RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 4)


Hello friends. Now I said that I will post my previous ff first before this but due to some reason, tu is not posting it, so I will try updating it later. Till that you have to read this only. Sorry for the trouble caused. So lets start-

RECAP- Aditya meets Sanskar. Swara takes admission in the same college as Laksh.

The episode starts with Ragini getting ready. She calls Swara.

Ragini- Swara, come fast otherwise you will get late for college and I will get late for my job.
Swara- Coming di.

She comes running.
Swara- Omg…..I can’t believe that after so many years I will meet my friends. I just can’t wait to go to the college.
Ragini- So will you keep talking or will come out fast.
Swara- Ok.

Both of them came out of the apartment. Aditya also comes out from his.
Aditya- Hi Swara. Ready for college?
Swara- Yes….and damn excited.
Ragini- So lets go now, its getting late.

Swara and Aditya looks towards each other.
“Khadoos”, they both say at the same time.

On their way-
Swara- Why don’t we go to a mall today after college?
Ragini- How come this sudden idea pop in your mind.
Swara- Offo di, why do you stop me in everything, you tell Aditya, did I say something wrong?
Ragini- Aditya, you wont take her side. There is no need to go to the mall.
Aditya- Why shouldn’t I? Swara is my fav and so I will take her side. And what is wrong if we will do some shopping.
Swara- Yes right.
Ragini- Then you both go, I’m not interested.
Aditya- Ragini, its just our second day on job. Even there is no new case or thing to look for. Also I’m new to this place so I want to discover it more. Please na yaar, you should also come, it will be fun.
Ragini- OK fine, I will come.
Swara- Yes.

Later they drop Swara to the college and leave.

Swara looks at the college.
Swara- Wow Swara, new college but old friends. You are so damn lucky to be back in Delhi.

She enters the college. Inside the college Laksh and his friends are sitting and talking.

One of the girls from his friends speak-
Girl- Guys, do you all know. One of my friend, who went to Mumbai some years ago now finally came back. And the best part is that she is coming in this college only. So Laksh, ahould we add her in our group.
Laksh- It depends, I first need to see that is there something special in her or not because to be in Laksh’s group, people should have speciality.
Girl2- But Laksh, she is really good. You should keep her in this group.
Laksh- I said na that we will see. First let her come atleast.

Swara passes from their side. She was also searching for her friends when she sees them sitting there. They also notice her.

Girl- Swara, hi. ( She says while waving towards her)
Swara also waves back at her. Laksh also looks at her and get memerised seeing her.
Laksh- Wow
Boy- What happened dude?
Laksh- Is she the one you were talking to keep in our group.
Girl- Yes.
Laksh smiles widely- Then she is in.
Girl2- Yes thanks Laksh.
Laksh- No, thanks to you for making her your friend.
Everyone looks at Laksh who was just looking at Swara.

Boy- Yeh toh gaya.
Girl- Pakka gaya.

Everyone laughs. Swara also comes near them.
Swara- Hello Avni, hi Ishita.I missed you all so much.
Avni- We missed you too.
Laksh thinks- Her voice is also beautiful. But why do I feel that I’ve seen her somewhere before. No, no that can’t happen. They just said that she used to live in Mumbai so how come I will see her. But still her name and her face seems familiar.
Ishita- Swara, meet them they are our friends.
Boy- Hi, I’m Anuj.
Swara smiles at him and greet them. At last Laksh introduce himself.

Laksh-Hi, I’m Laksh.
Swara- Have I seen you somewhere before? I thinks I’ve seen you.
Laksh- even I think the same that I’ve seen you, maybe we have.
Swara- Yes Maybe.
Ishita- Swara, from now on, you are also in our friends group. Thanks to Laksh.
Swara- Thanks Laksh.
Laksh- You are always welcome.
Ishita- Come Swara, let us meet our other friends as well.

She hold her hand and takes her away. Laksh smiles at her.

Later when the college got over. Swaragini and Aditya went to the mall.
Ragini- So how was your day?
Swara- It was superb. I met all of my friends and they were so happy to have me back. They even added me in their group. And in their group, their was Avni, Ishita, Anuj, Kartik and Lak…..
Ragini- Swara calm down. I know you are excited to tell everything but tell it later ok.
Aditya- Offo Miss Attitude…..can’t you even let your sister complete her sentence.
Ragini- Stop calling me that Aditya. My name is Ragini so call me Ragini only. Is it clear?

Aditya nods. Ragini starts moving forwards and Swara and Aditya follow her.

Aditya- What happened to her suddenly?
Swara- Sanky used to call her that so that is why….
Aditya- Oh…then I did a mistake. Actually one day Swara, you should make a list of what he used to do and call her so that I don’t repeat those things.
Swara giggles listening to this.

While walking in the mall, Ragini reminisces her moment with Sanskar.

Ragini comes in this mall with her friends and so does Sanskar and his friends.
She was selecting a dress when her phone rings. As the network was not available there, she went to the second floor. Sanskar and his friends were also there. She didn’t noticed them and continues talking on the phone. After few minutes, she enters the lift to go back. Sanskar also enters the same lift.

Ragini- You
Sanskar- You
Ragini- Isn’t college enough that you came here too.
Sanskar- What is your problem, now for coming in the mall should I take permission from you.

Suddenly the lift shakes and stops working.

Ragini- What happened to the lift?
Sanskar- Can’t you see, it has stopped working.
Ragini- What…..then how will we get out.
Sanskar- Have patience na….it will start working after sometime.
Ragini- That means till then I’m stuck here with you.
Sanskar- Well yes.
Ragini- I have suffocation problem, I can’t bear being stuck.
Sanskar- I can’t do anything in it. You are not a kid so just bear it for some time.
Ragini- Ughh….
She starts banging on the door.
Ragini- Is somebody listening, we are stuck here. Get us out of here please.
Sanskar- I think no one is listening so instead of panicking, just relax.
Ragini- I can’t relax, I said na I have problem.
Sanskar- By the way what is your name?

Ragini gives him an angry look.
Ragini- Have you completely lost it. We are stuck in this lift and you are asking me my name.
Sanskar- I was just getting bored so thought to ask your name. Also, I can know your name from anyone but I want to hear it from your mouth. You know I’m very stubborn kind of nature.
Ragini- I won’t tell you my name.
Sanskar- So I will continue calling you whatever I want to…..like Miss Attitude.
Ragini- Ok fine, call me whatever you want to. I don’t care.
Sanskar- Why do you hate me so much?
Ragini- Because you are cheap.
Sanskar- You girls have this problem only. You all always remain stuck on one point. I just danced with you that day, nothing else.
Ragini- That doesn’t matter, you just don’t know how to behave with girls.
Sanskar starts to get angry – Hey….pause ok, you are crossing your line. I am a well mannered boy just like my name. And you haven’t seen my misbehaving yet.

Saying this he starts to come towards her. Ragini gets scared and started moving backwards.

Ragini- Sanskar, just stay away, ok.
Sanskar- No, first let me clear the difference between behaving and misbehaving.

He comes more closer to her and looks in her eyes. Ragini becomes numb for a moment.
Sanskar then starts laughing hard. Ragini gets confused by his act and just looks at him.

Sanskar(Continues laughing)- Just look at your face. You are too cute.
Ragini- Stop it, what is all this.
Sanskar then tries to control his laughter.
Sanskar- Actually I was just helping you.
Ragini- What do you mean.
Sanskar- You said that you have suffocation problem so I started fighting with you to divert your mind and now I’m sure that you are not feeling suffocated, right na.

Ragini then notice herself and realize that she really wasn’t feeling suffocated anymore.
The lift also starts working.
Sanskar- No need to thank me.
Ragini- Umm…thanks.
Sanskar- You are welcome.

He then walks out of the lift and goes away, Ragini keeps looking at him.

FB ends.

While walking and thinking about Sanskar, she collides with someone. She gets shocked seeing that person.
Screen freezes on her face.

NEXT EPISODE- Not decided yet.

So who is the person with whom Ragini collided? Is he Sanskar or someone else. Keep reading to know more.
Thank you

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