Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 10)


Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 10)
Hey guys I am back with next episode of my ff. Thank u for the support. I am glad u all are liking my ff. Thank u to those commented and silent readers as well. Yippee 10th episode I am so happy today. Please give ur support in the same manner it really encourages me.

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Next morning
Ragini wakes up and sees that ansh is sleeping peacefully hugging her she sees beside ansh and finds sanskar no where she kisses ansh’s forehead and caresses his hair ansh opens his eyes
Ansh: good morning mumma
Ragini: (smiles) good morning chotu and she sits and rests her back on the bed board and ansh sits on her lap and hugs her and rests his head on her chest and closes his hair while ragini caresses his hair with closed eyes
Ansh: mumma
Ragini: hmm
Ansh: i am hungry
Ragini: then go get ready i will make for u yummy yummy pasta
Ansh: no i dont want pasta
Ragini: then
Ansh: i want chocolate

Ragini: (narrows her eyes) acha it means chocolate hungry and starts tickling him he laughs
Ansh: hahaha mumma hahaha stop mumma but ragini continues at last they both gets tired and stops and again ansh hugs her
Ragini: ok now get up go get fresh up till then i will get fresh and make breakfast for u and they both get down from the bed they see sanskar seeing them with smile on his face
Ansh: papa and jumps on him sanskar lifts him
Sanskar: (kisses his forehead) u woke up before i wake u
Ansh: ha ok bye jumps from his arms and runs to his room to get fresh up
Sanskar: (smiles) u fresh up and come
Ragini nods and goes and gets fresh up and come and goes to kitchen there she finds ap
Ragini: good morning ma (takes blessings)
Ap: good morning beta be happy
Ragini: ma what may i do for breakfast
Ap: no beta u dont take stress kaka will do the breakfast but as it is ur first any sweet compulsory and take help of kaka
Ragini: no ma i will make breakfast and i will make kheer please
Ap: ok beta as ur wish and ha ragini beta after this work go and wake lucky and uttara
Ragini nods and continues her work and after sometime she finishes her work and goes to laksh’s room to wake him up
Ragini: lucky wake up
Laksh: bhabhi please just 5 more minutes
Ragini: lucky no get up fast u need to go to college
Laksh: no response
Ragini: (shakes him) lucky wake up
Laksh wakes

Laksh: bhabhi u also joined them they will not allow me to sleep and u too and that ansh will always say “i want to go to park so u should take me” (imitates ansh)
Ragini: (laughs and brushes laksh’s hair) oh lucky come on go get ready and come for breakfast
Laksh: (hugs her) ok bhabhi and goes to fresh and she goes to uttara wakes and goes to her room at that ansh comes to her
Ansh: mumma my shirt
Ragini: aww my bacha what happened to ur shirt
Ansh: my shirt’s button is broken
Ragini: that is it let me sew it and she sews the shirt and makes him wear
Sanskar: ragini if u want u can take leave
Ragini: no i will come we have a lot of work in office also
Sanskar: ok get ready we will go
Ragini: seriously sanskar we will go
Sanskar: yes we will go
Ragini: u got memory loss nobody knows that we are married and i dont want them to know now only i will go on two wheeler as always and u go in car
Ansh: mumma why u can tell them
Ragini: no bacha we will tell them when time comes ok
Sanskar: as u wish i will respect ur decision
In the mean time ragini’s phone rings she sees her caller id and smiles
Ragini: hello mohit
Ansh: mumma put phone on speaker i also will talk to mamu and masi (ragini puts speaker on)
Ragini: now tell mohit
Mohit: di how are u? Did u sleep properly at night as it is new place? I am missing u so much did u miss me? Di why are u not speaking?

In the meantime laksh enters the room and listens that mohit is not allowing to speak
Laksh: bhai if u allow bhabhi to speak then she will answer
Mohit: oh sorry now tell me di
Ragini: i am very fine i had a sound sleep i am too missing u so much (tears in her eyes) like that they talk some time by this ragini is in the verge of crying she cuts the call and tears roll from her eyes
Laksh: bhabhi please dont cry
Ansh: mumma please dont cry i can’t see tears in ur eyes u are missing mamu masi na we will go in the evening na then u won’t miss them now dont cry (wipes her tears) now give me ur smile
Ragini smiles and ansh kisses her cheeks
Sanskar: (to lighten the mood) thank god u stopped crying otherwise i may get scared
Ragini looks confused
Sanskar: (continues) u look like devil when u cry saying this he runs out to escape from ragini to have breakfast
Ragini: i am not devil u sanskar (shouts) i will not leave u i will take revenge for calling me devil
Laksh and ansh laughs at them
Laksh: bhabhi leave him let us have breakfast come
Ragini nods and they leave to have breakfast

Ap: ansh u forgot ur dadi
Ansh: no dadi and goes to her and kisses her cheek and sits on her lap
Ragini brings the dishes from the kitchen
Ragini: chotu here is ur yummy pasta
Ansh: yeah thank u mumma
Ragini: lucky this is ur favourite kheer
Laksh: thank u bhabhi and she gives everyone their favourite foods except sanskar
Ap: ragini beta where is sanskar’s food
Ragini: i will bring ma and she goes to kitchen
Ragini: (to herself) Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari u called me devil na now see i will show u what this devil can do after all i am Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari thinking this she mixed some mirch powder in kheer and takes that along with the food to sanskar and gives the food to sanskar. Sanskar eats the food and takes one spoon of kheer and keeps in his mouth and shouts
Sanskar: ahhhh water laksh gives him water while ragini laughs
Sanskar: u i will not leave u ragini runs and sanskar chases her all over the house all laughs seeing them
Sunaina: i am very happy that sanskar is happy with ragini
Ap: ha Sunaina that is why i wanted her to be my daughter in law

Finally they both goes to their room and sanskar pins ragini to the wall they are very near to each other
Sanskar: why did u mix mirch powder?
Ragini: (breathing heavily due to his closeness) sanskar leave me
Sanskar: first answer me
Ragini: sanskar leave me first i will tell u
Sanskar: no
Ragini: sanskar
They both have small eye lock their eye lock is broken by ansh
Ansh: papa come fast we need to go to school
Sanskar realises his position and immediately moves back and avoids the eye contact with her and goes from there ragini stands still remembering their closeness she blushes and later she also goes down
Ragini: i will also go to office and i will come early ma
Ap: ha beta but take care
Ragini: bye aunty
Sunaina: no beta not aunty call me also ma as u are like my daughter
Ragini: ji ma now i will leave and she goes to office

Ragini reaches and goes to her cabin sanskar also reaches to office
In sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar is sitting and doing his work but only ragini and her closeness in the morning gets into his mind he goes and washes his face and again continues his work after sometime ragini comes to his cabin
Ragini: sanskar i checked this file u once go through and sign it
Sanskar: u checked na so no need i will sign and he signs the file
Ragini: any more work
Sanskar: ha this one see whether any corrections are needed
Ragini nods and was about to leave but her leg trips and she was about to fall but sanskar holds her by waist and makes her stand properly then her hair moves a little sanskar finds sindoor on her head because it is not visible as she made her hair in such a way that no one can notice her sindoor and covered her mangalsootr too
Ragini: thanks and she leaves
Sanskar: (thinks) she wore sindoor though she does not want anybody to know that she is married (smiles unknowingly) and continues his work

@after one week
Its Sunday morning ragini is doing some work in the hall when swara mohit and Karan comes there
Swara: (hugs ragini) di how are
Ragini: i am fine shona
Mohit: di (hugs her)
Karan: ragini (hugs her)
Ragini: u all come sit they all sit on couch in the hall and are talking in the mean time
Sanskar: (from his room shouts) ragini where is the file relating to tomorrow’s meeting
Ragini: (shouts from hall) in ur desk sanskar
Sanskar: (shouts back) ha got it
Laksh: (shouts from his room) bhabhi my blue shirt
Ragini: (shouts) with the clothes came from laundry lucky
Laksh: (shouts) found bhabhi
Ansh comes down waking from his sleep
Ansh: (sleepy tone) mumma
Ragini: oh mera bacha u woke up and makes him to sit on her laps and he hugs her and again closes his eyes
Ansh: mumma why is chachu shouting like that see because of him i woke up

Laksh comes there and sits near swara
Laksh: oho so u came to know if anybody wakes u then how it will be everyday u will wake me we should go to park
Ansh: chachu today is Sunday that is why i am sleeping but u want to sleep everyday
Swara: huh lucky u stop scolding ansh y can’t u do ur work properly why are u disturbing my di
Laksh: (whispers) dont worry when u come as my wife i will not disturb bhabhi at all
Listening this swara’s eyes widens
Swara: (whispers) u idiot stop talking non sense
Ragini: (sees them whispering to each other) what are u both doing
Swara: what we are doing nothing di

In the mean time sanskar comes down
Sanskar: ansh u did not get ready still when will u have ur breakfast go get ready
Ansh: ok papa and he runs to get ready
Mohit: (hugs sanskar) how are u jiju
Sanskar: super

All talk for some time and in the mean time all comes they have breakfast and all goes to ragsan’s room and there sanskar is doing some work in the laptop and laksh and ansh are playing car race in video game
Ansh: chachu i will defeat u see
Laksh: oh ansh no one is there to defeat laksh maheshwari
Swara: acha then let us see how ansh defeats u and she signals ansh some thing
Ansh nods and he intentionally hits laksh’s car and it gets blasted
Ansh: yeah i won
Laksh: u cheated
Ansh: no i did not cheat ask masi she will tell masi did i cheat
Swara: no why will u cheat when u have a talent to win lucky if u did not know how to play then dont play dont say ansh is cheating
Laksh: huh i know how to play bhabhi see na ur son and ur sister both cheated me
Mohit: oho please u both stop di please sing a song na we did not listen from so many days
Swara: ha di please
Ragini: no not now i will sing some other time
Laksh: please bhabhi i did not listen ur song please
Ansh: ha mumma i too did not listen please
Ragini: ok but my guitar is in gm i did not bring it here
Karan: why fear when Karan is hear just two minutes ur guitar will be hear he goes and brings ragini’s guitar
Ragini: my guitar u brought it here
Mohit: ya i thought u will be missing it
Ragini: thank u mohit
Swara: now start

All this time sanskar is just doing his work without even raising his head from his laptop
Ragini: (closing her eyes) Haan aa o…
Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon
Sanskar immediately raises his head from his laptop and mesmerised to listen and see ragini he just keeps on staring her

Ragini: Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon
Saari hadein meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
Aa o… aa…
Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron KO Khuda
Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron KO Khuda
Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
aa… o…

Ragini opens her eyes and sees sanskar staring her they both again share a very small eye lock
Laksh: wow bhabhi it is just awesome u are really a great singer
Ansh: super mumma and kisses her cheek
Uttara: ha bhabhi u are just awesome
Mohit: thank u di i am very happy that i listened to ur song after so many days
Sanskar still staring her like that only he comes out his thoughts when he get a call so he goes out to attend the call
Ragini: ok enough now u all praised me so much ok
They all spend some quality time and all gadodias leave to their house

At night
Ragini is arranging the bed sanskar comes to the room and sees her
Sanskar: u really sang very well
Ragini: thank u
Sanskar: but u never mentioned me that u are a singer
Ragini: we did not got that topic anytime
Sanskar: ok tomorrow we have a important meeting we should reach office early
Ragini: ha i will complete all the work early and ha sanskar i told laksh to drop ansh in school and pick him as well as we have meeting and u will not get time to drop him
Sanskar: ha i thought to tell him ok then once see whether there is any changes required in the presentation
Ragini: i already checked and made some changes
Sanskar: when did u check u were busy from morning
Ragini: now only when u were with ma
Sanskar: oh ok
Ansh comes and trio goes to sleep

@next day
Their meeting went well and sanskar is very happy as got the deal is finalised

Ragini is opened the wardrobe to take her night wear and she is surprised to see a new guitar in that with a tag
Tag contains this is a small gift to my best friend on my behalf
Sanskar enters the room
Sanskar: did u like it
Ragini: like no i loved it thank u so much sanskar (hugs him)
Sanskar: (smiles) thank god u liked it i was feared whether u will like it or not
Ragini: it is very nice thank u once again ansh comes
Ansh: wow mumma this guitar is very nice when did u buy it
Ragini: ur papa gifted me
Ansh: it is very nice papa
Sanskar: i know my champ (lifts him and sits on the bed) ok come let us sleep
Ragini: i will change and she goes to change
Like this days passed sanskar is almost in love with ragini but he is not realising it and still thinking about Sanaya
One evening ragsan ansh laksh uttara went to beach and are sitting on the sand
Ansh: papa i want ice cream
Uttara: me too
Laksh: me three
Ragini: me four
Laksh: ok then i will bring u sit here
Uttara: bhai i will also come wait
Ansh: i will also come
Sanskar: ok go and come fast dont bring after it melts

They all go to bring ice cream
Ragini: sanskar u know shona mohit and i used to come to beach and enjoy atleast a day in a month
Sanskar: u miss them a lot na
Ragini: hmm only the thing i am worried is mohit he never left me from child hood it is one and half month our marriage happened he is not fighting with shona he is calm all the time he is just enjoying at night when i went there i am very worried about him
Sanskar: he loves u so much that is why he is behaving like that
Ragini: ha sanskar that is true but still how many days he will be like that he should understand and shona is very worried about him saying that he is indulging more in work and not taking care of himself (tears in her eyes) i am very worried about him
Sanskar: (hugs her) dont worry ragini everything will be alright he will understand he just needs some more time if u want i will try to talk to him may i
Ragini: no we will see some more days if he is not changing then we will talk ok
Sanskar: ok now stop crying
Ragini: (wipes her tears) thank u khadoos and ragini runs from there laughing
Sanskar: ragini i will not leave u he chases ragini and they both run here and there in the beach at last sanskar holds ragini and he is holding her through her stomach and it is like he is back hugging her while they are in that position two of the employees of maheshwari company sees them in that position and are shocked
E1: what sir and ragini together
E2: ha see their position as well
E1: i did not think ragini so cheap that she trapped sir with her sweat talks
E2: this type of girls are blo*dy trappers i think that is why she did not want to reveal her identity
E1: let us go from here and they goes

Sanskar: tell me u won’t call me like that
Ragini: leave me sanskar
Sanskar: tell me u will not call that
Ragini: ok i will not call leave me
Sanskar: (leaves her) that is like a good girl now come may be they came with ice creams they will melt other wise
Ragini nods and they all go home after enjoying for some time in the beach

@next day
They both are in office and ragini is going through both employees while they both are talking about her ragini hears that and feels bad and runs to her cabin with teary eyes this all is observed by aarav he immediately goes to sanskar’s cabin sanskar is doing his work
Aarav: sanskar
Sanskar immediately raises his head as aarav never calls him sanskar in the office
Sanskar: aarav is everything fine
Aarav: no sanskar actually ragini
Sanskar: ragini what happened to her tell me
Aarav narrates everything what he heard sanskar’s eyes became red in anger
Sanskar: how dare they call my ragini a trapper i will not leave them
Aarav: sanskar this time ragini needs u first go to her
Sanskar nods and leaves to ragini’s cabin and sees her crying
Sanskar: ragini (places his hand on her shoulder)
Seeing sanskar ragini immediately hugged him and cried very hard
Sanskar: shh ragini please stop crying please
Ragini: (sobbing heavily) it really hurt me sanskar they called me a trapper i can’t bear that
Sanskar: ragini listen please stop crying (wipes her tears) think that they are like street dogs what will we do when a dog barks on the road we ignore and go on our way think in the same way and ignore them they dont have any work except bad mouthing others please u dont cry i can’t see u crying please smile for me once

Ragini tries to smile in between her tears

Sanskar: ok today ur khadoos boss is giving u leave u go home and take rest dont dare to do any work understand
Ragini: no i will not go
Sanskar: no u are going otherwise i will call mohit and say that u are not well then he will come here and take u think
Ragini: khadoos ok i will go
Sanskar: that’s like my ragini ok take care dont do any work ok
Ragini nods and goes to house in the meantime sanskar calls ap and says her everything happened in the office and asks her to take care of ragini
Ragini reaches home and goes to her room and cries vigorously and dozed off due to continuous crying ansh comes home
Ansh: dadi where is mumma
Ap: mumma is taking rest she is not well
Laksh: what happened to bhabhi
Ap: nothing just head ache let her take rest dont disturb her ok
Ansh: ok dadi let mumma sleep
Later ap tells everything to laksh
Laksh: how dare they to speak like that above bhabhi
Ap: laksh dont worry sanskar will make everything alright
Laksh nods

Sanskar calls mohit and tells what happened
Phone convo
Mohit: jiju how is di now
Sanskar: i sent her home she is taking rest i informed ma to take care of her
Mohit: jiju now we should do something i dont want di to get hurt again
Sanskar: ha mohit i have a plan but i am worried about her reaction after that
Mohit: jiju if we dont want her to get hurt again we should do something so u tell me what is that plan
Sanskar tells his plan
Mohit: i am with u jiju
Sanskar: ok then i will tell aarav what to do
Mohit: ok
Sanskar: ha mohit today u come to mm for dinner she will not come i know about her and only u can make her understand
Mohit: ha jiju we will come so that there will be change in her mood bye now and cuts the call
Sanskar tell aarav what to do and goes to mm
He reaches mm and goes to his room and sees ragini sleeping there are tear marks on her face he felt very bad seeing that he sits beside her and kisses her forehead
Sanskar: i will make everything fine and i will fire those employees who hurt u after proving u are not trapper

Swara, mohit and Karan comes there and ragini also wakes up but she is dull
Mohit: (hugs ragini) di please dont think about that they have no work they talk all non sense
Ragini: how do u know
Sanskar: i told him
Ragini: why did u tell him see he came here otherwise we may go there na
Mohit: ok di u are not happy if i come to ur house (pouts)
Ragini: (laughs seeing him) dramebaaz stop ur drama
Ansh: mumma why are u crying
Ragini: arey nothing my bacha
Ansh: today u know my teacher told me that i am a good boy
Ragini: yeah see my chotu is good boy
Like this they all spend some time and ragini forgets about that incident for some time and enjoys with them

Precap: what is sanskar’s plan and ragini’s reaction after that

Thanks for reading. Keep supporting in the same way. Thank u all the commentators and silent readers as well. Sorry i am not able to give regular updates as i am busy but i will try to give the updates as early as possible. Now tell what do u think will be sanskar’s plan. Guys i have my exams i will not be able to post upto October 9th sorry for that.

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