pillow on sanskar)
Like this they both are throwing pillows on each other and arguing whom ragini loves more now ragini got irritated and she freed herself from sid and went to them and shouted
Ragini: (shouts) sssssttttooooooooooooooppppppppppp both stopped and saw her innocently
Ansh: (innocently) why are u shouting mumma
Sanskar: ha jaan why are u shouting

Ragini: (gave an unbelievable look) why are u both fighting
Sanskar: wo i am saying u love me more
Ansh: and i am saying u love more than papa
Sanskar: now u say whom u love more
Ragini: sanskar chotu is a kid if he speaks like this there is some sense what happened to u why are u behaving like a kid
All these are seen by the other members from the entrance still Sanansh dont know that they are watching them
Ansh: mumma first u tell na whom u love more
Ragini: chotu i love u both equally u both are my life
Sanansh: and u are our life saying this they both kissed ragini’s cheeks on either side
Ragini: (widened her eyes) sanskar what are u doing
Ansh: what is he doing just kissing u

Sanskar: huh u even dont know that
Ragini: shut up ok now come on get up from this bed i should clean this room see u both messed it up
Ansh throws one pillow on her: let us play like yesterday
Ragini: chotu no
Sanskar winks at ansh and he throws another pillow on her
Ragini: sanskar stop it
Sanansh: no and again throw on her another pillow and hifi each other
Ragini sees them angrily
Sanskar: ok champ now let us stop
Ansh: ok and he hugs ragini and sanskar hugs both of them

Ragini: oh no sanskar
Sanskar: what happened now
Ragini shows him towards the door that all are standing there watching them
Sanskar: (confused) why all of u standing there did anybody said u not enter in the room
Sid: if we would had entered we would also get hit by those pillows like how doll got hit
Sanskar: oh sorry we were just playing saying this he starts to take the pillows shattered all over the room and all comes inside and sits
Ansh: (goes to sid) uncle why do u call my mumma as doll
Sid: hmm because she looks like doll
Ragini smiles

Ansh: then mumma u dont come to my friends there are girls who are fond of dolls if they take u no i will not allow them to take u
All laughs for his statement
Ansh: sid uncle u know how to play video game
Sid: ha
Ansh: will u play with me
Sid: done
Ansh: yippee come we will play and they both starts playing and all others are talking on random things while talking laksh is continuously staring swara while swara is also sometimes staring him this is all is noticed by sanskar he thought to ask laksh later and continues chitchatting. After some time all are going then
Sanskar: lucky i need to talk to u
Laksh: ha bhai
Sanskar: ragini u take ansh and go out i need to talk to him
Ragini nods and goes
Laksh: bhai is anything serious
Sanskar: lucky are u hiding anything from me
Laksh: and what made u to think so
Sanskar: lucky tell me first
Laksh: about what u are asking bhai
Sanskar: ok let me ask u directly do u love anyone
Laksh: (shocked and stammers) vo… vo… bhai no nothing like that
Sanskar: then why are u stammering
Laksh: no bhai i am not stammering and i am telling nothing that is it
Sanskar: (thinks) he will not say like this i should do something (to laksh) ok u go now
Laksh nods and goes out and give a sigh of relief
Laksh: thank god i thought i will get caught this is all because of this shona i told her we will tell atleast to bhai and bhabhi but no she is so adamant of hiding now i should talk to her and saying this he goes in search of her and when he find her he immediately pulls her into a room

Swara: what the hell lucky why did u pull me here
Laksh: shona listen now bhai got doubt that i love someone i dont know why but we should tell them atleast
Swara: oh lucky chill just few more days our college completes then you tell whoever u want
Laksh: shona just for bhai atleast na otherwise when he comes to know he will definitely kill me yaar
Swara: lucky just for me please
Laksh: fine but if next time he asks me anything about this i will definitely tell him
Swara nods and hugs him

Laksh: i love u
Swara: i love u too now come we need to go
Sanskar who is listening this hides and they go from there
Sanskar: wah lucky now see what i will do lucky beta be ready to tell the truth in front of everyone

All are sitting and talking ragini and sanskar are beside each other
Sanskar: (whispers) jaan i need to talk to u
Ragini: (whispers) what
Sanskar: please na
Ragini: ok i will go from here excusing and call u then come to room
Sanskar nods ragini excuses herself and goes after some time she makes a phone call to sanskar
Sanskar: i will just come
He goes to his room
Ragini: what happened sanskar
Sanskar: do u know that shona and lucky love each other
Ragini: (shocked) what they both always fight but when did this happen and when u know why did not u tell me
Sanskar: arey i also came to know now only today i saw lucky staring swara i felt something so i asked him whether he loves anybody but he denied i left and when i was coming down i saw they both going to a room and i followed them and i listened them
Ragini: (happy) really they both love each other omg i am very happy (hugs sanskar)
Sanskar: i am also happy for them but they both want to hide this till they complete their study
Ragini: so we need to make them tell before all (winks at him)
Sanskar: wah what a wife i got how do u know what i want to do
Ragini: leave that tell me what we will do
Sanskar: u just say yes for whatever i say down ok
Ragini: why so

Sanskar: do as i say na jaan
Ragini: ok fine they both headed to the hall
Sanskar: papa i need to speak to u
Shekhar: ha beta tell
Sanskar: actually i have a friend he is very good guy yesterday he saw shona in the party even ragini knows him and he liked shona so he wants to marry her if u are ok
Listening this both swalak are shocked
Shekhar: but beta she is still studying na
Sanskar: ha papa he dont want to marry her now after completing her studies only but they just wants to do the engagement if we agree
Shekhar: ragini beta
Ragini: ha papa he is really a good guy if shona is ok with it only
Shekhar: maa, mishti

Dadi: i dont have any problem if sanskar is saying he must be a good guy
Mishti: and it is only engagement so no problem
Shekhar: shona beta
Swara is in the verge of crying and she has tears in her eyes she is just looking down so that her tears cannot be seen by anyone and laksh is just standing with blank face
Shekhar goes to her and keeps his hand on her head
Shekhar: shona beta if u are ok means we will talk to them
Swara could not control herself hugs him and starts crying

Shekhar: princess if u dont want we will not talk about it at all so dont cry see
Swara: papa i want to tell u one thing
Shekhar: ha beta say what u want to say
Swara: papa i … i love someone
Shekhar: (shocked) and u did not tell me about that
Mohit: even me
Ragini: even me

Swara: i am sorry i thought of saying this after my studies but…
Shekhar: ok tell me about the guy u love
Swara: he is a very good guy he loves his family a lot and he loves me also very much
Laksh smiles hearing her and staring her lovingly ragini and sanskar wink at each other and smiles winningly
Sanskar: shona then tell what is his name
Swara sees towards laksh and then at shekhar and then closes her eyes
Swara: (closing her eyes) laksh
All (except ragsan): (shocked) what laksh
Laksh bows his head down and ragsan starts laughing and gives hifi to each other and all sees them confused
Shekhar: why u both are laughing
Ragini: finally someone told the truth
Sanskar: my plan worked out see ragini (again hifies with her)
Swara: (confused) plan
Ragini: huh otherwise u both hide it and we will sit calmly and u did not even share with me that u both love each other so we both planed to confront u both
Sanskar: now also this laksh not talking anything
Laksh goes to shekhar
Laksh: uncle i love ur daughter very much i dont know whether i will keep her that much happy as u do but still i will try my best not to hurt her will u give me ur daughter’s hand
Swara is seeing him lovingly
Shekhar: (anger) no i am not ready to give her hand to u
All are shocked to see him in anger but suddenly shekhar starts laughing
Shekhar: what u thought sanskar only u know how to plan and make them tensed even i know of course laksh i dont have any objection
Ap comes to laksh and holds his ears
Ap: (holding his ears) u idiot u did not even tell me
Laksh: aahh ma it is paining leave me this is all because of this chupkali only i did not tell
Ap: hey dont dare to call my bahu that
Laksh: wah got bahu leaving son for me only bhabhi is there to support me
Ragini: hello even i am not going to support u this time u did not even tell me about this
Sanskar: and when i asked u what u told no bhai nothing like that
Uttara: offo bhai now leave all this now i got my second bhabhi also saying this uttara hugs swara like this all hugs them and wishes them
Karan: how did u get to know sanskar about this
Sanskar: i listened to them when they are talking that is it
Sid: ok now celebration time i am going to bring ice creams Karan let us go and bring
Karan and sid goes and brings and they celebrate the new relation in their family

Ragsan room
Sanskar is checking some files sitting on the couch ragini goes and sits next to him and places her head on his shoulder and sanskar also keeps his file beside and keeps his hand on her waist
Ragini: jaanu u know today i am very happy
Sanskar: hmm for swara and laksh right
Ragini: hmm thank u for coming into my life and she hugs him
Ragini: and now my shona and i will be in the same house
Sanskar: are u not angry on her that she hid it from u
Ragini: why will i ok now i will change and come
Sanskar nods ragini goes later sanskar goes to take his dress from cupboard then suddenly ragini’s dairy falls down he sees that and takes it and when he is taking it sanskar’s photo falls from that sanskar smiles seeing it and opens to put that photo in the dairy but he sees something and reeds some of the pages then he gets shocked knowing that ragini loves him from 7 years in the meant time ragini comes and sees that he is reading her dairy she immediately goes and snatches it from him
Ragini: sanskar u dont know that we should not read other’s dairy
Sanskar: (who was in shock till now come to reality) huh jaan u love me from 7years
Ragini: (shocked) u read my dairy
Sanskar: that is not the answer for my question say me the truth
Ragini nods her yes
Sanskar: even u know that i married still u loved me

Ragini again nods yes
Sanskar immediately hugged her ragini hugged him back
Sanskar: i never thought that someone will ever love me this much thank u so much even u know that i dont love u you just thought that u will be happy just being beside me atleast as a friend lifelong with me thank u so much for coming into my life and my son’s life
Ragini beats him on his chest playfully
Ragini: our son not ur son understand
Sanskar: i love u so much
Ragini: i love u more
Sanskar: yeah that is true u loved me from 7 years and tell me did ma papa know about this
Ragini: ma read my dairy like u without my permission and got to know (she pouts)
Sanskar: hahaha how cute u are (he pecks her pout) then papa
Ragini: papa when ma got the alliance he is very angry then i made him understand that how ansh needs mother and then i told him about my love to u also
Sanskar: hmm so u agreed marriage for both reasons
Ragini: yes and u know what i am lucky i thought i lost my love but i got that
Sanskar pulls her through waist and she lands on his chest
Sanskar: so tho hai waise do u want to see my love for u saying this he leans to her lips and presses his rough lips on her soft lips and kissed her passionately showing all his love to her and she also responded with same passion he bite her lower lip and sucked it and they keep on kissing till they lack of their breath they broke it and both are breathing heavily and ragini hugged him he lifted her in his arms and took her to the bed and made her lie on the bed and lied beside her hugging her tightly soon both dozed off in each other’s embrace

Thank u so much for reading. Tell me if it is good or bad. Sorry for the late and i am also sorry for not being regular but i am trying to give atleast a single post for a week. Sorry making u all wait. Sorry for typos and ha dont forget to comment.

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  11. Awesome episode….ragsan scenes are super…waiting for next part soon..nice..superb…

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