RAGSAN – Two Broken Souls (Episode 19)


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So lets start-

RECAP- Ap dies. Ragsan’s emotional talk. Aditya join hands with Richa.

The episode starts with Richa calling Aditya inside her house.

Richa- You know what Aditya… The only serious threat for me was you. You were always taking Ragini and Swara’s side.
Aditya- I did that only to win Ragini’s heart but it didn’t helped. Now I am tired of being a good guy.
Richa- I was wrong about you Aditya, you can be really helpful.
Aditya- Even I misunderstood you Richa. By the way how are you planning to keep Ragini and Sanskar away from each other?
Richa- Its simple. When I can separate both of them then I can even make plans to keep them away from each other.
Aditya- That means you separated them.

Richa smiles and nods and tells him everything.

FB starts-

Sanskar and Karan were talking with each other.

Sanskar- Karan, today I am going to surprise Ragini. I will propose her for marriage infront of the whole college.
Karan- Really, that is a great plan.
Sanskar- I know, Ragini is still a bit upset with me because of all that stupid challenge thing but I know that today she will be very happy…..but please don’t tell about this plan to anyone.
Karan- Ok, I promise I won’t tell.

They both give each other a hifi and leaves. Richa overhears everything and fumes in anger.

Sanskar goes and hugs Ragini from back.
Ragini- Sanskar, what are you doing… Someone will see then.
Sanskar- Let them see I don’t care.

He turns her and kisses her on cheeks.

Sanskar- Today, after this class, come on the college ground, there is a surprise for you.
Ragini- Really… What is it?
Sanskar- Its a surprise Ragini… How can I tell.
Ragini- Ok ok, fine.

Sanskar smiles at her and walks away. Ragini also gets excited. She was passing by a corridor when she overhears Richa acting as if talking to someone on phone.

Richa- But Karan… This is not right. How can Sanskar do this with Ragini? I know that he have never lost a bet but this is about someone’s emotions.

Richa turns and sees Ragini standing there with a shocked and confused look.

Richa acts to cut the phone and looks at Ragini.

Richa- You… You heard everything?
Ragini- Richa, what was Karan telling you on phone.
Richa- Umm… Ragini I didn’t wanted to hide this from you but..
Ragini- Richa, please come on the point.
Richa- Ragini…. Sanskar is still with you because of the challenge. He never loved you, he just played with your emotions for his bet. And today when you will accept his proposal in front of everyone then he will leave you… That was the challenge given to him.

Ragini was shocked to hear everything.

Ragini- This can’t be true…. He really loves me. He is not acting… He said he won’t betray me… He…
Richa- I know he said all this but that was a lie Ragini. Karan just told me everything right now.

Ragini without listening anything else runs towards Karan.

Ragini- Karan, you know what is going to happen today right. Richa told me everything.

Karan thinks- Offo… That Richa must have heard Sanskar and me talking about the proposal thing and she told it to Ragini.

Karan- Woh I am sorry Ragini but I knew about it.

Ragini couldn’t believe her ears and gives him an angry look.

Ragini- How could you all do this. Karan how could you hide such a thing from me.

Karan was getting confused as to why she was overreacting but remains normal.

Karan- Ragini, I am Sanskar’s friend first na and he asked me not to tell you so….

Ragini angrily leaves from there without letting him complete his lines.
She goes towards the college ground where Sanskar had already gathered many students. He saw Ragini coming and a big smile came on his face. Ragini stood in front of him with a blank expression on her face.

Sanskar- Ragini, today is a very important day of my life.

Ragini stood there silent with Richa’s and Karan’s words echoing in her ears. Her eyes clearly explaining her hurt.

Sanskar- What happened, are you still angry with me? Leave it na Ragini… I have something very special for you today. Today I want to confess all my feelings to you infront of the whole college.

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring while Ragini watches his every action with disbelief.

Sanskar- I love you Ragini. Thank you so much for coming in my life and making me realise what true love is. I know I am a very stupid boy, I don’t know how to handle things, I don’t know what is right or wrong but all I know is that you are my life and I can’t live without you….So My Miss Attitude, will you marry……

He receives a tight slap on his face shocking him and the crowd. Due to the sudden jerk, the ring in his hand lands at Richa’s feet and she smirks. Karan opens his mouth wide in shock. Ragini’s eyes were full of hate and anger while Sanskar was just stood in the same proposing position unable to understand what was happening. He looks at Ragini with a shocked face. Ragini turns to leave but he holds her hand and stood up.

Sanskar- Ragini, what was this?
Ragini- This is what you deserve. (She jerks away his hand)
Sanskar- Ragini what are you saying, I am not able to understand anything.
Ragini- Even I am not able to understand that what have I done to you. Why are you doing this with me. I told you na Sanskar that next time I won’t be able to bear a heartbreak but you never paid heed.
You just continued with your stupid bet.
Sanskar also got angry- Ragini, how many times will you bring back that topic. For that thing you slapped me in front of everyone.
Ragini- What is wrong in it. If you can fool me in front of everyone then why can’t I. They should also know your real side.
Sanskar- Ragini control your tongue. Are you even in your senses.
Ragini- Yes Sanskar, finally I am in my senses. Enough with you, just enough.

They both stare at each other in anger while the people started gossiping.

One person- Its her fault, she should have realised difference between fake and true love.
Second person- No, no… Its his fault. How could he play with someone’s feelings that way.
Third person- These boys are like this only, they put bets on girls, use them and later leave them.
Fourth person- But she shouldn’t have slapped him like this.

They continued talking this way which worked like fuel in fire.

Karan- Ragini listen, I can explain…
Sanskar- Leave it Karan, it’s useless talking to her.
Ragini- Yes right, because now I am not going to believe a single thing about you.

They both turned to opposite directions and left in anger.

Later that day Sanskar was sitting alone remembering his insult when Richa came and sat next to him.

Richa- I never thought that Ragini will do this…
Sanskar- What do you mean?
Richa- Ragini did everything intentionally. She was waiting for this day to insult you in public.
Sanskar- Richa what are you saying?
Richa- I am saying the truth Sanskar. She never forgave you for your challenge on her. Yes she gave you a second chance but this was her plan to humiliate you. I was always aware of her intentions but thought that she will change. I thought that how can anyone betray you but she….

Sanskar got more angry listening to her words.

Richa- Don’t worry Sanskar, I will talk to her… And she will listen to…
Sanskar- No one will talk to her on this matter anymore. After whatever happened today, I don’t even want to see her face again. Its over between us.

FB ends.

Richa- I kept creating many more misunderstandings between them so they don’t have a talk together. Fortunately soon Ragini’s father got transfer and they shifted to Mumbai.
Aditya- Wow… Excellent planning. Impressive Richa.
Richa- I know. But now we have to be very careful. No one should get a doubt on us.

Aditya nods and Richa join hands with him.
Richa- If you want to get Ragini, then we have to do our work nicely.
Aditya smirks- Trust me Richa, this is the first time I have did my work perfectly.

He says while pressing her hand harder and she gets confused by his behaviour.

Aditya- You know I am a reporter and so my main work is to expose people. And that is what I did by exposing you today.

Richa gets shocked hearing his words and freezes on her place. Aditya leaves her hand.

Aditya- What happened…. Getting confused. Don’t worry, everything will be cleared now.

He goes and opens the door and Richa’s mouth drops open seeing Ragsan and Swalak standing outside. Aditya calls them all in. Sanskar’s eyes were red in anger and so was Ragini’s. Swalak were also staring at her in disbelief.

Aditya- Now I hope that there is no more confusion left Richa.

Richa was standing there numb still not able to understand anything.

Aditya- Enough of your past deeds. Now listen to my flash back. I knew about Ragini’s pov on this break up thing. According to her you helped her by telling her the truth. But later I went to know the other side of the story.

FB starts-

When Ragini came to MM to console Sanskar, later Aditya also came there to meet Laksh. He asked Laksh about Sanskar’s pov on the story and got to know that Richa provoked him against Ragini. That time he realised that Richa was responsible for all this. Later he acted to be bad because he knew that Richa was there listening to his and Ragini’s conversation and things worked according to his plan. Next day he called Ragsan and Swalak together and asked them to come with him. While entering in Richa’s house, he put his phone on speaker and they all heard about Richa’s vicious plans.

FB ends.

Aditya- So miss Richa, you are a very good actor but you should praise my acting skills as well na.

Richa got scared seeing everyone’s angry faces.

Richa- Sanskar I was just….
Sanskar- Shut Up…. Just keep your mouth shut. You have spoken a lot and like an idiot I believed you too.
Richa- Ragini atleast you listen to me.
Ragini- I have also listened enough of you. I trusted you as a friend and what did you do. How could you stoop so low.
Sanskar- Yes right, what did you got by doing all this. Shame on you.
Richa- But I did everything only to get you… Always Ragini was coming in my way and so this was the only way I thought of.

Sanskar in anger was about to slap her when Aditya stops his hand.

Aditya- Control Sanskar.
Sanskar- But she…
Aditya- Why are you getting so mad at her? You both are also equally responsible for the situation. Why did you both let someone else come between you both. Why didn’t you trusted each other. If just for once you both have talked to each other and cleared your misunderstandings then nothing like this would have happened. Knowing half of the truth is more bad than knowing a lie.

Ragsan gets speechless listening his words. Aditya stares at Richa in anger.

Aditya- And slapping her is not the solution. The best punishment for her is to get ignored by everyone.
Swara- I never thought that you will do this. You got so selfish that you never even though about your so called love Sanky. You never realised that where his happiness is.
Laksh- Because of you Bhai and Ragini di turned into a joke in front of the whole college. Did you for even once thought how much you are hurting them. They kept hating each other for no reason just because of you.

Richa for the first time felt ashamed of her wrong deeds.

Richa- I am really sorry…. I was blind in love that time that I didn’t thought about anything. Please forgive me. (She says while joining her hands for forgiveness and crying)
Sanskar- Never, you can never change and I will never forgive you.
Ragini- I am sorry Richa, but I don’t trust you anymore. I can not forgive you.

Swalak and Ragsan leaves from there and she collapses on floor crying. Aditya’s heart again started to melt seeing her pain but he also leaves ignoring her.

They all come outside.

Swara- Umm… I have some work so I should leave.
Laksh- Yes, even I have some work. I should also go.

They both leave.

Aditya- Ya… I also need to go so see you all later.
Sanskar- Aditya, I am sorry. I misunderstood you a lot.
Aditya- Its ok Sanskar. Anyone at your place would have misunderstood me. But now please you both clear your misunderstandings as life does not give second chance to everyone. And next time I will not play this exposing games as well.

Ragsan smiles at him and he leaves. Ragsan looks at each other with guilt, regret, forgiveness and many more feelings which I can’t explain.

They both reminisces their happy moments and that humiliating slap.
Both were at loss of words because of the guilt. Tears started to fill Ragini’s eyes. She turns and starts to go when Sanskar holds her hand.

Screen freezes on their faces.

Next episode- From Ragini and Sanskar to again being Ragsan.

I am sorry if the episode is boring. You all just need to bear two more episodes of this ff. Keep reading and smiling.

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