RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 6)

So so so sorry friends. I don’t know what problem is going with “tu”. I updated my “Is this love?” ff twice but they are just not showing it. But I’m still trying so don’t think that I’m not updating that ff. So lets start-

RECAP- Ragini meets Karan. Karan tells Sanskar that Ragini is back. Swalak start to develop feelings for others.

The episode starts with Swalak and their group sitting and talking.
Avni- Hey guys, exams are near so why don’t we all study together.
Laksh- Yes, that’s a good idea.
Kartik- OK, I can do any things to get good marks this time so I will also come.
Ishita- I’m also in.
Avni- So its decided. Today you all will come to my house and we will study and have fun till around 9pm.
Swara- Ummm…sorry friends. I won’t be able to come. Di won’t allow me. Also there is no one to pick me as di will come late from her job.
Laksh- Offo Swara, we are going to study…not going for party, then why won’t she allow you. Tell her that you are coming to your friends house only. And I will pick you and then drop you home.
Avni- Haan Swara, it won’t be fun without you. Come on.
Swara- Ok I will try but I’m not sure.

Swaragini were talking on phone.

Swara- Di, can I go to Avni’s house for studies. My other friends are also coming.
Ragini- But Swara, how will you go alone. Its not safe.
Swara- No di, my friend will come to pick me and then drop me home.
Ragini- Still Swara, till 9pm, its late.
Swara- Please di, all my friends are coming. We will just study there, believe me. Still you have problem then I will not go.
Ragini- Ok fine, go but take care. And try to come home fast as I will be late today.
Swara- Thank you di. I promise I will come early. Bye.
Ragini- Bye.

Swara happily cuts the phone.

In the evening, Laksh comes to pick her. They both then go to Avni’s place. There they all talk and study.

On the other side Sanskar was getting Karan’s call. He picks the call.

Sanskar- I said na that I don’t want to talk about it. Why do you everyday keep calling me.
Karan- So that one day you realize your mistake. Sanskar you know the reason why she left you. Don’t you think it was your mistake. If I would have been her, then I would have also left you.
Sanskar- It was my mistake but I tried to correct it. But she was the one who never trusted me. I’m done with it. Now don’t call me again.

He cuts the call. Still Karan’s word about his mistake was echoing in his head. He remembers a flashback.

Fb starts-

Sanskar- I love you.

Ragini’s eyes widen in shock. She freezes on her spot just looking at him.

Sanskar- Miss attitude…..I said I love you, say something atleast.
Ragini- Are you mad Sanskar? When did this happen?
Sanskar- I don’t know. I also have no idea that when I started loving you but that’s the truth, I really love you yaar. ( He says it very casually as if it’s the most easy thing to say to someone)
Ragini- I don’t love you. Got it.
Sanskar- Well if you are saying that you don’t love me then there can be two things-
1st- You are lying.
And 2nd- You are not aware of your feelings, because I know that you love me too.
Ragini- There is nothing like that. I said na that I don’t have feeling for you.
Sanskar- See again you are lying. You should be lucky miss attitude that the boy for whom this whole college die is in love with you. Still showing attitude….thats not fair.
Ragini- I’m not showing attitude. I’m just saying the truth. You will never be able to make me reciprocate to your feelings.
Sanskar- Ok then. Three days. In these three days I will make you realize your feelings for me.
Ragini- You won’t be able to.
Sanskar- I will do it because this is the first time Sanskar Maheshwari is in love. And I can go to any extreme to prove it to you.

Ragini doesn’t say anything but continue looking at him.

Sanskar- See, right now only you are getting affected by my words. That clearly shows that you also love me.
Ragini- I don’t.
Sanskar- You do.
Ragini- I don’t
Sanskar- You do
Ragini- I don’t
Sanskar- You don’t
Ragini- I do.

She bits her tongue realizing what she said. Sanskar gives her a victory smile.

Ragini- Ughh…I hate you Mr. Sanskar
Sanskar- But I love you Miss Attitude.

Ragini leaves from there and Sanskar just stand there smirking. Karan also comes there.

Karan- Sanskar, what you are doing is completely wrong.
Sanskar- Chill yaar Karan, its normal nowadays.
Karan- Have you ever thought how she will feel once this gets over.
Sanskar- I don’t think much about these things. All I know is that I need to make her fall for me in these three days.
Karan- This is not fair Sanskar.
Sanskar- Offo, come on yaar. Don’t worry so much about her, I am not interested in playing with her body and all.
Karan- What about playing with her emotion?
Sanskar- Relax dude….nothing much will happen, trust me.

Fb ends. An expression of guilt and hurt was clearly visible on his face.

Later At Avni’s house.
Swara- Laksh, its 9 now. I think I should leave for home.
Laksh- Ok then, I will drop you. Come.

They both say bye to their friends and leave.
Laksh drops her to her home and starts to leave when Swara stops her.

Swara- Laksh, this is the first time you have came near my home. Why don’t you come in for a coffee.
Laksh- Ok fine.

He then goes to her apartment with her.
Laksh- So, you and your di live here alone?
Swara- Yes.
Laksh- What about your parents? I’m such a big idiot, you are my friend from quiet a long time but I never asked about your family.
Swara- My parents are no more. They died in an accident three years ago.
Laksh- Oh…I’m really sorry.
Swara- Its ok. Actually from then my di is only handling everything. I’m really lucky to have someone like her as my sister.
Laksh smiles hearing this.
Laksh- By the way, your furniture is beautiful.
Swara- That furniture was my choice.
Laksh- Nice choice.
Swara- Ok, you sit or you can move here freely, I’m bringing the coffee.
Laksh- Ok.

Swara goes towards the kitchen and Laksh starts roaming in her house. He enters a room where a photo frame drops on the floor. Laksh pics it up and becomes numb seeing the picture. The picture was of Ragini and Swara. His eyes widen in shock and mouth drops open. He continues staring at the picture.

Laksh thinks- Swara with Ragini. How could this be possible? Is she in relation with Ragini. No….wait, Swara Kapoor and Ragini Kapoor, means Ragini is Swara’s sister. Damn it……now what will I do. That means Ragini is also here. She stays in this very house. Wow Laksh, excellent. Your love story ended before being started only. If Sanskar bhai comes to know that I like Ragini’s sister, he will surely kill me.

Swara- Laksh, where are you.

Laksh hears her voice coming from the living room.
Laksh- I’m coming Swara.

Laksh to herself- What should I do, should I tell her about this? No….she will also stop talking to me if I will tell her. What if she also hates Bhai. If she comes to know that I’m his brother, everything will be a mess.

He then keeps the photo aside and moves out towards the living room.
Swara- Here, take the coffee. I’ve talked to di, she is coming back in five minutes. You should meet her.

Laksh who was about to drink the coffee started coughing listening to this.
Swara- Laksh, are you fine.
Laksh- Umm….Swara, I right now remember something, I think I should leave now.
Swara- Arre but…..
Laksh- I will meet her some other day. Bye

He rushes outside towards his car and drove away. Swara stands there thinking what suddenly happened to him.

Ragini also comes home.
Swara- Hello di.
Ragini- So, how were your studies.
Swara- Nice….thanks for allowing me.
Ragini- Its ok.

Laksh while going back gets a call from Sanskar.
Sanskar- Laksh, are your studies not over yet, when are you coming back?
Laksh- Bhai, I wanted to tell you something.
Sanskar- What?

Laksh thinks again and decide not to tell him.

Laksh- Umm…nothing.
Sanskar- Is everything fine Laksh?
Laksh- Yes, ok bhai, I’m coming home. Bye
Sanskar- Bye.

Laksh thinks- Sorry Swara, but I can’t be with you. Bhai will never let us be together and I think that Ragini will also be not happy seeing us together. I love you Swara but I can’t go against my brother.

After that day, Laksh started ignoring Swara. He stopped talking to her. Swara was also hurt by his act. She tried to talk to him but he always went away. He also stopped picking her and dropping her home. Ishita used to do this job now. Swara also got angry with him and started ignoring him too.

NEXT EPISODE- Laksh confess his feelings to Swara. Ragsan’s faceoff.

So guys hope you all liked it. Please continue commenting.
Thank you.

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