RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 8)


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RECAP- Swalak confess their love. Ragsan’s meet.

The episode starts with the CID officers and Ragini and Aditya going to enter the house when Sanskar stops Ragini and Aditya.

Sanskar- You both will stay out as there is risk inside.
Ragini- No, I will also come and don’t forget that because of us only you are able to reach those smugglers. And we are reporters so we can come.
Sanskar- As you wish, but if something happens inside, then don’t tell me I didn’t warned you both.

He walks inside and Ragini and Aditya follow him.

One person opens the door and gets scared seeing them. Other two person also come.
Person1- Why…why are you all here?
Officer1- We are from CID and we have got the news that some illegal work is happening here.
Person1- What sir, why will we do some illegal work here.
Sanskar- So if everything is fine then let us check your house.
Person2- Arre but…..

They all enter inside without letting them speak and start checking things. There they find drugs.
Sanskar- What is all this? You all are smugglers?
Officer1- Now you won’t be saved.

The person with whom Ragini collided was standing near her. He takes out a knife and puts it on her neck.

Aditya- Ragini!!!

Everyone looks at her. Sanskar stares at her.

Person- You caught us because of this girl, now she will only help us escape.

Ragini was about to scream for help when Sanskar stops her.

Sanskar- Don’t even think to scream. I told you not to come in but you are a reporter, you had to come in. Now pay for your decision.
Aditya- What kind of officer you are? She is in trouble and you are scolding her only.

Person1- Stop it you all, I’m taking her out with me.

Sanskar- Ok, take her away. I don’t care.
Ragini- What, you are mad Sanskar.
Sanskar- Arre don’t listen to this girl. Even I promise that if you take her away with you forever, I will not arrest anyone of you.
Ragini also gets angry- Ok, its better to go far away with them instead of being here seeing your face.
Sanskar- See, she is also ready to go with you. Take her away. Do whatever you want to do with her, Leave her, kill her, your choice.
Ragini- Haan, kill me. It’s the best choice. Come on kill me na. (She said while looking towards the person holding her)

That person got confused and frustrated and leaves her. He then pushes the other officers aside and runs out, other two men also follow him. Sanskar and the other officers also run after them.

Ragini- Come on, let us also follow them.
Aditya- Stop talking nonsense. You were about to be killed and even that Sanskar was also of no help.
Ragini- You will not understand him. He did all this to confuse him, he used to do these tricks in college too. Now come with me or stay here alone.

She leaves from there and Aditya unwillingly follows her. There they both saw Sanskar and others fighting with each other.

Ragini notice one of those goons pointing gun towards Sanskar which was unnoticed by him. She runs towards him and push him aside due to which the bullet touches her arm. She screams in pain.

The other officer shoots that goon on the leg and arrest the others.
Aditya- Ragini are you fine?

Sanskar tries to hold her hand but she moves away.
Ragini- Don’t touch me. I’m fine, no need for you to worry.
Sanskar- Shut up, did you listened to me when I said not to come with us, so why should I listen to you. Just show me your arm.

He forcefully holds her hand and looks at the injured place.

Sanskar- The bullet has just touched your arm, nothing much. Come with us in the bureau, your dressing will be done.
Ragini- I’m fine. I will do the dressing once I reach home.
Aditya- Please Ragini, he is right. Your hand is bleeding.
Ragini- But…
Aditya- No but vut…..you are coming to the bureau right now.
Ragini- Ok fine, but only because you are saying this.

Sanskar feels hurt by her statement but doesn’t show it. They reach the bureau where one person does her dressing. Sanskar asks one of his officers to drop both of them home and he agrees. He drops them home.

Swara gets scared seeing Ragini’s injured arm. Ragini without saying a word goes back to her room and Aditya tells Swara everything. She is shocked as well as happy hearing this.

Swara- Wow that means Sanky met di. That’s amazing. Isn’t it?
Aditya- Yes yes really amazing.
Swara- Are you all right Aditya.
Aditya- Yes I’m fine. Trust me I’m ok. Because even during her fights with Sanskar, there was a different shine in her eyes which is never visible with me. She still loves him otherwise why did she push him when the goon shoot at him.
Swara nods and Aditya leaves.

On the other side, Sanskar was driving back home. He reminisces a flashback.


It was fresher’s party going on in the college. Many girls were coming one by one but Sanskar’s eyes were searching for only one girl. Then she enters wearing a beautiful white colour knee length midi. Diamond earrings were dancing on her ears. She kept her curly hairs open. Sanskar’s mouth drops open seeing her beauty. Karan also comes there and closes his mouth.

Karan- What happened Sanskar?
Sanskar- I never knew that she is so beautiful.
Karan- Still I’m telling you to stop this.
Sanskar- You stop advising me.

He then goes towards her.
Sanskar- Hi.
Ragini ignores him and walks away. Sanskar also follows her.
Sanskar- Hey miss Attitude. This will not work. Already this is the second day, I have only one day more left to get you and if you will continue ignoring me then how will I proceed.
Ragini- NO need to proceed. I said na that I’m not interested in you.
Sanskar- You are again lying. Your eyes are telling me something else only.
Ragini- Then don’t believe my eyes.
Sanskar- Achcha ok, so will you like to have dance with me.
Ragini- No…
Sanskar- Ok, atleast a drink with me. I mean juice or anything. Please don’t say no. Just for once.
Ragini- But…
Sanskar- Please na yaar. Give me atleast one chance.
Ragini- Ok.

Sanskar smiles widely. They both sit and Sanskar orders two juice. His friend Rahul brings juice for them. Sanskar was about to pick a glass when he hands him a different juice.
Sanskar- Why can’t I take that juice?
Rahul- Because that is specially for your miss attitude.
Sanskar- Why?
Rahul- You will know it soon.

He then hands the other glass to Ragini and she drinks it. She starts to feel dizzy. Sanskar doesn’t notice this. One of his friends call him.
Sanskar- Umm…you stay here, I’m just coming.

He then goes to his friend. When he returns, he finds Ragini to be nowhere.
Sanskar- Arre yaar…..Can’t she just stay at one place. Now again I have to search for her.
Karan also comes.
Karan- Something wrong Sanskar?
Sanskar- Have you seen her?
Karan- Her, who?
Sanskar- Arre Miss Attitude, have you seen her?
Karan- No.
Sanskar- Then where is she?

He remembers Rahul talking about a special juice. He then goes towards him.

Sanskar- What was there in the drink?
Rahul- Al..alchohol.
Sanskar- What? Who asked you to give her alchohol?
Rahul- I thought that it will help you to get her.
Sanskar slaps him angrily.
Sanskar- What do you think me as, you thought that I will take her advantage and then she will be left with no option but to accept me?
Rahul nods.
Sanskar- Shame on you Rahul.
Karan- Now where will you find her?
Sanskar- I’ve searched everywhere and one thing is clear that she is not in the college.
Karan- Then she must be outside on the road.
Sanskar- Oh shit, come on lets go.
Karan nods and they both rush outside.

NEXT EPISODE- Sanskar trying to control drunk Ragini.

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