RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 7)


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So lets start-

RECAP- Laksh comes to know that Swara is Ragini’s sister.

The episode starts with Laksh in his room thinking about Swara.
Laksh thinks- What the hell am I doing? What is Swara’s mistake in this that I’m ignoring her. She must be feeling bad. I will apologize to her tomorrow.

Next day at Avni’s home Laksh tries to talk to Swara but she ignores him. Later Ishita gets a call.

Ishita- Guys, there is some emergency at my home so I need to leave.

Everyone nods and she leaves. Later when they were over with their studies, Swara starts to leave.

Avni- Swara, with whom will you go home?
Swara- I will go myself.
Laksh- No, I will drop you home.
Swara- I don’t need your help. I will go on my own.

She leaves from there angrily and Laksh also follows her. He stops her by holding her hand.

Swara- Laksh, leave my hand.
Laksh- First listen to me Swara. I want to talk to you.
Swara- Why should I listen to you. From so many days you are ignoring me for without any reason. What happened to you Laksh, the day you went away from my house, you are ignoring me. What have I done?
Laksh- You have done nothing and I’m sorry Swara. I shouldn’t have behaved with you like that. It was all my mistake, please forgive me. But now I’ve realized that I can’t live without you. I really love you Swara.

Swara looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Laksh- You can punish me as much as you want but please don’t leave me.

Swara hugs him tight listening to this. He also reciprocates.
Swara- I love you too.

Laksh smiles hearing that.
Laksh- Now I can drop you home right?
Swara- Yes.

On the other side Ragini and Aditya were walking on the road. A man was coming from the other side holding a suitcase. He was looking very nervous. He collides with Ragini and the suitcase falls open.

Ragini- I’m really sorry.
Man- Its ok.

He then quickly starts to put the things back in the suitcase in a hurry.
Aditya- May I help you?
Man- No, don’t touch it. I will do it on my own.

Ragini finds something strange about him.

He then puts his things back and leaves from there.

Aditya then notice that one of his things from the suitcase is still lying on the floor. He picks it up and calls the man but Ragini stops him.

Ragini- What are you doing?
Aditya- His thing has fallen so I was just….
Ragini- Just look at this thing first. Don’t you thing that it is something like drug.

Aditya looks at it and gets confused.
Aditya- We just think so that it is like drug, maybe its something else, something normal.
Ragini- But if its something normal, then why did he not let you touch his bag.
Aditya- Some people don’t like there things to be touched, it is normal.
Ragini- No Aditya, something is wrong. I think we should follow him.
Aditya- But Ragini….
Ragini- Are you coming or should I go alone?
Aditya- Ok fine I’m coming.

They start following him.
He continues walking and reaches near the CID bureau. He then enters a small house near.

Aditya- See, I told you that its normal. If he had drugs with him then why would he choose a place near the CID.

Ragini was also confused.
Aditya- Come now lets go back.

They both start to leave when Ragini suddenly turns thinking about something.

Aditya- Now what?
Ragini- Sometimes you need to think like a criminal.
Aditya- What are you saying?
Ragini- I mean that maybe they he chose the place near CID so that no one can doubt on him.
Aditya- So what should we do, call the police?
Ragini- Idiot, CID is in front of us so what is the need to call the police? You go and call them.
Aditya- And what will you do here alone?
Ragini- I will stay here keeping an eye on them whether they come out of this house or not. You go fast and call them.

Aditya nods and goes to the bureau.
Aditya- Excuse me, I’m Aditya Mehra. Reporter from crime branch.

Sanskar and two other officers look at him.
Sanskar thinks- What is he doing here?

Aditya- Actually, you all must be aware of a drug smuggling case. My partner and I have seen some weird happening near this bureau.
Officer 1- So, you want to say that drug smuggling is done near us?
Officer 2- How could this be possible? Why would someone do this thing near our bureau?
Sanskar- Why can’t this be possible? I mean that it’s a clever move made by them. Maybe they thought that no one will get a doubt on them if they do it near our house.

Aditya thinks- Yaar, this khadoos just thinks like her.

Sanskar- I think we should go and check.
The other two nods and they move outside with Aditya.

They come out and notice Ragini standing there looking towards the house. Her back was only visible.
Aditya points at her- She is my partner, Ragini.

Sanskar looks at her with shock on his face.
Sanskar remembers Karan’s words saying that she is back in Delhi and about her friend named Aditya.
Sanskar turns to Aditya.

Sanskar- Has she came here some days ago.
Aditya- Yes but how do you know that.

Sanskar again looks at her.
Sanskar thinks- She just looks like her. What if she is only my Ragini. No, she is not mine….she is just a stranger for me now. But….is she really her?

He walks towards her. Ragini was still looking at house and didn’t noticed him. Sanskar comes and stands behind her. He was searching words to talk but all that came out from his mouth was-

Sanskar- Ex….excuse me.

Ragini freezes listening to the voice. Her eyes widen in shock.
Ragini thinks- Sanskar……its him. I can never forget his voice. But what is he doing here?

She becomes nervous still with full determination turns around but slips. Sanskar holds her.


(They both have an eyelock. Both of them were lost looking at each other. Sanskar’s hold tightens around her waist.)


( Some voices were echoing in both of their heads.
“I love you Ragini”, Sanskar’s voice.
“I love you Sanskar”, Ragini’s voice.
“ You are everything to me”, Ragini’s voice.
“I will never leave you, promise”, Sanskar’s voice.)


( They both were very still in that position. Others were also shock seeing them, especially Aditya. )

He coughs. Ragsan realize their position and immediately compose themselves. They again looked at each other but this time with anger and hurt in their eyes.

Aditya- Sorry to disturb you both but we all are also standing here.

Ragsan looks at him and then again to each other.

Ragini- What are you doing here?
Sanskar- Nothing…..I just came here to check whether you are alive or dead.
Ragini- Just shut up.
Sanskar- You shut up. I didn’t came here on my own. Your partner called me. And for your kind information, I’m from CID.
Ragini- Yes, you deserved to be here. Because brain is needed for this job and you have a lot of brain which you also used in betraying.
Sanskar- Just stop it Ragini. I’m tired of telling you about that betrayal story. If you don’t get it so just leave it.

Aditya- Hey wait, that means you are Sanskar Maheshwari.

Sanskar- Wow Ragini, you even told him about this story.
Aditya- Sanskar, its not her fault and she never told me anything about you. I got to know everything from Swara. Stop blaming her without any reason.
Sanskar- Why shouldn’t I blame her. When she can blame me for anything then why can’t I.
Ragini- Don’t try to act innocent Sanskar. You deserved to be blamed.

Aditya- Listen, we are here to solve a case, not to fight like kids so please can we concentrate on the case.
Officer- He is right Sanskar, whatever you all are fighting for, we don’t know so you can continue that fight later. But now lets do for what we are together.

Ragini and Sanskar again stare at each other and agree.

NEXT EPISODE- Ragini gets injured by the bullet.

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