Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 12)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode12)
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It is been two days from the day laksh made sanskar to think about his love for ragini. She is not coming to office as she took leave and for his dismay ragini and ansh went to gm on the insistence of mohit and swara. Now sanskar is highly missing ragini. He is just thinking about her and laksh’s words are always echoing in his ears. Now sanskar is very excited because ragini is coming back within an hour or two and sanskar is in his room just thinking about the moments between ragsan and lost in his thoughts
Sanskar: (thinks) why am i affected this much in her absence why am i always thinking about her is laksh saying correct do i really love her no what i am thinking how can i love her i can’t do this to Sanaya she is my love and she only will be suddenly he comes out of his thoughts by listening a voice
Voice: sanskar
Sanskar: Sanaya
Sanaya: sanskar ragini is a nice girl she loves u so much but u are the one who are not realising ur love for her and she is such a girl who just wants to see u and ansh happy she loves our ansh very much that she can do anything for him sanskar she is the mother who can do anything for her child i know u are thinking that u are doing wrong with me if u love ragini but sanskar i am ur past she is ur present and future u love her so much u just not ready to agree that u just close ur eyes and u will find ur love dont think about past it is completed but future it is the life u have. U have to move on sanskar she deserves ur love and u deserve her love
Sanskar closes his eyes first he sees Sanaya later Sanaya slowly vanishes and only ragini’s smiling appears to him and there is a smile on sanskar’s face too he opens his eyes and finds no one
Sanskar: (happy) yes i love ragini i love her i love u ragini i love u so much now i will give u all the happiness in ur life all the happiness u deserve and we will live very happily
In this happiness he starts jumping and dancing like a kid in the mean time laksh enters the room and sees him amused
Laksh: bhai why are u jumping are u alright
Sanskar: (hugs laksh) ha lucky i am alright i am so happy today thank u so much lucky because of u i realised my love towards ragini
Laksh: (happy) what are u serious omg bhai i am so happy tell me when are u going to propose her
Sanskar: ha i forgot about it hmm let me think of it for now i am very eager to see her when will they come yaar it has been two days i did not see her and ansh also
Laksh: arey i came to say here that only i am going to pick them from gm
Sanskar: what i will also come please
Laksh: oho bhai what is there to please come let us go
Sanskar: ha chalo fast come
Laksh: bhai u are dancing like u are seeing her after ages
Sanskar: when u fall in love u will understand come
Laksh: (thinks) u are right bhai when we are in love we can’t wait even if i did not see shona for a day i will feel restless he comes out of his thoughts by sanskar
Sanskar: lucky where are u lost come
Laksh: ha no where chalo
They goes to car to go to gm
Laksh is driving and sanskar is sitting in passenger seat and very eager to see ragini
Sanskar: (restless) lucky why do u drive so slow u did not even let me drive
Laksh: bhai please control ur excitement u are not going to propose her now only so control
Sanskar: shut up and go fast
Laksh nods and they reach gm as soon as laksh stopped the car sanskar came down and ran inside
Laksh: unbelievable (shakes his head and smiles)
Sanskar as soon as entered inside just started searching for ragini but he did not find her ansh saw him and ran to him
Ansh: papa
Sanskar: (lift him in his arms and ansh kissed his cheeks) champ i missed u so much u forgot me these two days na
Ansh: no papa i missed u too
Shekhar: arey sanskar beta how are u
Sanskar: (takes blessings) fine papa just came to take ragini and ansh home
Mohit: jiju how are u (hugs him)
Sanskar: fine mohit (he is searching for ragini)
In the mean time laksh comes and sees him searching for ragini
Laksh: (whispers) bhai bhabhi may be in her room dont be so excited she will come
Sanskar: shut up and do something so that i can meet her or she should come here as early as possible
Laksh: do one thing act as if u got phone and go there and see her ok
Sanskar: great
After two minutes sanskar acts as if he got a phone call and excuses himself
Sanskar: i will just come and goes from there and reaches to ragini’s room
Here in ragini’s room ragini came out from washroom after fresh up by wearing a beautiful pink salwar kameez and went to dressing table she was about to fill her hairline with sindoor but someone hold her hand she sees this through mirror and both their eyes meet through mirror and sanskar takes sindoor and fills it in her hairline later he takes the mangalsootra and adores it to ragini’s neck
Sanskar: now perfect (smiles)
Ragini: when did u come
Sanskar: just now come let us go
Ragini nods and they both go to the hall
Laksh: chale bhabhi
Ragini: ha chalo bye ma bye papa shona mohit take care and (cuts by Karan)
Karan: and irritate me as always
Ragini: (laughs) exactly
Swara: (laughs) hahaha di we will definitely irritate him
Ansh: bye mausi bye mamu nanu nani my chocolates
Sharmishta: my bacha come here i will give u
Ansh: ok and goes and she gives him some chocolates and they go to mm
In car sanskar keeps on staring ragini lovingly through the rare mirror while she is caressing ansh’s hair as he is sleeping hugging her laksh sees this and smiles
Laksh: bhabhi i missed u so much in these two days
Ragini: i missed u too lucky
Laksh: bhabhi u know ma forgot that u are not at home for everything she calls u and i remind her that u are not at home
Ragini: ma has so much struggle to do all works alone right
Laksh: i dont know about ma but my bhai has so much struggle to find his things in house as well as in the office
Sanskar: lucky stop talking nonsense and drive
Laksh: what bhai i did not talk any nonsense i told truth
Sanskar: lucky if u talk a word now i will break ur teeth
Laksh immediately stops where as ragsan smiles and they reach home
After reaching home ragini takes ansh in her arms and goes to his room and place him on his bed and peck his forehead and goes to her room

In ragsan room
Sanskar is lost in his thoughts regarding ragini and thinking how to propose her
Sanskar: (thinking) arey how should i propose her and when should i oh sanskar think now u should start ur new life as soon as possible wait day after tomorrow is her birthday yeah it is right so Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari get ready for the proposal from ur husband he is smiling like mad thinking about the proposal.
Ragini comes to the room and see him smiling
Ragini: sanskar why are u smiling like a mad
Sanskar: huh nothing u say how are u in these two days u not even talk to me properly huh
Ragini: arey nothing like that just mohit and swara are at home all the time so spent time with them that is it
Sanskar: hmm so u did not miss me huh
Ragini: oho sanskar why will i miss u i am very happy with no work and there is no one to irritate me u know
Sanskar: huh that means i irritate u
Ragini: ha of course by giving those files at office and at home same u through them where ever u want and ask me where this file and where is that file
Sanskar: u are too bad i hate u
Ragini felt bad by that i hate u word and her eyes welled up with tears but sanskar saw this and asked
Sanskar: arey ragini what happened why are u crying
Ragini: nothing i am not crying just something went into my eyes that is it
Sanskar: dont lie to me tell me the truth why are u crying all of a sudden
Ragini: (could not control and burst out into tears) u told u hate me am i bad that u hate me till now no one told me that they hate me
Sanskar: (in mind) u idiot how can u say that to her see u made her cry (cups her face) shh i was just kidding u stop crying na please who will hate such a good person if they hate they are mad please stop na
Ragini: u promise me u will never tell me that i can’t see u hating me
Sanskar: I promise i will never say that ok now stop crying and smile (wipes her tears)
Ragini smiles and sanskar kisses her forehead
Sanskar: now let us sleep i am getting sleep and tomorrow there is so much work for me
Ragini: ok and they both lay down and sleep on either side of the bed and doses off
Next morning
Sanskar goes to laksh’s room and sees him still sleeping
Sanskar: laksh wake up i need to talk to u wake up u kumbakaran
Laksh: ah bhai let me sleep
Sanskar: will u get up or may i use my sources to wake u
Laksh: bhai please let me sleep both father and son never let me to sleep
Sanskar: ok u will not listen na ok i will wake u by my way by saying this he goes to washroom and brings a bucket full of water
Sanskar: lucky final time i am asking will u get up or not
Laksh: bhai dont irritate me please let…. before he could say further SPLASH bucket full of water is on laksh’s face
Laksh wakes up in jerk and shouts bhaaaaaaaaaaai
Sanskar: i warned u but u did not listen to me so this is the result of ur ignorance of my warning now wake up and come fast i need to talk to u after breakfast
Laksh: bhai i will also get time to disturb ur sleep and goes to wash room to get ready after some time they all come to breakfast table

@ Breakfast table
Ansh: mumma i dont want to eat this
Ragini: u have to eat it
Ansh: no i will not it is yuck
Ragini: if u eat this i will give u two chocolates today
Ansh: really u will give me two then i will eat and starts eating by making faces seeing them all of them smile for their mother son bond and sanskar is just staring ragini lovingly and soon they completed the breakfast
Sanskar: lucky come i have some work with u come to study room
Laksh: ok bhai and they both goes to study room
In study room
Laksh: bhai from morning u are torturing me tell me now what u want from me
Sanskar: arey i want to propose her today at night so i need ur help
Laksh: really ok tell me i will help u
Sanskar: u do whatever i say and tells him what he has to do
Laksh: awesome plan bhai bhabhi will love it i will do everything u dont worry but how will u convince bhabhi to take with u at that time
Sanskar: that u leave to me i will do and make sure everything is good ok
Laksh: ya and they both comes to hall
Ragini: what are we not going to office
Sanskar: ha come let us go and lucky u pick ansh from school and ma we have some meeting tomorrow for that we should be in office for long time so we may be late ok
Ap: ok beta take care
Ragini: ma ansh
Ap: dont worry i will take care of him
Ragini: chotu dont trouble dadi ok
Ansh: ok mumma but my two chocolates
Ragini: (smiles) u will get them tomorrow along with tomorrow’s chocolate ok
Ansh: ok and they leave
Sanskar drops ansh in school and ragsan goes to office

In office
It is after noon sanskar called ragini to cabin she enters
Sanskar: ha ragini i have some work i am going out u be ready we have to go out at 10.00 pm
Ragini: but u told we have work in the office
Sanskar: ha we are going out regarding that work only
Ragini: ok and sanskar goes out
And soon time passes it is 10.00 pm till then he gave some nonsense work to her and all the staff already went away
Sanskar came to ragini’s cabin
Sanskar: ha ragini chalo we have to leave
Ragini: ok just five minutes i will be back
Sanskar nods and they both leave from there after five minutes
In car
Ragini: sanskar where are we going
Sanskar: somewhere why do u need address i am taking u na
Ragini: ok baba sorry atleast tell me about the project
Sanskar: no need of that too can’t u sit without thinking anything for some time
Ragini: ok see now i will not talk at all till we reach
Sanskar: good idea u better do it
After the journey of more than one and half hour journey he stops the car near a cliff like area and came out of the car ragini also came out of the car and looked confused
Ragini: (confused) sanskar what are we doing here
Sanskar: shh (holds her hand and takes her to the edge of the cliff) see there
Ragini: wow beautiful we can see the whole city and all the lights its superb
Slowly lights began to off and only some lights are on and those lights are showing in the way it is written like “I LOVE U RAGINI”
Ragini eyes welled up and she saw towards sanskar then he pointed her to see towards sky then she sees towards sky there are many fireworks in the sky and suddenly they appear again “I LOVE U RAGINI”
Ragini then turns to see sanskar she sees him sitting on his knees in front of her with a beautiful love shaped ring having letter ‘R’ on it in his hand
Sanskar: (smiling) ragini u came to my life as an angel u are the best thing that has happened in my life i became lifeless after sanaya’s death i only smiled just for sake of my family but u became my friend i changed a lot i gradually became like old sanskar later u came as my wife my son’s mother but still i felt u as my friend i myself dont know when i fall in love with u but i realised it when u were away from me for two days u became the reason for my smile u became the reason of my happiness “U CHANGED MY LIFE” and made me live my life again I LOVE U RAGINI I LOVE U SO MUCH will u allow me to love u till my eternity will u accept my love i promise i will be always ur support at ur bad times and share all ur sorrows and give all my happiness with u i will always try to keep u away from ur tears
Ragini has no words she is just staring him with shock surprise and happiness while tears are flowing from her eyes she immediately sat on her knees and hugged him tightly
Ragini: i love u too sanskar i love u so much and i will love u till eternity
Sanskar: (breaks the hug) now let me wear this ring to u
Ragini gives her hand and he adores her finger with that beautiful ring to her beautiful hand
Ragini: thank u so much sanskar for the best day in my life again hugs him
Sanskar: no madam still there is something tell me what is the time now
Ragini: (looks at watch) 11.45pm why
Sanskar: ok come with me and drags her he takes her to the car and makes her to sit in the car and blind folds her
Ragini: sanskar what are u doing
Sanskar: shh (keeps his finger on her lips) sit here i will be back in few minutes ok
Ragini nods he goes from there and comes after five minutes
Sanskar: now be ready for next surprise ok
Ragini: one more surprise
Sanskar: ok come and takes her to a nearby tent where there are many balloons and artificial snow and a table in the middle of the tent on which there is cake written on it “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE” sanskar unfolds the blind fold and ragini opens her eyes and gets very happy to see the arrangements
Sanskar: now tell me what is the time
Ragini: 12.00 am
Ragini: (shock that she herself forgot it and very happy) thank u so much sanskar (hugs him)
Sanskar: ok now cut the cake
Ragini cuts the cake and both feed each other then
Sanskar: ok i will come in a second ok
Ragini nods and he goes and comes with her guitar
Ragini: why did u bring this
Sanskar adjusts the guitar and starts singing
Sanskar: (smiles) Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan
Ragini smiles and goes to him and keeps seeing him lovingly
Sanskar: Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Ragini also joins him

Ragsan: Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Sanskar: Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi
Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi
Ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan
Ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri
Ragini: Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
Main tujhko kitna chahti hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake
Sanskar: Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake
Sanskar kisses ragini’s forehead lovingly and ragini goes on looking at him lovingly
Ragini: Aankhon ki hai yeh khwahishein
Ki chehre se teri na hatein
Neendon mein meri bas tere
Khwabon ne li hai karwatein
They both share cute eye lock
Sanskar: Ki teri ore mujhko leke chalein
Ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake
Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake
Sanskar keeps the guitar aside and ragini hugs him very tightly
Ragini: thank u so much sanskar this is the best birthday of my life and this is the best gift i have ever got and i will never forget this
Sanskar: u know i was worried whether u will like it or not i am happy u liked it
Ragini: who told i liked it i loved it i am very happy today
Sanskar: ok now we have to go home it is very late
Ragini: no i want to be like this for some time please
Sanskar: (smiles and tightens the hug) ok let us go out so that we can get fresh air
Ragini: ok
They go out and sit on the ground like sanskar back hugging her and ragini keeping her head on his chest
Ragini: u know sanskar i love watching stars at night whenever i am very happy i used to go to terrace and watch stars their twinkling give me good energy
Sanskar: how can u see something good in everything
Ragini: if heart is good everything will be good
Sanskar: hmm it means i got a wife who can only see good in everyone and every thing
Ragini: ya u tell me one thing why did u tell ma that we have work in office
Sanskar: i dont want ma to know now only i will tell her tomorrow lucky already know about this in fact he only helped me in doing all the arrangements
In the mean time ragini’s phone rang it is from mohit she picks up the call and keeps it on speaker
Mohit: happy birthday di
Ragini: thank u mohit
Mohit: sorry for disturbing ur date with jiju (teasing)
Ragini: (blushes) shut up mohit
Sanskar: how do u know about us
Mohit: of course who else would tell me it is obviously lucky
Sanskar: this lucky cannot keep any secret with him
Swara snatches phone from mohit
Swara: happy birthday di
Ragini: thank u shona
Laksh snatches from swara
Laksh: happy birthday bhabhi
Ragini: thank u lucky where are u all
Laksh: we came out thought to disturb u both
Ragini: then ansh where is he
Laksh: oho bhabhi he is with ma he is sleeping peacefully now talk to Karan he is eating my brain
Karan: happy birthday ragini
Ragini: thank u Karan
Karan: ok now u both enjoy ur first date bye
Ragsan: bye
Laksh: i am very happy for bhai and bhabhi bhai took such a long time to realise finally he confessed
Mohit: di will be very happy
Swara: ha i am very happy for her

Sanskar: shall we go for a long drive
Ragini nods in happiness and they go from there in car while drive ragini keeps watching through the window and enjoys the cool breeze with a beautiful smile on her face and humming some song and sanskar keeps looking her in between while driving suddenly ragini sees a pani puri stall
Ragini: sanskar stop the car (shouts)
Sanskar: (stops the car) why did u ask me to stop the car are u ok (worried)
Ragini: woh pani puri
Sanskar: ragini u scared me come let us go
Ragini gets down the car and runs to the pani puri stall
Ragini: bhayya two plates pani puri very spicy
And she starts eating while sanskar keeps staring her lovingly without eating
Ragini: sanskar eat na
Sanskar nods negatively
Sanskar: u feed me
Ragini: what no way
Sanskar: ok u dont feed me i will feed u and he feeds her as it is very spicy she gets tears from her eyes
Ragini: one more plate
Sanskar: no ragini it is enough see u are already having tears no it is enough
Ragini: please only one please (puppy face)
Sanskar: (melts) fine only one plate ok
Ragini: ok and she continues eating after she completes eating she immediately runs to the car which is a bit far from the place and takes the water bottle and drinks still the spiciness does not reduce she keeps jumping
Ragini: (jumping) omg it is too spicy sanskar
Sanskar: i told u not to eat u did not listen see now
Ragini keeps on jumping sanskar immediately pulls her through waist and keeps his lips on her and kisses her ragini is shocked and sanskar comes back (they are far from the pani puri stall nobody can see them)
Sanskar: now it will be alright (winks)
Ragini blushes and hides her head in his chest
Sanskar: (smiles) tell me otherwise i have another treatment
Ragini: (playfully hits his shoulders) shut up sanskar now come we will go home
Sanskar: chalo and they both drives off to home
As soon as they reach mm they find laksh waiting for them in the hall
Laksh: finally u both came (hugs ragini) happy birthday bhabhi
Ragini: thank u lucky
Laksh: bhai ma told to meet u when u came back
Sanskar: what still she did not sleep i will go and check and come ragini u go to our room
Ragini nods and laksh and sanskar go to ap’s room
Ap’s room
As soon as sanskar enters
Sanskar: ma why did not u sleep still
Ap: (holds his ears) u badmash why didn’t u think inform ur mother while proposing my daughter
Sanskar: ahhhh ma please leave me i am sorry i thought to inform u after proposing sorry ma
Ap: (leaves him) finally u got brain u realised at least now
In the mean time ragini also comes there
Ragini: ma do u need anything
Ap: no beta i am very happy for u god bless u both all the happiness in ur life
Ragini: not both three ma
Ap: (smiles) ha three beta ok u both and ur son
Ragini: thank u ma
Sanskar: now can we go to sleep
Ap: ok go
Ragini: i will bring ansh u go
Ap: no let him sleep here today
Ragini nods and ragsan leaves to their room
@ragsan room
Sanskar: u change and come we will sleep
Ragini nods and they both change and come and lay down on the bed
Sanskar keeps on staring her
Ragini: stop staring me and let us sleep
Sanskar nods no
Ragini: u dont sleep i am sleeping saying this she hugs him and sleeps in his embrace
Sanskar smiles and tightens his grip and they both sleeps in each other’s embrace.
Thank u so much for reading. I am sorry for being irregular but i am helpless sorry for that but still i will try my best to be regular. Now coming to the episode tell me how is the confession did u all like it. Comment me whether it is good or bad.

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