RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 9)

Hello friends. Thanks for your response. I am really glad that you all liked it. Also today again I will try to post “Is This Love?” ff and lets hope that it gets updated. So lets start-

RECAP- Ragini gets injured while saving Sanskar. FB continues.

Sanskar and Karan run outside the college. They both go to separate paths to find Ragini.

Sanskar thinks- Arre yaar, where is that girl. I don’t even know her name. If something happens to her then all the blame will come on me only. Miss Attitude…where the hell are you?

He was running and searching for her when he finally sees her fighting with a shopkeeper of a toy shop.

Shopkeeper- You mad girl. How many times should I tell you that first give me money and then take it.
Ragini- I said na that I don’t have money but I want this teddy right now.

She then notice Sanskar standing there looking at her. She grins like a child and start waving towards him. He comes near her.

Sanskar- What are you doing here, I was searching for you everywhere?
Ragini- Do you have money? I want this teddy. See it is so cute. (She says while squeezing a teddy bear)
Sanskar- No I don’t have money, now come back with me.
Ragini- But then this teddy will be alone here with this khadoos old man.
Shopkeeper- Oye, whom are you calling khadoos?
Ragini- You.
Sanskar- I…I am sorry on her behalf.
Ragini- Please na Sanku, buy this for me.
Sanskar- Sanku?
Ragini- Haan….Sanskar is a long name, Sanku is cute and short.
Shopkeeper- Listen, its getting late and I need to close my shop, so tell me that you want this toy or not?
Sanskar- Ok fine, I will buy it.

He then pays for the toy and Ragini gets happy.
Ragini- Thanks Sanku. See, even this teddy is saying thanks to you.
Sanskar- Now come lets go back.
Ragini- No that party is boring. The only good thing in that party was the juice. I’m feeling so light after drinking it.

She then starts jumping and singing-

Sanskar- Miss Attitude, alcohol is affecting your mind, lets go back.

She starts laughing listening to that.
Ragini- You are so silly. You don’t even know the difference between juice and alcohol.
Sanskar- Whatever it was, but you need to go back.
Ragini- Uff Sanku, you are so boring. All the time asking to go back. Let me enjoy here only.

She sits on the road and Sanskar stares at her.
Sanskar- What are you doing? Just get up. Stop behaving like jungli

Sanskar puts his hand on her mouth.
Sanskar- Stop singing like an idiot.
Ragini- Why…..don’t you like my singing?
Sanskar- I do but….
Ragini- Then let me sing- CHAAHE KOI MUJHE JUNGLI KAHE…..
Sanskar- Listen, you should go home, your parents must be worried for you na.
Ragini- But my parents are out of station so I can enjoy as much as I want. You know what Sanku, I never enjoyed this much, but today I am feeling so good.

She stands up and starts walking to the opposite direction but Sanskar holds her hands and tries to take her towards the college. Ragini was trying to free herself from his hold. Suddenly they both hear police jeep siren. Police jeep stops infront of them.

Police inspector- Hello Mister, may I ask you what you are doing here with this girl? Are you forcing her?
Sanskar- No no…..I was just taking her back to the college. Nothing else.
Ragini- Yes, but he was forcefully taking me back. I said I don’t want to go but still…..
Police inspector – That means you were forcing her?
Sanskar- No sir, Actually she is getting out of control so I was…

Before he could complete his sentence, Ragini took the cap of the police inspector and wear it herself.
Ragini- See Sanku, now I am a police inspector.
Police- Is she mad?
Sanskar- Actually she is drunk, and so she is not in her senses.
Ragini- You silly, I said na it was juice, not alcohol, so how can I be drunk?
Sanskar- Will you be quiet for some time.
Police- Ok, I can leave you on one condition. Give me umm…you know what.

Sanskar unwillingly gives him money and he takes his cap back from Ragini and leaves.

Ragini- Hey Sanku, we can take a ride in this police jeep.
Sanskar gets angry and starts screaming on her.
Sanskar- Shut up just shut up. Because of you, I had to give money to that inspector. If I would have been arrested because of your stupidity then my dream of becoming an officer would have been destroyed. I’m done…..I can’t tolerate you anymore. I am leaving, if you want to come then come otherwise go and do whatever you feel like.

He starts leaving from there while Ragini continues looking at him all innocent like.
Ragini- What did I do. Well leave it. Let him go. I am fine with my teddy.

She goes to the opposite direction. Sanskar also continues walking but starts to feel restless leaving her like this. He again goes to her but was not able to find her. He again started searching for her.

Here Ragini was walking on the road waiting for taxi. A boy sees her and stops his car in front of her.

Boy- What a beauty. I can’t let her go from my hands.
He stops his car and asks her-
Boy- Can I drop you somewhere?
Ragini- I want to go home.

He realizes her drunk state and smirks.
Boy- Come, I will drop you home.
Ragini- Really, that is so sweet of you. Thank you.

She opens the door and was about to sit in the car when Sanskar comes and holds her hand. He moves her away from the car.

Boy- What the hell are you doing?
Sanskar- You go, I will drop her home.
Boy- But she want to go with me.
Sanskar- If you want to stay healthy and alive then take your car and go away.

That boy senses anger in his voice and leaves.

Ragini- He went away, now how will we go back.
Sanskar- Come, I will drop you.
Ragini- No, You were screaming on me. I will not come with you.
Sanskar- Ok, I’m sorry but please come now.
Ragini- But I don’t want to walk to the college. I want to go home from here only.
Sanskar- Ok fine.

He then calls Karan and tells him about her and asks him to bring a car where they are. He then starts waiting for him and Ragini continued talking.

Ragini- Sanku, can I ask you something?
Sanskar- What?
Ragini- Do you really love me?

Sanskar looks at her with a tensed face.
Sanskar- Umm..of…ofcourse. That is why I proposed you na.
Ragini- Hmmm…so now what will you do as only one day is left for you to make me fall for you.
Sanskar- I don’t know.
Ragini- But I know. I know my feelings for you.
Sanskar- And what are your feelings?

Sanskar gets curious to hear what she will say next but she stops singing.
Sanskar- What happened, why did you stop?
Ragini- I forgot the song.

Sanskar closes his eyes in frustration.
Sanskar thinks- Damn this girl. God, where am I stuck. Can’t she just for once say I love you to me.

His thoughts get disturbed by the car horn. He turns around and gets relief seeing Karan in the car. He then make Ragini sit inside at the back seat. Sanskar and Karan sit at the front seat.

Karan- I’ve asked her friend about her address.
Sanskar- Good, now drive fast as I can’t tolerate her anymore.

He then turns around and finds her sleeping. A small smile comes on his face seeing her looking so innocent like a child.

They finally reach to her house and Sanskar picks her in his arms. Karan rings the doorbell and a small girl of age around 13 opens the door. She is Swara. She gets shocked seeing Ragini.

Swara- Di, what happened to her and who are you both?
Sanskar- First will you please tell me that where is her bed.
Swara signs to one side and he take her to the room. He makes her lay on the bed and turns around and finds Swara watching him suspiciously.

Swara- Who are you?
Sanskar- I am Sanskar. Your di’s friend.
Swara- What happened to her?
Sanskar- Umm..nothing, she is just not in her senses. By the way what is your name?
Swara- My name is Swara.
Sanskar- Nice to meet you.
Swara- Can I call you Sanky?
Sanskar- Ya….your Di calls me Sanku, you call me Sanky. Do whatever you sisters want to do.

Swara giggles. Sanskar smiles at her and leaves with Karan giving a last look to his sleeping beauty.

FB ends.

Sanskar was lost in the thoughts and does not notice that a girl came infront of his car. He stops his car with a jerk but still that girl falls on the ground. He comes out of his car to check the girl. He gets surprised seeing her.

Sanskar- Richa, you?
Richa- Uff Sanskar, you nearly killed me today. Where were you lost?
Sanskar- I’m sorry.
Richa- If I would have been killed then the newspaper would have a headline- One CID officer killed the other CID officer.
Sanskar- Stop taunting Richa.
Richa- Ok ok sorry. Now can you drop me home as my house is nearby only?
Sanskar- OK.

They both sit in the car.
Sanskar- When did you return, is your mother fine now?
Richa- Yes she is fine, that is why I’m back. Did you missed me?
Sanskar- No
Richa- Oh…that’s bad because I missed you. By the way I just heard that you all have arrested those drug smugglers. Good work partner.
Sanskar- Haan, vo actually Ragini and Aditya helped us.

She gets shocked hearing her name.
Richa- Ra…Ragini, when did you meet her?
Sanskar- Today.
Richa- Did you…both talked?
Sanskar- Why are you asking this?
Richa- Umm…nothing. I was just concerned about you. I was also in the college with you all so.
Sanskar- Nothing much happened. It was just a coincidence meeting her, nothing else.

Richa thinks- I wish that its just a coincidence as I can’t let her take my place again. I have waited enough, she cannot enter in Sanskar’s life again. Just the way I separated them before, I will again not let them unite.

NEXT EPISODE- Not decided yet.

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