RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 5)

Hello everyone. Thanks for your comments. I’m glad that you all are liking it.
So lets start-

RECAP- Swalak’s first meet. Swaragini and Aditya reaches mall. Ragini collides with someone.

The episode starts with Ragini getting shocked seeing the person whom she collided with. The person also have similar reactions seeing her.

Person- Ragini.
Ragini- Karan
(Yes the person is Karan, Sanskar’s friend)
Karan- Ragini, when did you came back?
Ragini- Two days ago. Ok bye.

She starts to leave when he again stops her.

Karan- Do Sanskar know that you are back?
Ragini- No….and its better if he doesn’t know it.
Karan- Ragini….still you both are stuck in the past. It wasn’t his mistake fully.
Ragini- Yes right, the mistake was yours also. You also knew everything but you never told me.
Karan- But Ragini…..
Ragini- I’m not interested in talking about this. Bye.
Karan- Wait Ragini….I’m telling Sanskar that you are back.
Ragini- No way…you will not do this Karan. Why don’t you get it. We will never be together. We were never meant to be together, that is why we separated.
Karan- Its nothing like that Ragini, you both can work things out.

Aditya and Swara also come there. Karan looks at Swara.

Karan- She is Swara, right?
Ragini nods.
Karan- And who is he? (he says while looking towards Aditya)
Ragini- He is Aditya, my friend.
Aditya- Hello
Karan- Hi
Ragini- Swara, Aditya come on lets go back.
Aditya- But Ragini we just came here.
Ragini- I said na Aditya, we will come here some other day. Lets leave now.
Swara- But di…
Ragini- Swara, don’t you get it once. Lets go.

Swara was again going to protest when Aditya stops her. He signals her to be quiet. Ragini then leaves from there ignoring Karan with Aditya and Swara.

Ragini doesn’t utter a word during their ride back home.

On the other hand in the bureau the senior officer tells everyone to investigate on a drug smuggling case during a meeting.

Later Sanskar comes out of the meeting when someone comes and tells him that his friend is wanting to meet him. Sanskar goes out and finds Karan waiting for him.

Sanskar- Karan, what happened? How come you came here?
Karan- Actually I wanted to tell you something.
Sanskar- I don’t have time right now. I need to go for a case to you can tell me that later.
Karan- Its about Ragini.

Sanskar freezes on his place listening her name. He tightens his fist in anger.

Sanskar- I don’t want to hear anything about her.
Karan- But I want to tell you. Do you know that she is in Delhi only.
Sanskar gets shocked hearing this.
Karan- She came here two days ago. Today I met her. Swara was also with her and even a guy named Aditya was also there. She said he was his friend.

Sanskar was hurt learning about Aditya but doesn’t show it.

Sanskar- So what should I do? Its her choice, she can be anywhere with anyone, I just don’t care.
Karan- You are such a bad liar.
Sanskar- Stop it Karan, I said na that nothing matters to me. She was the one who left me and went away. She never trusted me. Its all her fault and I don’t want to know anything about her. So if you are done, then leave.
Karan- You both are same….same till now. Both of you are bringing your ego and stubbornness in between.
Sanskar- We are not same. We were never same. Got it. Now don’t test my patience and leave. From next time please don’t come to tell me anything like this.

He leaves from there angrily.

On the other hand, Ragini locks herself in the room and starts crying.
Ragini- Why Sanskar, why did you came in my life if we were not meant to be together. I trusted you so much and you broke my trust. I will never forgive you for this.

She continues crying. FB starts-

She was sitting alone in a park crying silently. Sanskar comes and sits next to her. He forwards a napkin towards her and she looks towards him angrily.

Ragini- Just go away. Go to that Maya and teach her how to play guitar.
Sanskar- Arre yaar I was just helping her. You know I’m such a helpful person.
Ragini- Then why are you here? Go back to her only.
Sanskar- Ok….as you say.

He gets up and starts to leave when she holds his hand.
Ragini- You are really leaving?
Sanskar- You only said that na.
Ragini- If I’ll ask you to leave me then you will leave.
Sanskar smiles and again sits next to her.
Sanskar- Never. I will never leave you, even if you ask me to.
Ragini hugs him tight. He also reciprocates quickly.
Ragini- I hate that Maya, she always come between us. And you are no less, you also talk so friendly with her.
Sanskar- That’s because I love seeing you jealous.
Ragini hits him on his chest and he laughs.
Sanskar- I’m sorry. But I promise that from now on I will be the reason only for your smile and never for your tears. You will never cry because of me and I will not let you cry because of someone else.
Ragini- I love you.
Sanskar- I love you too.

FB ends.

She continues crying reminiscing this.
Ragini- I never cried because of anyone else, only you are the reason for my tears Sanskar. Only you…

On the other side Sanskar was sitting in his room thinking about Ragini being in Delhi.


( He reminisces his moments spend with her. Their dance when she entered the college. )


( He reminisces their hugs and talks. A tear escapes his eyes.)


(He reminisces Ragini leaving him. Their fights, their love everything comes in his mind)

Days started to pass. Swalak also became great friends. Laksh’s feelings for Swara also develops. Swara also started to feel something for him too. She was also aware of Laksh’s feelings for her but never showed it.

NEXT EPISODE- Laksh comes to know that Swara is Ragini’s sister.

So this was the episode. Hope you all liked it. Also maybe I’m making you wait a lot for their face off but don’t worry as it is soon going to happen. Please keep reading and commenting.
Thank you

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