RAGSAN – Two Broken Souls (Episode 18)


Hello friends… I was so happy to see your comments. Thanks a lot. Sorry that I was not able to reply to your comments as I was busy with studies.

So lets start-

RECAP- Ragsan’s fight. Sanskar’s care for Ragini.

The episode starts in the evening with Swaragini returning home from somewhere. They were searching for a taxi etc to go back. Swara sees Sanskar coming in the same direction in his car.

Swara- Di, come.. Sanky will drop us home.
Ragini- No way. I don’t need his help.
Swara- Arre he is not a stranger. After all he is my future jiju… I mean my future jeth so we can ask for a lift from him. Now don’t waste time and come.

She drags her towards his car. Sanskar also sees them and stops.
Swara asks for a lift from him and he agrees. Swaragini sit in the car when Sanskar’s phone rang. It was a call from Laksh. He picks the call and gets shocked and worried after listening to him. Swaragini also get tensed seeing his face.

Swara- Sanky, what happened, is everything fine?
Sanskar- Vo… Laksh is saying that Maa’s condition is very critical. We have to go to the hospital fast.

Swaragini gets shocked hearing this. They all rush to the hospital where Laksh was in tears.

Sanskar- Laksh what happened… How is Maa now?
Laksh- Bhai… Her condition is getting worse. Even doctor’s are not saying anything.
Swara- Laksh please don’t worry, nothing will happen to Maa.
Ragini- Yes.. She will be fine very soon. You all please calm down.

They all sat and started praying while in between Ragini kept consoling Sanskar and Swara kept consoling Laksh.

Later in the night the doctor came out with a bad news.

Doctor- We are really sorry but we couldn’t save her.

A dead silence follows…. All are shocked as well as broken to hear the news. Laksh broke down into tears and fell on his knees sobbing hard. Swara also cries and hugs him. Sanskar angrily held the doctor’s collar.

Sanskar- What the hell are you saying. How can this happen?
Ragini- Sanskar please leave him (she tried to withdraw his hands)

The doctor went inside. Sanskar stood there lifelessly. Ragini tries to put her hand on his shoulder to console him but backs off.

One week later-

Swalak were sitting on a bench in a park. Laksh was resting his head on Swara’s shoulder.

Laksh- What happened Swara. Things changed so much after Maa left us. Without her everything is waste. Even Bhai is trying to look brave, but he is broken from inside. You know, he haven’t even cried properly and have become even more rude. He doesn’t even talk to me. Nothing is going right Swara… Nothing.

Ragini was hearing everything from a distance with tears in her eyes.

Later in MM. Laksh opens the door and finds Ragini standing outside.

Laksh- Ragini di, you here.
Ragini- Haan vo… Is Sanskar at home?
Laksh- Yes he is in his room. Please come in na.

Ragini nods and goes towards his room. She sees Sanskar looking towards his family’s pic. A tear escapes his eye.

Ragini knocks on the door and he looks at her. He keeps the pic aside and stares at her in anger.

Sanskar- What are you doing here? Why have you came here haan?
Ragini- Sanskar please listen to me…
Sanskar- Oh, so you have came here to see me in tears na, to see me broken. But get one thing very clear, I am not broken.

He starts pushing her outside the room.

Ragini- Sanskar, for once listen to me na…
Sanskar- Why should I listen to you when that time you never listened to me. You all love to leave me and go na… Then go. I don’t need anyone in my life.

He was continuously pushing her outside the room in anger when Ragini cries and hugs him tightly making him freeze for some seconds.

Ragini- Sanskar please calm down. Please listen to me na.
Sanskar reciprocates the hug even tighter and starts crying like a child.

Ragini- I know that you can’t bear her death. But will you stop talking to Laksh also because of this. Why are you again becoming that rude Sanskar.
Sanskar- Then what should I do Ragini. Everyone leaves me and go without thinking about me. First Papa, then you and now Maa. Wait and watch, very soon Laksh will also leave me and go.

Sanskar continues crying and Ragini caresses his hair.

Sanskar- I’m not that bad Ragini that everyone keep leaving me. I also want to live a happy life but seems like no one can see me happy. Maa also left me, what should I do now.

Ragini cups his face and wipes his tears.

Ragini- You have to be brave, don’t forget that you have a younger brother and he needs you too. If you will behave like this then it will worsen the situation…. Maa will also not like to see you this way na. So please don’t cry ok.

Sanskar nods and looks at her. They both share a long eyelock. After some time Ragini realises their position and moves back.

Ragini- Umm… Swara must be waiting for me so I should leave.

Sanskar nods and she leaves blinking away her tears. Sanskar continues looking at going until she disappears.

Later Ragini was going to her apartment when Aditya stops her.

Aditya- You went to meet Sanskar?
Ragini- How do you know?
Aditya- That is not the answer to my question Ragini.
Ragini- I just went to…. Leave it na Aditya.
Aditya- You went to console him right. But you don’t care about him na… Then why did you went there?
Ragini- Woh because… Because..
Aditya- Because what Ragini?

Ragini gets teary eyes and hugs him.
Ragini- Because I love him…. I still love him Aditya.
Aditya shuts his eyes- I always knew that.
Ragini- No matter how much I try, I can’t forget him… I just don’t know what to do. I can’t be with him and I can’t be without him as well. It was hurting me seeing him in this condition.
Aditya caresses her hair.
Aditya- It’s ok. Now stop crying… You know na that I can’t handle crying girls.

Ragini half laughs and wipes her tears.
Aditya- If you still love him, then whats the problem?
Ragini- I don’t trust him. I know that if I will go to him then he will again break my heart and this time, I won’t be able to bear it.
Aditya- I can understand, take your time and make a decision. Maybe you start trusting him again.

Ragini nods and looks at the packet in her hand.

Ragini- Oops, I forgot. I brought this to eat and so thought to bring one for you as well. (she says while giving him a food packet)

Aditya smiles- Thanks for this.

Ragini also smiles at him and leaves.

Aditya looks at the food packet in anger and throws it away.

Aditya starts shouting-It’s enough Ragini. Four years…. Since four years I wasn’t waiting to hear that you still love Sanskar. The day we came here in Delhi… All I am hearing is Sanskar Sanskar and Sanskar. Are you blind Ragini… Can’t you see my love. That is a limit. I tried so hard to win your heart but you never payed any heed. But don’t worry Ragini… Whether I get you or not, I won’t let you and Sanskar be together…. And that’s Aditya’s promise, because you haven’t seen my real face till now.

He turns and gets shocked to see Richa smirking at him.

Aditya- Ri… Richa, you here?
Richa- So you love Ragini?
Aditya- Vo… Richa whatever I said is not true, I was just…
Richa- No need to get scared Aditya. I am not going to tell this to anyone. Because even I am in the same boat like you.
Aditya- Wait… Wait. That means you love Sanskar.

Richa nods and Aditya smiles.
Richa- I can help you to get Ragini if you help me to get Sanskar.
Aditya- But how can I help you?
Richa- It’s simple. Just do as I say, nothing else. So, are you ready to help me.

Aditya gets nervous and thinks.
Richa- Ok, take your time. Tell me when you have made a decision.

She leaves from there leaving Aditya in shock and confusion.

Next day in the evening at Richa’s home.

She opens the door and finds Aditya standing at the door.

Richa- What have you decided?
Aditya smirks- I’m ready.

To be continued…..

Sorry if you found the episode boring or confusing. Everything will be crystal clear in the next episode. Three more episodes to go for the ff to end. Keep commenting and supporting friends.
Thank You.

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      Yes yes Rasha… This is all a plan to expose her, don’t worry. And yes dear, I’m planning to end it soon as I am not getting much ideas but I promise you that the last three episodes won’t disappoint you at al… Keep reading and smiling dear

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      No you didn’t hurt me at all dear, you all have right to express your views on my ff. And this is my second ff, my first ff was Swalak and ragsan is this love. Currently I am writing its season 2.

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      Yes my intelligent friend… Everything you said is right. And even I was crying while writing Ragsan’s part… Yes the story demanded Ap’s. And yes Aditya will be hurt as he have to expose her. And honestly speaking, I haven’t thought about Karan’s pair??
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      Hi my sweet sis. Missed your comment. You really cried, well even I cried while writing that scene. No I am not a tamilian… I am from north. Yes my name is Diya.. That is my real name. And no need to say sorry for late comment… Your comments are always welcome my little sis. Love you and take care

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