RAGSAN – Two Broken Souls (Episode 17)

Again sorry for the delay but this time it’s not my fault. I tried updating this chapter but tu didn’t published it. After contacting them twice, it is finally going to be published(I guess so).

So lets start-

RECAP- Swalak’s engagement. Ragsan’s nok-jhok.

The episode starts with Swalak pushing Ragsan towards each other. They both collide and share an eyelock. Spotlight fixes on them.

Ragini turns and starts to leave when Sanskar holds her hand and pushes her towards himself resulting in her back colliding with his chest.


He sensuously slides his hand on her bare arm. Ragini shivers with his touch and shuts her eyes.


He turns her around and holds her waist. Ragini puts her hands on his chest and slowly slides them towards his shoulder. They started moving slowly in sync.


He twirls her around and then leans her down and pulls her up causing her hair to flutter on his face. He gently removes hair from his face and puts the lock behind her ear.

They both were standing very close and could feel each other’s heartbeat. They were lost in each other when the clapping and hooting broke their concentration.

Swalak were smiling like idiots seeing them while Richa was fuming in jealousy and anger.

Ragini turned beet red and left from there.

Two caretakers were talking.
Caretaker1- Don’t let anyone come near this room of the hotel. (He says while pointing towards a small room)
Caretaker2- I know…. I know that the latch of the door of this room is not working so anyone could get lock here easily but don’t worry, no one will come here.

Richa overhears their conversation.

Richa- If Ragini and Aditya will get lock here then that would create more misunderstanding between Ragsan.

She then goes and searches for Ragini and finds her talking with some guests. She comes near her and without her notice takes out the pin of dupatta attached to her blouse.

Richa- Ragini…
Ragini- Yes Richa, anything needed?
Richa- No actually your dupatta… Its not pinned properly.

Ragini then notices it.

Ragini- Oh… Richa, can you please help me.
Richa- Actually Ragini, I have some very important work right now… You do one thing, there is a room at the side, you go there and I will send Swara to help you, ok.

Ragini nods and goes to the room. Richa smirks. Sanskar also passes near that room and sees Ragini struggling with her dress. Ragini hears his footsteps and misunderstands him as Swara.

Ragini- Swara, come fast na.

Sanskar looks here and there and then enters the room.

Ragini- And Swara, also close the door.
Sanskar thinks- She is always ordering everyone.

He closes the door and as expected the latch get jammed.

Ragini turns and notices him and gets shocked.

Ragini- What are you doing here?
Sanskar- I was passing from here and saw you so thought to help. Now if you want, I can go and call Swara but that will take some time.
Ragini- No, you only do it.

Sanskar nods and comes near her and helps to pin the dress.

When its done, he goes and tries to open the door but… Hehehe.

Ragini- What happened?
Sanskar- The door is not opening.
Ragini- What? Let me try.
Sanskar- You won’t be able to.
Ragini- I can open it because you can do nothing.

She also tries to open the door but in vain.

Sanskar smiles sarcastically- What happened? Door opened?
Ragini- Stop it… Now what will happen. I have suffocation problem and you know that. I can’t stay here long in this small room.

Sanskar thinks- I have to do something otherwise her problem will increase.

Sanskar- By the way Ragini, your dance was really bad.

She looks at him in anger.

Ragini- What do you mean. I am a very good dancer, better than you atleast.
Sanskar- Achcha, if that is the case then why didn’t you danced properly on the stage.
Ragini- I danced properly only…
Sanskar- No madam, you were messing the dance. Maybe because I was dancing there with you.
Ragini- It’s not like that. You never affect me.
Sanskar- Wrong… I still affect you.
Ragini- No ways…
Sanskar- Oh really… That means you never get affected by me. (He says while taking steps towards her. Ragini feels shy and starts taking steps back)
Ragini- Sanskar… Stay there.
Sanskar- First answer me. (He continues walking towards her and she also takes steps back but stops when her back hits the wall)
Ragini- Yes… I never get affected by you.
Sanskar puts his hand on her cheeks and Ragini shuts her eyes.
Sanskar- Not even now…
Ragini- No.

He moves more closer to her and now they could feel each other’s breath.
Sanskar- Still not getting affected?

Ragini gets super nervous and stood there idle with moving and uttering a word.

On the other side Richa sees Aditya and goes to him.

Richa- Aditya, Ragini is calling you.
Aditya- Where?
Richa- Vo there (she says while pointing towards that room)
Aditya- Ok, tell her that I will come there in a min.. Right now I am busy.
Richa- No, go right now only.

Aditya looks at her with suspicion.
Richa- I mean… Its really urgent, you should go now only….

Back to Ragsan-

Sanskar was looking at Ragini who was super nervous. He sees that and smirks. Scenes of her and Aditya comes in his mind.

Sanskar- I know… Now you must be getting affected only in Aditya’s presence right?

Ragini looks at him with shock.

Sanskar- Don’t act so innocent Ragini… As if I never saw how happy you are with him. You even listen to him in one go also. Is the relation between you both just till friendship or even more than that….

Ragini pushes him in anger.

Ragini- Chee Sanskar…. How could you even say this. You are really disgusting. And listen one thing very carefully, Aditya never even tried to touch me for your kind information. And he is better than you… Atleast he don’t keep challenge on any girl.
Sanskar- Shut up Ragini, just stop putting that blame on me… Got it.
Ragini- I am putting a valid blame on you Sanskar, not the blame you put on me. How could you even think that way.

On the other side, Swalak also come where Aditya and Richa are.

Swara- Adi bhaiya, did you saw Di?
Aditya- Yes, she is in that room.

Laksh looks at that room and gets confused.

Laksh- But I was told that the room door has some latch problem and the person who will go inside will get locked.

Swara- What? Then we should go and help her.

Aditya and Swalak runs towards the room while Richa stood there with another failure.

They call someone to help in opening the door and gets shocked seeing Ragsan inside. Ragsan also looks at them.

Swara- Di, you are fine na?
Ragini- Yes but where were you and why did Sanskar came in this room.
Sanskar- Oh hello, you only called me for help.
Ragini- Even if I die, I will never call you for help. Richa went to call Swara but you came in.

Swalak and Aditya looks at them in a confused manner.

Swara- Di, don’t start your fight now, just come with me out.
Ragini- Why are you always making me quite, do you never look at your Sanky.
Laksh- Bhai atleast you come out with me.
Sanskar- Haan haan… You must also only be finding my mistake only na.
Ragini- Because you always do mistakes.
Sanskar- Just shut up.
Ragini- You shut up.
Sanskar- You….

Aditya- Leave it Swara and Laksh, it’s of no use. Let them fight.

Ragsan and Swalak looks at him.

Aditya- Ragini and Sanskar, you know what, when I saw both of you for the first time, I felt as if I was meeting the most matured people in the world but see now… Both of you are fighting like little kids on your sibling’s engagement ceremony. Amazing na…. Ok lets do one thing, Swalak and I will leave and you both continue your fights and then tell us when its over.

Ragsan becomes speechless and looks ashamed. Ragsan and Swalak leaves from there without uttering a word. Aditya looks at the door and remembers something. He angrily moves towards Richa.

Aditya- You knew that there was problem with the latch right?
Richa gets nervous- What are you saying, how will I know.
Aditya- Don’t lie, Ragini said that you went to call Swara but when Swalak came here asking about Ragini then why didn’t you told Swara where she was. And why were you sending me towards that room when Ragini never called me.
Richa- What are you saying, why will I do it?
Aditya- That is what I’m thinking that why you are doing this. That day also you came home and tried to cancel Swalak’s marriage. Is your problem with Swara or Ragini.
Richa gets angry- Yes I knew that the door had the problem and that is why I sent Ragini there….

“Richa, you did that intentionally? “, Sanskar who was standing behind her asks.
. Richa gets shocked seeing him.

Richa- Sanskar vo actually….
Sanskar- What is wrong with you Richa. I am observing you from many days, you are acting weird and why did you send Ragini there. You know she have suffocation problem, if something would have happened to her then…. I mean that why didn’t you tell her not to go there.
Richa- Sanskar… Please listen to me.
Sanskar(anger) – Just stop it, enough of your listening. I didn’t invited you here for this. This is the last warning Richa, next time don’t do anything which I am not able to forgive you for. Got it.

Richa nods and Sanskar leaves from there angrily. Aditya starts laughing.

Aditya- You deserve that. Hope you won’t do anything like this again.

He looks at Richa and notice her crying and stops laughing.

Richa- You are right….I deserve that. Its all my fault.
Aditya- Vo, I’m sorry, I said too much but I was just…
Richa- It’s ok, I am fine.

Aditya feels bad and leaves from there while Richa wipes her tears and smirks.

Richa thinks- This is the only way I can control Aditya. I have to act polite and weak infront of him so that he don’t interfere in my matters.

Few days pass, Ragsan didn’t met each other after this fight and completely engrossed themselves in work. Richa according to her plan talked nicely and normally with Aditya. In these days he started falling for her too(Poor guy).

After few days at Ragini’s home.

Swara was getting ready for college and Ragini was feeling very weak. Aditya also comes there.

Aditya- Ragini, are you ready?
Ragini- Yes… Yes I’m coming.

She starts to leave but collides with Swara. Swara touches her hand and gets concerned.

Swara- Di, you have high fever.
Ragini- Haan vo yesterday when we were coming back so I got drenched in rain that is why I have some cold and fever.
Aditya- Some cold and fever, really?
Ragini- I am fine Aditya, let’s go we are getting late.
Swara- No di, you stay at home only, today no work.
Aditya- She is right, you will just stay here and rest.
Ragini- Ok fine..

She stays at home while Aditya and Swara leaves.

After some time at MM

Sanskar was coming down from the stairs when Ap stops him.

Ap- Sanskar, few days back Swara came here with some files but forgot to take them back. I asked Laksh many times to give it back to her but he always forgets. Can you please go to her home and give it back.
Sanskar- Ok Maa, I will give it back.

He takes the files and reaches to Ragini’s place. He rings the bell. Ragini who was trying to sleep gets up and opens the door and sees him standing outside.

Ragini- What do you need now?
Sanskar- I don’t need anything, I just came her to give back Swara’s files.

He forwards it towards her. Ragini takes it but feels dizzy. She was about to fall when Sanskar holds her.

Sanskar- Ragini, you are burning in fever.
Ragini- I’m fine (she says while getting away from him but again feels dizzy and he holds her)
Sanskar I can see how fine you are. Just go and rest.
Ragini- I said na that I’m fine, no need to rest.
Sanskar- I am not telling you, I’m ordering you.
Ragini- Do you think I will ever obey your order.

Sanskar rolls his eyes and angrily picks her in his arms and places her on bed.

Ragini- What are you doing?
Sanskar- Shut up and just tell me have you taken medicines?
Ragini- Is this the way to ask something.
Sanskar- Ragini don’t waste my time and answer me.
Ragini- No… I haven’t taken.
Sanskar- I knew it… Take it now or else I won’t leave.
Ragini- Why are you acting to show care?
Sanskar- Whatever you say… Just take the medicines and sleep.

Ragini takes out the medicines and take it.

Sanskar- Now sleep.
Ragini- Don’t order me. I’m not a child.
Sanskar- No, you are a very stubborn child.

Ragini stares at him angrily and tries to sleep. Soon she falls asleep. Sanskar looks at her and starts to leave when her phone rings. Its a call from Swara. Sanskar picks the call.

Sanskar- Hi Swara, Sanskar here.
Swara-Sanky, where is di?
Sanskar- She is fine and is sleeping right now.
Swara- Sanky can you please stay with her for some more time, I will be home soon.

Sanskar agrees.

He keeps the phone aside and starts to leave from the room when Ragini holds his hand in sleep.
He looks at her and sits at the edge of the bed without removing his hand from her grip. He continues admiring her beauty.

Sanskar thinks- She looks so cute while sleeping….. But only while sleeping.

He checks her fever which is now less.
He reminisces their last fight and feels guilty.

Sanskar- I’m sorry Ragini, I know that I shouldn’t have said about you and Aditya but I don’t know why I still can’t see you with anyone else and that just made me angry… I am really sorry.

He keeps checking her fever and looking at her innocent face. He comes closer to her and was about to kiss her on forehead when the bell rang. Sanskar gets shocked as to what he was going to do. He gently slides his hand out from her hand and goes to open the door where Swara was waiting for her outside.

Swara- Thanks Sanky for staying here.
Sanskar smiles- You are welcome.

He leaves from there and Swara smiles.

To be continued.

Don’t worry guys Richa is going to be exposed after one more update as I am soon going to end this ff. Thanks for all your love and support. Keep reading and smiling.
Thank you.

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