RAGSAN – Two Broken Souls (Episode 20)

Sorry sorry sorry guys…. I know you all are really angry with me. so sorry for this much long delay. I was stuck with my exams that is why. Now they are over so finally writing the second last part of the ff.
So lets start-

RECAP- Misunderstanding cleared.

The episode starts with Sanskar holding Ragini’s hand.

Sanskar- Now where are you going?
Ragini- Sanskar please leave my hand, I want to stay alone for sometime.
Sanskar- No Ragini, I have did the mistake of leaving you once, now I am not going to repeat it. I am not going to leave you alone anymore.

Ragini looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Ragini- I am sorry Sanskar….
Sanskar- Why are you saying sorry, I should say sorry na… Everything happened because of me, I believed Richa more than you and that was my fault.
Ragini- I also never trusted you. All these years I kept hating you for the things you didn’t do… I am very bad, I even slapped you infront of everyone.. I…

She breaks down into tears and hugs him tightly. He too reciprocates. They break the hug and Sanskar wipes her tears.

Ragini- Sanskar…I…
Sanskar- Shh.. Now no more sorry. We both were responsible for whatever happened. Now if we will continue this then nothing will happen. Let’s just forget whatever happened and start afresh.

Ragini nods slowly.
Ragini- I love you Sanskar.
Sanskar- And that is my best feeling that I love you too.

Sanskar- It was very difficult to live without you Ragini. Now please never leave me again otherwise this time I will surely….

Ragini puts her hand on his mouth without letting him complete.

Ragini- Don’t ever say that. Now I can’t imagine myself without you. If something happens to you then I will also not be able to…

Sanskar also puts his hand on her mouth stopping her from saying anything further.


They both share an eyelock. All the hatred, stubbornness, ego and regret was gone, only love was visible in their eyes.


A tear escapes Ragini’s eye and Sanskar kisses it not letting it flow any further.

Sanskar- How much will you cry? Now stop it otherwise if I will start crying then Tsunami will come.

Ragini laughs.

Ragini- Now everything is solved. Now Sanskar(she points at him) and Ragini (she points at herself) are together.
Sanskar- No, Sanskar and Ragini are not together.

Ragini looks at him in confusion.

Sanskar holds her hands- Now… RAGSAN are together

Ragini gets super happy and again hugs him tightly.
Sanskar puts the lock of hair behind her ear which were stuck on her face and lovingly looks at her beautiful face.

He leans closer to her reducing the distance between them. Ragini shuts her eyes when she felt his breath on her face. They both were getting close when Swalak came and interrupted.

Laksh- Bhai, what is the hurry?
Swara- Haan di, we thought that you both will be again fighting over something but here toh something else is going on.

Ragsan quickly apart from each other getting embarrassed.

Ragini- Shh… Swara, Laksh you both speak a lot.
Swalak in unison- Arre waah… You both can do it and we can’t even speak. That is not fair.
Ragini-Achcha leave it, no one can win from you both.
Laksh- Correct Ragini di… Oops or should I say Ragini Bhabhi.

Ragini blushes hearing him and everyone laughs.

2 days later in MM

Sanskar opens the door and sees Swara standing outside. He looks for Ragini.

Sanskar- Swara you here?
Swara- Yes I need to complete some projects with Laksh.

Sanskar looks around for Ragini.

Swara- Sanky, di is not here, but she will come later to pick me.
Sanskar- I… I was not looking for her I was just…..
Swara- No need for an explanation, I know it better.
Sanskar- You are really Ragini’s sister… Jasoos.

Swara grins and goes inside.

Later Ragini also arrives there.

Swara(giving a teasing look to Sanky) – Di, where were you, someone was missing you badly.

Ragini and Laksh both suppress a laugh while Sanskar gets embarrassed.

Sanskar- I wasn’t missing her.
Swara- Did I say your name?
Ragini- Achcha stop it, come Swara we are already late.
Laksh-Arre, what is the hurry. Stay here for some more time na. Come Swara, your files are in my room only.

Laksh takes Swara upstairs with him.

Sanskar- I thought that punctual Ragini will come on time, but you are very late.
Ragini- Oh hello, I have many works to do. Do you think that a job of a reporter is easy?
Sanskar- Atleast its easy than the job of a CID inspector.
Ragini mimics his words.
Sanskar- What wrong did I say, we have to work so hard. All you reporters know is to ask questions and that’s it. Perfect job for a girl after marriage. You will also do the same once we are married…

Sanskar stops and looks at Ragini who was blushing listening everything.

Sanskar- Woh I was saying that….

He gets a phone call and goes inside to talk. Meanwhile Swalak also come down.

Ragini- Laksh, do you have talcum powder?
Laksh- What?

Ragini smiles naughtily at both of them.

Later when Sanskar comes back, Ragini comes towards him but her collides with a table and gets hurt on her leg. Sanskar rushes towards her but slips and falls on the floor because of the powder spread there. Swalak and Ragini laugh seeing this.

Ragini- Aww….what happened Mr. CID officer. You can’t even keep your balance.

Sanskar angrily looks at Swalak and they both stop but Ragini continues laughing hard.

Sanskar- You wait Ragini, I will tell you…. He starts to get up but again slips.
Sanskar- Ouch…

Ragini turns a bit serious seeing his state and extends her hand to help him. Sanskar holds her hand and smirks and pulls her towards him causing her to fall too.

Ragini- Ahh..
Sanskar- Aww…. What happened, even a reporter can’t keep her balance.

Ragini stares at him and they both burst into laughter. Swalak also smiles seeing them.

Swara- Nothing changed Laksh… Before also they both were only the reason for each other’s smile and now also.
Laksh- Hmmm… Vese someone is the reason for my smile as well.
Swara- Achcha… Who?
Laksh- Ofcourse you, buddhu.

Swara smiles and hugs him. Sanskar also hugs Ragini.

Swara- Thank God that finally you both are together. Now everything is solved. All are happy. Isn’t it?

Ragini gives a bitter smile- No, something is still left.

On the other hand-

Richa was walking on the road completely lost remembering the confrontation of everyone. She was just walking without senses. A truck was coming from the other direction towards her. She didn’t even heard the horns and continued moving when two hands pulls her away from the road. Yes that person is none other than Aditya.

Aditya shouts- Have you completely lost it? What were you doing?

Richa also comes back in senses listening him.

Richa- What are you doing here? You exposed me right, now be happy and leave me alone.
Aditya- Just shut up. God knows what you think of yourself. Do you even know what would have happened if that truck…
Richa- Haan so it would be good. I would have died, problem solved. You all hate me na, no one even wants to talk to me, I know I am very bad, I did everything wrong and they are not ready to forgive me so what else should I do?
Aditya- So you will commit suicide.
Richa- Yes, my life, I will do whatever I want to. Who are you to interfere, why do you even care?
Aditya- Because I love you dammit.

He blurts out shocking Richa.
Aditya- But do you know what, it is useless talking to you about love because you don’t even know the meaning of it. And Miss Richa, even being a CID inspector don’t you know it’s a crime to commit suicide. And wow the reason is that you didn’t got forgiveness from Ragsan….so stupid of you.
Richa- So what should I do?
Aditya- If you are so guilty then go and ask for forgiveness. I know them that they will forgive you, atleast try nicely. Otherwise if you are so keen to commit suicide then there is river nearby, if you say I can push you from there.

He angrily leaves from there while she continues looking at him.

Swaragini reach back to the apartment. Ragini sees Aditya sitting on a bench lost in some thoughts. She comes and sits next to him.

Ragini- Hi
Aditya again wears his casual smile.

Aditya- Umm.. Hi. You need anything?
Ragini- No, actually I just wanted to say that you did alot for me and I didn’t even thanked you properly.
Aditya- Come on yaar Ragini… How many times should I say that…
Ragini- No sorry and no thank you in friendship… I know but still let me say, I will feel good.
Aditya smiles at her.

Ragini- You were thinking about something?
Aditya- No I was…
Aditya- Thinking about Richa?

Aditya looks at her in shock.
Aditya- How do you know?
Ragini- I came to know that day only when you stopped Sanskar from slapping her.
Aditya laughs- Its all my fault Ragini, everytime I fall for a girl who is already in love with Sanskar. Next time before liking someone, I will ensure about that girl’s past.
Ragini- Aditya, are you fine?
Aditya- Ofcourse Ragini, Aditya doesn’t get affected by these small things. You know me na.

He winks at her and leaves acting normal.

Ragini- I know you Aditya, that is why I was asking.

Next day, Sanlak comes to Ragini’s house early morning and meet Swara.

The three of them start discussing about something when Ragini also comes there. Swalak and Sanskar become quite seeing her.

Ragini- What was going on?
Sanskar- No nothing.
Swara- Ya di nothing.
Laksh- We were just talking, nothing else.

Ragini looks at the trio suspiciously. Screen freezes on her face.

NEXT EPISODE- Last episode.

Hope you liked it and again sorry for being late. THE LAST CHAPTER WILL BE PUBLISHED IN A DAY OR TWO… PAKKA PROMISE.

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