Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 11)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 11)
Hey guys i am back with next episode. My exams got over. I am happy for ur support. Thank u so much all those who commented and silent readers. Please give ur support in the same way.
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Same day night
Ragini is sitting beside ansh who is sleeping in her lap she kisses his forehead and lay him on the bed sanskar comes in and sees ansh is sleeping
Sanskar: he slept early
Ragini: (smiles) ha he is very tired
Sanskar: hmm and he also lays on the other side of the bed and soon both dozes off
Midnight 2.00 am
Ragini was blabbering something in her sleep
Ragini: no i did not trap him no i am not a trapper……
Sanskar gets disturbed by this and goes to ragini and wakes her ragini wakes up and cries hugging sanskar
Sanskar: (pats her back) shh ragini stop crying u have done nothing then why do u think of it stop crying please i can’t see tears in ur eyes stop it
Ragini: (still sobbing) sanskar i did not trap u sanskar what is the need for me to trap i did not do anything please trust me
Sanskar: shut up why are u speaking all the non sense ha first stop crying and listen i know u did nothing they are just talking all nonsense and u are taking them to ur mind now stop thinking nonsense and wipe ur tears otherwise u know how u will look (wipes her tears)
Ragini: but (cuts her)
Sanskar: shh just u sleep now without thinking anything ok
Ragini nods and he makes her lay on the bed and kisses her forehead and goes to his side and sleeps and both dozes off
Next morning
Sanskar goes to office early before ragini wakes up later ragini also goes to office

In office
She enters all are watching her like she is some ghost she sees them and thinks why all are watching like that she goes to her cabin first and settles all her things and goes to sanskar’s cabin he is working in his laptop
Ragini: sanskar am i looking like ghost
Sanskar: (looks up from laptop and is mesmerised to see her) beautiful (whispers)
Ragini is wearing a red colour full sleeves salwar kameez with a small bindi small earrings and her hairs open and looking like an angel
Ragini: sanskar tell me
Sanskar: why do u think so
Ragini: all are staring me like i am a ghost
Sanskar: oh god u became mad yaar stop thinking all this and go and do ur work
Ragini: ok and she leaves
After she left sanskar immediately makes a phone call
Sanskar: where are u yaar
Mohit: coming jiju just five minutes
Sanskar: arrey come before the volcano bursts she just came she may see that at any moment i can’t handle her alone u know na
Mohit: ya i am coming and all arrangements are done to cool her as well dont worry
Sanskar: ok (cuts the call)
Ragini’s cabin
Ragini is searching in her cabin for something but did not find so she goes out and brings it from reception and goes to her cabin

Here mohit reaches maheshwari co and reaches to sanskar cabin ignoring all the stares of the staff
Sanskar: finally u came now dont know when will she burst out is everything ready
Mohit: ha jiju but why did u choose office for this if this happened at home we will not become embarrassed because of her reaction see now i am sure we should run whole office to get saved from her
On the ragini’s side
She takes the news paper which she brought from reception and shocked to see the news
The news papers contains
“Ragini gadodia daughter of one of the best business men shekhar gadodia is married to youngest business man Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari before one and half month.” And the paper has a photo where ragsan are kissing ansh on either sides of his cheeks
Ragini got first shocked and later she got anger on the truth that they exposed her in media being the daughter of shekhar gadodia and wife of sanskar maheshwari
Here at sanskar and mohit
Sanskar: ya but….. (interrupted by a shout)
Ragini: Mr. Maheshwari (shouts) and enters into his cabin like a storm
Sanskar and mohit sees her and gulps in fear
Ragini: how dare u both to do this to me
Mohit: di try to understand we did this just as we can’t see u hurt
Ragini: shut up just shut up ok how dare u to reveal my identity u know i dont want to do it as they show all fake concerns due to money and all but u both did this to me and i am not going to leave today
Sanskar: ragini listen
Ragini: now what to listen today u both will be on hospital bed either ur hands or legs fractured i am going to break ur bones
They both gulps and starts running all over the cabin while running mohit comes out of the cabin following sanskar all the staff who are watching everything are shocked
Mohit: (while running) jiju we are dead now run fast otherwise full lava of volcano will burst on us only
Sanskar: mohit shut up if she listen this na she will surely kill u we made her angry
Mohit: but i told u before only u told we will handle it like a lion now u are running like a cat
In the mean time aarav comes there and sees the scene and understands that ragini came to know so he immediately holds her hand and stops from running
Aarav: ragini wait what are u doing look u are in office
Ragini: aarav bhai leave me today i will not leave them i dont care whether it is office or home
Aarav: ragini listen (but she runs from releasing from his grip) oh no this girl made the office like market yaar lucky come fast
Aarav sees around and find all the staff seeing them shocked
Ragini: sanskar mohit u both wait i will not leave u both today and keeps on chasing them in the mean time she hears a voice which stops her running and both mohit and sanskar go and hide behind the person
Voice: mumma
Ragini: chotu
Sanskar: champ save me and mamu from ur mumma she is going to break our bones if u will not save us
Ragini: dont dare to speak a word u traitor
Ansh: mumma what happened why are u angry
Ragini: chotu see na ur papa and mamu cheated me by telling my identity to whole world
Ansh: (comes to her and stretches his hands so that ragini lifts him in her hands) offo mumma yesterday u were so hurt that they were unable to see u like that so they did it so that nobody insults u by saying bad about u
Ragini: acha who told u to tell me like this
Ansh: u will not scold them na
Ragini: i will tell about that later u tell me
Ansh: papa, mamu, chachu and aarav mamu also
Ragini: (opened her mouth in shock) and how many chocolates did they give to do like that
Ansh: four each member one and u know they promised to give me ice cream also if i did not tell u that they told me to say like this
Ragini: then why did u tell me now
Ansh: arey mumma i love u so much na that is why and u please do whatever u want to do with mamu, chachu and aarav mamu but leave papa because i love him so much na
Sanskar: (immediately goes to ragansh and takes ansh from her hands) that is like my champ
Mohit: wah whole family became one
Laksh: huh bhabhi i did not do any thing
Mohit: ha di all this is planned by jiju only i already warned him not to do but he did not listen kyon aarav bhai
Aarav: ha ragini he only did everything we did not do anything
Ragini: (got frustrated by their blaming game) shut up u all i know everybody has hand in this plan but u all did not think about me (she says this with tears in her eyes)

Sanskar immediately puts ansh down and holds ragini by shoulders
Sanskar: ragini we did not mean to hurt u it is just we dont want any other member point at ur character by telling those cheap words (he eyes the employees angrily while they gulp in fear)
Mohit: and u know we can’t hear anything against u
Laksh: please bhabhi understand na and dont cry please
Ragini: (wipes her tears) but u all hurt me i am going to give punishment for this later to u all and Mr. Maheshwari ur punishment is for two days do all ur works in office by urself remember that ur pa cum wife is taking leave for two days for this deed to enjoy with her son
Ansh: yeah mumma will be with me in my two days of holidays (jumps in happiness)
Sanskar: what no way my work will completely pending no
Ragini: go to hell if u speak more i will take leave for one week
Sanskar: no please ok fine dont come to office for two days my work is more important to me
Aarav: wah the great Sanskar Maheshwari lost in the hands of his wife and gave leave of two days (gives hifi to ragini and laughs)
Sanskar: (glares) aarav shut up
Aarav: what i told truth only na
Ragini: leave it bhai he will never accept defeat (then she remembers that they are doing all this drama in office forgetting the surroundings)
Ragini: sanskar office
Sanskar: oh no he turns to the staff who are watching all this drama with shocked faces
Sanskar: ok staff now meet my wife Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari i think u understood (glaring at the employees who commented on her)
All: hello mam
Ragini: (glares sanskar angrily) hello but please dont call me mam u can be like before by treating me as a friend
Sanskar: (seriously towards the employees who commented on ragini) and u both i need u in my cabin within five minutes understand
Employees nod in fear
Sanskar: ok now carry on ur work
All continues their work and the remaining goes to sanskar’s cabin

Ragini: sorry sanskar
Sanskar: for what
Ragini: for the things happen just now in office and thank u for proving me innocent (hugs him)
Sanskar: (hugs her and smiles) completed both sorry and thank u session then let me talk to the employees also they need a reward for this na
Ragini: sanskar no dont do anything leave them they spoke without knowing anything
Mohit: di enough of being good to all they hurt u a lot and i am not going to leave them
Ragini: mohit they did not do anything by knowing they just saw sanskar and me in beach and thought so
Sanskar: enough i am not going to tolerate who ever insults u understand
In the mean time they both comes there and knocks the door and they come inside and feels the angry gazes of three pairs of eyes
Sanskar: oh so do need to tell anything
Employee 1: sorry sir we just said them without knowing the truth
Employee 2: we are really sorry mam
Ragini: arey no need to say….. (interrupted by sanskar)
Sanskar: ok then u may leave and ur final salary will reach ur home by two days
E1: (Shocked) sir please we need this job sir please dont do this to us (actually both employees are siblings)
Ragini: sanskar please dont spoil their lives
Sanskar: ragini they told bad about u but still u are telling this
Ragini: sanskar they did a mistake they said sorry by accepting it every person makes mistakes so leave na and i dont want to hurt them because of me
Sanskar: (sighs) fine dont repeat this next time with anyone now it may be her u insulted but there may other people who can’t bear those and may take their lives for their self respect so please while speaking just think twice and then speak and dont hurt anyone like this
E1: yes sir
E2: thank u so much mam
Ragini: sanskar now take them from the job immediately
E1: mam what did we do now just now u supported us
Sanskar: (laughs) u are mad ragini
Ragini: shut up and u both i told outside dont call me that mam i hate it call me ragini as before
E1: huh u scared us thank u so much ragini (hugs her)
E2: sir can we leave now
Sanskar nods and they leave
Mohit: ok jiju i also will leave now
Sanskar: (hugs him) bye take care
Mohit: (hugs ragini) sorry di if i hurt u
Ragini: pagal i know u did this for me but i got angry at first later i understood dont be sorry and i am happy that i have brother like u
Mohit: bye di
Ragini: bye and he also leaves
Laksh: ok champ chale

Ansh: no i will not come i came here first time so i will be here for some more time
Ragini: oh my bacha wants to be here for some more time we do one thing we dont have much work today we will play here hide and seek what say
Sanskar: ragini u are really unbelievable hide and seek in office
Ragini: arey we both mother and son are talking u dont interfere
Ansh: ha papa it is really bad when two people are talking u should not talk in middle (laughs)
Sanskar: acha and he starts tickling him
Ansh: hahaha papa stop hahaha please hahaha stop papa
Sanskar: (stops) ok u do one thing first go with chachu have something and come and then do whatever u want with ur mumma ok
Ansh: ok but i want ice cream
Ragsan: no
Ansh: (closes his ears) ok fine i will not eat
Ragini: that is like my chotu
Laksh: ok then we will go and come
Laksh: (hugs ragini) sorry bhabhi
Ragini: lucky u no need to be in fact i should be thank full to u so stop worrying ok
Laksh: love u bhabhi
And goes from there aarav also goes from there
Sanskar: did i hurt u so much
Ragini: sanskar i told na first i got angry but i dint get hurt in fact i am very happy that i have a caring family like u all and u did this for me only na and ha now papa will be more happy u know
Sanskar: why
Ragini: from childhood i never told to anyone that i am daughter of shekhar gadodia i know every father will be happy and proud if his children says that he/she is his son/daughter but i never gave him this happiness ha he was happy that i did not use his identity and do all by my own identity as ragini but still he will have that he can’t say that we are his children in the society now he got his happiness and this all happened due to u sanskar thank u (hugs him)
Sanskar: now stop this session yaar and tell me one thing are u really taking two days leave
Ragini: of course i am taking
Sanskar: please na no i can’t handle all the work alone for two days please u made me dependent on u
Ragini: (laughs) but sir i promised my son that i will spend his holidays with him so i should do it please i hope u understand sir
Sanskar: huh ok fine u made my mouth shut by telling son’s name
Ragini: ok anyway today our half day got wasted due to this drama is there anything i should do or may i go and get some coffee
Sanskar: if u will bring coffee then work is also less important u may go ahead
Ragini: (smiles) ok i will get it within 5 minutes and she goes to prepare coffee till then laksh and ansh comes back
Ansh: papa where is mumma
Sanskar: she will come champ she went to prepare coffee
Ansh: i will go there tell me where is she
Sanskar: she will be in canteen u dont know how to go na she will come wait
Ansh: no i want to go
Sanskar: champ dont be stubborn
Laksh: champ come i will take u bhai he will not listen
Sanskar nods and they both go outside ansh runs without listening to laksh
Laksh: champ dont run
Ansh: no chachu i want to run
Laksh: champ listen

All the staff are seeing him with smile in the mean time ragini comes there with two mugs of coffee in her hand
Ragini: chotu i told dont run na
Ansh: mumma where are u
Ragini: in canteen why
Ansh: chachu u hold these mugs laksh nods and takes them
Ragini: (lifts him in her arms) now tell why are u running
Ansh: nothing just for fun
Ragini: huh both father and son are same became mad
Laksh: (laughs) exactly bhabhi by this they comes to sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar: ragini u came check this once and give to aarav
Ragini: ok chotu u sit here i will check then we will see office ok
Ansh: ok mumma
And laksh and ansh are playing ragsan are doing the working after some time ragini completes the work and ragini and ansh goes to see office
Laksh: bhai u tell me one thing
Sanskar: ha lucky
Laksh: what are ur feelings towards bhabhi
Sanskar: what type of question is this
Laksh: bhai u tell me one thing why do u feel restless when bhabhi is not around u and why can’t u see tears in her eyes why can’t u see her hurt or sad
Sanskar: because i was habitual with her work and everything and she is my best friend and i can’t see my best friend hurt
Laksh: no u are wrong bhai u love her so much i saw love for her in ur eyes the only thing is u are not able to realise it and still thinking about Sanaya bhabhi bhai just think of it u will understand that u love her saying this he goes away leaving thinking sanskar.

Sorry for the late. I dont think this episode is upto the mark. But still u please give ur comments whether it is good or bad it is quite boring i know please forgive me for that.

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