Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 13)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 13)
Hey guys i am very sorry for the late. As compensation i think it is a long episode. Thank u so much for the support. Thank u for commenting and thank u silent readers as well.

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Next morning
Our beautiful Ragini is sleeping peacefully but her sleep got disturbed by sunrays which fall on her she wakes up and sees beside her she finds no one but surprised to see a voice recorder and a chit she takes the chit and reads it
Ragini: play me
She smiles and presses the play button

@voice recorder
Sanskar: Good morning jaan. (Ragini smiles) wah what a smile yaar u made me fall for u with that smile only (ragini searches here and there to find whether there sanskar is watching her) now dont search for me u can’t find me and get ready for the beautiful birthday of ur life with some surprises by me.
Ragini: how did he know that i smiled saying this she goes to wardrobe to pick up a dress and opens it there she finds a box gift wrapped and a chit. She takes and opens it and reads
Ragini: happy birthday my jaan and this is a beautiful saree for my beautiful lady i hope u will like it if yes then i would love to see u in that.
Ragini smiles and takes that saree and goes and gets ready and comes down to the hall she sees ap, laksh and uttara are sitting she goes to ap and takes blessings from her
Ap: always be happy and happy birthday ragini beta
Ragini: thank u ma

Uttara: (hugs her) happy birthday bhabhi
Ragini: thank u uttu and ma where is ansh and sanskar also not there in the room
Ap: arey beta that only i am worried sanskar and ansh are in kitchen from one hour and not allowing me inside nor they are allowing kaka
Ragini: (shocked) what in kitchen oh no i dont know what this father and son are doing i will go and check them and she goes to kitchen when she went to kitchen she saw both ansh and sanskar are fighting with wheat flour and the whole kitchen is filled with flour
Ragini: (shocked and shouts) what the hell u both are doing here
Listening to the ragini’s shout both Sanansh stops their fight and look towards ragini sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her in yellow colour saree with gold colour work, kajal to her eyes a small bindi on her forehead and sindoor on her hair line and mangalsootr to her neck along with small chain with open hairs little hair front from left side he is lost in her beauty when ragini again asked him
Ragini: sanskar what are u doing what is this all the kitchen is spoiled
Ansh: (immediately runs to ragini and hugs her) happy birthday mumma

Ragini: thank u chotu but what is all this u both spoiled whole kitchen
Sanskar: wo jaan we both are preparing breakfast for all of us to give u surprise when i am taking the flour it fall on me then champ started laughing then i got angry so i threw some flour on him again he threw on me and we continued playing that is it we enjoyed a lot what say champ
Ansh: (happy) ha mumma u know it is so much fun
Ragini: (shakes her head in disbelief) unbelievable sanskar u both are fighting with flour and u got angry on him as he laughed at u now who will clean all this as u both did it u only u have to clean it and that is ur punishment
Ansh: but mumma what is my fault in this (puppy face)

Ragini: (angry look) chotu no more arguments u both should do it otherwise i will not talk to u (she turns her face)
Sanskar: ok fine we will clean everything within 10 minutes and complete preparing breakfast as well all things will be in front of u within 30 minutes
Ragini: no need u clean this i will prepare breakfast ok
Sanskar: no way today i only will prepare that is it
Ansh: ha and i will help papa please mumma
Ragini: (melts) ok fine

Ansh: now u go from here (saying this he pushes her out of the kitchen)
Outside kitchen ap, laksh and uttara are standing and watching these things and smiles and gets happy seeing the cute bonding between ragsanansh
Laksh: ma bhai is very happy after many days
Ap: hmm laksh all because of ragini only
Uttara: ha ma she came and changed bhai again

Ragini: ma they are not listening to me also
Ap: leave it beta they both want to prepare specially for u as it is ur birthday come u sit here and spend some time with us
Laksh: ha bhabhi come
Ragini nods and sits there with them
Laksh: (teasingly) bhabhi waise how is ur date and proposal is it romantic
Ragini: (blushes) lucky dont tease me
Ap: ha lucky dont tease her u can understand by her blushing that it is very romantic
Ragini: (blushes even more) ma u also teasing me i have some work i will just come (she runs from there)
All laughs

After 30 minutes
Everyone are sitting in the dining area and are waiting for Sanansh
Ragini: (shouts) sanskar chotu still how much time u will take u both not even allowed me inside here we all dying due to hunger
Sanskar: (while coming from kitchen) we are here with the break fast
Ragini: finally u are here let me serve u sit (she stands up to serve)
Sanskar makes her sit

Sanskar: today i am going to serve and u all are going to eat ok
Ragini: but…
Sanskar: no arguments and it is final
Ragini: (gives up) fine
Sanskar serves everyone vegetable curry and paratas and everyone takes a bite and sanskar seeing all of them very curiously their expressions to know about the food everyone keeps a yuck face and sanskar makes a sad face and says
Sanskar: (sad face) champ we failed in making it

Ansh: (sad face) ha papa now let us throw these all and order some thing
Ragini winks to everyone
All: (in union) awesome
Sanansh: (face lit up) really
Ragini: u urself check it and feeds sanskar one bite

Sanskar eats it
Sanskar: yummy wow i dont know that this will come super hit champ
Ansh: (takes a bite and eats it) it is really yummy papa yeah super hit idea (hifies with sanskar)
Ap: (smiles) ok now u both also sit and eat

They both nods and they all eat together having some family time
Sanskar: ha ragini get ready we need to go to office i thought to have a leave today but aarav called and said to come for some time to office
Ragini: ok chotu go get ready u should go to school
Sanskar: no he is not going to school today there is some important work laksh, uttu and ansh are going to do that work
Ragini: work what work they are having
Sanskar: u dont know about that so no more questions ok
Ragini nods and they both go to their room and ansh goes to his room

@Ragsan room
Sanskar: jaan
Ragini: hmm
Sanskar: u are very beautiful in this saree
Ragini blushes in the mean time ansh comes there with a gift
Ansh: mumma this is a gift for u
Ragini: oh my bacha thank u so much

Ansh: open it
Ragini opens it and finds a small statue where a mother is kissing her child on his forehead and at the bottom it is inscribed “world’s best mom”. Ragini gets teary eyes and hugs ansh very tightly
Ragini: thank u so much chotu i love u (kisses his forehead)
Ansh: i love u too mumma (kisses her cheeks)
Sanskar: and i love u both (he hugs both of them)
Ragansh: we also love u
Ansh: mumma i want my return gift
Ragini: i know what u want wait i will bring it
Ragini goes and brings a dairy milk silk and gives it to him
Ansh: (takes it) thank u mumma and runs from there
Sanskar: (smiles) ok chale
Ragini: waise i want to tell u some thing

Sanskar: hmm tell
Ragini: thank u so much for giving me best day of my life (hugs him)
Sanskar also hugs her back
Ragini: (breaks the hug and continues) and this is ur return gift (kisses his cheek tightly)
Sanskar is shocked and happy as well she runs from there saying
Ragini: come fast we need to go to office

Sanskar smiles and goes to hall and they both leave to office
As soon as she enter the office there is all dark
Sanskar: why is it dark here (shouts) shiv (peon) shiv where are u
In the mean time lights get on and the whole office is decorated with balloons and written “happy birthday ragini bhabhi” and suddenly there is fall of rose petals on her and all the staff along with aarav, priya and janvi come there by singing happy birthday song
Ragsan are surprised to see this as sanskar himself dont know about this
Priya: (hugs ragini) a very happy birthday ragini bhabhi
Ragini: thank u so much priya but this is all
Aarav: i got a sister and i think i can do atleast this much for my sister
Ragini: thank u so much bhai

Sanskar: (fake anger) so this is the work u told me and u all what is this u all come for working or for all this
Employee: (fear) sir actually we thought that (stammering)
Sanskar laughs seeing the employees in fear
Sanskar: i am just pretending to be angry in fact thank u so much for these all things
Ragini: thank u so much guys i am very happy
Janvi: mami chalo let us cut the cake
Ragini: chalo and they all go and cut the cake then two employees are talking and ragini listened to them
E1: yaar our old sir was back see again he is just fun loving and enjoying even he did not get angry
E2: hmm i agree before one year our sir was like this but in this one year he is just like khadoos and always serious
E1: this all happened after ragini came

Ragini smiles listening them and goes to sanskar who is with aarav and his family
Aarav: now tell my sissy did u like the surprise
Ragini: awesome bhai thank u so much
Sanskar: ok now can we go with ur permission Mr. Aarav Sharma
Aarav: yah u got the permission Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari
All laughs
Priya: bye bhabhi
Janvi: bye mami and bye mamu
Ragsan: bye all of u

They leave from there and are in car
Ragini: now where are we going jaanu?
Sanskar: jaanu??
Ragini: ha u gave me name na as jaan so i gave u name as jaanu did u like it
Sanskar: hmm good
Ragini: now tell me where are we going
Sanskar: shopping
Ragini: why shopping i dont want to go
Sanskar: we are going that is it
Ragini: birthday is mine and u are taking the decision u are very bad
Sanskar: arey jaan just for some time please

Ragini: ok
They reach a shopping mall they enter into women session and they are seeing sarees sanskar did not like any one ragini gets irritated
Ragini: (irritated) jaanu what is this how many u will see and u are not even selecting
Sanskar: jaan please just few minutes ok and suddenly his eyes fall on one beautiful saree
Sanskar: i got it u pack that saree and they take that and they buy matching jewellery and they leave to lunch they have their lunch and they roam in the city for some time it is evening now
Ragini: sanskar Kolkata is my native place
Sanskar: ha i know why are u telling me this

Ragini: u are showing all the places which i already saw so many times from childhood
Sanskar: ok okay we are now going to gm
Ragini: ok
They reach gm there she see that there some arrangements are going on she gets confused shekhar sees her
Shekhar: angel happy birthday

Ragini: thank u papa and papa what is all this
Shekhar: wo angel actually today is ur birthday party i invited my business clients also so
Ragini: ok papa ur wish
Shekhar: (happy) u dont have any problem
Ragini: why do i have problem ok papa i am tired i will take some rest
And she leaves from there and goes to her room and she starts to think how she never let anybody to know who her father is and how she hurt shekhar by not letting him to show his children to the world and she feels very sad for that and is lost in her thoughts when sanskar entered in the room
Sanskar: jaan what are u thinking
Ragini: (comes to senses) ha nothing

Sanskar: (sits beside her and puts his hand on her shoulder) u are thinking that u can hide something from me come on tell me what is bothering u
Ragini: (keeps her head on his shoulder) i am very bad daughter i hurt my father for these many years of not letting my identity i know he is happy and proud that his daughter did not use his fame for anything but i even did not let him introduce us as his children to the world na i am very bad beside that mohit and swara also say that we will do only what our di will do and they did not even reveal their identity
Sanskar: hmm do u think papa is sad for that
Ragini nods
Sanskar: then we will do one thing u go to papa and ask him about it then u will understand how he really feels
Ragini: but will he tell truth
Sanskar: why not he will because u know he shares everything with u right
Ragini nods

Sanskar: now go and talk to him
Ragini nods and goes to shekhar he is seeing the decoration work
Ragini: Papa i want to talk to u
Shekhar: ha angel tell me
Ragini: let us go to room

Shekhar nods and they both go to room
Ragini: papa i will ask u one thing u should tell me only truth
Shekhar: ok
Ragini: papa u tell me did u ever feel sad that i did not tell that i am shekhar gadodia’s daughter ragini gadodia
Shekhar: why did u feel that i ever felt sad

Ragini: papa u first answer me
Shekhar: no i never felt sad in fact i am happy and proud that my daughter wants to be independent and dont want to use her father’s name for getting anything
Ragini: papa are u telling me truth i never allowed to expose us to the world as ur children
Shekhar: why will i lie to u you in fact it is a kind of safety to u from our business rivals u know u made it easy for me and tension free(laughs)
Ragini: (smiles and hugs him) thank u papa and i know today u are happy for us right

Shekhar: extremely and u know what i am more happy for u that sanskar also loves u and u got ur love
Ragini: ha papa i am also happy u know from night he gave me so many surprises and she goes on telling him about him with so much of happiness and shekhar is very happy to see her so much happy at that time sanskar comes in who was actually standing outside their room and listening to their convo from where she starts to tell about his surprises and becomes happy
Sanskar: oh madam stop ur bak bak and get ready
Ragini: haw how mean i am not doing bak bak papa see na he is saying i am talking nonsense
Shekhar: ok now enough of talking i have so much work as many business clients are also coming u go and get ready and sanskar u wait i need to talk to u
Sanskar: ji papa

Ragini: u both speak i am going to get ready
Sanskar: wait ragini wear those which we bought ok
Ragini nods and leaves to get ready
Shekhar: thank u so much for keeping my daughter happy
Sanskar: papa what are u speaking in fact i should be thanking u for giving her hand to me though u know i have a son u gave my son a mother and me a lovely wife who changed me again with her love
Shekhar: ok now let us go and complete if any work is pending

@ragsan room
Ragini went to room just then ansh comes there
Ansh: mumma

Ragini: oh now u got time for ur mumma i came home long back but where were u
Ansh: mumma i went to bring some things for party with Karan uncle and mamu
Ragini: hmm so this is the work ur papa is telling in the morning na
Ansh: ha and mumma tell me how is the surprise of aarav mamu
Ragini: what u know about it
Ansh: ha janvi di told me about it
Ragini: and u did not tell us go i am not talking to u

Ansh: offo mumma how can i tell about surprise if i tell u then how will it be a surprise please na mumma dont say u won’t talk to me
Ragini: aww my bacha i was just joking how can i be without talking to u and ha listen dont drink more cool drinks in the party u will catch cold ok and this i am not just saying i am ordering ok
Ansh: (salute) yes boss

Ragini: acha bachu wait i will show how boss will be she starts tickling him
Ansh: hahaha mumma stop hahaha mumma please
Ragini: no i will not
Ansh: mumma hahaha i cant laugh more
Ragini stops and ansh hugs her

Ansh: i love u so much mumma
Ragini: i love u too now come on we will get ready my son should be the cutest boy in the party
Ansh: no i am not cute i am not a girl
Ragini: no u are cute
Ansh: mumma i said na i am not cute
Ragini: u are
Ansh: i am not

They both keep on arguing while arguing they start pillow fight and they keep on fighting when sanskar comes and sees them suddenly a pillow falls on his face but still they are continuing their fight as they dont know the presence of sanskar
Sanskar: what are u both doing
They both stop and see towards him
Sanskar: why are u both fighting with pillows (fake anger) and ragini i told u to get ready what are u doing ansh is a kid but u why are u behaving like a kid
Ragansh sees towards each other and smiles and winks at each other and they turn towards sanskar again and through pillow at him it hits him
Sanskar: u both i will not leave u both now and he also starts to fight with them and they keep on fighting and laughing at last they get tired and lie on the bed laughing
Ansh: hahaha mumma papa it is really fun
Sanskar: ha champ it is very fun
Ragini: oh god i am tired now

Sanskar: oh no i came here to tell u to get ready fast and see i was playing with u both get up and get ready fast
Ragini: ok chalo first i will make my chotu ready saying this ragansh go for getting fresh up and later sanskar goes to get fresh up here in room ragini is making ansh ready
Ansh: mumma my shirt
Ragini: here it is come i will make u wear and she makes him wear and combs his hair
Ragini: my chotu is so cute (she pulls his cheeks)
Ansh: aahh mumma i am not cute
Ragini: ok my bacha then u are so handsome now is it fine
Ansh: ha thank u mumma (kisses her cheeks)
Sanskar came out and see them and smiles

Sanskar: kiss only for ur mumma then for me
Ansh: (kisses his cheeks) this is for u
Sanskar: thank u champ
Ansh: now i will go and play u both get ready and come and runs from there
Sanskar: (smiles) ok i am going down u come fast ok jaan
Ragini: yes my dear jaanu and by the way u are looking handsome
Sanskar: thank u thank u come fast
Saying this he goes from the room and ragini goes and get ready

@party hall

Swara: jiju where is di
Sanskar: ha shona she is getting ready

Karan: how much time she will take yaar these girls
Swara: what did u say Mr. Karan Mehra
Karan: nothing shona i have some work i will just come
Mohit: (laughs) hahaha when u fear why to say those things

Swara: bhai stop laughing any way tell me did cake is ready
Mohit: ha shona cake is delivered before half an hour

Swara: then all arrangements are ok
Mohit: yes madam everything is completed
Swara: jiju when will aunty uttara and lucky come
Voice: we are here shona
Swara: uttara u came where is aunty
Uttara: she is with mishti aunty and dadi
Swara: and lucky

Uttara: he is parking the car
Swara: ok i will just come
Sanskar: even i have to see ansh what is he doing
Swasan leaves and only uttara and mohit are there mohit is completely mesmerised to see uttara
Mohit: hi uttara
Uttara: hi mohit

Mohit: u are really beautiful in this dress
Uttara: (blushes) thank u

They both continue their talks
Here ansh is playing with few kids who came to party and he is running when he bumped into one woman who has drink in her hands and the juice fell on her saree
Woman: (angry) hey can’t u see and walk why are u running what kind of behaviour is this ha
Ansh: (tears and fear as she is shouting) sorry aunty i did not see u
Woman: what sorry because of u my saree is spoiled will that become normal and why are running this is a party not a ground to run
Ansh is in the verge of crying just then some voice comes

Voice: is this the way to speak to a kid Mr. Varma

Ansh turns and goes to that person and that person lifts him in her arms
Ragini: is this the way to speak to a kid it is just a mistake he is playing and he bumped in u he even said u sorry and what will happen to ur saree if u wash it will become normal if u want i will make it wash and give u ok and coming to running he can do whatever he want as this is his house if u dont know how to speak to a child then please learn it (she says everything in a cold tone)
Mr. Varma: sorry ragini i was just…
Ragini shows her hand to stop

Ragini: he is my son and he knows how to behave he is just playing he did not notice u he said sorry but u are shouting him i won’t spare if any one talks rudely with him please if u are not comfortable here i think that is the way (she shows the entrance)
Mr. Varma just moves away from there these all is seen by sanskar and shekhar they come to her
Ragini: sorry papa i have spoke rudely to her
Shekhar: no beta u did the correct thing

Ansh: sorry mumma i did not see that aunty
Ragini: it is ok beta u told sorry for her na that is it completed ok dont worry
Ansh: ok mumma now come we will go and start the party na
Sanskar: ha chalo we shall start the party
Ansh jumps out from ragini’s arms and runs and shekhar also goes
Ragini: now tell me how am i
Sanskar: of course u are beautiful after all it is my choice

Ragini: so tho hai
Ragini is wearing a blue saree with white lace as its borders with a blue blouse with white colour thread work and a neck piece and matching earrings of the neck piece and having a bindi on her forehead and sindoor on her hairline she is absolutely stunning in that attire
Ragini’s overall appearance: http://outfit4girls.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/beautiful-saree-for-stylish-girl.jpg
Sanskar: ok my dear beautiful birthday wife let us go for cutting the cake
Ragini nods and they go to cut the cake

Shekhar: ladies and gentlemen thank u so much for coming to my elder daughter’s birthday party and as u all know that i never exposed my children in the media today i want to introduce them and u all already know my son Mohit as he is helping me in my business and she is my elder daughter Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari (points towards ragini) which is also known as it is given in news paper so now i just wants to announce by myself and this my younger daughter Swara Gadodia (points towards swara)
All claps
Shekhar: i hope it is time to cut the cake

Ragini cuts the cake and goes to mishti and feeds her and later she feeds to shekhar and then to all and swara and mohit laughs seeing karan
Swara: Karan Mehra i think u lost the bet
Mohit: so we will get an ice cream treat shona (hifies with shona)
Karan: ok i lose i accept i was wrong and tomorrow we will go for treat ok
Swara: 100% ok
While they are speaking laksh, uttara, sanskar and ragini are seeing them in confusion about what bet they are speaking
Laksh: bhai what are u speaking about

Mohit: oh yah actually me shona had a bet with Karan
Flash back starts
Karan: mohit i bet u ragini will feed either sanskar or ansh first
Mohit: no she will feed ma first as always
Swara: even i am telling the same that she will feed ma first as always my di will never change that habit
Karan: ok then i will bet u if i win u should give me ice cream treat and vice versa
Swara: Karan then get ready to give a treat for us
Karan: let us see who will give whom

Flash back ends
Mohit: and we won that is it
Laksh: but how do u know that u will shona
Swara: (goes to ragini and side hugs her) because i know how much di loves ma and every time we used to fight for that and she will never change in that
Ragini: and why should i change

Sanskar is smiling just listening all this and is proud as well to know about his wife
Like that they keep on talking on some random stuff and while speaking sanskar and ragini sharing glances while lucky and mohit keeps staring swara and uttara respectively. Suddenly some voice comes

Voice: happy birthday doll
Ragini and Karan: (in union) Sid and turn to that side to see a handsome man with a bouquet of red roses with smile on his face
[Sidharth Khurana: (Ravi Dubey) ragini and Karan’s childhood friend. He left to US before three years without informing ragini and Karan with his wife Roshni (Nia Sharma) as there is a problem in their business and sid’s father asked him to come so ragini and Karan are angry on him and not talking to him ragini, Karan, Sid and roshni are one group when they were in school and they only speak to roshni who informed them their problem Sid calls ragini as doll as he treats her as a sister]
Ragini and Karan look at each other and then they look at Sid and make an angry face Sid comes to them
Sid: happy birthday doll

Ragini: go to hell with ur wishes come Karan i dont want to see his face
Karan and ragini leaves from there Sid sees towards swara
Sid: shona help
Swara: i am sorry i dont want to come in between u both
Sid: mohit
Mohit: go to hell as di told and now why did u come
All these are seen by sanskar laksh and uttara with confusion
Sid: i know whom to ask u all are ragini’s chamchies and goes from there

Then a girl comes there and goes to ragini and hugs her
Roshni: happy birthday ragini
Ragini: thank u roshni
Roshni: where is he
Ragini: dont take his name
Roshni: oh come on yaar it is three years u are still angry on him
Karan: oh instead of getting angry shall we appreciate for his act
Roshni: ok mera baap u both do what u want

Here sanskar is still in confusion who this Sid is he goes to mohit
Sanskar: mohit who is he
Mohit: ha jiju he Sidharth Khurana di’s and Karan’s best friend he came here after three years actually they both are angry on him
Sanskar: why
Mohit: woh jiju he (explains everything) and u know roshni di, Sid, Karan, and di are always fun loving after they both went di and Karan missed them a lot
Sanskar: i think we should help him

Mohit: i am not going to take that risk and u too dont
Here ragini, Karan and roshni are talking when Sid comes there
Sid: doll sorry na (holds his ears)
Ragini: roshni tell him not to talk to him

Sid: doll please it is been three years yaar atleast now talk to me
Karan: wow u remember that from three years we are not talking to u
Sid: Karan please
Karan: what please Mr. Khurana did u think that we will say no if u tell and go
Sid: sorry yaar
Karan: dont talk to me

Sid: roshni please
In the mean time ansh comes there
Ansh: mumma come i am hungry ragini takes him in her arms
Sid and roshni: mumma
Ansh: ha mumma
Ragini: chalo chotu we will eat where is papa
Sanskar: here i am Mrs. Maheshwari

All turns to him and he walks to them
Sanskar: hmm so tell why did u remember me
Ansh: papa i am hungry come we will go to eat
Roshni: omg ragini u are married and u did not inform us and u have a son but how and when
Karan: i will tell u (and tells them about their marriage and everything)
Roshni: this much happened and u both not told us anything
Ragini: if i tell u then u will burst everything to ur husband and i dont want that (glares Sid)
Sid: ha haan why will u tell me
Ragini ignores him and turns to sanskar
Ragini: sanskar chotu and i are hungry will u come or not

Sanskar: u both go i will come in few minutes
Mohit: chalo di we will go
Swaragini, mohit, uttara and Karan go for having food
Sanskar: Hi i am sanskar maheshwari (forwards his hand for shake hand)
Sid: (shakes his hand) hi Mr. Maheshwari i am Sidharth Khurana and she is my wife roshni
Sanskar: nice to meet u Mr. Khurana
Sid: no u can call me Sid and i think u dont have any problem if i call you sanskar
Sanskar: of course Sid
Roshni: nice to meet u sanskar

Sanskar: nice to meet u roshni

Sid: ok i will meet u later i need to convince them for that i need to take help of dadi only she can help me bye and he runs from there and reaches there and dadi is with ragini he goes to dadi sanskar also comes there
Sid: dadi how are u (takes blessings)
Dadi: Sid i am fine beta
Sid: dadi i need ur help for convincing ur ladoo (seeing ragini who is enjoying her time with her son)
Dadi: hmm but i can’t help in this sorry
Sid: dadi u also
Sanskar: i think i have a plan
Sid: really omg thank u so much sanskar and what is that plan

Sanskar: u know what she is angry on u because u went away from them but she cares for u so much so u just pretend that u are hurt and that is it
Sid: brilliant idea now i will do that
Roshni: and if she comes to know that u are acting then u will be out
Sid: u dont worry i will see that now i am going to start the plan
Sanskar: all the best
Sid: thank u now see my acting skills

Sid goes slowly towards ragini and again pleads her
Sid: doll please
Ansh: who are u why are u calling my mumma doll
Sid: i am ur mumma’s best friend now can i call her doll
Ansh: no u should not my mumma did not tell me about u if my mumma says u are her friend then i will allow u (asks ragini) mumma is he ur friend
Ragini nods negatively
Ansh: see she told me that u are not her friend so u are not allowed to come near her also (he stands in front of ragini like protecting her)
Sid sees towards ragini with sad face and ragini is seeing ansh with smiling face
Ragini: haw my bacha u became very big (she kisses his cheeks and sees Sid’s sad face and smiles winningly)
Sid: (thinks) wah what a son now i will see how u will refuse to forgive me
Sid goes away sadly from there and goes outside

Ansh: u dont worry mumma i will not let him come to u
Sanskar seeing all this and is proud of his son and goes to him and now party gets over but still Sid did not come back roshni is very tensed and ragini saw her
Ragini: arey roshni why are u so tensed

Roshni: ragini Sid did not come still
Ragini: (gets worried) did u call him
Roshni: ha i called him but he is not picking the call
Karan: dont worry he will be back
Seeing this sanskar messages to Sid to come home as sidni and sanskar planned this after receiving the message Sid comes there everyone is shocked to see him he had bandage in his left hand and for head and immediately ragini, Karan and roshni run to him
Ragini: Sid what happened
Sid: nothing doll just a small accident
Karan: what accident how did it happen

Sid: i was driving the car and did not observe truck opposite and just i missed and got hit to a tree
Ragini: u idiot cant u see and drive first come and sit shona go and bring some water
Sid: doll i am fine
Ragini: shut up ok and she goes on scolding him he sees this and smiles ragini sees him smiling and then realises that she was angry with him
Ragini: (composes) chotu chalo let us sleep she was about to go but Sid holds her hand and made her sit
Sid: doll please i am sorry at that papa called and said emergency and he is also not feeling well that is why i thought of calling u and say and after going there papa’s health was serious so i did not get time later when papa got well i immediately called u and said about it but u saying he kept a sad face
Ragini: (feels sad) sorry (holds her ears)

Sid: means u forgave me
Ragini nods he becomes happy and jumps in happiness and immediately winces in pain
Roshni: (worried now as before she thought he is acting) Sid
Sid: i am fine
Roshni: did u get hurt
Sid nods
Roshni: what how
Sid: i told u na before
Roshni: means that is real
Sid nods
Roshni: how can u be so care less
Sid: ok now dont start ur lecture please i am very hungry
Roshni: wait i will bring something for u
Sanskar: man u really got hurt i just told to act
Sid: what to do yaar she is like my sister she is ignoring me from 3 years and i was lost and the result
Ansh: why did u come again
Sid: why should not i come this is my friend’s house

Ansh: no my mumma told that u are not her friend
Sid: now ask her again
Ansh: mumma is he ur friend
Ragini nods yes
Ansh: then u told before he is not
Ragini: then i was angry with him
Sid sees Karan silent he goes to him
Sid: Karan i am sorry
Karan: i am sorry Sid (hugs him)
Sanskar: hmm now i think everything is sort out

Ansh: mumma i am getting sleep
Ragini: chalo chotu we will sleep
Sanskar: papa we will go home tomorrow
Shekhar: sanskar u came after marriage for the first time to stay here please stay for two more days
Sanskar: but papa
Ragini: please sanskar just two days i will ask ma also to stay here please
Sanskar: (smiles) fine ok papa

Swara: (happy) yippee di will be here we will enjoy a lot
Ansh: then today i will sleep with mamu
Mohit: then chalo
All goes to their rooms
Ragini is setting the bed sanskar comes and back hugs her
Ragini: (smiles) hmm aren’t u tired
Sanskar: very much
Ragini: come let us sleep
Sanskar: morning u gave me return gift na i want another one
Ragini: sanskar leave me na i am very tired
Sanskar turns her towards him and pulls her through waist
Sanskar: give it i will leave u
Ragini: (gave up) ok close ur eyes
Sanskar closes his eyes and she kisses him on his cheeks sanskar opens his eyes
Ragini: now happy come let us sleep
Sanskar: hmm chalo they both go and lay on the bed
And then sanskar’s phone rings it is alarm
Ragini: alarm why at this time
Sanskar: happy birthday jaan
Ragini: thank u but u told me already

Sanskar: i am the one who wished u first and last as well
Ragini: i love u so much
Sanskar: i love u too now come let us sleep
Ragini hugs him and he hugs her back they sleep in each other’s embrace peacefully
Thanks for reading. I hope u liked the episode the episode. Sorry for the late a little busy so not able to right. Please comment whether u like it or not.

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