RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 3)

Hello friends. Thanks for liking this ff. Also after this episode I will update my previous ff. Sorry to keep you waiting for so long but I was not getting the idea as to what write but now I have decided. So lets start.
Aditya’s role- Zain Imam akka Yuvraj of Tashan-e-ishq
Karan’s role- Arjun Bijlani akka Mayank of Miley Jab Hum Tum
Richa’s role- Navina Bole akka Diya Of Miley Jab Hum Tum
Tanya’s role- Gia Manek akka Jeannie of Jieannie or Juju

RECAP- RAgsan’s past intro. Swaragini and Aditya reached Delhi. Ragini agrees to send Swara in her college unknown by the fact that Laksh also studies there.

The episode starts with Laksh getting ready for college.
Laksh- Bhai, can you drop me to the college as I’m getting really late.
Sanskar- Then why don’t you wake up on time?
Laksh- Offo Bhai, I don’t want to listen any lectures in the morning itself.
Sanskar- Ok fine, come fast I am waiting in the car.
Laksh- Ok.

Sanskar then goes and sits in his car. Laksh also comes.

On the other hand.

Swara- Di, come fast na.
Ragini- Swara, you can go on your own.
Swara- But di, I’ve never went to that college, please come with me, we just have to submit the forms.
Ragini- Ok fine, I’m waiting outside so come fast.
Swara- Ok.

Ragini comes out of her apartment and sees Aditya waiting for her there.

Aditya- So, lets go to our newplace.
Ragini- First, I’ve to take Swara to the college as she needs to fill some forms.
Aditya- Ok, so can I also come with you?
Ragini- Ya sure, you can come with us, after that we will go to our new branch.

Swara also comes there.
Swara- Come on di, lets go.

The three of them leave. Sanlak reaches the college and so does Swaragini and Aditya.
Laksh thanks Sanskar and leaves. Sanskar gets a call from one of the officers. He talks with him for some time. Swaragini enters the college but Aditya stays outside.

Sanskar starts to feel something strange while talking on phone. Ragini also gets a similar feeling but both of them ignore it.

Swara- Di, where is the reception?
Ragini- Just go straight and turn left, it there. You go I’m just standing here.
Swara- Ok, fine.

Swara leaves and Ragini just stood there taking the look of the college. She reminisces a flashback.

FB starts-

Ragini was walking in the corridor holding some books and Sanskar was coming from the other side. Both of them didn’t see the other coming and collides with each other. Ragini’s books fall on the ground. She bents down to pick them and so does Sanskar.

Sanskar- I’m really sorry.
Ragini- What is your problem, aren’t you done with yesterday’s dancing and singing that you came here again to trouble me.
Sanskar- Excuse me Miss, whatever is your name, I didn’t do it intentionally and I told you that what happened yesterday was just a dare. And today I was just helping you picking these books.
Ragini- I don’t need your help. I can pick them myself.
Sanskar- Listen, Sanskar hates making enemies and so I’m also not interested in fighting with you too. I forgot what happened yesterday and its better if you also forget. You know what, I’m the most popular guy in this college, ask whoever you wanna ask. Most of the people here are my friends and so you should also become my friend.
Ragini- I don’t want to become your friend, I know all these kind of tactics you all play. First you all do these cheap tricks and then say sorry like innocents.
Sanskar- What you are saying that I’m not innocent. Well look at my face first. Girls die for my looks.

Ragini rolls her eyes. He then leans a bit closer to her and she starts to move back.
Sanskar- And my intuitions are saying that you are also getting affected by my looks, isn’t it?
Ragini- No I’m not.
Sanskar- Yes you are.
Ragini- No
Sanskar- Yes
Ragini- No
Sanskar- Yes
Ragini- No
Sanskar- No
Ragini- Yes.

Sanskar starts laughing listening to this.
Sanskar- See, I told you.

Ragini gets embarrassed when she realized what she said. Sanskar senses this and stops laughing.
Sanskar- Hey, I was just joking, no need to get embarrassed. Its normal.

Ragini doesn’t say anything and picks her books and leaves from there angrily.
Sanskar- Arre listen, I’m sorry. This time sachhi wala sorry.
Ragini- Just get lost.
Sanskar- Achha ok, atleast tell me your name.
Ragini continues walking and turns around and stares at him.
Sanskar- Umm….ok I got it, your name is Miss….Umm, Miss Attitude right?

Ragini gives him a disbelief look and leaves, Sanskar continues laughing.

FB ends.

Swara comes back and they both starts to come out of the college. Sanskar ends the call but again gets a call. This time from Laksh.

Sanskar- Now what Laksh?
Laksh- Actually Bhai, I kept by bag at the backseat, so please just be in the college, I’m coming to take the bag.
Sanskar- Come fast, I have to go now.

He cuts the call and comes out of the car. His ID card falls on the ground. Aditya sees this and comes towards him.
Aditya- Excuse me, your ID card has fallen on the ground.
Sanskar turns around and looks down. He picks his card.
Sanskar- Thanks.
Aditya- Your welcome.

Aditya then looks towards his card and sees CID mark on it.
Aditya- Hey, you are a CID officer?
Sanskar- Yes.
Aditya- Nice meeting you, I’m Aditya Malhotra. I’m a crime reporter and has shifted here yesterday only.
Sanskar- Ok.
Aditya- By the way, hope you don’t mind me asking you, what are you doing here in this college?
Sanskar- My brother studies here so I came here to drop him.
Aditya- Ok, but your brother is not in the car, that means you have dropped him still you are standing here? Anything wrong?
Sanskar stares towards him.
Aditya- Oops…I am sorry.
Sanskar- No doubt you are a reporter, asking too many questions. And you speak a lot too.
Aditya- Yeah, I know. Actually reporters are in a habit of speaking, leaving my partner Rag….
Sanskar- I have no interest in knowing the name of your partner.
Aditya stops talking.
He murmers- Khadoos.
Sanskar- Did you say something.
Aditya- Umm…nothing.

Laksh also comes there and takes his bag.
Laksh- Thanks bhai, now I am leaving.
Sanskar nods.

Ragini comes out of the college and looks for Aditya. She calls him.
Aditya- Haan Ragini, say?

Sanskar looks towards him after hearing her name.

Ragini- Aditya, we are standing outside the college gate. Come fast.
Aditya- Yes yes, I am coming.

He cuts the call and leaves.
Sanskar thinks- No, she can’t be her. There are so many people with the same name. It can’t be her.

He also leaves.

Aditya comes towards Swaragini.

Ragini- What happened Aditya, why are you looking so low.
Aditya- Actually I just met a khadoos CID officer. He doesn’t even know how to talk.
Swara- Oh that means, you met a male version of Ragini di.
Ragini- Stop it Swara.
Aditya- No, actually she is right. He was just like you, khadoos.
Ragini- Stop talking about that, lets leave now.
They also leave.

NEXT EPISODE- Swalak’s first meet.

Sorry for the same precap. Please do comment. Thank you.

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